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30.05.2013 05:47
Lu also depends on the development antworten
All in situ only less than half a minute of time, Tu peaks a blood return. () his murderous look on the body such as the essence of the rich, like a statue of deicide bestowal, is autumn dream these figures to see also can not help but be afraid. Tu Feng hands raised two heads, it is before the entanglement of two master he and Tang Yuxian. Hurried, Tu Feng will direct the two heads thrown on the floor, tone Sen cold way: "all the Dutch act, there is a run." He hunted down the road, the journey throughout the seven layer and the five layer of the master was hit immediately after the bite tongue to commit suicide, but only the strongest man, fled in panic, to retrieve a x ì ng life. "People here are dead." Tang Yuxian eyes a cold. "Interesting." Yang face s è y ī n cold, with a strange smile face, "behind this group of people is some means!" Otherwise, these assassins won't bite tongue to commit suicide in the end, would rather lose x ì ng life also is not willing to disclose any information. "This road trip, only Lu know son of your whereabouts!" Paying with on Tu peak surface, sink a voice to say. He had become shame. Kill this time occurred in the he and Tang Yuxian two people under the nose, the other party will not know by what means,Air Jordan Flight 9, even all the human breath all shielding clean, causing them to two blood paternity has not the slightest notice, if not critical moment Yang himself J ng feel about its this time, he really might be they succeed. In the protection of two powerful blood paternity, Yang childe also struck down! Such a message if it. Whole blood, hall will lose face, the two of them will also be family punishment, even will be asked to alienate apology! It is quite possible! In other words,Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, Yang J its ng sleep, not only to save his own life, is also to save him and Tang Yuxian. Tu peak more than grateful, but also shame y ù. All of a sudden the arch-criminal Lenovo to Lu Jia tou. Not that he malicious wounding, but he now PA blood mad of blessing, the surge. War is being enhanced,Nike Air Jordan 8, unable to think calmly. Coupled with the attitude of some R ì Lu of Yang Kai also make him angry, and naturally took the opportunity to vent. Smell speech. Autumn dream s è changed, hurried way: "Lvliang will never do such a thing to bring about!" Tu Feng no scruples autumn dream identity and face, cold hum one - Track: "Lvliang will not, the other people will not be lu!" Our dream woods was shocked, do not know how to say, just looking at Yang, I hope he doesn't like Tu Feng so unreasonable. / Yang Kaimei talk, just frowned, have a look around, then have a look around the battlefield and Voldemort's body. Suddenly, and looked up at the Silver Eagle see blood Jinyu heaven, God s è calm: "none of Lu's things, I'm afraid Eagle son exposed the whereabouts! This time we too negligent!" Our dream of him to say so, can not help but sigh. Although Lvliang last practice let autumn dream heart some not so happy. But in any case, Lu also depends on the development of autumn home these years, Lu also give autumn home for a lot of good stuff, so she this autumn big miss or has the responsibility, in self - >
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