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30.05.2013 05:35
one of them dressed in a green robe antworten
These old man carrying Yang quickly toward the inner demon evil hole punch, three other people who followed in the side. Then a green man back smiling glance, eyes full of interest, suddenly with a swing, two green light such as snake general back to the hole. Hu sister cry that concluding, feminine body hit the green jade green mango. Soon, the two sisters also become green, the events that they shock your spot, hurriedly find out their own, but found that he did not receive any injury, really operate have nothing to hinder. Leng Shan is a complexion to greatly change, surprised track: "tarsal shadow!" The ghost King Valley and look at the sisters to Hu Jia, eyes full of showing a sympathetic. "What do you mean, what is this?" Hu Jiaoer sank a voice to ask a way. Cold and pale and ugly, heavy-hearted, hesitated for a moment, the only opening explained: "the evil spirits,Oakley Flak Jacket, one of them dressed in a green robe, which people like women, you are afraid of being in his sights. The tarsal tarsal shadow is his unique skills, once hit, he can always feel your position, even can affect your mind with this idea, let you down, obediently." Hu sister face turns pale. "But, your body is the color of this trick, as long as the outside, anyone see this color, you will know the tarsal shadow." Paused, cold and continued: "he will go there check now, at once, so will leave the shadow of tarsal bone in your body. A complete until the things inside, you will find you." "Even if he is not personally go to,Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses, someone will arrest you, give him, to get his favor, you are in big trouble!" Shen Yiye dignified. "There is no crack of way?" Hu Jiaoer was cold, sink a voice to ask. "Spiritual master throughout the nine layers are not necessarily break, unless kill him, or to find more people with high strength!" Cold and bit his lip. Listen to she say so, Hu sister heart suddenly sank to the bottom. Here, Hu sister Yang Kai did not know, but that the green man playing two green and in the eyes of the obscene light but he can be crystal clear. Yang Kaimou was suddenly cold fierce many. This small action of the green man do, three other people also seem to have it is quite common for a look, even didn't stir, not to mention any discussion. Some people just quietly towards the inside of the fly. Fugue environment master flight speed, Yang they spent a long time only to the entrance, not while it was they give back. Back not far from the two stage, evil spirits are narrowed his eyes, his face toward the front looked past. At the moment all evil very springs have receded, and originally evil eyes location, more of a dark cocoon. A cocoon, like human blood - lines staggered spread all across in confusion, which runs a huge energy inexplicable. The whole cocoon, students have four or five Zhangs, huge matchless, whole body exudes a Sen cold ice cold feeling, that continuously like substantial evil gas, seems to be only a tentacle,Oakley Sunglasses Radar Cheap, swimming floats in the cocoon, >
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