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This is just the shot in antworten
> "This is your door. WWw, QuANBEn, Com" green Yan said, putting this little thin waist Muxia back in the back. Rather, this is a front Muxia waistcoat, blue color is to wear it in the body. Qing Yan left hand reverse probe in the back side of a pull in Muxia, pulled out a bow to. Clearly recognize this from the bow, his girlfriend sent the killer is using this bow almost to his own life. Qing Yan shoulder probe to go to the right hand, fingers a twist, has been proposed to an arrow. From the Chu has opened the storehouse consciousness at the moment of the eye, he clearly saw Mu Xia Qing Yan between the fingers and the energy of weak lines in the beating, which is the automatic pop-up arrow arrow cartridges. "This is ...... space equipment?" From Chu swallowed saliva, difficult authentic. "Yes and no." Qing Yan Flanagan slender wooden arrows to catch the bowstring, nor aim. From the Chu's eyes can see the arrow on this bow chord has implicitly and even green color of the body as a whole, just as his grip on this state, when the same nightmare to kill, weapons become a part of the body. Qing Yan Zhang Gong, let go, wooden arrows Tuoxian out, the slightest piercing voice are not issued to, this arrow flash a flash in the sky and disappeared. From the Chu only see remnants of hair-thin energy trajectory is pointing to a picture hanging on the wall. Qing Yan's room to hang a lot of pictures, all of her own paintings. Many protoss stick painting, they are arranged in the description of the energy pentagram need a pair of steady hand when, in the advanced stages of ability is needed to depict more understanding of the nature of the material. Each style of protoss not the same, even if equally abilities. In two out of your hand protoss may differ. Because understanding between people and way of expression are different, so differences can also become a very capable with personality. Such as wind forest, he likes to use externally props backfire, even in their own lack of energy can be released to the time needed abilities. Consideration of course, is injured. Like on this. In that room swimming pool, Feng Lin has no control over the energy space to sort it. But still uses a seven abilities to help you rescue. This is entirely wind direction woodland personality and practice related. His temper trip, do not like fetters, and unrestrained like fire, so he often can not control the use of their own abilities. And from Chu is cautious, he could simulate the six other five systems can vary, but he never did, because that is too unstable. With nightmare to kill after it is like a knife from Chu to determine the winner. Because nightmare can become part of the body to kill. Can be controlled. The most commonly from Chu abilities are hiding knowledge of the eye, which can vary from Chu can see the arrangement and direction of energy, easy to find the opponent's weaknesses. From the Chu himself like painting, but previously only the rich to a hobby. Qing Yan's paintings are more professional and every dollar is in accordance with the training of protoss way depicted. Green ** is vice portrait, this portrait is back, did not draw the character's face. The back is a slight rise, looking at the sky Luna,Jordan Play In These 2 Shoes, his feet extending forward to the distant streets, distant dilapidated urban background. This land back on the point of familiarity. Judging from the character's clothes, it is from Chu. Qing Yan arrow is fired after the painting from the Chu heart, my heart felt a pain from Chu, Yan Qing feeling really behind with an arrow in the plot against himself. Hearts sudden sense of desolation spread, screen themselves become alive, and that his back completely draw the pain in the hearts of stagnation. Qing Yan this shot out, the painting is considered completely finished. It is a stone's throw dotting. But this arrow was gone, wooden arrows that hair-thin energy trajectory is pointed at the painting from the Chu vest. From the Chu was wondering,Cheap Oakley Squared, blue Yan nervous authentic: "bad, not under control, and I went fast, do not shoot anyone!" "How is it?" "Space across which the properties of the bow." Chu Ching Yan pulled away and left, walking and said: "If you shoot people, you say that you did." "What?" hastily grabbed from Chu nightmare to kill, he thought he got it wrong. "Nonsense, you manslaughter of people, those people will feel your strength mysterious, if I know I did it, will think I am too dangerous, will really be locked up." From Chu thought, too, that space across The property is too strong, no matter what the other hiding in bunkers, the arrows are beyond this space, hitting the enemy. A child in the hands of such a strange weapon, who will feel uneasy. But why did it have its own, she was asked to top cylinder? Fortunately, after passing through three rooms, and youth from Chu Yan to find this arrow, which is still empty guard room, the Turks living in the other side, blue Yan did not hurt any person. Wooden arrows fall to the ground, picked green color to the wall, looked at the arrow. Said: "Unfortunately, in addition to the properties of space beyond good, it can not Jianshang advanced protoss." Back arrow, blue Yan Chu altogether ran away from the room. From the Chu also curious that the function of the bow, and asked: "If it has the ability to span space, that the arrow stuck in the enemy's body can not it do?" "Fool, if so, the Department of protoss space on invincible My father can not die. Ultimately, space protoss not rely on their own strength tear space, but changes in the law to understand space, master flint changes. while the real sense of the space consumed across words can put you now have to spend all of the energy reserves can not do what you say, this can make a special bow arrows ignore obstacles, or when the original attack physically. "see from Chu is an expression of doubt, Green Yan discouraged and said: "Well, say you do not know. Simply tell you, I want to use these arrows accurately wounding, must be able to control the distance precisely to the millimeter spatial position across the end of the best is the enemy of the skin on if the enemy is advanced protoss, the skin than the metal is also hard, then I will be playing it down arrows, without any effect. "" put special metal arrows do? "" You ...... if you can, I Why put your door demolished to make such arrows. substances have not fit any space attribute. "" ah, I generally understand that you said your arrows count as space equipment cartridges in the end? "" No completely, inside it is independent of the space, but no change in the size, time, speed and the outside is the same and you do not fantasies, federal research for half a century, did not really come up with any space equipment. "from Chu I thought, too, when the four countries after the war, Asian Federation in order to achieve strategic advantage, began development of space equipment, hoping to completely solve logistical problems. This project truly launched half a century ago, the establishment of a dedicated research and development of space equipment in the city. Space Experiment Module generations born in this city, each one is a robot sent JEM results in the compression space is squeezed into the discus. The only possible outcome Federal is to get a new type of metal, and finally solve the lack of special metal number, the U.S. and Europe in this regard federal stood on the same starting line. Dumping country's forces are unable to resolve the matter, can not rely on a green color door solved. "Arrow's problems can be solved." Qing Yan suddenly said: "Just find me the knife of the same material, we can solve the problem of insufficient lethal wooden arrows, or my abilities breakthrough nine boundaries, you can temporarily arrow to add an attribute. "" Where is your knife come? "" Water sister. "" She ...... is not your mother killed? "think green and red from Chu Cuffs hand, have long been proposed questions. "Where you want to go? Water sister like you, can freely access my home." Green face with a sullen look, feet gently kicked the legs from Chu. "That's not what this bow is not being useful?" From Chu somewhat pleased, but also a bit disappointed. "Yeah, ah, that brings the killer can be made of metal arrows, shooting distance and speed are very good, and very subtle, bullets will not be swayed,Air Jordan 7, but this thing is OK as long as the control the tail, you can make metal arrows attack on a larger arc. sly bomb targets it can not be locked, wooden arrows is not to say that anyone can defend, you see. "Said, green color to draw a wooden arrows from Chu handed . "This is just the shot in the metal walls that support." Hidden knowledge from Chu's eye with careful observation, this small arrows arrows nest, not very sharp, tip and even miniature carved a pentagram way. Just shot on the wall that look wooden arrows did not cause any damage, but no fire inside. "Not everyone's skin can be bulletproof, right, for example, a four following protoss hiding manipulate large fortress artillery blocking you, I can use it to get rid of him secretly arrows As the center of robots and mechs computer more fragile, it is a pity that the arrow is too precious, I would not be willing to shoot those machines. "Qing Yan is not without regret authentic. "How many have you done?" Chu remember your door from time to thin, are two highly about that a little more than one meter in diameter pentagram spent the gate material that is less than half. "Went to the scrap loss and exercise, I have 122." "That's a lot, and not everyone will always beware .. Also, if there are red edges that stuff, there is one I meet, I have grasp shot an arrow that was Uncle. "was Uncle! This is the heart of the pimple from Chu. Many opponents can rely on resourcefulness or forces to resolve, but years from Chu t give the impression that there is no good way. These people everywhere for his act of t, but with little success. Center of the city is the people to give up, and to kill him, but he in turn used to cut off his ten master wings. Results of t lost a person, their side also lost a man. From the strength point of view, it seems to lose more years of tertiary. Dew is eight protoss, flowers raccoon is nine protoss, not to mention Lee Avon also cut a guy's hand. But after his loss of Fontainebleau, the overall balance is broken. Five of their side no longer so understanding, but it is in the hands of Uncle ready to supplement recruiting for. Uncle vision was always placed throughout the city and beyond, you can only see their eyes, which is the overall strength of the decision, by the wisdom not radically changed. If there is such an arrow is like, what to get rid of t, there is no longer before those troubles. <
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