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but the situation is not what I can antworten
Biluo with great care with Yang back, arms holding a dozen bottles of restoring consciousness forces Dan medicine,Coach Kristin Bags, a pair of eyes in the not stalwart figure at the stop, the forehead was complex and chagrin. This is really let her regret doing. If you don't take him to the Lotte medicine Fang you nothing, the key is to hold Le Yu learned his idea, and don't want to so vicious, but have sinned against him, he is so powerful, can and Le Yu war do not fall ahull. Muddleheaded to get the final, Biluo felt everywhere, shameless. Go all the way, Yang silence and apathy more let she disturbed, was not the taste. Finally back to the palace, Biluo really unbearable, swift steps to Yang in front stopped him, asked: "why didn't you say?" Yang light glanced at her forehead slightly wrinkled. "Hello!" Biluo hand in front of him shaking, "you this guy, how to ignore people, I know you're good, but don't ignore people? Before I take you to the Lotte medicine Fang, really want to make music, teach you a lesson, who told you so hate, but I don't want it, but the situation is not what I can control...... Oh, sorry. Okay, you don't get angry!" Biluo although is an orphan, who is not noble, but she also said how the first stars light Luo fan before,Crossbodys Coach Sale, but was enchanting beautiful, always look at the top, on weekdays, arrogant. Coupled with her unique hobby, so never put any man in the eyes. Fan light Luo that Yang Kaidai will come back, not only will the phoenix also, let him live also sent three palace best woman to serve, natural let Biluo annoyed. She's no good impression of Yang Kaiben, just under the fan light Luo command, just contact with him, heart and not Yang Kaidang. Until today, the battle of Yang Kaineng and Le Yu a relatively high, even do not fall ahull,Jordan Superfly Sale, Biluo realized this man like other men and some not, also understand fan, why so highly of him. In her temper and pride, to sincerely apologize at this time, is she can do limit. Stand in situ, Yang frowned and just looked at her, didn't talk. Biluo air immediately upset, angry tunnel: "I was sorry you can't forgive me? Not to say that men's gas are great, I think it just so so!" Yang Kai suddenly Chung out a hand, grabbed Biluo my lap, directly will she mentioned his presence. Biluo suddenly turn color, almost reflexively shots to the attack, but the thought of Yang that terrible battle she hurriedly stand down, just surprised voice shouted: "what are you doing!" "Dare me, you're dead!" Yang is cold to hum a. Tone Sen cold, extremely elegant and valuable, did not make fun of, aware of his serious Biluo heart a thrill, cold. Trying to be brave a few times, Yang and suddenly let go of her, was a white, mouth straight spit blood. Blood, is also a hint of purple energy, a touch of the energy in the peristalsis, appear to live. "Ah......" Biluo fibrillation exclamation. "Roll away.
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