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> Army surprised, because the near-Earth armor entirely Asian Federation strict control of arms may have what channels get privately. WWw! QUAnBen! Com altitude near-Earth armor, although low, but after the disintegration of the Air Force, which is almost the only means to conduct a high-altitude combat force. To defend against ground fire, near-Earth armor defense and unusual sturdiness. There are so two things, the loss of their side to be larger than expected a lot of! Positive thinking,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, the other a street also appeared in two near-Earth armor, vehicles followed as human soldiers. Breaking the military immediately relieved of these near-Earth armor can not fly! T or get through the means of "scrap" Near-Earth armor, but can not get the core energy. In the auxiliary power state, the near-Earth armor can only be considered a large tank. "Forward!" Broken army shouted in the channel. Immediate command of all mech robot out of the truck or trailer side of the diamond-shaped metal shield, mounted on the robotic arm. Godzilla is breaking the military mechs are all available on the century's products and had no energy armor, so the metal shield is only when the robot assault protection. Shields more than two meters high, sharp edges, casually waved melee when the enemy will be able to cut metal limbs. That's more like a cold war era weapons of war, people feel excited. Ten robots are arranged in an obtuse angle forward, followed by five fighter armor. Layers of stormtroopers type so arranged is completed, even though they have nearly ground armor, soldiers can be armored melee after the robot opponent does not, unless they are all advanced protoss. Near Earth armored artillery opened fire on both sides of the suspension is entirely electronic control system reflected immediately lethal guns, the first row of the machine soldier metal shields by the storm, like shells and rags tear was the same. Soldiers with machine tenacious counterattack, they do not fear, as long as the core of the computer is still running, it will never stop fighting. Three meters tall soldier to the machine model, Godzilla unified switched to track this century guns. This is the most powerful energy weapon before universal weapons, four thick metal barrel can emit two different speed ammunition. Armor-piercing bomb and shotgun. This weapon designed specifically for machine soldiers. Hugely recoil any human can not afford. These dual gun battle had just solved quickly across the machine soldiers, but at the moment, when faced with near-armored more than 80 cm thick ceramic armor when it is ground seemed so weak. The ceramic armor is designed to resist the anti-aircraft guns and missiles, armor-piercing high-explosive only in about one centimeter above the blasted deep pit. These machines soldiers carry ammunition can not even penetrate all shot in its armor. The first row of soldiers quickly scrapped machine, immediately behind the armor exposed. Mech robot soldiers to protect themselves is much higher than that. And five mechs immediately spread out around the sides toward the near-Earth armor. Near-Earth suspended cannon armored ground a few hundred meters of altitude if naturally deflection, but now too close. Is parallel to the shooting, guns suspension weakness is not conducive to fighting on the ground. Armored vehicles to human soldiers immediately after the separation of the two teams, to which five mech fire. Five mech outrageously pediment, no escape electromagnetic gun bullets. In fact, like bullets and rain to time, to escape out of the question, and then only to escape flexible mech large weapons. Was nearly crippled armored robot to move forward rolling forward in stop when they are with the remnants of metal limb support from a different angle, the body cavity remaining ammunition crazy pouring out. Five mech is also old-fashioned products. Also carrying machine guns. These guns roaring, fire up the fan. Old-fashioned machine gun on the near-Earth armor is nothing more lethal. Just opposite the soldiers can wear bullet-proof vests and metal skeletal support system. Is electrically controlled machine gun sweep of soldiers was hit directly into minced meat, metal bones scattered on the ground also continued writhing. But no longer prop up anything. Soldiers near-Earth electromagnetic guns and armored guns are different, in fact, is still gunpowder weapons, just installed the electromagnetic accelerator, improves the bullet armor capability. The two sides so close to each other within a shot under the cockpit has four armor was pierced immediately. Old-fashioned attention to neural control mech, the driver's sensitivity up too high. Bullet, the screams from the sound immediately came into closed mech. Once the injured motorists mech could no longer fight scanning near-Earth armor, guns shooting the silent, instant pull these four mechs into pieces. Underground fortifications, seen from the Chu nervous, unknowingly eat something that weird seeds. This scene is too brutal assault, there is no leeway from Chu put ourselves in thought for a moment, if they are in them, I am afraid has been shot into a sieve. This is the mechanical strength, when gathered together hundreds of low-level robot protoss almost nothing positive ability to resist. No wonder the big money out of smuggling armor and robots, but never expand their protoss team. The second row of the robot continues to assault, which seems to be a distance of about one hundred meters insurmountable divide. Near Earth armored artillery firing frequency suspension is not high, but the guards live in this tightly hundred meters away. The surviving front mech suddenly stopped, the variability within the human mech received a broken army command. This is a mech lying on the ground, half indented trunk limbs, but also ten soldiers were crippled machine, breaking the military calm authentic: "Performing the 2nd Plan!" Command came out, except for the last one face another row side of the enemy soldiers outside of the machine, the entire rear mech forces turned away and launched a collective assault. But it is clearly seen from another scene, Houtu immediately passed his new picture,Oakley Sunglasses UK, behind two near-Earth armor has been approaching, four trucks from Chu sent off already scrapped the car's soldiers long jump down, and fell on the ground not daring to move. "Do you want out?" Houtu asked anxiously from Chu, that more than a dozen soldiers were his men. "No, do not move on Uncle, you do not move, continue to lurk." Not willing that from Chu protoss dozen soldiers, but at the moment let Houtu, who went out, instead of breaking the military equivalent to the rear, then this sale made a big loss. Houtu had to bite the patient, can be sacrificed in t his soldiers that they do not, these people are at least three years along with everyone's time, if not an emergency situation, not enough time to recruit new Houtu said nothing willing to put these people come in the front line of the battlefield. Volt variability within the ground mech who received a broken army command, decidedly hand pressed the red button. Extending on both sides of the cockpit immediately dozen needles, the color of different solution injected into his body. After entering syrup, mutation of the human body swell up, in a small cockpit is almost impossible to do anything. But he has no control mech, and with this a mech as the center, near the shattered mechanical parts as are attracted general, frantically rolling up close to it with a mech. Sly behind armor missile and artillery support re-use, they are no longer attack the near-Earth armor, it has no effect, small shells with tracking fly directly after armored soldiers. Twenty machines soldiers rushed to the prostrate in front mech, with the body cover with. Now no one considered the meaning of the word consideration. Sly blow bomb killed one soldier apparently too expensive, sky flares already threatens to extinguish, and immediately there are four machines continue to emit four soldiers,Outlet Oakley Fast Jacket, the battlefield once again bright. Scroll to the creepy mech mechanical parts beside the living creatures generally writhing labeled armor shell, slightly squeaky sound of metal tearing almost overshadowed the robot machine guns. These broken limbs quickly bonded metal armor outside, and changed the original shape. Suddenly, a dozen soldiers with machine wreckage and four have been shattered armor has assembled a mech in this top, and even across the dead soldier's metal support bones are rolling to the side. Machines have a soul? Since the machine that changed the human society, the problem arises. Asked if the person had seen in front of the scene, must already know the answer. With the increase of damaged robots, which have been automatically combined into a mech huge metal monster. Finally even beaten a waste of military trucks have been combined into this weird machine being. Soldiers across some confusion, and this scene is not only out of their common sense, they can not imagine even imagine such a thing will happen. Electromagnetic guns they have been unable to cause any harm to this metal monster, and even near-armored gun can only be suspended in this monster's body ripped a hole. But this self-healing in wounds quickly, had no life suddenly becomes a mechanical undead. "Why do I feel cheated?" Sitting on the sofa suddenly emerge from Chu this sentence. "How to say?" Green Red also attracted by this scene, she had not seen manipulating mechanical mutants. "Breaking the military to pay these costs, not just to help me weaken the strength of it was Uncle? Gotta get something he fishes!" From Chu increasingly uneasy, he asked green and red: "2000 soldiers to cobble together yet?" ' Qi, also more than a few hundred. anyway will consume some worry about the immediate supply. "" walls finished making no? "" worse in both directions, according to this schedule, two laps later we will be able to defense built up. "" I'm afraid no two days time. "concerns from Chu authentic. <
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