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30.05.2013 05:23
After that a pair of Danfeng water antworten
Gently call several voice, fan, no signs of waking. No, Yang only finger flick, stroking the fan light Luo tender waist, touch touch, finger can't help to further the quite Alice Callipyge on round, hard to rub some. Holy hip to be violated, fan, finally you you wake up. Involuntary twist bottom Jiao Qu, uttered a bone in his throat. Yang Kai heard the mind concuss, immediately stop action. After that a pair of Danfeng water Yingying eyes open, Yang quickly reminded: "beauty, don't you be on my oestrus!" Fan light Luo special physique,oakley sunglasses outlet, once the consequences be unbearable to contemplate, estrus, Yang Kaike don't want to wake up and get dizzy past. Eyes slightly confused for a moment, fan, it recalled all, seems to have realized that Yang Kaigang's movement, the siren is unexpectedly bites a silver tooth Chen his one eye, Cui way: "small asshole, what were you doing?" Yang hey smiled, shrugged and said: "just wake you up." Before she attacks, Yang and developed with the topic: "what do we do now?" Fan light Luo frowning, slightly struggled a bit, found her and yang two people is a layer of cobweb tightly wrapped, there's not much space, the two is tightly together, this move, flat lower abdomen will soon be a fiery hard things to. Eyelash quivered, fan light Luo Minzui smile at yang. Yang Kai: be poker-faced "instinct, is not what I want, it can only say that the beauty of your great charm!" Fan light Luo did not seem angry meaning just face slightly red. "The web is tough, is generally not a free." Yang frowned, speaking of business, "but I can open the treasure." "Don't you!" Fan light Luo quickly reminded, dignified "we now can not afford, even if can open the web can escape, there are so many order monster outside, annoy them would probably die faster." Yang nodded slightly, it is such scruples, he didn't dare to open the web,oakley for cheap, though he took control of one of six order poisonous spider can now also not much use in a coma before, just let it keep in the outside, protect yourself and fan light Luo security. "You said that you would like to come here looking for something here is what place?" This clearly is a spider's nest underground, and not a general spider nest, so many monster in the order of life here, there are countless five order and four order poisonous spider, who did not dare to let down. "This is the mother nest spider!" Fan light Luo replied softly,Cheap Oakley Monster Dog, let out like orchid faint aroma of spray in Yang Kaijing neck, bring a bizarre, "I the first constitution, is get from here. Said hundreds of years ago my ancestors who accidentally came here, is a poisonous spider bite, stay back after physical change and then down from generation to generation." In this world, some people physique is very special, different from most people. Yang so far, had seen the summer Ningshang a medicine the eucharist! And now, see fan light Luo this poison widow physique. But the two comparison, fan, the physique is evil. Special body most are born, only a few can be genetic. Poison >
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