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30.05.2013 05:16
either the property of perfect fusion antworten
"War?" Yang at heart move, "said to carefully." "." In the narrative, Yang also slowly learned some things. Voldemort remember not much, just some fragmentary memory, but together, probably he had somehow been embroiled in a war. But millions of people besieged the two enemy battle, the two enemy is a male and a female, to the last, almost the whole army was wiped out. That is, a man and a woman also died on the spot. "Comments seriously to flee, finally died in here. I remember......" Voldemort's voice hesitated, also some fear. "Remember what?" "A dragon, a Phoenix, dragon and Phoenix integration, armageddon...... Scene was hit hard in the resort next." Yang Kai's eyes a bright, he thought about a few days ago inheritance cave opening, the circling in the sky dragon phoenix printing. Say these, Voldemort seemed a great shock, I couldn't think of anything more. "If as you say, that this is not your inheritance?" Yang Kai asked. "Little Lord come, before comments saying. But the inheritance also, if little Lord want, comments will purse-phase award." "No, I'm not interested in what you are." Yang shook his head at once. Voldemort has been hit, although he doesn't remember exactly is what identity, but I think also a former life master, I'm afraid many people rush to be your disciple, but to Yang Kai he is a contemptuous disregard. Hey, really fall wool Phoenix as chicken ah, Voldemort sigh. The bead is of no use,Coach Bags Online, prior to the magic exists in the above,Oakley Sunglasses UK, do not touch it it, touch it to pieces. Turned a circle, then nothing, Yang draw a long breath and sigh, decided to leave this place. Stay here a few days, the outside of the case did not know how. Since this is the inheritance of land, to try his luck. Came to closed here in front of Shimen, according to the method of magic taught Shimen open, ranging from Yang Kai go out, face suddenly dashed over a red and white light. Yang Kai air change, thought that someone sneak attack yourself, hastily shot is a boxing. Which know this light was like a spiritual generally avoid Yang Kai shot,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, around his arm to fly over. Yang Kai hurry back, while the other hand jerked toward the light caught the past. Try a reality, Yang Kai can not help but to look. He found that this was not what attack, starting instead is an entity, and a feeling of struggle from hand to upload. Doubts will look to go under, found his hand holding is unexpectedly a looking into humanoid ginseng. The ginseng also odd, while red, while white, red and white color of each half, Yang Kaineng feel this ginseng contains two distinct energy. The red one is hot, white there is cold, either the property of perfect fusion together in this ginseng, constitutes a unique world animal strains. Now it was Yang Kainie in the hand, forming features is a distorted, but simply can not get rid of Yang Kai. "Yin and Yang Yao!" Voldemort's cry came. "Do you know?" Yang Kai asked. "Qi Bao ah, this is Bao Xuan level ranked top grade!" Voldemort seemed to discover what not >
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