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30.05.2013 04:47
zombie tiger with a hint of hurt antworten
> "Lamb-like under the tip according to the congregation, and then playing it is hanging tough, but Li believes that the state, in conjunction fighting" Do not forget, Li is also a good gunman ah! A zombie crow is connected to a Li lay sky, birds although these zombie soldiers made not life-threatening, but once scratched but will not consume more than the original antibody. WWw! QUAnBen! Com just hit a few shots, Li frowned stopped chengtou body too much. Soldiers have already had an impact on the normal battle. "Evil Lun! Take your people to the city's head of carcasses!!" "Yes!!" After all, a person's strength is small,Oakley Juliet Sale, Li looked attentively beside Ouyang and his aim which branch monstrous sniper rifles, Pieliaopiezui, into the hands of Wang put them aside. From the spare weapons, took out a bazooka. Aim and shoot, and then launch! With a tail of smoke rockets, put a sheet over the teeth of the giant flying dance grasping mouth blown to pieces. Only in this way when the thing! ! Support rear up, and act as a reserve battalion have poured into the various battle points, their arrival, so that more soldiers liberated, put down the guns, take out their cold weapons, as beside his comrades desperately ground cover. Li had been fighting the addiction, slightly regret their hands to the side of a bazooka soldier. As the head of the supreme commander of the city, and he personally stood little chance,Nike Jordan 10 Shoes, but more often he is as a commander, chicken command. Battle City is now head in his command, they have basically slowly calmed down. Not without a movement, but every property of a soldier fighting to their position, each soldier has its own task, no tension, and no panic. Exactly fill the gap with before they strike it easy. Look at the time, almost. Point, Li wondering noon today is not to make the kitchen to get some vegetables, watching bloody walls, the estimated number of people saw the meat on the vomiting it. Hey, that was? "Funeral on Tiger!." Originally easily feel there is no longer in place a few hundred meters outside the city walls, three behemoths are quickly ran toward the side. As a general lengthening heavy truck body, Monty Python-like tail, there was absolutely comparable to the shark's teeth of steel, no to the front to make people burst thriller. Zombie tiger's body is great, but the run is not significant bulky. Clouds from the dragon. Wind from the tiger. Not the kind of whole deafening sound of thunderous landing, but each hop can go forward saved tens of meters, which is a few hundred meters from Li to zombie tiger when it is found the reason. Dead Tiger will trample every jump dozens of ordinary zombie, but each time jumping on the momentum of the body heavier trace. Bolted together before the end of the world there is a tiger awe majestic beasts, not to mention the tiger than the original ten times larger, more sturdy, more bloodthirsty, more powerful! ! ! "Left!!!." Putting the biggest one zombie tiger, as well as the walls at a distance of more than meters when the sky burst howling! ! Air seems to have been shaken distorted, while sound waves visible from the zombie king tiger's mouth spread. Front of thousands of ordinary zombie, without any signs headshot death. Like a bomb, a huge noise volumes, in addition to the giant knife like a zombie as big physique, all zombies all swept away. Large tracts of brains Beng on the ground, in a stream of black blood Brokeback middle stump, add some yellow and white. Huge noise and finally to the wall. In Li horror-stricken eyes, large wall crack crackling fall. Then that is their own fighters. Responsible for attacks on the wall to climb a row of soldiers, the uniform of the future to go. Each one is distributed to them bleeding. Later on, the gun shield soldiers, rocket troops, artillery, snipers, "a soldier received a gold surface, such as paper to the floor. Like a slow-motion in general, one by one, then a row of a row of soldiers vomiting blood, then pour next. almost zombie Huhou out of that moment, Li Yizhong on conditioned reflex-like tightly covered his ears, his mouth wide open! totally one hundred thousand tons of dynamite exploding in the side, but also as numerous road thunder in the ears down, incredibly hard!! Li a sudden intuition of the brain a blank, as if countless sledgehammer at his head fiercely Zazhuo. broke like a large pan of boiling oil on his head. Zuanxin The pain came, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, all out of the warm liquid. Li Ouyang vaguely painful to see next to the ground, then he would go in front of a black underground tossed away. Fortunately start an on the side, Li Yizhong a trembling hand column of the whole person rickety chest against the wall next to the lion's roar is called lion's roar, but the Tigers than the more mighty lion, Tigers Roar pen is more alarming, the original Li are they just experienced massive Idiom. And that was in place to help meters away and now even more alarming than the powerful, authentic The Tigers sounded, Li Yizhong them is tantamount to disaster! And not only that, the entire surface of the fan almost simultaneously as tens of thousands of soldiers whom played a hammer as fiercely fell to the ground. many frail people QiQiao bloodshed fainted, may never wake up to. Tigers though powerful, but only lasted less than a vague bell to stop, and opposite the zombie tiger also has some weakness, to maintain such a large Tigers Even Tiger is as strong as the zombie king so there is quite laborious metamorphosis. eyes still black, his head; and Long Yi how loud shouting! "bad there is no one! ! All wake up at first glance! Called this time, no time to think about anything else Li Yizhong, regardless of the enemy he did not know the Tigers have put up and down the walls, including tens of thousands of zombie birds of heaven, and a similar number of zombies are all wiped out, they no threat. He wanted to know how much his brother alive. But the sound of a throat, Li did not hear his own voice. Slightly taken aback, Li come to understand himself to be a huge Tigers shook temporarily deaf! ! "Ouyang Li staggered walked in front, took off behind the kettle, put most of the water thrown in his face. Face with cold boiled water shed blood, Ouyang grunted, slowly opened his eyes. "Fortunately, Ouyang still alive! ! "Li Yi heart cry, and then played a series of gestures:" Are you okay? Able to stand up? "Their estimates so that others, too, but fortunately before in order to survive, have learned simple sign language. Watched Li Vigo smaller sides, Ouyang react, nodded his head, and then struggling to stand up, turn and Li together in search of his comrades still alive. entire battlefield dead silence, Tiger zombie downstairs, still recovering from the physical and Li Ouyang two., each finding a new direction, took off only a kettle, put pour cold water which one player's head, see woke up, motioned them to wake up together and their own comrades alive. entire meal two camps thousand people ah! Li farther scared, they have called woke up more than a dozen soldiers, but did not really wake up several times this figure. "Li Guangjun, Chen Li, Ann strong, evil Lun" You must not be something ah!! "Li in her mind talking about. While struggling to help them up one by one soldier, then put the kettle of water poured on their faces. Some people moan a few times, woke up, but more people did not move a bit unresponsive. No luck, a strong man woke up, physically weak person will never unconscious. LI Guang-jun, Chen, Ann strong "these old players woke up one by one, though the spirit is very sluggish, although have trouble standing up, a gust of wind can seem rickety tongue to, but somehow they survived!! This Li remembered his time on the battlefield is still trotting to the city, head face and excited and nervous, joy is no large tracts of zombie attack came, they were all turned into a dead body can not be dead. surprise is that three zombies Tiger, being laborious climb to head to the city. zombie Tiger, stand up have a dozen meters high, and adhering to the feline characteristics, abnormal sharp claws. Fortunately, just Tigers, not only Zhensi stun large tracts of soldiers outside the walls of more than a dozen centimeters thick layer also shook loose of these large construction waste piled walls, in the middle of many of the gaps, severe vibration, so that their structure slowly scattered opened. Zombie King Tiger, though capable to climb, but each step must be on the loose shell clawed paws fiercely arrested and brought into being in order to prop up the entire wall of a huge body. And three steps of a slide , a two-step drop, cement walls fall down squelch, but the speed of crawling zombie Tiger has greatly slowed. "Kaka! ! "Li to pick up next to a machine gun, and then for a full clip, facing the following zombie Tiger hit up." Vomit tart tart! ! ! "Gunfire, once again sounded from the city's head, so that the back wall, as well as other segments bolted to here on the walls brothers troops morale." Side of another brother in the battle! They did not die! ! Quickly quickly! ! ! ! "Footsteps more intensive, and also soon followed by cries loudly. Chat support troops at full strength bolted to the side, though inaudible, but Li as a captain, is itself the focus of the soldiers, coupled with the natural guardian of the wall mission, see Li's action, as though the body fall apart, despite the crumbling, despite it all, but just go not see the move as long as the guns of the soldiers played a one from the earth, still unconscious from the hands of his comrades took weapons, rushed to Li's side, and then facing the wall that a few huge zombie Tiger, buckle under the trigger!! "uphold! Hold ah! ! "Tie-Shan Wang, with an entire battalion of soldiers across four kilometers away in the walls ran desperately to the side and he clearly has withstood the impact of Tigers, they did not much left Li fighting it. Huge zombie Tiger, he saw in the distance rushing zombie army he saw!! Once it onto the city wall and ran into the city, then a huge disaster will spread!! almost 100-meter speed ran to the side, but the distance of 4000 meters, with a mess of obstacles, at least have ten minutes to catch up, while more than two thousand meters next to the direct front still remain effective fighting force numbered. to support , at least they have in the 3,000 meters beyond a time, more than two walls queue are all doing all rushed to support soldiers!! first batch support team should at least five minutes after the catch come, but they have been here for about Li Yizhong not hold. zombie Tiger defense and sentence although it is not human, compared to three, but the bullets alone can not injured, although the body aches,Oakley Radar, weakness, but No one to give up, as long as they all gathered to move to the first line. bullet is not, with grenades, rifle grenades, rockets, even after firing mortar shells fuze. boom rumbling sound, bursts of gunfire, a round fire, a piece soot. fair slice crackling wall walls fall down, but the two zombies Krupp, a black fur Ah Fang Bu some outside, and no injuries, although slowly but firmly climb. totally silent movies, Li though inaudible, but was able to feel close to the invisible zombie Tiger deterrent If this was the last days before the tiger Needless to say, a big dog ran vicious society. would cause an uproar. Who do not expect to actually after a few years, mankind will have to face a hundred times more than their huge multiples of tens Xiongshou! biochemical Xiongshou!! "Honghong! . "Countless shells fell a few hundred meters in front of the rear artillery finally angry, except at the beginning when playing after a few guns, in order to save ammunition, artillery stopped bombing. Now do not know what commanders received commands. numerous small and large fireball. Jumping one by one. possible zombie army rushed to the walls of the lag time around. "Awu! . "Biggest zombie dog Tiger, and finally to the city wall. Huge tigers swept away a shot, a few, avoid less fighters flew off the bones to make the air, did not fall dead rotten." Yeah! . "Li Yi put the gun did not work, bitter rejection of the past hit zombie king tiger stretched up the half of the body, and then draw the leg bone knife, like Daredevil rushed past have also lamented the personally do not have much chance to battle, but now see how desperate rushed win zombie tiger king is not much chance of battle, but once the top, and that is a near escape ah!! bone remains sharp knife Li Yizhong struggling a diving, in the hands of bitter bone knife stabbing zombie king tiger paw. "rip! . "Can withstand bullets thick fur, bone knife was severely cut open a hole, and then more than two feet long bone knife, a blade of mostly gone into it." Ah. "Zombie Tiger angry!! their ever received such injuries. Though Li's bone knife for him, but a great match but has initially been simple wisdom, pain perception system has been re-generated zombie Tiger, according felt a pain. Tiger Young waved a claw, Li Yizhong like a stone thrown fiercely go after the whole person to fly ten meters, severely hit a Spitfire car. between the chest and abdomen while Li Earthquake, a blood spit it out. "finished! ! "Dead Tiger climbed the walls of the whole body. Desperate soldiers rushed to the same toys are huge fans of zombie Tiger fly east to west, these include Guangjun, but fortunately there is bone armor protection, although hematemesis , but not life-threatening, but the other is not the same fighter, plus a thin iron plate A zombie Tiger in front of body armor was not enough to see. Li moving a bit just feel like being stepped on an elephant Like creak pain. powerless Tai Taishou, but landed on the side of the tire spray train. "jet train! ! "Li rose spirit endured the pain of the whole body, spray the train doors open, and then drill into it. Few soldiers east to west crooked lying in the car, Li attend to wake them up, staggered to to which a flamethrower in front of his hands down flamethrower, turned the gun on raging zombies Tiger! "Chi Chi." gave the Qing Xiang, a red dragon sized thick ejected from the flamethrower directly rushed to ten meters outside the zombie king tiger body. Agni instantly put a group of zombie Tiger surrounded!! "Awu! ! "Dead Tiger, roar, fierce take on the walls, cement walls constructed by it actually cracked the boss of a shot. Thousands of degrees of Agni has given zombie tiger with a hint of hurt, but right next to the soldiers more damage with fire claws tail, fiercely pumping in the soldiers who also followed the flame passed over, several soldiers beat less screamed burned into coke so not okay?? Li a sat down on the floor, his hands droop powerless child ah waist. Subsequently, Li touched a slippery thing. "antibodies! ! With! ! "Li Anjiao cry, and then ran out of the spray stumbled train came Ouyang's side." Antibody bullets! ! Antibodies bullets! ! "Li shouted loudly, but Ouyang action but did not. Li a shot forehead, took the body of antibodies, and then picked up a shell, the two put together, and then pointed not far from large Send prestige zombie Tiger. Ouyang know nodded, then quickly from personal pocket a long flat box slap Open box, which suddenly exposed three pink, dark purple seven bullets. pale red is to use a quasi-two antibodies made of precious, and the rest with a dark purple antibodies are made each one bullet went through a section of the bridge crafted, but also the outermost cracks They were Zhao Bojiang welding torch with a fine living. so anxious right, but also full of so anxious, but since a few months ago to develop bad habits, less at night without inspiration, 1 pm to get up, sit in front of the computer reef, until five o'clock, just write a thousand words, alas. six o'clock darkness began writing, to send one more for now, there is one more mouth o'clock. to report monthly to support everyone, really, being full rub rub intimidated monthly rise in the past month, that is, that a few bars, what does not say, excited, extremely moving chickens!! dedication codeword first!!! ~! ┏ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┓ ┃ ∷ ∷ net book book ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ W ∷ W ∷ W.S ∷ H ∷ U ∷ S ∷ H ∷ U ∷ W.C ∷ N ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┗ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┛ <
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