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and hand in hand and the u antworten
> "What happens?" "A large number of zombies! Large number of zombies around the city were!!" "Are you sure? Was around, instead of wandering?" "Yes around! And most of all in high downstairs. Quantity Many enough to have hundreds of thousands! "" hundreds of thousands? can make so zombies together, and not spread out, there must be close to human survivor, Chen Li, careful look around to see if there is no human traces! there What happens immediately report!! "" Yes!! "is marching troops suddenly stopped, each team ran its own skilled positions, pointing to the front of the muzzle tightly place, even where there is no zombie. "Captain!! Around here no traces of human existence!!" "No?" Li frowned up. Massive zombie is not enclosed in a building unprovoked below ah. His suspicions can not be wrong ah? "Continue to observe! Not to act rashly! There any report at any time!" "Yes!!" Li finished, pick up the telescope, once again look to the distant buildings inside. Unlike other buildings, where each building there are at least more than four meters high, many tall buildings but also has a few hundred meters in height. And here are mostly residents of the building housing building, crowded the windows are the best views here. "Huh? What is 7" Suddenly, Li found a problem,Nike Jordan 11 Sale, each building has a long rope connected between. Indeed, a number of important connections between tall buildings have more than one big rope. Li now see is the connection between the ropes in the building. "Since no one, then is what makes these ropes?" Li muttering sound not yet finished, from the telescope to see the two people on the roof along the ropes, quickly slid into the side of another building Building. "Someone!! In the building on!!" Li shouted a cry, and the next few sniper rifle telescope collimator, it aligned on the side of the building. But just two people fast, plus the distance is very far away, they stare at ten minutes Li, Li did not see just those two words people. "No, I clearly see!!" Li looked at the distant buildings, heart churned. Since good after his injury, a variety of feeling becomes extremely quick. Just obviously saw two shadows. "Guangjun! Arranger place to camp! Chen Li, round-the-clock investigation surrounding circumstances, once problems are reported immediately!!" "Yes!!" Li finished, went to the left of the wind itself before. Since the alert system after losing the set, the wind left to do with it being a lot of restrictions! But then encountered underground base, not only introduced a more advanced early warning system, but also put on a new radio, not only can clearly accept the message, but also able to send some short messages! ! Followed the same time,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, left the status of the wind once again raise up. "Left wind, shortwave transmitter to the inside. Survivors say we walked over to see where there is no longer living, we're safe here, and can provide food and protection!" "Is that all?" Left the wind a little strange, captain, then also it is too simple. But as an old team. Left wind clearly aware of their tasks, no more words, then hurriedly intact, said Li Yizhong out, as to be able to play a role, and that only God knows! ! Slowly, time passed half an hour. Left wind has been repeated on the radio played dozens of times, although their radio power is not, but can cover a radius of fierce kilometer range is sufficient. However, no matter how the wind cries the left, the radio is still in the doldrums. "Captain, did not respond!" Left wind helplessly. "Continue to play, while paying attention to check the signal!" "Yes!!" Li turned out of the wind where the car left, sullen look to the distant buildings. Suddenly! ! "Captain!! Building on anyone really!! I saw! Five of them, from the building of the army on the slide quickly upstairs!!" Amy's words with wonder someone can actually be a zombie survive under heavy siege! Is a miracle! ! "Where? Army upstairs?" "Yes! Total of five people! Have slipped through the ropes between buildings next to the army upstairs! Many people have seen!" Amy is still somewhat surprising. But Li ignored him and instead went to the Ouyang Tiankuo position. "Ouyang! You just have not seen?" "See!!" "That's good! You put incendiary! Fiercely come to them all of a sudden, I do not believe you can not force out the fire !! "" Yes! "Ouyang Tiankuo finish, quickly put on a special bullet, and then aimed at the shadows of that building just appeared! "Ge!!" Burning bullets quickly collide, two seconds a half later, the distance spanned nearly two thousand meters. Fiercely hit a wooden hut. "Boom!!" Incendiary moments angry, cabins suddenly exploded off, a mass of flames suddenly appeared on the roof of the building, but also constantly spreading! Sure enough! ! Forced by the fire! Many people panic ran out, holding a variety of tools fire. However, dry and windy spring day. Plus there seems to be no human survivors how much water used for fire fighting, a flame, by the winds and bigger, and finally put an entire building surrounded in the one, a thick column of black smoke, slanting shaft in between heaven and earth, very conspicuous. "Captain! Opposite case the!!" Li hear the sound, and quickly picked up the binoculars look to the opposite side of the roof. Building lot! Silence on the roof of the original but now full of people, one looking over Li. One of them suddenly found upstairs, a huge tablet, facing himself. Again adjusted the telescope, Li Wang in the past. "Who are you? Why burn our house? We have a telescope, you can see!" "Zhang Yan!! Team has no chunks of WordPad?" To see the building on the opposite case, wrote Li take Over intercom shouted loudly. "I also saw! WordPad does not, but we have a full team sheet! This can be temporarily used to write! I have people come out! Zhao Bojiang vehicle in front," "Good!" Li no longer say anything, pick up the telescope ran out of the car. "Zhao Bojiang! You write! We walked off people! Without malice! Burned your house very sorry!" Li finished, and quickly raised his binoculars. Sure enough, the other two parties to the self-hu only, WordPad Bu then has become! "The road to discuss those! Hair rarely knock yuan face! We are living in the roof of the survivors, get out of it!" "Zhao Bojiang! You write, we have a radio, you can not be received into the 7" "Our radio bad the! can not answer! "" poison nearby corpse is what happens? "Li then asked. "Zombie lot! Very powerful! We can only stay on the building! If you have the ability, you can help us?" Seeing wrote on the building across the way, then, Li hesitated, the team should not complicate the issue, is Under his command, however, "did not wait to think clearly! jumped on the building across a man, desperately waving his hands, while pointing to the side of the tablet. Li quickly look at the past!" behind you five kilometers where a large number of zombies! ! "Seeing such a discourse! Li cold sweat!" Amy! ! Investigation quickly behind us! See if there are zombies! ! Zhao Bojiang, you went on to write, I see you any more. What else around us! ! "Finished, Li's eyes firmly fixed on the opposite building! Which a person holding a telescope and saw Li Yi after their words, put down the telescope, wrote on the slate again. How how slow ? second second time in the past. opposite WordPad, but never stand up. struggled to live, which is now Li situation. finally! two ten seconds later, the piece tablet once again lit up "before you so have zombie army! ! East side go fast! At least where the zombies! Where we have a presence! ! The red building is! ! "Just to see this sentence, while Li, Chen Li also brought bad news!! Behind them do not know when, more than a number of surprising number of zombie army, but right there in front of the left zombie, slowly around us!! these zombies millions! Once surrounded, is their ability to re-Li Babel, will be torn to pieces. several kilometers outside the building does have a red, It looks like a large hotel at this time Li did not have time to think, immediately gave the order! "east! Toward the red army building open to! ! "Building across the words, not the letter, but the red building is indeed close to the nearest able to close the building up of other buildings, each one under the front of a crowded zombie., Even if the other party is false, then relying on the red building, Li Yizhong, they can also be more than adhere to a meeting. players quickly on the train! Qi Sen's open tiger rumbled open to the top. subsequently is the armored heavy truck! "as much as possible to carry weapons and ammunition, as well as food and water ! We will likely abandoned the vehicle! Meanwhile, the units abandoned the vehicle and do the preparatory work, according to a predetermined plan, began to gradually closed car! ! "Li very unhappy! Want to play yourself a slap in the face." What big deal multi-tube! Well now, chased by a horde of zombies to play! And there are two. This is just great! Such a long time to accumulate the family property would suddenly lost light! ! "In their eyes to see the place, a huge zombie particular, stand out in a large number of zombies standing in the middle, and that more people scared that a" petite "in brown Min, is standing In its shoulders! this formation, and once off Huangkou base that two are exactly the same!! Li Yifei quickly put on his armor, and then pulls the carriage has long been ready for a military backpack, Then, they do not know where to dig out from a backpack in the car as well make the ammunition piled heap, crazy push lightly with bullets. since the last time, had abandoned the vehicle and fled after they developed a Li abandoned the vehicle's plan ready in advance backpack, in case of emergency you can always leave. first put a backpack is the last time those found in military barracks and canned biscuits, as well as water bottles, cushions, automatic rifles, and four rounds of ammunition Now there is little time from the Red Tower, Li made full use of the time to the second big bag filled ammunition. few armored heavy truck, dozens of players, in addition to dedicated car driver than everyone doing the same thing at the same time, each vehicle in the car length, all the windows in the car on the force of the pulling down of a wrench. "Kaka! Kaka! ! "Every one armored heavy truck shooting windows are from top to bottom of the plate tightly covered, while the outermost fence also put down. Moreover, every car has several players on the discharge side with a few bottles of clear liquid! open tiger cars for highway can easily broke, let alone stand in front of the undead! Whether ordinary zombie, zombie or cited, and even a giant zombie mouth, full of horsepower open in front of the tiger can not discuss all good body fragile, just hit it bumped into several sections, physically tough, were severely hit the open front of the tiger. Finally, Li came to the red building near their place, and hand in hand and the undead. before open tiger bloom is a steel channel, this time through the channel is flesh and blood, although the red building under the small number of zombies, but it was only relative and say This "small" number has more than 10,000!! Fortunately, they have open-Li Hu,Coach Bags Sale, Li Yizhong their firepower fortunately pretty good! various light machine guns firepower, especially Ann strong guns, each shell down is a large area. snipers Ouyang Tiankuo now converted into another identity explosives expert. piles of grenades, was quickly disassembled, through simple modification after reloading. several high explosive bomb made of, it is carefully placed next to the shock box. of the vehicle speed is not slow, but long dead army faster, especially beginning with the sensitive mouth and lead them in just five kilometers distance In Li they will soon reach the red building when it caught up. Less than a minute from the fleet away!! "Ouyang! Place your treasure with! ! Note that all units to reach the red building later performed immediately withdraw its role plans! ! "Closer look at the zombie army, Li finally issued a final order in his hand, is a light machine gun, the back is the beginning of the network's first big package, while the foot is The second is a temporary fill a backpack. "Ding Dong Ding Dong! ! "Wang enamel than the North while successive Qing Xiang, one lump of iron. Bounce falling from the car, and then rolled to the team after the place with the same time! Every player is looking to stop a heavy vehicle at the gates. a red building immediately to!!! ~! ┏ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┓ ┃ ∷ book ∷ book ∷ network ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ W ∷ W ∷ W.S ∷ H ∷ U ∷ S ∷ H ∷ U ∷ W.C ∷ N ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┗ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┛ <
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