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30.05.2013 04:18
not to help disciples not to give antworten
The original worship for the recommended votes!!!! "Into the mine?" Dragon in the day's face instantly pulled down, J ng against its looking at Yang, said: "he is not a help in the disciple?" Yang Kai took a step forward, Gong said: "I am the peak tower disciple" "not to help disciples not to give in!" Dragon in the day a be angry and fierce, very not happy, despise way: "disciple is not help in random into this area, moreover you a stranger." Then, a face with deep hatred and resentment and turned to look at Hu Mei son way: "Miss, how can you bring outsiders to come here? You are young, don't know the traditional code of conduct, is the so-called heart septum belly, but not so ah, this year we help because the mine to earn a lot of money, a jealous people staring at it, especially some thieves generation, try to find out the message area. Were it not for the perennial sits here, but will be in trouble." Yang Kailian s è sink, this old guy point at one but abuse another, sounds really uncomfortable. Hu Meier Cha Jue Yang is not happy, hurriedly way: "the Dragon grandpa you misunderstood, he need not inquire what, just want to buy some things." Dragon in the day mocking smile: "buy things? To buy things can get here? This excuse is really funny, kid, I no matter what your purpose, now to the rolling, dare to appear here,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK Sale, see the killing you." Yang Kaiyi's anger upwards, the old man was too be opinionated. Although the heart of resentment, but Yang Kai knew that he and his strength gap is too large, it will move hands, he even breath will blow his dead. Anger that force, Yang said nothing, now clashed with him, it only can be oneself. "Soft eggs!" The Dragon looked at Yang Kai like this on the day, more contempt. Yang body really Yang Qi uncontrolled Gudang,Coach Crossbodys, glared at the dragon in the day. Changes in perceived Yang body strength, the dragon in the days fly: "presumptuous, you want to fight with me?" Then, unexpectedly without reason, regardless of the generation gap, palm toward Yang came,Nike Jordan 9 Shoes, this Zhang, Yang found themselves suddenly move, only I stood there, it's not scared, but other means by which his imprisonment. Yang Kaishen s è big change, really did not expect this old guy was so shameless, he could feel the dragon in the day for his attitude, but do not want to understand what is, and now he was suddenly a killer, Yang really surprised spirit are take. The smell of death coming in, great pressure brought by environmental master let Yang heart in this moment to stop, breathe more is not smooth, the Jedi in a survival will spread in the body. Suddenly, the bones in a hot hot news, quickly spread, the next moment, Yang found to disappear suddenly in his body strength. Hurry, Yang Kai exhausted body strength, threw aside to flash. Dragon in the day to pat, the thought will be the peak tower directly shoot in the palm disciple, but he did not think of is, the other has to dodge! It can't be? Dragon in the sky of eyebrows a wrinkly. A fugue state means he will be imprisoned, how to break? Because did not expect this >
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