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30.05.2013 04:05
Yang Kai look dignified nod antworten
A few days later, Ling is closed. Shigong cheerfully looked at Yang, in the eyes of great significance, he said: "I don't ask you for a long time to really give me with what medicine, I also ask you this drug exactly where it came from. You have to remember, this time I can make the dead come back to life, only my own wish unfulfilled, unwilling to die, and you...... There is no relationship!" Yang Kai look dignified nod: "I know!" Ling Taixu this zhayiting up some be beneath the human character, but Yang Kaihe doesn't know he's in order to protect their own. The unique medicine can make the dead come back to life, is very important, ordinary man is innocent. Cause disasters., Ling too how will let Yang risk? "Master, this is your universal bag!" Yang Kai took out from the bosom the universe bag handed over. Ling Taixu did not answer, just smile: "Shigong send out things, how to recycle the truth?" Yang chuckled: "I am not." Wordless black book storage space has been opened, the universe bag is useless. Ling too slowly shook his head: "you okay, you have to really think not, can send people, Confucius think this thing when a design gift is good." Yang smile a sound, also do not see insist, will the universe bag and into the arms of. Frowns, Yang asked: "your wound......" Ling too smiled: "no big AI, power has been restored to its heyday, and even some beyond......" Yang Kai was a happy,Sunglasses Coach Outlet, very exciting way: "but your body is not the evil master disperse clean......" Ling is frowning, as if thinking of sth. is: "I am also very strange to this point. You give me take something very wonderful, I think if the body completely get rid of evil...... I will strive for further improvement!" Ling is already a fugue state peak, strive for further improvement, that is the spiritual! Fugue, general a pope door, there are only one or two such people, even in those super powers, how much there is not necessarily. If Ling is really to promote to fugue, it can really get good out of misfortune. Million medicine cream can help people comprehend the martial way? Yang Kai didn't know it was a wonderful role such. But it is after all the most essential part of the wells, is likely to have such a strong effect. "Congratulations association!" Yang sincerely feel happy, Ling void because of his two disciples things wasted several years, have already can reach this step, but delayed until today. Ling is just smiled, shook his head slowly. Yang Kai was a positive,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars, sink a track: "master, you the two disciple really stuck out from the long Jian?" Hear this, sadly, Ling is a gleam in the eyes of the hidden sigh gently, nodded: "well. When I waste his practice, the trapped trapped long Jian, the emerge of itself and perish of itself, but do not want to ten years later he can come out, is really out of my expectation. According to my knowledge, he should be in the following got some adventure, in order to restore strength and strength, rose, evil too large!" Trapped formed long Jian, is fighting caused the peak tower party founder kill devil when, after the LORD was killed,Oakley Fast Jacket clearance, fall brook bottom, maybe there's something left, hundreds of years after Ling void of the two disciples unwittingly >
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