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30.05.2013 04:01
the blades blocked a large piece antworten
Powerful new Wu by instrument deeply learned, is worthy of a nine sword pie Shisheng, the red blood is riding a head six order monster to kill him for more than a month, did not see how he, Deng now how is the enemy. Teeth clenched, Deng said softly: "I if the slave of the beast was handed to you, can you let me go?" "I can give you a happy!" Wu by instrument look cool. New color, cold track: "I give you what you want you have to spare none? Do you have any humanity?" Wu by instrument Sen cold a smile: "the human nature? The first, I should talk to you about what the human nature?" While speaking, color change, eyes naked flicker, a snap of the fingers is several sword attack, hit his feet feet from the ground. Heard the sword through something,Oakley Squared, a little red blood bubbled up from the ground, it is a few be Deng secretly cloth under the control of soul. Bitch. Wu by instrument than a sound, although he has been wary of Sirius that looks charming woman, but not want to or almost to the word, had he not alert enough, by this insect drilling body. "You asked for it. I'll catch you, then knocking off your hands and feet, let you live nor, death!" Wu took the instrument in a face, hand lance a shaking, his body wrapped in the sword of light, with astonishing toward the new hit. Asshole. Deng's dark scold, met Wu by instrument this cold-blooded man, she is some be put in a quandary. In a hurry to avoid startling sword, move, offered a few handle flying, peculiar shape of the cyclotron edge echo. Wu took the sword out several Jianhua instrument, will the handle rotary blade parry,Coach Bags Online, Dangdang Dangdang swept up a spark. Deng was blue in the face, thus managed to avoid the key position of teeth,Oakley Squared Sale, shoulder and sword sweep in. Immediately scream, crisp shoulder a red. Completely fall leeward, Deng was also unwilling to await one's doom, back to Wu by instrument, all control the soul bug all the rest spread into the underground, just looking forward to in these severely Yin Wu soul worm by instrument to. But Wu by instrument just almost suffered, now what will it? The sword light a pilian sparkle, smash directly within a radius of more than ten feet of earth energy range, raging all control the soul bug were killed. If a soul bug control in human body, really strong, prior to addition of heat from other be fearless but not into the body, they also are a few insects, Wu by instrument sword to slay them. A good face white, lost control of the soul of this dark, she really don't know how to deal with Wu by instrument, Fang anxious anxious, eyes suddenly flashed a thick surprised color, obliquely toward Wu by instrument after death see face are filled with a touch of excitement and joy. Look the minute change, has not escaped the Wu by instrument eyes. She knew something was wrong, Wu by instrument face suddenly turns cold, not going to waste time sword up to his last shot. Before he will move out, behind has a gas engine lock yourself up, Wu by instrument frowning back sword swing, the blades blocked a large piece of range. The sword light flashing, a flaming fist appeared, wind swept, the blades came to crumble. A shadow of human figure fell >
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