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> Cupola fire lasted only a few seconds. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm then broke through the windows, broke through the crumbling door, and then heard the roar spray out, has been rolled up to the outside of the house a few meters away. Poured into the houses of zombie birds, as well as those who remain outside the gate of zombie birds, most of which suddenly emitted a fire engulfed inside. Only a handful of a few escaped unharmed, flutter fly to the side. But these remnants of zombie birds already Li Yizhong they constitute any threat. An instant after the explosion, and after a minute or so in the house fire was gradually weak down. Li kick open the door, stuck his head fiercely and then a few big mouth suck hot air. In the cupboard only spent less than two minutes, but the cupboard because it actually fires consume a lot of oxygen, Li inside almost suffocated. This is not, Li's hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, are burned a half, their hands and faces is a lot more burn blisters. "Ahem!! Ahem!!" Momentary carelessness actually stitch, and Li could not help the loud coughing, coughed struggling to climb out, and then tear off the body of a clothes, casually wrapped wounded still chug out braving bloody left arm. "Touch!!" Compartment door suddenly opened, followed by a group of people yelling. "Li!" "Captain you okay!!" "Scared us!! Earlier explosion is how ah?" This time the Qin Ms stumbled ran over. See Li embarrassed look, especially the water left arm still bleeding, tears suddenly fell down, attend to hand over his, and quickly open the portable emergency package, which took out a roll of bandages, hurry prior to Li bandaged. "Ahem!! Yeman Lin, you tidy up with people around the zombie corpses years, there are those who did not die through the loss of birds killed, send another person to the mountain airfield to see if there did not disturb the mountain that large group of Dead birds! "Li Chun Yuen while leaving himself bandaged, while toward Yeman Lin gave the order, which called on the group of people begin to act. This time, Li martial arts have looked all around, carefully looked at, Li can not help themselves and feel very lucky to be alive. Whole canteen, turned out to be a temple hall, originally built it as dangerous steep mountain road, had to make the best, so the houses are well built with huge boulders, and the roof is also the root of a large root by a large support from roundwood The. More importantly,Coach Bags Outlet, the construction of the time, as no glass, in order to better lighting, so the two repair wide and big window. Coupled with the home, accounting for almost two-thirds of a wall. Explosion of huge momentum and it did not wrecking the house, broke two windows and door broken door, toward the outside spewing away. Scared for a while. Yeman Lin They will continually outpace back. Loss of a few remaining in the sky bird was Yeman Lin died a few bayonets, leaving the floor of the birds without feathers zombies are dead in the hands of the players. Also brought a good news at this stage, just after the explosion did not cause the attention of the mountain zombie birds. "Amy guard outside, Liu Tao, you go to the main hall to please glance masters, we are now into the main hall held an emergency meeting!!" "Yes!" "Yes!" Having struggled up Li, Qin Wan'er springs under the arm toward the main hall of the largest temple walked behind the players also understand the seriousness of the matter, one of silence followed behind. Came to the main hall, Li find a futon and sat down, Qin Waner then hurriedly went to the medical room brought the treatment of burns and bleeding drugs, Li again to deal with wounds. After a few minutes, glance Masters at Tao's arm slowly walked the main hall, just explosions frightened him. Frightened and old and feeble, a time actually stand up, but finally with the help of the Tao only walked the main hall. Looked around, saw Li Chen in addition to vigilance, all the people come together, and then coughed and said: "Over the past few months we have been very safe, ordinary zombies come up. Moreover mountain water There are food, this time we had a very comfortable life very moist, but we live here is that there is always a risk the loss of a bird flying in the sky. "" until there is no trace of zombie birds, but now finally zombie birds appeared, but also the boss of the group, before the battle we have seen, just let us hundreds of zombie birds helpless, and almost annihilated. Think of the mountain there is more zombie birds, we had to wait so sitting on a volcano, birds do not know the day will aggressively attacking zombies. By the time this is only by virtue of our people simply could not withstand!! "" Now we have to leave Qingquan Temple, and I mean quickly today packed everything, tomorrow morning we set off to the nearest base Huangkou marching. you have any comments ah?? "" Captain, this is a good few months we have built a base ah!! We have built a house, out of the fertile land, give up so easily, I ..... "Li, then just finished, Zhang Yan stood up, as the person in charge of the team back, he more than anyone on the team are building more carefully this place is hard-won base. Even this as his own house to build. Discard the dedication of a few months so he can not accept the fruits of labor. "No!! We must go, today is hundreds, tomorrow there may be thousands of tens of thousands!! Luckily no casualties today, tomorrow it, day after tomorrow, we can not always keep quiet, and again Today this situation,oakley sunglasses store, how do we do, only dying in the room. Finally rest on its laurels, sooner or later have to starve to death!! Tomorrow we have to go in order to avoid dark and dreary!! Do you have anything to add to not, but the premise is only one, do not re thinking stayed here already unsafe!!! "players around one degree you look at me I look at you, eventually dropped his head helplessly agreed to Li's views. Li sighed, looked listless players, he was also upset. Who would not want to have a stable home, ah, ah who wants wandering risking death, but now ..... hey! ! "If so, I will assign it a task, Zhao Bojiang ....." time constraints, we see Li unity of thinking, began as the captain initiated commands together. But just say the first one was next to the clear understanding of the master interrupted. "Captain Lee!! Tomorrow you go on the trip, the monk is not gone!!" "Master!!" "Monk is over sixty years old, speak no less got this under steep Yuquan Hill is barely got under Hill, can not withstand bumps along the way, Captain Lee, your mind monk no thanks, but the monk lifetime springs in this temple, this is the last place to return to the monk. And all day long Buddhist temple monk chanting meditation, will not easily lead to zombie bird. "" This!! "Li originally want to persuade more clear understanding of the master. But to hear his explanation, one time did not know what to say, after all, the master said is the truth. After much deliberation, she promised gains a Master Li's proposal. Let Zhang Yan leave enough to glance masters living materials and continue the order issued just did not finish, "Zhao Bojiang,Oakley Juliet clearance, you lead the squad car down immediately, and check your car must be able to ensure the future of cars mobilized, and can get through from remote road. Yeman Lin Ouyang Tiankuo you take and Chen flew wide, protect them, may not be less than ten thousand do not shoot!! tonight will not have to back to the mountains, and you carry rations weapons, stayed one night in the mountain. We convergence tomorrow! "" Yes!! "" Wangyun Hui, Zhang Yan, the two of you quickly Statistical our existing supplies, take away's on the left, mainly food, drugs, weapons, as well as bed and the like must be of things, yes, but also vegetable cabbage quickly rush, Zhang Yan would you send someone to sneak a drive past without causing movement as much as possible under the premise rush back in addition to a clear understanding of the masters leave some outside this evening, to rush up and put them pickled.!! "" Yes!! "" Qin Waner, Li Xiaoyun, you hurry to the medicine room to pack two drugs, as far as possible away more medicines, for a wide a little more, especially clear understanding that the master bone elixir, be sure to take away! "" Yes!! "" Well, we act now!! hurry fast!! radio contact between the various groups!! Thus, the original springs leisurely getting busy temple, one of the players with a dull expression, to tell but silent busy with their own thing. Li also attend, who's hurt, first arranged for the broken arm Zhao Xiaobo Zhao Bojiang followed them down, and then went to help Zhang Yan they gathered cabbage, then together again, and Wang Yunhui inventory of existing supplies. did not expect such a long time up the mountain, actually saved his how much supplies. most or grain, the beginning of the rest of the lot, together with the new harvest, there are a few extremely heavy full addition is firearms, and these days there is no big loss, or the same as before, but this time more than two dozen marching Rod Wood gun addition is that some bottles of. messy and when moving, especially in such an emergency within the time, this could not bear the reluctant. Wangyun Hui finally out of the whole lot of piecemeal, finally Lee APO waved his hand cut off more than half, leaving only the most necessary things. been busy all night, slowly to the dawn, in the middle this time.'s everyone is not closed an eye, a great spirit stretched to The most tight, do not say anything as far as the case of live dry as much as possible, although tired, but no one complained. Until the sun rises, Li directing the rest of the players, the big bags big bags good materials moved to the emergency channel side - To save time, they intend downhill from here! (yesterday's chapter, the wrong name, Yeman Lin Liu became a hit man, I am guilty, I'm wrong, but is very troublesome vi modify only Here you can book club apologized, in later writings, full of try to avoid these mistakes! Please continue to support the book club, full of grateful, in addition to seeking the next recommended votes!! Oh this for a long time did not want a! everyone Do not forget ah!) (!)! ~! ┏ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┓ ┃ ∷ ∷ net book book ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ W ∷ W ∷ W . S ∷ H ∷ U ∷ S ∷ H ∷ U ∷ W.C ∷ N ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┗ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┛ <
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