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30.05.2013 03:43
head two golden triangle eyes flashing antworten
There are not many in front suddenly came rustling sound......" If something is fast approaching. A group of young students are all very alert, be on one's guard for, it is the four Fugue environment keep a straight face. Brush...... A hideous head suddenly from the front among the bushes will come out, open mouth toward the front guides her bite. The skull is hat size, head two golden triangle eyes flashing a cruel and sinister light, fast, blink, flew to the woman. The woman softly Huming is a, the hands of a slightly raised, and gently a bit, right in its forehead, then pick its lower jaw, the huge head unexpectedly as if by Juli attack, direct swept aside. Before it hits the ground, the whole head suddenly burst, a top blood fog. The middle-aged Fu body form in a flash, ran out, su-exuberant hand a shake, wrist flying out of a color ribbon, such as snake out of its hole, blood fog rolled up a demon Dan, naked oats and back "golden eyes silver back python! The five order peak of the monster!" Ling too softly and said Yang Kai. Yang Kaiding looked, and saw a headless snake body, python back, with a silver lines, is very evil. Just everything happened so fast, he also did not see how this Python was dead, even the demon Dan were middle-aged belle to accept. The five order peak, is really yuan environmental summit. A face to face is the old woman to kill, this beautiful palace woman strong can peep some, perhaps with Ling void is a level,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, even more than. After all, summer palace is a pope door! Forces larger than many of the peak tower. "Be careful, it is a social evil!" Ling is again heavy sound. Voice did not fall, from all sides and suddenly spread a burst of rustling sound, faintly visible in the jungle many pair of Golden Triangle eyes staring at here, quickly moving in here close to. The old woman did not stop, but Yang said: "speed is faster, the scent once meeting attract more demons to......" A pedestrian pace more quickly. Brush brush......" From all sides, countless golden eyes silver back Python jumps high, open one's bloody mouth toward a pedestrian hit. The old woman a crutch contains incomparable lethality, often only gently a bit, a python that that dead, my feet and the center coordinate, the means of implementation to guard his disciples. Li is really evil fix people, power operation,Oakley Monster Dog Online, a dark atmosphere exudes a violent atmosphere, holding a spear shape ", left to right, will all the invading enemy all kill, the company strength to just a little bit worse, but for the five order monster is very easy the charm, body rotation, with an intoxicating fragrance, then rushed to her golden eyes silver back pythons tend to not close, will be inexplicable means killing. Ling is not what treasure, moves simple without China, but powerful, kill monster speed than that woman is not to let. Flesh and blood flying in all directions, a golden eyes silver back Python killed, all over the place such as the autumn leaves, does not have the slightest barrier. The four summer palace girl hand is also flying a ribbon,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, she >
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