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> "Whining ........" Half an hour later, Hu nine pounds sanity restored over, awkward sitting on the side, Lien Xi clothes one by one, the house was full of the taste of a very jarring. WWw,nike air jordan, QUAnbEN, cOM Hu nine pounds picked up his robe, walked over to the Lien Xi Phi's body, "hey, why are you coming in this time it? I practice martial arts is a critical juncture, obsessions occasion. Hey." "Go away! Are you a villain, the old satyr. Yinzei! Renzhang do not want to eat?" Lien Xi Hu opened a nine pounds, the body wrapped in a robe wrapped Hu nine pounds in the brain which will start very confusing heavy, Lien Xi felt his chest it would still aching. "This, this and you also learn martial of the people, should know that someone broke into practice when not to, ah, you see now out of trouble, called me what to do? You're my half apprentice, Nie Yuan ah, misfortune. "Hu nine pounds chagrin patting head, a confused mind, nothing can come out. No wonder people say that alcohol can embolden it. Lien Xi stopped crying and stood up, facing Hu nine pounds of "pop" came a slap. "Do you not want to be responsible for it? Mentoring and how you, Yang Guo is not married to Helen of Troy, I do not care, you've told me so and I want you to marry me!" One finger at nine pounds of HU nose, while also feeling the tears. "First slowly, as if they came back! Go and put on the clothes first, I went to look at them drag." Hu explained about nine pounds, suddenly heard the distant sound of footsteps, and the sound of women's conversation. Zhao Shi dream is estimated that they buy clothes back. Sure enough Lien Xi an, "ah? Me first to go upstairs!" Dressed in robes, pound, hid in his room. Quickly put on the ground to pick up fragments of torn clothes thrown into the trash, Hu mirror looked at nine pounds, uh. His face again like last time did not have any kind of lip stuff, Lile collar. Sit on the sand. The key is inserted into the door, click, bang. The door was pushed open, Zhao Shi Meng Pa Daili hands carrying bags of stuff, Fu Poetry followed, even the types have changed. Sister of former head too hot curly head now, a lot of flavor oh. "Poetry, Come Look at the clothes do not fit together, Zhao sister to pick your skirt is certainly first-class." Some of the girls sitting in the sand ignoring Hu nine pounds, came from him. See Zhao Shi Meng from the bag and pulled out a plaid skirt, Pa Daili also quickly put in the hands of a bag and handed Fu Poetry "Yes, yes, go fast change of our girls over there are so worn, her non- and I want to fight. "Fu Poetry and smiled, ran up the stairs to the results of the bag, do not know what in the end is for clothes. Zhao Shi Hu dream to sit around nine pounds, picked up a bag, "Come on, Hu said. Zhao sister to see if you do not buy your clothes fit, which I chose a long time before deciding on down Oh." Having the bag took out a red plaid shirt. Hu took over nine pounds shirts, squinted to see Zhao Shi dream. "It's something that I can look good wearing?" Stand up, holding in his body than the ratio. "How would look good! Popular over there this my home shirt. Like Hu teachers so manly brawny. Awesomeness certainly put a lot of chick." Pa Daili holding a bra in the body than to than go, do not seem concerned flanked by a large man. Hu nine pounds down shirt, "Would not it? Foreigners are so wear it?" "Yes it is friends. Daili how will lie How about you? Hurry to put me to see, but I spent several hundred block it. "are watching their garments heard Hu Zhao Shi dream nine pounds of doubt, it seems that he bought this dress looks very dissatisfied, angry heart could not help, you worked hard to buy clothes but also this wordy, suddenly stand up and push Hu to put on nine pounds. "Well, well Do not retreat, I enchant it wants." Picked up the clothes, Hu nine pounds upstairs. Hu nine pounds are the stairs in the middle of time, "hey! Remember called Enxi down. Also bought her clothes, so she does not see fit today his aging mother I'm bleeding, spent more than twenty thousand oceans. Gee, a little distressed. "Zhao Shi dream come downstairs in his wallet, counted, and then looked at the HU nine pounds. "This,Jordan 10 Shoes, this, I'll get Enxi down." Hu nine pounds embarrassing pinched under the nose, Zhao Shi dream miscellaneous actions he can not see. Although Zhao Shi dream just to tease him, but Hu nine pounds still feel like a failure. Zhao had made up note is to let the United States when his wife, and to send out millions of sports car did not feel bad,Oakley Scalpel Online, now booing. People ran again in Dali donated this much money. Most failures that Lien Xi and Pa Daili ran to the door and eat for free live so long, his martial arts but also in order to spend money to help her buy a slaughterhouse pigs. Both are dead girl, promised not pay tuition, look like this, buy clothes today also estimated Zhao poetic dream for money. In his head wondering should also find some ways to make money to live, to strong cattle Germany's official, money given month is definitely not enough. This month is a good house property costs tens of thousands of it, but for cattle Germany Zhuang had to pay when he lived for half a year, and now the next twenty days will also have to pay the property charges. "Hey, tangled ah. How there will be so many things be?" Hu Lien Xi nine pounds standing outside the room, and my heart floating again and again. "To help Fu Poetry revenge, Zhao America should get back. Now broken Lien Xi innocence, a few days is what utilities. Headed, it really is not so easy ah." Silence my heart several times, sounded the Lien Xi door. "You have nothing!" Lien Xi put on clothes, his face the tears are gone, it is estimated it would complement the makeup. Girls really like beauty. "Well, they give you to buy new clothes, tell you to go on a trip, I first back into the house." Hu nine pounds a little stand Lien Xi coldly looked at his eyes, take the shirt block a bit, hastily back his room. Hu nine pounds back room, the shirt thrown on the bed. Lock the door, and this time with the experience that he can not let things when people come. "After the hall door, the next people to be iron. Yes, this house do not have a freezer? Changed altogether to find someone to practice when what's on the inside, which should be easy to spot. "Hu nine pounds of thought, is this ah. Fortunately, today is Lien Xi got into into it, what if the CIA is also not his own life ah. Today on Lien Xi Hu nine pounds of heart is also a bit sorry. From the time came to Daqing, their heart on a Li Mengnan, then for some reason did not start HU nine pounds. Encounter Zhao Mei, Hu nine pounds feel that they should be as a family, or else Hu nine pounds will not see Wang Zhao America should just Lara's hand with a baseball bat hit people. With his hand strength, is certainly a concussion. "Whether these, take a look at Trillian get no." The brain distractions aside, sat cross-legged on the floor. Hands mudra, trace the idea back to the headless Trillian on. "Ah!" "Help ah, run ah." "How! How the?" "**, How nobody called the doctor, ah, ah Come play 12o you run around what a sucker!" Hint of soul attached headless ghost of the above, HU nine pounds could feel panic here. Sensing a bit Cai star located, feeling a bit Cai Star three souls and seven soul is almost gone, another bald as well. Control the headless ghost, quick retreat, follow the degree to fly back to their own position, five minutes later. Hu nine pounds opened his eyes, headless ghost has returned to the Devil streamers. In fact, control the headless ghost Hu nine pounds as long as the idea of ​​the separation of a trace on the line, not with the soul hatched, a nine pounds Hu skill now let every soul will stay in the sun for about an hour. Real fire burning sun or else not utter the evening, then on the right, can be extended to five hours. Before Hu nine pounds to spell out which found the CAI, in order to look at this and their own enemies, like the name of the guy that year, only nine pounds HU soul hatched, go glanced. I bumped into the bathroom only a few people eclectic things, reluctant return shell. Wasted a lot of time, plus a number of reasons. Led to his own obsessions situation. Ghost is invisible person, they can sense that people around the yang. Of course slightly, to restore sanity ghost is different, they will be able to see it. This is one reason, HU nine pounds do not understand. From the ground up, patted **. "Well, today, kill a small tomorrow and then the old slaughter, did not swallow your soul, is to let you go back and find your father." Sneered a few times, the upper body clothes off. Pick up the bed of red plaid shirt to put on to go. Headless ghost Trillian, is the repair of the hungry ghosts. That is a word to eat, refining essence, Kenshi meat. Refinery nothingness, eating spirit. These are her skill, just kill CAI Xing Hu nine pounds hastily to see is the fear of Trillian his soul to swallow, so someone else will have to look for trouble again. After death, the ghost of the formation of their loved ones usually go around swinging laps. Seven days later will be reborn or any other, this time they have stumbled sanity, leaving Cai Star soul. Is waiting for him to find his father, although it can be done, please Li Tong. But Hu nine pounds or do not intend to find him, or else had died a few days Cai Changjun, just nine pounds Hu asked what this person's residence, and Hu nine pounds and is engaged in this. Still he did not who did? Mirror according to the next, Hu nine pounds of turn under the body. "Well okay, I put on a look younger." Smug a few, pick up electric razor stubble poking against the chin a few times, then went downstairs. Yesterday evening network maintenance, not even on. I'm very sorry that today make up a large morning up <
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