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30.05.2013 03:34
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> "Welcome ah Welcome, ladies and inspect the work leading up to my village, my village is easy ah. WWW! QUAnbeN! COm we went to eat it. Ah?" Head fell, this village is reported accident In this village accountant Zhang Aiguo reception. It is also a high school diploma Zhang Aiguo, mountains and the countryside, the village where the people will come of it, other students are picking up cow dung on his person a person go and afterwards, and later to mention the next, when the grid directly Book the village accountant. Zhang Aiguo seeing Cai Star Sizhuang the time it was scared to death, but he also knows his chance. Cai Zhengde's son died in this tragedy, and certainly will not let go, to do things a big trouble, to the time the above people down checking something, then at this time some of the Caizheng De dry unclean thing leave himself away, afraid He does not step down. His is the only village literate. (Pick up a few students dung he did not count.) When this village who else it is not their own? So this guy is the only village on the borrowed bike, ran into the former county borrowed a friend's camera, but also loss of his friend is specifically gives this camera, or else in this broken place Zhibu Ding Where can I find the camera yet. After the photo, did not even wash wash gone directly to the city. Because he himself is SPECIFICATION village accountant, is a high school student. Will speak to how serious things right there is more serious. After washing out the photos, read a few head to know that this thing big. Only today this out. "But not to eat in the village these days no one seen it?" Cow Germany Zhuang small jeep went straight down the topic. "And no one seen ah, these two days are busy farm work, who do not have time." Zhang Aiguo the cow Germany took strong handed his big front door. But this stuff is rare ah. "Well, what is like. Mayor does not move now?" Cow Germany Zhuang give yourself a fire,Jordan Superfly Shoes, looked at Zhang Aiguo. Also handed him the lighter. "I've come to like me Well, Cai village spirit is very unstable, I think, or do not call him now, lest another by the stimulus." Zhang Aiguo quickly took strong fed to cattle Germany lighters, give yourself points. Looked at the village, only to put words out. "Well, too. Which village do you what this anti-anti-right now." Cow Germany grow waved his hand, lattice book fell into the village with the village head Zhang Aiguo head. "Yes yes yes, I must do their part work and no disgrace to the party, do not give national disgrace." Zhang Aiguo boldly howling loudly, for fear that other people do not know that he patriotic like. Nor loss of his father to his Zhang Aiguo, "Well, well, do you take us to live to see it." "Well, we went to take a look." Zhang Aiguo see cows Germany Zhuang seems a bit impatient, and quickly with a dry persons walked towards Cai star accommodation. (CAI Xing own account a living, and did not, and Cai Zhengde together) "cow Secretary, this is the place Tsai star dead the scene we did not move over, but these days they point heat. Corpse seems a bit smelly. "Zhang Aiguo small courtyard door open and the ox Germany Zhuang et al brought inside. "Forensic, Come and look." Niu Zhuang facing the outside Germany who shouted a voice. "Come here, come let me see." Zhang Aiguo yixian cloth atop the corpse. "Vomit .... vomit ..." In addition to strong cattle Germany there are several Zhang Aiguo, even forensic spit. It is disgusting, the body itself was gnawing 7788, is now a high temperature. Bodies were covered with a shining white maggots. See people churning stomach a whole, especially rotting corpses have shed temperatures, you will not want to not spit. Zhang Aiguo stuffed nose is cold, and its also seen not only spit. But he did not look strong cattle Germany spit help secretly admire. Indeed the name of the country fought party. In fact, strong cow Germany also hardcore, did not see his hands clutching the edge of Liu has been commander of the waist do? Liu commander did not spit it out because of strong grasp ruthless cattle Germany, and the pain he did not see the body of the earth, and to see the waist ** flesh. "Cattle Bureau, cattle Bureau wash ah, painful.!" Liu commander pulled hard a few times, do not take their cattle to the expense Germany strong hands down. "Oh, oh, I let out of it." Niu De Zhuang let go, what flashed the door. People see the house leading out to the first flash, also hastily with out. "You guys put these cleaning under ah." Zhang Aiguo looked at the ground spit out something called a few people in the village to play clean. "This is a bad murder, cruel tactics perpetrators, with virtually no dead body muscles. Organs intact. Who are not heavy wounds, can be judged. Deceased was the murderer with a knife or other sharp object to what muscles mown alive after the killing have or what is driving livestock, such as dogs and the like, but the dead do not like killing of some symptoms. really strange strange. "forensic quality is still high, although not seen before anything so disgusting corpse, but to see the outside leadership. Know that they can not be thrown off balance, the courage to go, in fact, just the main point is to taste disgusting, after there is less wear masks. Maggots on the corpse to get open, to come to such a conclusion. In fact, he summoned up the courage to judge, but not the killing of Cai Star because Hu nine pounds when he drove hungry bite took his three souls and seven soul of Ling-hui to bite, this is the CAI Xing although has been called, but he did not call for help what causes. Because he has become a fool, and the fool of the soul has been eating, and ** the pain greatly weakened, because he eventually lead to heart failure and bleeding to death. "Well, yes. So soon there will be a result. Comrade Zhang, Liu commander with you and the people of the village dog control them, one by one investigation, I went to see Cai village situation." Cow Germany Zhuang assign a task down , with several people towards Caizheng De homeward. "Is anyone there? Open under them, the city leaders to visit you." Lead the way over Hu shouted at the door. Hu because the parties, and also to bring people to "rescue" Cai star good comrades, the reception he will mix live and on. "Come, come." Door creaked loudly was opened, the door was Caizheng De wife, two eyes were slightly swollen, evidently not cry too light "Lao Dajie, ah, I is the municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Niu Zhuang Germany, which times on behalf of the Party and the Party come to see you. Please grief ah, Cai comrades of the things we'll find out, please do not worry. "cow Germany, then a strong finish to see the Caizheng De wow is heard crying wife opened. "Leadership ah! Government ah! You have to call the shots for my Lao Chai family, ah, I headed on this since becoming mayor, Which thing is not done properly, now first put my son killed. They want to take my whole family killed, now headed even if not know what to say, and was alive scared silly of you can get shots for us ah. "Caizheng De wife hugged a cow Germany strong thighs nose a tear really is not very sad ? In fact,Nike Jordan Superfly UK, Hu was thinking about nine pounds to the Cai family were killed out just a moment of anger, the fire spread to Cai star to their heads, hands and he did not do. Hu kept the matter to pass out, directly to Cai Zhengde to scared silly. "Lao Dajie you quickly up first, the party and the government will be for you to call the shots." Cow Germany Zhuang put Caizheng De wife help up, facing his secretary Bing winking. Bing knowing. "Da Saozai, I assure you. Cattle Secretary led this is specifically to handle this matter, please you have to believe us, we must put the murderer to justice." "Not bad, we go in to see Comrade Cai bar. "cow Germany Zhuang fast handkerchief from his pocket and handed Caizheng De wife. "Well, thank you, thank you party's concern, thank leadership. I'll take you to see him." Caizheng De wife put the handkerchief with bovine Germany Zhuang touched his nose, his eyes a rub. Suddenly appeared above some slimy things to see strong ignorant cattle Germany beating. "Masanori since being scared crazy, you can not let him live in the house. Shut him in the cellar. Below in this." Originally Cai Zhengde was scared crazy, it will take a kitchen knife in his neck gestures said that this death is better. Almost scared to death of his wife, his son had died, and now has his own man and so. Had to ask the guy a few relatives to put Caizheng De tied off to the cellar. In the following day care, lest they what happened. "Shut up? What we go look at it." Looked at the floor of the entrance, listening Caizheng De wife said, The oxen Germany Zhuang was very surprised. I did not expect were scared at this point, and it is mixed say. It seems the psychological quality of rural people still too ah. "Cow Secretary, this is Masanori." It seems she is not strong in the end is the cow Germany to figure out what the official. Cellar under the little beds, there is a 5o-year-old man was tied around the bed, but evidently it seems very wrong, his eyes staring straight motionless. "Cai gay? We are municipal, and we on behalf of municipal see you." Bing pushed Caizheng De. "It was not me I did not do. Give me a break." Cai Zhengde suddenly out loud this time, the men are to be surprised. "Husband Husband, you awake? Leadership to give us call the shots, you quickly have a word ah!" Cai Zhengde wife to see if he suddenly spoke, a very pleasant surprise, holding him began to cry again. "Or the first person to get on the go. Untied the rope you guys put Cai comrades carried up." Leading a word, they set to work, to untie the rope Caizheng De carried him out of the busy divvying cellar. And at this time another one cellar. "Well, actually not been scared to death, I tell you an old guy was lucky. Ghoul recovered almost in the evening then Hu to make out." Original Caizheng De Hu was scared silly and nine pounds or a little relationship because Cai Xingsheng ago when the Red Guards when doing a few things to regard the people killed, which is killed unjustly. The body of the grievances is extremely heavy. Cai Star because it is a middle-aged guy yang itself is heavy, these ghosts will not be close to his side. The star was Hu Tsai put nine pounds of hungry ghosts are killed, the body of refined gas to make casual. Edge of these innocent people in Hu nine pounds of hungry ghosts left on the body have to go out in front of Cai chewing his residual spirit. And Caizheng De is the first look of his son's corpse, had older big. So suddenly saw his son die in front of their own, and lifeless very miserable. Mind look like a man with big hammer to hit a little, and the edge of the innocent people who are looking at here are personal. But also, and Cai Star seems to touch the soul, they are around to his side. Because Caizheng De have been scared for a while. Yang greatly reduced,Kristin Coach Cheap, the more extraordinary. Eyes full of some headless ghost crooked neck broken hand, do not want crazy madness. This is referred to Zhuangxie ordinary. Generally hire a Taoist god of the Han and the like can put ghosts please go, but this time to his son, but there is this great and hatred Yuanhun. Is not so easy. "Coming out!" Hu nine pounds of screaming and saw a headless ghoul has appeared in front of you. Do not lose these days his days hiding in the cellar to practice this mantra, but this progress than the last day to read more. But it took nearly three hours. "Well, well! Absorbed the flesh this time after the sun is indeed true than it looks real condensate before much." Headless ghoul just say banners can be placed in its own Devil absorb chi, but usually still have the soul return **. Li Cuilian back of the head that is inside. So that it can complete refining yang, only fast when it is taken back by Hatanaka carry, after all, than with a banner with a dead head relatively okay. However Daoxing also do not have enough of this body, and can be directly registered in the Hatanaka. That is the point of re-chi, ordinary people see one would think this stuff is very evil, and if in the hand. In the evening, the other Guiwu will come to him slightly. Devil streamers poly chi, Guiwu this is very sensitive. Hu sat futon nine pounds, two eyes, spirit OBE. I saw on the Li Cuilian transposon head eyes suddenly look open. Gone are the shadows in the air whipped the look was gone. "Hu brother, tonight's Pork good interesting, ah, do not know when there is this a good thing." Hu Niu Germany strong reception to follow a pedestrian tonight to help in the kitchen. Village specially slaughtered a big fat pig, pig tonight put a few Friends of Dogs called on the go with a mixed meal. "Hey, unfortunately Laopeng have died. Good life have not enjoyed it." Appears on the Pang Long Hu still have feelings. "Hu brother you say this ghost is not really ah? Your day is not really seen?" Gouzi, Hu childhood playmate, one has nothing to do. Goof, one thing to take advantage of what scrape up, "Well, this is true, you do not know ah. Day when you and I go in the house together Pang brother, he saw the ear float mid-air, above also bloody. Laopeng paralyzed at the time, but for me courageous, but also in that of the dead. "It seems Hu on that day or very satisfied with the performance, he did not think about it. That is when he saw the half-ears in the air, while Pang Long is seen headless virtual image of the hungry ghosts. "Your brother seems Hu elderly powerful ah." Gouzi also an appropriate time to send a note horses. "That, of course, or else the whole can be your Hu brother." "Hu brother, is not there in front of a man standing where ah?" Gouzi head suddenly saw a man on the roadside wall. This NPC night stand wall below do it? "I look at it, yo! Was a woman Oh Hey Hey" Hu is also a look into the small eyes, and there are long head, not that a little for. "Big sister, big night do not go back with my brother is not like other warm blanket ah?" Hey ** a group of people together. "Yes ah, I was waiting for you, ah, I would like you something." "Quack quack, I say tonight I mixed so excited about it, it was my sister waiting for you in this, ah, would like to take what ah? not to put their baby brother to lend your little sister play with ah? "Hu saw this woman's face, white no trace of color. However, the alcohol has been charged faint brain. Also rightly wrong, went straight. "Sister in the end would like to take what ah? See my brother in the end there. No brother try to get you to go." Hu says big mouth. Then he also 1o meters away from the woman. "You have, this thing in your body." Faint woman said something. "Oh? I Feel." Hu dig in his body the next. "No, ah, this lighter, the other is gone." Just cattle that come along strong Germany. "I would like to take your head with it." Turned to the woman, slowly walked over. Should not be called away, is floating. Because this woman without a body. Only one head! "Ah!!! Guiya!" <
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