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30.05.2013 03:34
in front of the road suddenly collapsed antworten
Before Meng Xingyuan and Yu Aoqing walk far, outside suddenly spreads a fierce battle sound, after a moment, the two chased Yang Kai out clouds disciples be thrown into a panic back. What's the matter. Meng Xingyuan ask. "Uncle, a lot of insects!" One side of s è ugly, hastily replied. No he answered, hum into Meng Xingyuan's ear, the next moment he saw a dark mass like mist general thing coming. This dark mass of all things, is only a fist size, waving Black s è Zerg wings composition, looked into eyes, these bugs will be connected fully occupied, the number of countless. Yu Aoqing exclaimed: "uncle, we are these insects caught." Meng Xingyuan s è a cold, drink a way: "to me!" Step a wrong, rushed to the rosy clouds in front of the disciples, the hands have a ready pen, ferocious really yuan majestic ejection. The Zerg are Meng Xingyuan moves hit, as dumplings, into the falling down, suddenly was hit in front of a vacuum. "Uncle good!" One of the disciples looked dazzling clouds Chi, could not help but praise. "I go out with!" Meng Xingyuan gas sink if the yuan, take the lead, cast means moving charge, two disciple Shu Aoqing clouds support in the middle, followed behind Meng Xingyuan. A step by step outward push, Meng Xingyuan every move,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, are sure to kill dozens of worm, but how these insects quantity is too much killing, not finished, he had shot a dozen times, can not help some asthma,Nike Air Jordan, footsteps paused, took a deep breath, blood pressure, tumbling, once again play a violent. Several people along the road too, the ground was covered with worm bodies, covered with a thick layer of. Out of about fifty feet or so, Meng Xingyuan suddenly stops, s è steepening. The burrow deep came with a sound. The head on the wall. Also rustling to fall down a lump of clay, then, a rumbling sound pleasant to the ear. The whole ground shaking. "Not good!" Meng Xingyuan exclaimed: "here to collapse, quickly!" Behind him the three clouds disciple is s è shockingly, hurried to follow in his footsteps. But, there are numerous Zerg in front. They do not want to fast too soon, Meng Xingyuan to eat n ǎ I could make out, still can't let those Zerg backoff, hurry, there is a fish escaped through the Seine towards his three people behind the attack. Let them an act with confusion. And then ran out of thirty feet or so, in front of the road suddenly collapsed, completely blocked their path. Meng Xingyuan and the three disciples of the face turned ashy. Clouds, Yu Aoqing is more of a face glazed, apparently did not think of to just see a glimmer of hope was also an impasse. A rumbling voice can be heard without end, Yang now has run into the hole, when he rushed a flash worm, the whole earth will suddenly sank. Can't stay. Yang Kai continues to move forward and tore. In the two clouds disciple hit. Yang Kai had let the Zerg to destroy the wormhole, he knew his positive and genuine environmental master confrontation surely nothing good fruit to eat, now have the Zerg in hand,Oakley Sunglasses UK, it is natural to use a. These insects are holes, destroy their nests more >
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