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30.05.2013 03:23
usually every night before going to bed antworten
Who poisoned? Why to poison? Just want to do not understand, the ear side suddenly there came a person open-eyed say: "Hey?" Yang Kai's voice! He hated to Yang, who would listen to not to come out? He is, this virus is Yang open, light! We just want to teach you, you unexpectedly under the hands! Too cruel? A mantra called Yang, but he quickly fuzzy consciousness. Fuck, this little did so muddleheaded death? This little poor vision of a cavity, full of great plan and noble ambition never had to die in here, genius, genius! Yang walking briskly walked up to them, squatted down body to unveil their hooded towel,Jordan New School Sale, fixed to go soon, one is full of acquaintances. Wanted to think, Yang Kai knew exactly what they want to do, estimation is these days to be his play badly, at night to sneak attack revenge himself. But they have some bad luck. Yang Kai weighed on hand censer, surface is dumbfounding. It was an accident, usually every night before going to bed, Yang is the incense into the wordless black book, just tonight practice time is too long,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK, some tired, accidentally fell asleep, incense forget, just put the herbal medicine is not consumed, just hematoxylin et al came to smell. Incense in the fragrance of powerful, when Yang first happens only out of the three step and fell on the ground, Yang was proud look so, moreover, hematoxylin these people? They did not rob a single support, it is estimated to training a few days to recover. Although their own negligence bear some responsibility, the effect is the fundamental reason of hematoxylin et al, if they smell fragrance moment I held my breath, I will not make so sad. "Hey, Why reason?" Yang Kai with a sigh, the incense into the wordless black book, staring at the ground a centaur, face some difficult. Think for a moment, Yang or put them all out, and then casually looking for a place to throw, then regardless of their. Back to the cabin, yang to rest. Today it makes Yang J its ng sleep, he had to break the quenching body environment. Censer now only on the outside, but if breakthrough quenching body environment, arrived in Kaiyuan environmental words, that's not too much trouble, at that time, the incense burner even in the wordless black book will also play a role, as long as their body strength can communicate to the black book became wordless. The next few days, Yang has been in practice hard, two kinds of herbal medicine has used sparingly, but still R ì gradually reduce. Three R after the morning, when Yang Kai practicing after quenching body, along with the East Ziqi an inhalation, the body of the meridians of the gas are suddenly excited, as if into a bug, the shuttle drum concusses in the blood vessels. Yang Kaishen s è dignified, to feel. Gas sense Gudang, drive the flesh creep,oakley sunglasses cheap, a crisp numb, inarticulate tickles and comfortable, this situation also don't know how long, sustained suddenly, Yang felt light, the abdomen of a hot gas, at the same time, the sense of Gudang disappeared not the least trace was found. The mind communication, that touch of warm belly is like living in general, is excited. Qi >
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