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have two things like antworten
> "Do you really big kid daring, dare to mention an iron films rushed out. WwW. QuAnBeN. COm" cow Germany to stand strong on the neck incision gently pick open. Hu nine pounds completely silent, as he wanted to put himself out of the hungry ghosts at least have to scare people this vote, then we must remember that their afraid to fall upon the lead could not walk? He wanted to right, indeed the people scared. The same is also leading the big knife on the neck, and may at this time equally seventy-eight gun pointed at his head. Miscalculated ah, just momentary emotional courage now being pointed the gun head. Although several people killed Cai star,oakley sunglasses cheap, but their death is hungry to kill ah, so it met this scene could not help burst guilty. Even cows Germany Zhuang clawed his knife to not noticed. "You do not have to take from. Bored with the sword out of the film resistance." Hu Niu Germany looked strong hands of a knife nine pounds punched a small hole in the ground, and my heart could not help burst guilty, if he just make the next King. This head may move up "Well, now planted in your hand I have to agree. Bunch Gouguan." Hu nine pounds think that he killed so many people that time will certainly have to be shot, I can only hope that the dead can Find a bureau flesh best. "Raising ghost occult" This book teaches people how to drive Guiwu, also teach people to strengthen their own souls, to less than when they were in turn to be a ghost. The soul itself can be hatched in vitro when that is, after the death of your flesh, you can look for other flesh possessed at the top. Just like a ghost possessed almost, Hu driven energy hungry wounding nine pounds. Because their soul has been able to reach the point where hatched, but as of now Hu nine pounds of soul strength can only be possessed just died shortly before the bodies alive, that is reincarnated. Cai Star arrested people are doing evil things, Hu nine pounds to kill themselves be doing good. The cow Germany is not strong, strong cow Germany early as deputy police chief war hero. If kill him, is certainly to be less merit. Although Hu did not see what nine pounds of black and white impermanence and the like. But his ghost can move these things still somewhat taboo. Shall not shoot the chant, to the time to find a body to live a few years to go on top. Hu can expect to live nine pounds help laughing. "Huh? You little son of a bitch, never seen you so fat guts so many people with guns pointing at you laugh at?" Cow Germany Zhuang see Hu nine pounds smile also quite admire this person, after all, be able to under so much pressure that can laugh not crazy extraordinary courage. But there is a kind person, there are other rely. Just think of people flying out of the eyes of cattle skins burst of strong moral blind jump. "Comrade Hu nine pounds, you're doing something we already know and believe you know our policy, you are still lying down is better. Do not do unnecessary resistance." Several people have put Hu nine pounds to catch up, but we are not too hard to compare this guy is a ghost will move. If he gave him to remember hurting yourself, what is not clean at night to put things to the bad. "Well, my knives are thrown on the ground you have to complicated. Gouguan is Gouguan, timid as hell." See cows Germany Zhuang, mouth is Gouguan. HU nine pounds for an officer on two kinds of gratitude, one is a good officer, one is Gouguan village scene when amplification is so called. This guy came to help me he is not that Gouguan. Well, is this. "Oh, Comrade Hu Cai star's death and you about it?" Cow Germany slowed strong tone. "Yes! That I did, this scum all the vocal" Hu nine pounds a crooked head, just like a big old cavalier was caught like. "Oh, this thing Cai Star doing things their own laws to punish him, not on you if the country's people like you, which the Government was doing. Want us doing? So, you are subject to legal sanctions,Nike Air Jordan 11 Sale, but look at your people killed is also a felon. should give you a lighter sentence. "Hu listened to nine pounds of strong words like cattle into Germany. I realize I still die. "If, as you say, I told you honestly go back Do not look at so many of you caught me, you could stop if I wanted to run. See just fly out of the head of it, and if you say not really, the next death is you! "In fact, Hu nine pounds that is to frighten cattle Germany Zhuang. So the soldiers, yang is very powerful. So Hu nine pounds put out when hungry ghosts chi felt a drop of more than half. It is the day after the soldiers rushed past, but almost all wits. So Hu nine pounds more than the gun is pointing to when it did not resist, do not want to ran. Is no way to get away chanting. "Yes, yes, you are regarded as our nation's Oddities disabilities .. This thing will put you up for a few years on the line and you worry, I never tell lies cattle somebody." Cow Germany's strong but saw Kito , this matter may have to believe it, but CAI Xing dry matter are enough shot several times. How to say that time is not on their own? "You go to Zhang accounting say, we will not stay in the village, and directly back." Niu Zhuang on a small German soldier said. "Gouguan! House there are many things that you should pay attention to me go on the best to bring these things, or else the evening ran Diansha of that time you have not caught even people." Hu was put on nine pounds Only handcuffs, got into a small jeep. "Right, you guys put in the house the whole thing away, freeing the amount of cars to install. One and do not fall." After listening to the words of nine pounds HU Zhuang blurted bovine Germany. "Be careful, be careful, this thing looked like antiques, you pay attention to take you ah." Bodhisattva in the cellar was moved out of this thing with gold lacquer degrees above the upper and lower body bling, cow Germany Soichi see this thing to know is a baby. To take home for a time. Even this thing all this Xinghu Gong at home certainly has a great ability, and machetes. This thing looks like an antique. Said ancient sword town house, statues security and peace, machetes town spirits. Hey hey hey, think of this look to Hu nine pounds of vision and a gentle lot. "Gouguan! Over, I have something to tell you." Hu told Gouguan nine pounds will know it. "The Comrade Hu ah, you can not help but Jiaosha Gouguan's, after all, you have to go after me for help ah." Niu Zhuang Germany who also did much of his life, and suddenly this guy today Gouguan cried Gouguan heart burst unhappy, but he also understood. In some rural areas are also called on officials who also maintained in good officer Gouguan great master of the sky above. "Well, what you say I told you what?" Hu nine pounds of thought, too. "Well, you call me later Secretary cow on the line." "Oh, all right. Cattle Secretary, I have two things like this before storage in which you, this thing is very Jingui., And other things into chaos when lost on the bad. "Niu Zhuang a German, and a door. "No! You these things are evidence. Bring it back when all exhibits, how can I say let me do this." "These two things can be different ah. Buddha is just thrown away,air jordan sale, and my sword, long that the Right, is that in your hand to. "Hu saw a soldier put up nine pounds of anti-knife, he pointed. "It does not work, no matter what had brought back the bureau." Cow Germany Zhuang morally said. "This statue was a hungry ghost town, this knife is restrained only the evil spirits of the hungry ghosts. Misplacing the devil if you put out, be careful at night to you all eat." Hu nine pounds scare him statues are hollow, Li Cuilian's head on the inside. Just a big loss on the fly hungry chi back. The statues on the cow Germany strong place, so that he be subject to incense desire, which is of great benefit to the recovery of the hungry ghosts. "Oh, this statue of Venus Dragon but Buddhist bodhisattva, sooner or later, if you wish sincere homage, to security and peace. Sangui knife is then used to kill a lot of people. Could town evil." Without HU more than nine pounds, said Niu Zhuang gave Germany the two Secretaries Bing said quietly. This thing could have just guessed the town house, now listening to Hu nine pounds, it appears to be true slightly. "Well, you two things I will help you deal with." Cow Germany Zhuang waved. "It's two things that you just register, I bring it back when the time is." Hu nine pounds two peering and watching cattle Germany Zhuang. "I know I know, you give the other stuff you put police warehouse, two things I also help you deal with and you come out and then also you, sir." Hu Niu Germany Zhuang little stand peering eyes of nine pounds, Depending able to see through people's hearts. "Everyone on the bus, back to the police station!" Large format book village declared serious murder solved. <
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