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29.05.2013 11:30
wrapped in a blanket wrapped antworten
> "Humph! Woman as my consort with other men, you worthy of me! Ah?" Hu nine pounds a small villa. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm Zhao America huddled in the sand, tears dim. Seems to be more miserable, the more pathetic. "Who is your woman, you know what it all day on Goode Causing loss of lives, my dad doing business loss, and owed his family a lot of money. Else do you think I am willing to let him trouble all day do? "Zhao America against Hu nine pounds yelled, tears streaming down water constantly. Hu nine pounds looked outside, at his side four ghosts who go straight out the door. Incidentally, the door to pull. "In the end is how, Tell me about a woman to a man is loved, sin should not want you back." Hu Zhao nine pounds beauty caressing arms around the shoulders, gently stroking her show, he does not seem to know what the book read. This is the best way to comfort a woman. "He bullied me!" Finished sentence Zhao Mei tears like a flood gate, crashed fall down. Hu nine pounds head on his chest rub rub the. "Ah?! Him in the end how you are touched you still kiss you? Does he dare you?" Hu nine pounds two quick stare out the fire, the grabbed Zhao America's shoulders constantly shaking road. The anger of his heart now do not know how much time should just play the king, he did not under the dead hand. Up to this guy is a concussion, if he really touched the words of Zhao Mei, HU nine pounds do not mind letting the hungry eat once a person is called patricide kinky wife revenge mortal! "You catch hurt me. Kuaifang Kai!" Zhao America is Hu nine shake a few pounds, chest grand burst swing. "Well, well, little beauty. Quickly said he in the end how you." Hu Zhao nine pounds to loose to the United States in front of the head poke, crying for a long time. Eyes bright red, but fortunately not the makeup she concentrated. Or not yet connected to Bao face ah. "My father's father and the king should have been a pair of good friends, then do business together two have earned a lot of the time my father out of money more, so is the largest shareholder of the company headquarters in the south, the king should Dad is responsible for the business of the north, this time my father signed a contract in question,Coach Bags Store, the results must face default compensation. dad though is the majority shareholder, but this raw thing Dad can not help. could only find his father Wang Ying father requested to let me marry him, My father did not promise down, just let the two of us at a few days ago, I have been ignoring him. Later, he threatened me take this. still hit me a slap in the face You have just hit me. "Zhao Mei pathetic finish, bright red with big eyes looking at Hu nine pounds. Especially the last one she just,oakley sunglasses online, you hit me. Hu made nine pounds was very embarrassed. "Not afraid, not afraid of your father is not my father. Taishan adults in the end how much money owed?" Hu took nine pounds of paper towel to carefully wiping his face Zhao America. Little face was so tender, rosy. Hu nine pounds toot mouth just above the mouth kissed. "Stop, that's my dad. Not your father! You have no money, said you can not help." Zhao Mei sighed, head of WU nine pounds of shot open. "Do not underestimate your man Oh,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, you look at where I now live. Well I have to pick you up with a car, many millions it!" Hu stood up and pointed at nine pounds four weeks, then sit down to a gentle Zhao looked beautiful. "These are for you." "Really?" Zhao Mei beautiful eyes were wide in disbelief. Also reached out to pluck the face of WU nine pounds. "I will lie to you do? Owe your father in the end how much money? I can help you on the grindstone." Hu nine pounds clutching her little hand on the chest. "My father seems to be quite that breach the sum of three hundred million now." Zhao Mei thought, then looked hopeful HU nine pounds, watching her message of hope in the eyes. If I'm afraid to say nine pounds HU not a word Zhao America willing to be the last hope would have been destroyed. Finally it should only marry a king. "Oh, not that three hundred million thing. Just how much money. Okay, I can help you completed you first sit down, I went outside to see who it was." Hu Zhao America nine pounds have been scared to say the figures psychological throbbing, Hu had put one thousand nine pounds as wealthy when Hu nine pounds for money particularly fancy. Jun Chen Ni had helped him buy a car credit card, that he did not see the cash cow Germany who knows his money will be strong to put this small card inside. A brush half gone, psychological wow cool wow cool. Zhao America owes his father a few million people, then squeeze HU nine pounds or take out of. He is now no other income to rely on strong cow Germany had sent him that money. This money is Hu Zhuang nine pounds of cow Germany continued life of the consideration, though later in the Seder cow Germany strong again entertained him, Hu nine pounds but did not take it seriously. Placed say what a causal and the like, are hoodwinked him. "Well, you go busy." Zhao America should be the sound. Then Hu nine pounds handed her wrapped in a blanket wrapped and then curled up on the sand. Woman injured when the people are always so sad. Hu nine pounds to go out of the door with a sigh, he felt that persons from outside the ghost has happened. "What are you doing?" Big door several police officers and four ghosts who are holding the right. "You are the owner of this building? Do you suspected malicious wounding, assaulting a police officer who is also vertical! Now come with us." A policeman came over looked Hu nine pounds, and then he said. "Oh, what evidence do you have?" Hu nine holding arm looked at them a few pounds, he estimated that these people should be the called is this tempest of. I did not expect this kid so rub, usually such things are settled privately, did not think he actually has moved out of the police. "The evidence is not evidence to give you time to see, you are now with our investigators." Police eyes looked poorly HU nine pounds, just when they came to the door a few people being blocked. One also hit a punch. These ghost who has recently been Hu matrix cultivation nine pounds, muscle condensate real. Backflow of blood, the original meter eighty tall now dwarf the point, which is the reason they are greatly diminished muscle. But such a large number of their power surge, just punch. The policeman green circle directly on the stomach. The one everyone see the scalp hemp, this guy it was a martial arts master? "Gee, do not know whether you have to know, who is here to buy the house. Actually dare to come? Live bored ah?" Hu nine pounds rubbed his chin, looked at a few of them banter. Pong on the mountain cattle Germany Zhuang, is to not to be trouble. To endless HU nine pounds this "occupation" often is not easy. As you approach things in the house, what might come up with a sound, others sue you nuisance. Police came to the door to check it, inconvenient. Check it does not give people what they suspect that you are not a bad thing. "Well, what are you my pipe. Follow me." Could not stand the lead, pulled out directly handcuffed handcuffs hands Hu nine pounds. Hu nine pounds leng God? Well this guy shot is not slow. <
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