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29.05.2013 11:28
can be said to be the ancestors of stick out a mile antworten
Before arriving here, ye Yao had told the southern Chu, organizer of this conference, is the medicine man. And now the medicine the highest authority, in fact is already high evening eldest brother. His brother is called high protein, although it is a still less than forty years old middle-aged man, but in the world of medicine, at least in the capital of the medical profession, has not a small voice. Influence is also quite good. While the southern Chu at first sight this high Dan, can see, it is absolutely a ruthless angle s è. Although the high protein and high if the two brothers, still looks somewhat similar, but the two individual features, but with very different. Gao Xi's face, can be said to be the ancestors of stick out a mile, Fukuzawa, in fact itself is no skill and much of the future, which implied y ī n risks, not a good bird. But the high protein is different,Coach Poppy Collection USA, although the high once the face is not what is good, but obviously is facial bone growth is more fluent, belong to the kind of good people, know how to adjust to changing circumstances, to act tough and talk soft,Coach Store, know when to go, when to retreat, generous but hidden narrow forehead, is that he is a table is not the same person, on the surface may pose as a person of high morals, heart is evil. This place in ancient times, is the Ji ā n's phase. Ji ā n Chen and Xian Chen is not easy to distinguish, don't want those characterizations of film and TV in it, Ji ā n officials must monkey-like, ministers have wide forehead face. In fact, not too bad. But whether Ji ā n officials and ministers have one thing in common, they are by virtue of their ability, went to the big man a job, they have the ability to. Unfortunately...... In most of the history, Ji ā n Chen, tend to live longer than a minister. To the present age, has Ji ā n cheat scheming people, mix more feel just like a fish in water. At once at a superior high posture, as well as to the people around him knew the reverent and respectful. "It seems...... If this high once want to help out on his brother's words, I also really is not so good take." Southern Chu smiled and shook his head, don't know is it right? Illusion, this high once blazing with anger,Oakley For Cheap, seems to be looking for someone in the audience. Southern Chu had a kind of feeling, it may be looking for you?? Uh...... Should not, or say, is looking for high xi. At this point, Chu south again along the high Dan eyes glanced round, a face, was found on the middle position of the front third rows, it is high on the list of pennsylvania. While ye Yao and leaf Sheng song, also just have admission. Indeed it is as expected, Ye Sheng song pacing slowly, is also the podium of the row VIP seats. But he was sitting in the side position is, understandably, on in the medical profession influence, Ye Sheng song although is good, but once the ratio and high, is a point level. Medical Symposium on this, mainly invited doctor expert personal, such as Ye Shengge didn't have much working experience, the pharmaceutical business, is not the main force. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this year, the Beijing >
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