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what you falsely accuse Li bou antworten
> Village loudspeakers came the day a broadcast, is nothing more than a certain candidate has stepped down. wwW! qUANbeN! coM so and so is right-wingers and the like. Hu nine pounds in the last night of the hungry ghosts practicing breaking out after lying on the mat cellar improvise the night. Today is a day of vengeance, and Hu nine pounds very excited. Although they themselves would some skill, but they are making skill. Hu vigorously ghosts in fact, is just pour a this kid can catch HU nine pounds. But Hu nine pounds of hungry ghosts is able to practice during the day the bodies of ghosts profiling Both Guiwu not in the same language. Hu nine pounds to find something to eat fill the stomach, took Mastermind streamers begin practice. "Hmmm, Cai star. Next year, today is your death, I do not as long as you a die, I want you and your family die out." Hu was originally picked up nine pounds only relatives that is Hu vigorously, now the only relatives also died, Hu nine pounds was not actually what broad-minded man, but also a little nervous. All this actually want people buried. Night quietly approaching, while Cai Star has no knowledge of the eating for dinner. "Cai brother. Tomorrow we go pumping oil and water do? We have almost the same village." Cai Star men Peng Long root chicken bones in his hand against CAI Xing said. "How something, do not go over Zancun village, anyway Zancun few bullies at my feet now are related. Wearing red armbands when they are set to go with the revolution. Dares stopping?" Cai spit out a Koutan ground. "Cai brother, you said if the revolution is over, these people will not come to us trouble ah?" Hu. Peng Long's friends, and followed with CAI Xing Peng Long mix. "Well, it is one thing to, you listen to radio .. If there is any movement like to tell me ah, well I go to bed Do not bother me ah" Having punched a burp climb bed and sleep. Peng Long and Hu looked at each other, "Peng brother? We Miscellaneous know Shashi Hou radio would say revolution is over?" Peng Long is a brain fog. "Possession of his mother, to the time to really hurt, we put things in Cai star thanks to him. Said that he instigated. Hehe Pang brother or smart as you.", "Peng brother, you really cattle." Hu Peng Jie suddenly felt a lot of tall image of the dragon, although he saw the pretty little wife will tremble. But it also has its own shortcomings hehe. Peng Lung Hu did not think they put in them a fool, when Cai Star, Cai Star also has its own plans. "Hmmm, these two melons. To when something went wrong on your posts, delicious tastes of both enjoyed this holding should take also at hand, that time we can not help you. Well, tomorrow several kilograms of meat to get a good relationship militia commander condom, ** not say thing. barrel of a gun in the regime time to see Shuigan Dong me. "Think of it, Cai Star pulled the body blanket. This thing is from an old pedant where did you get heard or foreign goods. Han Han is velvet. But to be very warm, is a little scratchy. Cai Star asleep, and in wells under the cellar Hu nine pounds a day but already read through it. This day is to help clotting hungry spirit made. Tonight also be the hungry ghosts out to go out. "Trillian, tonight you give me the head of the CAI Xing bite down. Go!" "Whoosh!" Bang, streamers from the Devil came out Trillian hungry ghosts, floating look out from wells. Ordinary hungry eating only one soul, the three souls and seven soul man also died after eating. And Trillian is overcast life, not ordinary ghosts, can cannibalize itself. I got to eat all things profound place, the human body is yang gathering place for ghosts is very nourishing. Yin and yang thing. But the general did not dare eat ghosts with this,nike jordan outlet, although it is nourishing, but what the hell can not fill, normal kid just like eating poison generally instantly put their wits to burn it. Only first-class repair ghost only dare to eat people,Oakley Sunglasses M FRAME Cheap, but listen to Hu Dali said Republican world more powerful when it was the right way to eliminate ghost seventy-seven 8188. Later liberation, army, some of the folk art we have also invited several fellow called kill. And ghosts molding need some necessary conditions, and can drive ghosts of people just could drive, the flesh is equally unable to withstand bullets. If dares trouble to pull a car coming to take you to chug away, Hu vigorously is to be given a few anti-gun militia blocked. Wanted to run it get away. Person has three souls and seven soul, three days of the soul is the soul, the soul, the soul of life. Seven soul is Uranus, Ling-hui. For the gas, Weili, center, is fine, for the British. Hungry Ghosts Hu nine pounds and the control is to use the three souls in the soul. Soul is the person who ordered the most critical one soul, ancient times, Zhuge Liang knew he was dying, took his own life in the soul Send Seven lamps. Been WeiYan the lamp broke into results on the dead, Hu nine pounds of this is to bring the life of the soul to the CAI Xing eaten. "Look I do not eat you!" Hu nine pounds of ground hungry soul attached to the body without a head, the same thing can be seen outside. Headless fly for a period of hungry ghosts, to the CAI Xing home outside. Windows doors and walls is unstoppable ghosts, lying in bed watching Cai star. Hu nine pounds of control ghoul a bite like Cai Star. "Ah!!! My ears, my ears." Well the hand saw Cai Star bloody above the right ear. "Cai brother how the how the!" Peng Long and Hu Cai Star duo heard the screams into the room a look! Suddenly, the body hairs stand on end. I saw a Beatles scattered head floating in midair mouth is biting an ear, is a one of chewing, teeth bite the gristle what it sounds harsh. Bed CAI Xing hand Well the place is buzzing retention of blood. "OMG! There Ghosts!! Help ah!" Hu saw the situation scared and turned to leave the room,Nike Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, but they have been paralyzed in Pang Long the ground, the body in fighting malaria. Caixing Gang was seeking only their ears hurt, and this will be reflected over. The hand lamp cord a pull. To draw a breath hissing in, although the body are trembling. However, ear pain finally took him from the edge of fear pull back, headless ghosts chew their ears do not exactly? This ghost eat themselves ah. Thought here, Cai Xingshun bedside teapot handle like a headless ghost turned and threw it ran like a door. Peng bang, teapot never head ghost's head through the middle of the past. Look CAI Xing Hu walked nine pounds, driven by hungry ghosts thigh against Cai Star is a. "Ah!!" Another scream. Cai Star's ankle was hungry a bite of. "You do not come! Do not come over." Intense pain under the CAI Xing has been incoherent, the edge of the Peng Long Seeing this, the head of a crooked. Passed out. Cai Star shivering legs lying on the ground, looking more drifting headless ghost grew more and more afraid. Small eyes look, Huh? It's not next door to the village of Li Cuilian do? Herself and her hatred did not complain ah? I heard a few days ago was dead, he still went to eat a mixed meal. "Trillian ah! Trillian! I am your brother ah Choi, I was SPECIFICATION village Cai Star ah! Not my enemy and I do not so you can not harm me ah you go, tomorrow I will give you burn a lot of paper money, as well as car TV. beg you let me now. "Cai Star decumbent against ghoul is bowed again bow. Some yellow water flowing out from the crotch, the original is scared urine. "Quack, surnamed Cai yourself how bad do you know best, the village teacher Li is killed you, right? Hum. Li so young a girl, for we be good. How about you! Are you a beast ! what you falsely accuse Li bourgeois intellectuals! abruptly a few people to spoil the Li Li teacher and later his clothes did not wear dead in bed at home. body up and down not a little better, to collect the corpses of people see This horrors, even before this year's Devils are doing it and you either when your father was the village chief you have ordered you! There vigorously Hu village, he does not do is to have bell mouth? It was years ago monk came to the people of Sichuan, and you need it with a militia force him to hit you? were you toss two days he died. well Village head Wang widow several! reclaimed over your life do! "Faced with only one head Li Cuilian, Cai Star no longer air it up. Mouth trembling on the word "I, I am repentant, I repent, I repent." "Well, you and your family are not good things, I want you for life!" Having a bite like Cai Star. "Ah!! Ah!!" Shrill screams echoed in the room, Cai Star flesh disappearing little by little. Hu brought people standing at the door all trembling, but for fear of reprisals afterwards Cai Star, now already gone bare. "Hu, Hu brother, which we also progress into ah?." A small head listening to this call the same two stocks trembled. Had a gun in his hand felt a little sense of security, which is almost a sprint. "Some people go to see. So what happened." Hu is also very scared, but if the star to save after Choi reached it. "You, three blind. Black hair you guys go and see," Hu refers to a few people. "Whoops? Hu brother we dare not, ah, this sounds good scary na." Two hands holding two guns the same, but also to scare almost collapsed. "You give me go! Your hand gun you Pasha ah, ** do not say. All reactionaries are paper tigers. Go, or put you two to expel militia company." Small head against two people yelled. "I we went to see ah, ah ye guarding us." They crept to a shrink a reduction from the door into the yard to go, the greater the closer the screams. At this time. Sounds suddenly stopped. Two of them as one, straining swallowed. Into the window by the side of his head stretched. "Ah!!!!" <
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