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29.05.2013 11:24
brought a case of a row of antworten
> Hu also died, one as Cai Star minions, Peng Long and Hu Hu nine pounds two considered die. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm anyway killed a few, and then died a few it does not matter. He never even put out by the police and soldiers who looked down, the ancient Xia Wu Fan to ban. What's more, the art of ghost do? "What's the time in your village who are not acting suspiciously? Or out of town?" Cow Germany Zhuang equally large head,Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses, the inspection team were down. But also brought a case of a row of soldiers dare crime against the wind, it seems that the murderer is not just frenzied ah. Things very difficult, rubbed his forehead acid. "Nothing ah, there is a village a few people went to Beijing to rebel." Zhang Aiguo on Hu's death also feel a little afraid of this man was, what dare ah. "Well, increased investigation efforts, a one of the investigations. Everyone go do not have to register? You go to check it, but who is not of course does not rule out committing crime fled abroad, as long as the target immediately report suspicious to me. "Niu De Zhuang turned to Liu commander said," Yes, but we are the army, and in this investigation are not familiar with ah? Is not tune the county or the city's police comrades to coordinate their work. "cow Germany Zhuang this is no way, the whole country in revolution, the worst disaster to recruit one of these public security departments, the police have to why not is because these people have been denounced almost the same. "Well, you go to the city of the Correctional Service of a few people to bring me back." Cow Germany Zhuang right secretary said. "Ah? But they are not right-wingers do? Give up man?" Secretary of bovine Germany Zhuang called to the former Public Security Bureau several serious "right wing" activists put out was very surprised. This is not openly against it and the country? "Nothing, that is, that they come under the coordination of the work, after all, they still have the forensic aspects of experience, you go to and I will give them a call." Cow Germany took a cigarette from his pocket and strong points, two watching distant land, above villagers are being hard laboring. "Oh, where I went. If successful, then the evening will be able to come back." Secretary replied. "Comrade Zhang, which is where a telephone?" Cow Germany Zhuang right Aiguo said. "Our village does not have telephones, but next door to the Baisha village does have, then there arsenal in that, then cut the phone is also still." Said Zhang Aiguo Baisha village is a small yard bullet produced before the Soviet million troops, the hair President called on the country digging deep gather grain, which is factory workshop-style production out of bullets rationing local militia. However firearms but it is going to be brought to the county. National Cultural Revolution began this factory will stop, and all the workers ran a revolution. Several went to Beijing, said Zhang Aiguo revolution is this factory a few relatively young. And time in order to keep in touch on the county installed a telephone, at the time, but a rare thing. Zhang Aiguo also picked up a little handle that call this blind. "Hello? Hello? Where are you ah, I was SPECIFICATION village Zhang Aiguo, Where are you ah?" So I asked Zhang Aiguo Niu Zhuang Germany naturally think of the original own roar over the phone. "Still neighboring ah? Okay, now go together." Cow Germany Zhuang and Zhang Aiguo multiply the Baisha Village, a small jeep drove. Hu has nine pounds out from the cellar, not him to get out. Instead cellar eat no more. Not saved in the following are some do? Strange HU vigorously stupid,OP Art Coach Outlet, cellar had a bit damp, and both are below him on the flour, all raw and no fire miscellaneous eat? It is also quite magical village in the village he was to his, or like everyone else. Shimoji earn work points to go every day. HU nine pounds eating these days is a kind of buckwheat noodles do. This surface is called grass surface, he does not know the specific approach. Anyway, get some water and the surface is rubbed twice inflicted able to eat dumplings. I heard that this year's Liberation Army rations to eat, making it easily portable. Just a little water on the line, but also Tiandu Zi. Grass surfaces are finished, flour is raw but also moldy. Killed last night after Hu spent a lot of energy to the body's yang refining hungry. Look no food in the morning, simply to climb. "Oh. Still relatively good air outside, all day hiding below ground with a rat-like." Hu nine pounds to see the clothes, in the cellar did not feel anything when coming up on a thick musty smelling from. "Put the body wash, get another bowl of noodles to eat." Go read the old hen chicken rings, uh. There are two eggs, Hu vigorously family has two old hens are stocked. Released during the day to go out to find food to eat at night is back. Roosters are Hu vigorously to eat, and keep it two old hens that lay eggs every day there is a good pork with leek next wine. Yard plot of land, planted with some chives on top of what shallot. Hu nine pounds of chicken circles to pick up two eggs, onions and pulled a point. Into the room on the table. Take a bucket to put a little water directly from the head down. "Ah. Was great." Autumn tiger originally coming season, under a burst of ice water washout. A twist, the body often overdo the dirt. Hu saw nine pounds is not afraid of outsiders, so directly dragged bare wash up. Look for the rest of the noodle house, this thing, but a rare thing. Nothing in this era of tickets or Hu vigorously county grain bureau to give a small head to help him find a good dad graves. Others to send the pounds. Open the cabinet a look, uh. There is one. Dayton's enough. First two fried eggs, and then boil. Green onion cut-off point, the cupboard under the left to find out a little sesame oil. Looking for a small pot to remove the noodles, the eggs laid on top, sprinkle some chopped green onion. Drops of sesame oil. Really delicious ah. In the cellar for a few days eating grass dough son, saw grass, Hu made a nine pounds to feel nausea. Porting pot whirring few big mouth. After eating, lying on his bed. So asleep. "Captain Wang ah, this put you recall that there were important facts need your cooperation. Want you to fully cooperate with us." Look at this old man was brought Bing, cattle Germany Zhuang help while sadly. Wang Jianguo, but the bureau had to solve the case of a master, and because of this the players have offended many people. Especially what petty theft. Now the arm wearing red armbands sets went to his home, gave a beating. Who does not know the whole above him, directly draw a "right wing" activists give off to labor camps. The phone is also strong cow Germany played a role, or else it is still rural areas where stoning. "Well, I know this time I will be with the good work of the Organization." It seems political and religious work carried out in the rural areas was still very successful thing. When this guy before, but speak very red, and only half of the month out so obedient? "Well, I'm a big old leadership. Though you are inside, but this thing If I can run to help you come forward, said said thing." Hear the words of Wang Jianguo Zhuang cow Germany do not understand that this is what do you mean,Jordan 12 Sale, This is to protect him. As long as this case broke, put his cows Germany Zhuang deceives out, it seems that the old Secretary or the reliable thing. "Secretary assured that I will not live up to my expectations organization." Wang Jianguo hastily replied. "Really is a good comrade, we now go live to see it ONE." Cai Star One site that is dead place. His body was still just a point of lime to avoid further spread smelly down "point of view from the deceased's wounds, wound into a tear-shaped, what should be pulled or bitten. But did not carry any other fatal wounds, internal organs also complete. simply muscle tissue has been severely damaged, there may be what is left by livestock or a tool wounds. "Wang Jianguo indeed engaged in this line, a few to come to similar conclusions and forensics. And it seems to be more perfect spot. Just think that it is at least forensic livestock killed, and did not explain what weapon damage. Seems to have many years of experience in criminal investigation Jianguo come to be higher than a chip. "It seems Captain Wang has Fuan, and we went to dinner. Etc. will further study a case." <
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