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29.05.2013 11:23
nature is enough to make up for antworten
"Help me?" Summer Yuechan slowly raise head, asked. "Yes. How --? Don't call me Miss Xia, do not let me help you?" Southern Chu strange asked. "...... You just tell me that, should already be in to help me?" "Those?" Chu Nan looked back at the trash lip gloss, smiled to smile, "Oh, I could be more than these. The general will only empty talk, not a good leader. Since I can feel out the shortcomings, nature is enough to make up for the lack of the ability of these. I did not think...... Those samples since even the most basic didn't play well." Chu said, South to lower the head to see a pen and paper summer Yuechan hands. "Miss Xia, can I borrow a pen and paper with?" Xia Yuechan hesitated, pen and paper hand to South chu. Chu South without demur, just go zones "brush" several times to write a prescription, and then pass the summer Yuechan. "Well, is this, I want to with you company financial and procurement capacity, should be able to easily purchase. Although many costs a little effort, but the attention, must have a s è best, otherwise, the effect will be greatly reduced. In addition, after the purchase to these, you call me, I will these prescription materials according to the real drug x ì ng, proportional allocation, remember, must call me for your distribution, other so-called experts, is not credible." Chu Nan said yes, he can not believe this expert and temporary workers in the blossom everywhere, some be wise after the event, the so-called experts like pigs in advance of the judge. Expert assignment if summer Yuechan found wrong, but it hit the southern Chu their signs. "That's it?" Xia Yuechan picked up the prescription asked. "Yes." "Well." Nodded, summer Yuechan nodded, then does not do things sloppily through the purchasing department telephone, quickly will these prescription to say out. "Pa." Hang up the phone, summer Yuechan said, "well, thank you, and I will complete the procurement of prescription, the trouble you again." "Ha ha, don't hesitate,Madison Coach Outlet, should, ought to." Chu Nan laughed scratched his head. Summer Yuechan "well" a sound, and then continue to lower the head, to continue her work. Then the southern Chu just like a fool, stood looking at the summer Yuechan, long time no words. So, about five minutes of time in the past,Outlet Coach Bags, the summer Yuechan seems self-assured or supercilious worked, head don't lift,oakley sunglasses sale, seems to be completely forgotten side and South Chu such a large living in. Is southern Chu feel the atmosphere of silence some awkward time, Xia Yuechan once again raised his head and asked: "are you...... There are things?" This time the southern Chu realized that...... Originally, just the summer Yuechan say thank you, it is in off the premises. "Well, okay." So, southern Chu had embarrassed shook his head, and then walk away. After leaving from Xia Yuechan, Chu Nan was ready to go to school, which thought in southern Chu just ready to go, Xia Yuechan once again sent a message: "prescription purchased end, convenient to you." "Well, so fast......" Without hesitation, Chu south again came to Xia Yuechan home.
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