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> Ghost Hu Yang master one hundred and thirty second chapter brother. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM character stronger. And is very powerful. Now Hu nine pounds to the zombie door guys is this impression. All men and women young and old doors. Plus see men are cleaning the toilet door. Now got a glorious little book. National Security Council. HU nine pounds belonging to special operations group. Mo Yan. When the deputy head of one of them. Furtively from the past to the present aboveboard. These guys are now dare big day ran into the cemetery draw dead air. Full seeking 65 people. No bell death two. And our country's population accounted for one quarter. Imagined. Which produces dead air and how strong zombie boxing. There are kinds of origins. Some said that from maoshan pie. Speaking to people from the corpse, but Hu is opened the eyes of nine pounds. To see how they are using this method. Zombie boxing. In the final analysis is nothing more than let yourself become zombie general invulnerability with the Titanic. The same. When the enemy will be very stiff muscles. Hand stretched later on bends, however. A step can jump thirty-five meters away zombie boxing exercises required dead air. Maoshan zombie zombie boxing is said to be a practicing boxing. There is a martial art zombie crock general instruments used. Mo Yan older people get out. He did not know the origins. The role of this thing yet. Is drawing dead air. This is how dead air to it. From a scientific degree, a person after death. From the body begins to rot. Scientific point of view, the gas explanation is that when the body begins to decay scattered out of gas. Generally kind stench. There will not be any harm living. But science can explain a lot of things. Ancient predecessors is very powerful from mass graves started to use the dead air. Thieves entered the tomb,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, it tends to put a few hours to open air raid shelter which has tomb buried alive designate some of the items placed in the same smell out. There are also specialized to be used to defend against these thieves raw poison. Tomb after death. According to their differences. Funerary goods are to be put. Which yet. Inside the coffin was put up. These two buried yet. On the edge of the body will play a role in suppressing the dead air. Thieves in the open coffin dead air when the sky will emerge directly poisoned him. So ah. Gas attack should be used to prevent the tomb was first in among. Refinery gas with dead bodies. Hu nine opinion. With refining zombie almost. Zombies are practicing boxing one person alone can not. Dead air into and spells and so on. Requires people to start with. First. Need fate of the people are yin yang is not to dead air suction. And then. Do not eat. Only drink water so take five to seven days. Debris within the body all discharged. Rainwater for use in cleaning the body up and down mountains. Mountains and rivers are generally even. According to Mo Yan said the old man. The water in these mountains for brewing and lowered. Of course there will be a variety of vegetation, the essence of Reiki which has led to the idea of ​​dead air to keep a trace after the Qingming is a big help. And then need to choose one: four of yin. This square it is generally rundown of feng shui, said Bureau. Casualties of the potential punishment of evil heavy chi exuberant in eight years is dead. Concise say. That is where you want people to sell. One inside. Doing what you and your family will not ring true. Then all comes to an end. Dead clean. Dig a throat about three feet. Draw spells in the body. This spell does. Zombie door of his secrets. HU nine pounds not let others learn. Take the cock of a few. The presence of blood kill him. Read the special spell. Boxing people will fall into a state of deep sleep. This is the most important point. If the spell, but related. Lessons dead air time because of various reasons really dead inside. Put in the chest at eighteen mirror. Free dead air suction to keep sanity after becoming more zombies. And then. Buried in the soil on the inside. Right. It is also not out of the soil surface. To complete the above steps. Early in the evening after a day of three buried people in the square firing spells with incantations. Because when it is noon yang heaviest. And the fear of the people yang rushed boxing. Daily bloodletting at all times to kill a rooster painting curse. With banana leaves block the light. This step is required 77 days or 99 days. Bin later. With special Dharma sounded a conch of the sanity of the people in boxing will wake up. Emerged. "Oh, but it was so ah no wonder that you can play so little door. Speak daily need to replenish dead air. Allow a person with a person all day long. Tut. Boring ah." Hu kill nine pounds this time Japan to be three master. Also got a few pieces of instruments. Take these things with a special department to the capital through the hands of Comrade Hu later. Hu nine to two hundred thousand pounds in prize money. Thus also in Daqing city center to find a comrade Hu nine pounds of buildings. As a point of his office. The building has 30 storeys high. High-grade office buildings belonging to Daqing. Also went wrong. Hu nine pounds a share of just one of the three houses. Zombie hands for the placement of the door. The other members of the Special Operations Group stationed at NSB department. Need to mobilize when Hu nine pounds to keep the above report it. "Yes ah. Otherwise how could we not life come here to rob relic it." Hu's office was hit nine pounds. Add up to as much as six hundred square meters. In this building. Occupy so much a square at least it is a two million registered company. Hu came nine pounds, there are many companies in building representatives came garland yet. People want to take a look at what is there. Mo Yan's hands holding a silver box. Inside these Master's pagoda relic. Mo Yan to take back used once. Foli which almost put the powerful body of dead air to disperse them clean. Later, Hu nine pounds or help in leaving the door good hair remaining disciples over. Zombie door. These two disciples were able to add up to the war last eight individuals. The ability to have the Invincible. Each person's body are one meter eighty or so. A one of the body muscles. The parties also painted hidden some mysterious spell. Door is another accident just a few practice this boxing novice. Four yin not public toilets. Casually able to find. The square used once since gone dead air which can not be reused. Mo Yan basically searched the country. Achievements of the door of the eight individual Mo Yan this old man's age already have ten-year-old brother and one of eight excellent addition to Molly with her brother. That is her brother Mo Wenwei than three or four in the twentieth. Others that people are all over the age of five years old. Mo decades old has been working in the country's mountains and rivers in the country looking for these parties. Unfortunately, yes. Seems to be the modern open drive too fast. Mo Yan comrades or is bad luck. Decade, he did not find one. Zombie Door is a family-like martial art. Gates are all surnamed Mo. Some of them are Mo Yan year old man picked up. There is a door disciple married with children of different family names. But anyway come. Door, then go on like zombies door will disappear in the long years. Zombie Door heritage thousands of years. Mo Yan is not the top of this sinner in the head. No way. Mo Yan began the ongoing research on boxing will make a house a long time a lot more transactions. Traveled in the country's own wide knowledge allows Mo Yan. Early Mo Yan ninety six years old. That is the public oo millennium year was the occasion of this Mo Yan whole out a way. Biography gourd absorbed with dead air artificially laid out an approach similar to the yin of four scenes. This a very good idea. But Mother Nature made four natural shade that is how the whole of it yet. Six years later. It was last year. Door of a disciple of success emerged. Successfully mastered a zombie boxing. To know before this was already dead more than ten because buried in the soil did not hear the sound guy was alive triton suffocated. Or directly into a zombie. Hu nine pounds when they hear these hairs seem to feel his erection up. Mo Yan for the front of the old man could be so cruel to know the core zombie door thirty disciples will come yet. "Pagoda relic. Zuohua high after their product which contains a powerful Buddhist monks in a force which is also why the monastery to see the stuff with the baby in general. Mysterious mage relic. Appeared in the world in front,Oakley Store, I think. If a monastery to which this thing, then at least to achievement seventy-eight master. "used only once. Foli also used to help calm inside several Chi-headedness zombie Disciples. Hu was kind of sudden nine pounds eating stimulants generally impressed by the strength of feeling. Now was a little itch. This stuff is not paid in the end? "Hu leader this time your kindness we zombie doors in mind. Although we have now is in a department. Later whenever you have any orders. Gave the order you say east to west I would dare Mo Yan first a pinch it died on him. "After entering the Special Action Group. Mo alert now several of them actually there were no deputy head position. He knew that this was above limitation Hu nine pounds of a measure. Estimated at a later time will be arranged for some people to the right of Hu nine pounds. When to stand. What is in the station. Mo Yan lived for so many years, but his mind is very clear. Seven years in the movement. Martial art towns across the country have a lot of losses. One of the martial arts guys up dead. Not seen in modern times who practice internal martial arts has become a girl's Mimi general. Know. But invisible. Zombie door. Its industry in three thousand yuan up and down. Be sufficient to feed the young and old. For the country to join the group in each of the five thousand in January wages do not care. However, in this square. Who needs money from it? In this group. Mo Yan saw only nine pounds a person. He also guessed. Countries now is to build this particular sector. Hu has now hold nine pounds thighs. After at least be mingled his position before making those ah. Hu nine pounds are afraid to drive through a red light traffic police stopped this thing. But let him jealous a lot. Hu opened a BMW nine pounds. In the three hundred and forty thousand or so up and down. And Mo Yan is an extended version to do in Lincoln. Natural. After seeing gay fashion cars after Mo Yan. Comrade Hu nine pounds expropriated. Molly good with Mowen (Molly good brother. That is the last of the brothers and comrades of that name) became the HU nine pounds bodyguard and driver. Reason is lack of funds is now above. We, as state cadres. I look shabby this leading to the country after dark is not it? Natural. Mo Yan got a colonel's rank. Only a little more than nine pounds of HU. The remaining eight individuals also had the rank of major groups directly responsible to the central. Office phone with a red life came from group action indicator is anyone else has the right to command them. Hu Muzi nine pounds leaning behind the old red chair above. Three offices. He was one. Mo Yan one. The remaining one is the other guy squatting a few zombies door surface. Comrade Hu said the two hundred thousand bonus I do not know is not even in this office renovation costs added up. Anyway, these tables and chairs inside. Mo Yan are all sponsored by the old man. Course slightly. Why did they accounted for two of the house. "This, we are public servants. Talked about some bad thing." Hu nine pounds his face with a hypocritical smile blanket has long since sold out of the mouth of the thinking mind ecstatic. Mo Yan is also a faint smile of the sentence. No openings. HU nine pounds of big mahogany table with three five centimeters thick two meters in length. The edge of a small plastic sitting behind the desk is Molly good. Her current position as secretary Hu nine pounds. Reason is that she is the corpse of a door to the college diploma but also specialize in human anatomy is still. "Here it afterward is our office point you in the door of the transaction can arrange our task it are generally made when the full sector. Sometimes there are several things may one day. Sometimes then there are likely to have a significant month or so ah ye doing exercises on the doing of monasticism which I do not care, after all, your higher power in order to better serve the country thing. "Hu legs knocked nine pounds up on the table and began to talk a son of bureaucratic. Great leaders demeanor. A black dress to wear on his body with the kind of white-collar people like momentum. "Yes yes. Hu body subordinate leader's mind moved us inexplicable way." Mo Yan opposite side of several disciples winking eye. People are living the rest of your life. How does not understand the meaning of Mo Yan? Soldier from loner to the present group. Hu nine pounds from his tone of voice now on. There dress immediately that this guy is enjoying this official addiction. Hu nine pounds powerful ability is to make people doubt here. Photographed horses only thing. But no big deal. A time. In addition to good little stunned Molly outside. The rest of the congregation guy is a mouth like Lotus. Hu did not put nine pounds to boast on the day. "Oh. Put me so well I have a little embarrassed,oakley sunglasses cheap, but I seem to have so much oh." Hu nine pounds flattered relying on old chair above. Not seem to notice a few disciples zombie face the door is not self-expression. "Well, well .. We are the first to go to work. Tasks yet. Temporary no. Mo Yan is your big elders is also the deputy head of the special operations group, because you are all living together. Task when I Nature will contact him if something urgent or other reasons too.'s to leave ah. - week Monday needed look here to Tao. good. these things which go doing doing. " After enjoying a delicious ass afterwards. Hu waved generous nine pounds. A group of guys with sheep general sprang the office door. Only words but also politely nodded toward Hu nine pounds before leisurely gone. "Hold You can not leave." Seen already put away the little bag of Li Jia. Is swinging little sexy ** ready to go out. Hu jin loud shout stopped her. "Well?" Molly Jia Mimi eyes. Doubt watched Hu nine pounds. As a secretary, she was Hu nine pounds from the previous mandatory requirement of a sexy black leather dress has turned into a white dress. Flesh-colored stockings to wear on her lap did not let Hu has been moved nine pounds over the eyes. Hu nine pounds rose from his chair. "How about you as the only female in our department secretary. Need to talk to me, so that can have even faster command can pass out." Patted Molly good shoulder. Hu nine pounds look sternly said. HU nine pounds, then let Molly's face look very ugly. Tied at this guy's side? Who does not know that he is an old color come forward. Small fist has pinched up. Thought. Or loosened. Fight and beat. If what was referred to the Grand Ayatollah. May also criticize their own two. Struggling for two minutes or so. Deflated back to his seat. ... "Bumper." Office with a computer. Molly playing good fight in the primary. But Hu nine pounds is the Japanese art of living in watching films. When not in a very good lewd eyes on Molly's body back and forth glance. "Who." Quickly tune the window. Hu jin facing the outside shouted loudly. "Crunch." Small door was pushed. One wearing a skirt with the same good chick Molly came face also with Sentimental smile. Hands carrying a little bit of fear came. "You Hello I am the Central University of Finance and Health, I see that you need to be a company secretary online before I received the message you gave me so I am here to report this is my resume." Girl from the pack and pulled out a piece Hu put nine pounds on the table. Hu nine pounds of good glance at Molly. I saw her passion and stood up. The girl sat down on the edge of the sand. Also constantly saying something intimate, "Zhu little?" Hu nine pounds this girl looked a bit puzzled. Long pretty good. Small round face. Head draped over the back. Looks very cute. But not like the Spice Girls HU nine pounds with the MILF type. "This is the name of this sound familiar hybrid?" Written above her resume is only nineteen years old, who lives in Daqing. The rest is some things will. There. "Yes." Hu nine pounds of shot forehead. Poetry in Fu school in the last two guys because there are not that a little girl beat up Jiaozhu do? That time also helped Chen Jiacheng nine pounds of processed it yet. "Hey Zhu little I remember you are not a high school student? How the resume that you graduated from the University of Finance it?" Hu nine pounds poked resume his face very stiff. Since going to the university entrance exam Fu Poetry. HU nine pounds of heart may want to read the book did not have the desire then added to the head of poetry and so for these two universities Hu nine pounds to see a lot. Central University of Finance. National priorities. Not a 600 or no chance to go. Zhu little before or a high school student. Now how to become the Central University of Finance of it? "Ah?" Little probably did not think Hu Zhu nine pounds will actually know until the third year. Heart suddenly a bit chaotic. Slow for a few seconds after Hu nine pounds now this girl's eyes were suddenly out of a very confident look. "Well I am just a high school senior arguably one semester, but before the time I've been sitting in exceptional admission in University of Finance and I can only work to your company to two people. Afterwards I will go to school reports. Course the reason I come to your company for some of their own because I feel more satisfied with the level of business. expect the internship period, I do not ask for wages. course. If your company's momentum exhibition violent words. I After graduating from the university to the Company's development is also an option. "did not see it. For a time this little girl become so energy said. Hu nine pounds know. In some large companies. They will go to some of which focus on high school students who go to see the potential. The student feel good. They will prop up through college. Then go back to their company work. Of course. These students are a bad family situation. Poetry reading at large, also known as the elite schools. Tuition that is notoriously kill people. Zhu little reading at home will be able to be there no money? There. What we did not move here secretary ah. "This. Really sorry." Where national office departments. Came the civil service. And the secret sector employees. Hu nine pounds of revenue may dare not come. Just let her leave. Molly has a quick way until Hu Jia nine pounds behind. Molly Hu Jia poke about nine pounds. Interrupted him. "Listen Hu leader you do not want to pretty female secretary? See it I'll give you hired. Was wearing a skirt to wear silk.'s Your day with your pair of bedroom eyes In my thigh dangling people are college students. were more than my head .. If you do not agree with it. incorrect. pipe you agree to disagree. Anyway, tomorrow I will not come. "Molly is good in Minato Hu said the ear of nine pounds. Although intimate point. But sitting on the sand Zhu distant little touches hear two words. Molly finished good. To stand behind Hu nine pounds. Hu glanced back nine pounds of her. Head down thought. Molly story was really good. Here she is leaving a bright future to meet an officer under his own secretary of vanity. One yet. Also turn yourself from boring streets all day to find some states do get down to business. Looked up. Little is currently Zhu is a look at his message of hope. She estimated in many sides are rebuffed it. Only dry for two months. And just picking up a notice. Did not go to school. Secretary unless it is to split the tea when that thighs. But wanted - small it should not dry. "Ahem." Hu nine pounds hum twice. "This little Fu Chu Poetry you know it?" Molly looked a bit strange Zhu Jia Hu nine pounds of it there are two relationships? Is not it. Zhu little bit strange though in front of the boss does not look like the guy is like a bear class know how things. "Well, she was transferred to their new classes for students, but I have already dropped out." Hu nine pounds heard nodded. High know Gesha. This girl addition to the chest big points. Face dots. Legs fine point. What's a nice thing. Still fighting it. "This my uncle is Fu Poetry You can call me Uncle Ho far as I know your school tuition is expensive. A family since it is impossible to bear. According to the words to say to you is Parents should be the ability to help you arrange a company's why come to me in it? "Hu nine pounds of finished speaking. ZHU eyes tightly staring at a tiny face. Miss trace of expression fluctuations. Zhu little wrinkled brow teeth biting lower lip looks seem a bit charming. Hu nine pounds in the body Houmo Li Jia Leng Leng's thighs touched one. Exchange is a ruthless mind pinch. Molly bullets can not hit good wear. Either to see Hu called out about nine pounds. Molly Jia will not loosen his waist ** Qiazhe meat on them. "The way it is. School enrollment rate is very high. Admitted to key universities nationwide are a lot. Several brands also have a dozen each year these are because the school will go to some other high schools inside pick people with good results. potential tuition. monthly living allowances are also just pass my house workers home, I'm just lucky to be picked in. and their parents can not afford to arrange for me what company. "seems to be talking about his family distress and did not feel embarrassed. After Hu also face smiling at nine pounds. Baji the next mouth. Hu nine pounds of thought. "It. You come from today to work. Your task is to take over her job months. Give you 16oo dollars. Prize another operator. Would agree to help me buy lunch to share." Molly good this chick temper very wild. Just hold her own power and prestige that the idea is impossible. Arrival of Hu Chu little thought of how nine pounds. This small pretty long. And they hook people. But Hu nine pounds in the hands of money is very small. Wages and more unable to afford. After much deliberation. Still agreed down. "Am grateful very grateful." Zhu station up. Do not bow. Poor little baby girl almost to every corner of the celebration. In addition to the company wanted her when Xiaomi outside. Basically she wanted to do for two months on the flash does not agree with the idea. Nor is it without some small companies interesting to let her go to work. But Zhu little heart he despised these companies. Dry two days on the closure of the square. Inside yourself What do you learn? This time, the first one is out of work after graduating from college with a job to do foundation. Another is the tuition. Hu nine pounds hanging sign outside socio-economic studies show that China Limited. In fact, small Chu Woo nine pounds they can come here to this country prefix with the company name, but very important. In the country. Eight years when these two companies with country prefix has been registered seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight. Now with the name of the first companies basically parallel. What contracts are signed. Hu nine pounds sold for two thousand dollars on the spot. Which sixteen hundred little as Zhu wages. Under this time Hu as nine pounds before meals. Course slightly. Hu said nine pounds. Enough money to come see him. Molly good to go. Her movements very arrogant. Go out when a flesh-colored stockings legs ripped off. Let Zhu little scared silly at the same time also allows Hu nine pounds Miaodao her skirt white lace panties. Zhu little skirt wearing body stockings are Molly with good on-line request. She also had a bit puzzled about this. Their minds are big company thing. The dress is definitely a requirement. However, in the next couple of small. The old. Uncle Ho. Aiming like his thighs per minute than the wars in the number of times his desk file even more. And have terrible eyes look so Zhu little one dares. The same idea cropped up in the brain. Themselves here in the end is right or wrong with it? With uneasy heart. Zhu spent her first day of work time. Hu nine pounds did not make her no matter what. Of course. If the HU nine eyes take immorality count words. . . . . . . . . . ... ·. . . . . . . . Woo ... this time of day over nine pounds very Happy. Zhao Shi every morning in the big dream to help him lay the tie drove his BMW after drinking Zhu came to the office after a little tea was served it. Started the day's work. HU nine pounds of work, what is it? Hu nine pounds of playing a game. Called "**." Of course, the capacity of which slightly thought went Baidu know check. Zombies brother doors on Monday to report it almost scared Zhu small black suit accompanied a group of brawny big sunglasses. Than the television in the underworld was still dark. Zhu little handicap when the alarm. Molly excellent appearance so she removed the doubt in his heart. "I did not expect the company's security is actually so powerful ah." This is Zhu little thought. Hu nine pounds to lead these guys hiding in another an office meeting. This has also allowed her to understand from the company's other two office purposes. Degree of buff guys come and go very quickly. One of the old man look so wretched little Chu remembered my mother tell the story to their own childhood. Its strange old man cheating children almost on him it looks like it. Zhu little heart has a lot of problems. This company is to own every day waiting for the only thing that name Uncle Ho make their continued water. Originally thought of himself, but does not want to have to pay the money spent. Could not help stayed. Buff guys coming every week let Zhu small companies once thought this might be a security company. Later thought is to help collect the money collection agency. But the idea now is to think of their own people doing things for two months left. Finished cleaning daily hygiene. Hu CEOs Continued water buying early. Own the muscle. Just do it to go. "Ring ring bell." "Hey here is the will." Hu nine pounds out of the office when the phone is Zhu little. While this sounds a bit strange that the Department has been called off the table the red phone. But Zhu little take up. Not finished, then interrupted by the other party. "Let your head to listen to calls." The voice of the other end is a middle-aged man with a trace of gloomy. Suddenly heard the sound Zhu little sleep since little darling little unsteadily. "Oh," twice quickly ran out of the office Hu nine pounds in every company with the other girls ** yet. Every day he do it. "Yan Yan thy beauty is to get drunk really you should have a pretty little hands decorated with diamonds to reflect your beautiful white fingers." Not in the past. Zhu little has been heard in the distance Hu nine pounds nauseating words. Do not think Hu nine pounds of paper can have such a profound level. All these little Chu recruited to help him on the Internet. HU nine pounds learn computer a few months. Although their soul Dacheng later. Flexibility in mind. Learn anything faster. However, information on the network quickly over nine pounds of live or let Hu tone. "Hu." Hu Zhu nine pounds requires little in the way so many people call him. The office when no one is called Uncle Ho. Zhu little recognition. Hu nine pounds which is indirectly expressed their concern. Otherwise he will not sign the contract even how it? But also directly to their wages. From the previous school Zhu Hu also know little nine pounds to help the school in the original had those two guys to settle it. Hu nine pounds of heart is with great gratitude. "Well?" Hu nine pounds frowned a bit. Generally Zhu will not disturb their little. Is Mo Yan old man again? Something is happening to their disciples? Woo Hyun Master relic yet surrendered nine pounds go. "Hu thy red phone rang. Someone let you answer the phone." Zhu little patting a small chest. Almost nine pounds slip Hu's arms. HU nine pounds of office on the sixth floor. Very punctual position. The same. Companies around the upper and lower layers. Nine pounds this bubble now belong to seven mm in a clothes business of the company. Wearing high heels in this corridor between the smooth running of the board. If the run up words. The slide is very likely. Before Hu nine pounds to keep these points in the corridor. With their own thoughts onto these two dressed in a variety of beautiful stockings mm. Then the momentum of the past to catch her. The Yan Yan. Hu nine pounds is so understanding. "Red phone?" Hu doubt the next nine pounds. Meng wake up, "Yan Yan Hu brother back now anxious beforehand handled ah etc. will come to you." Against Yan Yan threw a kiss. Hu nine pounds stride walked back to his office. <
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