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29.05.2013 11:19
Zhou Yongfu heart surprised antworten
"Huh?...... You...... Did you know I insist on taking the antler everyday? Also. Recently I do stay up serious,OP Art Coach Online, in fact also is not to stay up late, because I for some reason, out of a long journey, the jet lag made me sleep disorders." Zhou Yongfu heart surprised. As a qualified doctor, can see you stay up late, arrhythmia, it is also in the reason of things, but he himself every day insist on taking velvet soup things to know!! Of these,Coach Online Sale, only a doctor can see?! See Zhou Yongfu surprised, originally planned to fix the Gao Xi Chu in the south, is suddenly froze. This...??? It is this guy to say??? Ye Yao this time also face surprised s è...... Chu Nan, said...... Is that sure? See Mr. Zhou Lao reaction, seems to be true! However, when surprised once started, God will be doomed to guide more surprising things appear, so as to achieve the effects of shock. At least at this moment, God has been entirely on the south side of chu. Young fellow. Then how do you say I should do? Antler soup is not up?" Is southern Chu and say,oakley sunglasses, Zhou Yongfu is instantly on the southern Chu is full of confidence. No matter how niubable man, when he knows his own x ì ng life is threatened, will appear the disease becoming mentality. While the southern Chu just some surprising behavior, is to let Zhou Yongfu suddenly seize a life-saving straw, eyes full of hope. "Velvet is a good tonic, but after all, is too warm, excessive intake, can be very damaging." "But every day I just drink by adding a small amount of pilose antler soup, is worried that excessive intake." "Deceive oneself and others, every day can uptake nutrients are limited, exceed the standard, the body can not absorb, can suppress internal injuries. And. IMHO, you now to old age, new generation county has been slow, regular daily intake of excessive tonic, is not only a good absorption, is even more difficult to digestion and excretion. I don't know the time which suggested that you do, but I don't say a word, it should be some IQ, he almost want your life." Chu Nan had said this, he does not know, behind the high night obvious body form, face the embarrassment of God s è obviously! While Zhou Yongfu's subconscious towards high Xi saw one eye, and her eyes were full of complex, can not say what kind of feeling, but soon, he will immediately look back. Standing on the side of the leaf of Yao, very clever noticed this scene, apparently...... Some of the problems that the IQ of Chu, guy, who is standing behind him. See Zhou Yongfu so listen to Chu Nan, high evening one thirty while also thought what a good way, you can temporarily like a fool in southern Chu behind, then very perseverance and persistence in a can kill a person's eyes, and stared at the southern Chu, as if the minutes will he peeled the bark to eat the general. "You just said...... No operation can cure my illness, is that true?" "Really." Chu Nan this sure nodded. "The >
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