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> One hundred and twenty first chapter of poisoning! Huh? What's this! "Tangxin look retracted his hand, she suddenly nails a little tingling. WWw. QuANBEn. Com suddenly saw Tangxin hand back his hand, Hu nine pounds also thought she had not prepared to resist, allow yourself to continue harassment, "Oh! "Hu nine pounds of whoop, what jumped up, grabbed Tangxin's hand." You! "Tangxin eyes wrinkled, does he want to be strong?" Dead virus on my stomach, fast come with me! "There are some fingernail looked Tangxin and green spots, Hu nine pounds that she just met yesterday evening on his stomach is good to play up Molly corpse poison. Tangxin did not move, HU only nine pounds hard pull to drag her up. "Oh! "Suddenly Tangxin cry, Drink, and a knife in hand against Hu's neck to split nine pounds over Hu nine pounds of a sudden burst of feeling behind breeze, instinctively lowered his head. Tangxin directly from Hu's hand on the head nine pounds cut in the past, just looked up. Tangxin feet wearing high heels against Hu Meng I dislike nine pounds in the past. "Oh! "Scream, Hu sent nine pounds clutching Tangxin hand, but fortunately he was wearing shoes, or else Tangxin this can give him stepped foot instep to wear off." Touch! "By foot, the HU nine pounds instinctively let go of holding the injured foot, Tangxin taking advantage of nine pounds against Hu's eyes again punch. A big black eye on Hu's face surfaced nine pounds," snapped! "Another loud slap sound, Hu overturned nine pounds have been drawn directly on the sand, Tangxin sneer, took under his hand." Well the army to fight in the army is second, the previous leader is like you to be my crippled half, and today I did not expect to meet the first time you are such a person, do not know how many sisters planted in your hands. This is just a few lessons, I was not up to his aging mother NSB stay, off somewhere else. Bah! Something. "Yelled the poor can not seem to feel welcomed a smartly turned. Leaving Hu nine pounds a very arrogant way back." Me. I am! "Hu nine pounds cover their toes. Speechless lips trembling. Hu nine pounds worse then no cattle to be twenty-three cm long to step on toes, heels can jump, he just wanted to help Tangxin removed hand ground corpse poison it. and no other. "bad! "Suddenly thought of something. Hu limped nine pounds and stood up. Bounce back hall ran. One opened the door. Frantically searched it." This is it! "Picked up a bottle Hu nine pounds from the inside to out some yellow powder rubbed in their own way to face. Just Tangxin in hand dyed to be dead virus. They face in their own land smoked a slap his face to the skin, but can not stand the corpse poison ground! against the side of a small bronze mirror looked. eyes all around dark places. still with a little green. "a dead bitch! Other night to see her coming or dead virus as I seek. "Gently touched it also took a little itchy." Well! "Snorted Hu called and ran out of nine pounds. ............" Showtime, how? The first day on the job, and the boss getting along ah. "Tangxin family is not from Shanghai Daqing Here is their dormitory, several departments where women are living with Tangxin speaker was her roommate Deng Jia, the same work in the national security, but she is responsible for Secretarial only. Both dormitories is not small, 82 to meters. spacious room is very wide, so the two are cooking in the dorm to eat, not to the outside of the canteen but also eat better. fell wrestling hands in water, holding the head of the show Tangxin put down. "is a dirty old man, just thinking about meeting took YANG sent away so that he accounted for under the cheap no problem. I did not expect this Sepei actually grabbed my hand and would like to be against the law! "Pick up the table apple bite, crouched in the sand." Well? That he did not how are you? "Deng Jia sit Tangxin side, but also that hand touched her chest." Go! "Gently took Deng Jia Yan laughed a little bit." He should also have the ability Yeah, I was beat up a meal. "" Ah! "Deng Jia surprise covered his mouth looked surprised Tangxin." There you go again? Afraid of being closed dark room you! "Deng Jia seems to know Tangxin in the army's glorious deeds." Big deal and then another place to stay chanting, anyway, there are the old man carrying. "Yan did not bite apples when the same thing, his father's army in Daqing here when a staff also considered not small. Last Tangxin in other units, her father took her to have committed offenses people to the tune over. "Oh, you like slightly. There officer father, I die. May not like you. "Deng Kerry sighed, lesbians in this sector wages, although many are open, but more because they know the secret, many things will be constrained, especially youth like her older, hard to find objects yo. hugged Deng Jia's shoulder, "what is not, and he a Tate's husband beat me a woman, or what special operations group leader, tut. Also really parallel! "" Special action group? It seems to have not heard of this group? "Deng Jia looked at Tangxin a confusion, the same person inside, so Tangxin no right to conceal her." Seems to be on top of created a special deal with some special event, is my dad last with a When my uncle talking quietly to hear. First name is very arrogant, I applied over. I did not expect this leader who is not only color, but terribly short of effort, I played him the recipe for the force did not even fight back. It seems tune up may be a mistake, not top of my father in the army to help me hold the file yet. "Kicked off the feet, high heels, Tangxin put their feet shrink up. Pick up the remote control to turn on the TV, scratched his hand, I feel a little itchy." You with. "Poke a little Tangxin brow, Deng Jia smiled and stood up, Tangxin pies now it is waiting for her dinner, but do not get Tangxin. Firmly in the hands of Naoliao bit, feeling no longer itch. Tangxin's face a smile, relying on the sand, slowly closed his eyes for half an hour later ......... "Showtime to eat sleep, and a dead lazy! "Cook on the table,Air Jordan UK, took a waist apron, watching Tangxin lying on the sand out of the mouth is also a trace of saliva samples, Deng Jia was very funny. Walk past patted her face." Showtime , fast wake up. "Tangxin drowsily opened his eyes and rubbed his hand was still a little confused eyes." Well? Eat ah. Oh, I got up. "Then climb up from the sand and suddenly saw what seemed puzzled Tang Jia pointing Tangxin hand," Showtime, what is your hand and green? "Hear the words of Deng Jia, Tangxin confusion raised his own hand," Well? "Fierce look, Tangxin woke up. Their white skin of hands full of dazzling some spots, Tangxin it ran into the bathroom and turned on the tap." Showtime, how? "Seeing Tangxin look Deng Jia looked a bit worried about the way she hurried." How will? What is this! "Hands full of soap, Tangxin have to scrub back and forth a few times, but not see the hands of the green spots or removed gradually. Tangxin hands feel there has been a little itchy. ............ ...... "I love taking a bath turtle falls, ow! "In a big bathtub in which all nine pounds of steaming white scholar Fu Poetry bath sing that ditty, the body a rub a rub." Haha, chick! So will come seeking my time will not know it has become a zombie? A white hair? Ouch! Can be really scared. "Reach for the edge of the cup of wine into the stomach in Hu's nine pounds feel a little itchy eyes when Hu wanted to nine pounds up, Molly good before his belly with both fists Lane get hold of dead virus, he is strong because of their blood. again penetrated the skin did not break nine pounds did not feel anything wrong, then they go to sleep Leng Leng until today, when the Tang Xin Hu caught nine pounds of rotten shirt, see into the hands of infected Tangxin green spots Hu nine pounds come to think of his stomach there corpse poison too! In Tangxin left, Hu played nine pounds of residential property of the phone, so they helped procured a big bathtub. was filled have are glutinous rice water, Hu nine pounds inside a bubble for a while. "the dead girl, old thing is it touch you two up to let you touch the back plug, why so fierce! "That's an egg with a thin gauze wrapped nine pounds on his eyes gently rolling, which is in charge of the property said that Hu shoot ten thousand nine pounds, so that they prepare for the big bathtub guy with glutinous rice water within half an hour helping Hu nine pounds of whole came. "dead girl stayed her teacher's house days are gone forever, forget it. I still go get takeaway bar. "Clock on the wall has come to the home only half past one pm HU nine pounds a person, he was too lazy to cook. Picked up the phone at hand." Hey! Is co restaurants do me a braised meatballs, roast goose leg ...... "" ah! I really can not wait. "Tangxin look hideous face was Deng Jia has been hiding in the side not close her hands Tangxin green spot has spread to the arms, hands holding a knife Tangxin now, it seems to want to chop off the hand . "touch! "What was pushed open the door and see Tangxin look, come YANG was surprised, a Mengzi jumped in the past, grabbed a kitchen knife Tangxin hands." Tangxin how do you! "Not of struggle forced upon her Tangxin hand, YANG loudly asked." Young brother, Showtime just come back after she slept, and then say their itchy, you see her right hand. Into what is now. "Tang Xin YANG grabbed another one hand, the above are all green spots, crowded. Looked really sick, and suddenly see their little hands are stained with the same itch came a glimmer of feeling, YANG Ma scalp look up. hurry force in their own clothes rub a few times, I feel we go a little. "Tangxin should be in some kind of poison, quickly contact the hospital. Her isolated. "Across Tangxin clothes, YANG struggling Tangxin clutching hard, itchy taste but more uncomfortable than pain." Touch! "A strong hand knife, Tangxin stopped struggling. Directly on the shoulders of her resistance," Go, take her to the hospital now. "NSA has its own small hospital, not far from the hostel. Hospital's degree soon, on the road, when Deng Jia had passed dozen phones, Yang Longgang put Tangxin to the door to push others into it. Touched a Dragon Khan, the head of the Hush frowning looked under his hand. "bad! I have also been infected. "Meng look thought here, looked at the edge of a hurry Deng Jia. .................." This is a new virus, it has not seen before. But this virus is highly infectious skin contact can see in the move, current symptoms only body itch. This trio has been isolated, the two quarters have closed up. "Long Yang and Tang Jia as isolated into the glass house is Tangxin lying on upper and lower body with a white bandage wrapped tightly, while the name of drip. Wang Daoxing frowned, yesterday's closing time to that name Special Operations Team Leader news, so send a few people in the past, how today went back on the way things turned out? Wang Daoxing is the head of the National Security Bureau of Daqing City, belongs to a darker character, who is the Deputy Secretary , as well as a positive face of the Secretary is to meet other official figures. "Well, it seems I should ask the HU leader. "Thought, Wang Daoxing picked up the phone to find one of the numbers dialed telephone HU nine pounds." Well! Busy? "Continuing to fight a few times, are heard" What you call the user is busy, "Wang Daoxing frowned." Dr. Li, the three men will trouble you. "Facing the front of the name of wearing a white gown, his head still wearing a green hat guy said the sound, Wang Daoxing out of the isolation room." You who know what character Hu nine pounds? "Sitting in the car, looked under the edge of the companions Wang Daoxing It was his valet, dry fields. Perennial follow around, some intelligence chores are processed by him. Qiantian pushed under his glasses," the name of Hu Leader the origins of the mysterious, special operations group established under the Central Direct, a division of the current personnel situation is not clear. His information was previously thirty-eight division of a head, but as far as I know. Head of that name was not yet met with him, so that. No way to check his identity. "" Can not check? "Hear the words of Wang Daoxing dry fields of frowned deeper, mysterious origins. Has a special relationship with the Central, and even their own authority and confused by his origins for the name of Hu leader, Wang Daoxing interest in deeper. "pound! "Dressed in a bathrobe, food on the table in front of Hu nine pounds of bulk munching raised his head, wiped his mouth traces of oil. Put on slippers towards the door." You are? "Open the door to see three men standing in the doorway of a head looked about forty, wearing a black hat, wearing a yellow jacket behind dark sunglasses they are suits, appear to be bodyguards a class of people. "Oh good Hu leader. I was deputy director of the National Security Bureau in Daqing Wang Daoxing, today ventured to disturb it. "Wang Daoxing scored a hat revealing a national character face, looks very dignified." Oh come colleague ah. Come in, come. "Hu nine pounds smiled and let the door. Know Hu nine pounds is only a special operations team leader Zhao Shi dream a man, the other is internal departments, so Hu nine pounds and is not rude to ask to see his papers . greeted a few people to sit down, Hu nine pounds back to his place to pick up a chicken bite. "eaten yet? Do not come to that. "Wang Daoxing is quietly looking at the interior decorations, hear the words of Juan nine pounds gentle smile," Hu, head of the now not eat ah, too late, but the work is not good. "Reach for the glass to drink a mouthful to swallow his mouth meat." Wife did not come back to work, to find people to cook. Their friends will look. "" Oh, I did not expect there leader Hu Pao Niunai bath mood ah? This is good for the skin ah. "Seeing the edge of a big bathtub, which is filled with all that pale white liquid. Wang Daoxing know some people will like Pao Niunai bath, but seems to be mostly woman ah." What milk bath, which is glutinous rice water. Soak, allowing himself a little incense. "Continue eating food on the table, ignoring Wang Daoxing" In fact, today I want to have a thing to inquire about Hu leader. "Unlike talk to Hu nine pounds of gab, said Wang Daoxing Stern Hu nine pounds ears of a move, and she came and he has been considered a good Tangxin estimate that is poisonous at this time, did not think the head are attracted." You say, I'm listening. "" Well, yesterday, when we received your message, you need two helpers, the bureau sent out this morning with Tangxin YANG they did not know they came to Hu leader that does not. "A smiling face took out a pack of cigarettes in his pocket and handed it to Hu nine pounds. Looked at the cigarette brand, Hu nine pounds nodded with satisfaction." Yes,Jordan 13 Shoes, kid naive ah. "Hu Wang Daoxing nine pounds Xiaohe patted on the shoulder, Wang Daoxing's face changed, but the instant they returned to normal. Gentle smile to the face of his two bodyguards behind it a very discordant Juan looked at nine pounds. "That girl is not Tangxin poisoned ah? "Wiped his mouth, pulled out a cigarette and lit after a big spit smoke ring." Oh? Hu, head of the things you know! "Wang Daoxing sent brow look open, Tangxin her dad in the military is still very energy Daqing, they put her into his place before the first day of the accident, he also felt very good, although not afraid He, however enemy should not end solution Well, like Hu nine pounds just patted him on the shoulder in general. although very rude, but Wang Daoxing heart, although there is a trace of unhappiness, but did not fire. "slightly in the dead of course, know poison asked for it, actually good to hit me! The results met me, let her leave to help her cure that actually also called me, tut. Now speak what fun it is. "Pounding his legs, Hu said casually nine pounds." Corpse poison? What is a toxin extracted from the corpse of it? "Servant of the edge of a sudden emergency channel, but Wang Daoxing did not stop, just looked apologetically nine pounds a Hu Hu nine pounds of bombs under the ash, but with his eyes glanced at him." Wanted Tangxin recovery they quickly sent over. Otherwise after today midnight she will become a zombie. "" Oh, you thought it was shot zombie film, but also become zombies. "This guy has nine pounds a satire of the Hu Hu stood up about nine pounds," you hell? I speak with you Leadership beg you insert a mouth, no big or small. Other day I really get to go to your house zombies scared you ah! "This guy is a stare, nor tube Wang Daoxing, self-care climbed into the bathtub." Shut up! "Whispered the names of these men growled, Wang Daoxing face took an apologetic smile, went to the edge of the bathtub HU nine pounds." Oh, Hu, head of the laughing stock of the next lax. And so will I put a few people to send over, but also trouble HU nine pounds ah. "" A few people? How it was. "Hu nine pounds opened his eyes, suddenly scared about SG emitted anxious Wang Daoxing hop back a step or two. Behind what they attendant pulled out a pistol." Well? "Hu nine pounds frowned a spiritual impact on the past two bodyguards did not understand how the same thing just broken kite flying a few meters away, hit the wall." Misunderstanding! Hu leader do not impulse! This is just a misunderstanding! "Seeing Hu nine pounds just staring your own two hands just the same as being a sledgehammer to hit fly, Wang Daoxing little darling look Putongputong blame this guy jumped up so arrogant attitude, no wonder so good live No wonder he is poor see his backing Hu nine pounds a trick let Wang Daoxing understand, people's special people. "Well, I drew the most hated people pointing at me, and then with bovine Germany Zhuang people at gun point I, I have no imaginary too,Air Jordan UK, the same a knife to his neck! "Get back on the bath, Hu nine pounds tone was very unhappy. Touched a head cold sweat," This guy actually has a relationship with the old cattle ah, really vain ah. "Face out of a very genial smile," it is a misunderstanding, Hu, head of the eyes just too sharp, scared me, so the two of them just a natural reaction, misunderstanding just friends. "With his eyes glanced for a moment, two men had to crawl stand up, just look inside there is a fear with confused." You just said a few people? In the end how, this dead virus infectivity but great, read Resident Evil it, if did not make things look Daqing later will become that! "Tease a little water in his chest, glutinous rice water for bathing that slippery feel really very good. Wang Daoxing face looks a bit difficult, from just nine pounds HU ability to see, what he said should not be would be false. "Hu leader please wait, I'll bring them back! "Speaking directly out of the door, two attendant ran too fast. They do not forget to pull the door." Cut, also Secretary blanket. Frighten it into this kind of failure. "Disdain smiled, picked up the phone numbers dialed Zhao America just now he has been told Zhao America Niwai yet. Mental impact, based on the idea of ​​their powerful attack each other's spirit, this trick nine pounds Yuan Hu Before the culmination of God can only be terrified out who this person is you feel a sense of love. That is the impression, but before Hu nine pounds with a variety of tricks is to focus on the negative thoughts, once the impact of each other's spirit the other's soul is so much about the idea of ​​the impact of course, to faint. "Little America I really want you, come back to it. Why do not always stay at home? Your dad was not any hang up, receiving what business thing. "Nine pounds of holding a phone Hu door came suddenly felt a lot of flavor. Quickly Zhao Mei said the sound on its own in a hurry to hang up." Outrageous! "Door rang a few times, Hu nine pounds call the sound on the TV drama. Said not closed, they saw Wang Daoxing followed behind several people went into the house. Saw Hu Ha nine pounds actually sleep in the bathtub, the Wang Daoxing Although a little unhappy, but who told people badly yet. stare you put you hit a fly several meters. "Hu leader, people have brought. "Wang Daoxing pointing to three people came back said the three men were all wearing white chemical suits, both upper and lower body wrapped tightly. Seen Hu nine pounds stupefied, really when biochemical crisis ah? "Well, first off your clothes. "Rubbed the body of water droplets on ignoring the house of the existence of women. Pull off the edge of the Wang Daoxing." In addition Tangxin other two is how? "" Another one of her roommates, and one went to your place today reported YANG. Both were sent Tangxin to the hospital in time to be infected, HU leader. The dangers of this kind of thing too, that you should never Shaa. "Watching a few people off the chemical suits, in addition to Tangxin, they are just two outer body has some green spots, while Tangxin's face turned green. Hu nine pounds refrained want laugh export and walked in front of the Tangxin I saw her staring fiercely own, just to eat their own general. "See what see you are pulling on the handle to help you remove the poison, you just wonderful. Give me a punch, hum, but also my kind of people do. "" You! "Tangxin pinch fist, we should beat Hu rushing nine pounds, it spread all the way to the edge of the man and only Yanglong with Deng Jala her, anyway, are infected, Mr Wong said, now listen to this man But the way they can not let Tangxin hair temper offended people, not seen in the past to see the positive stink face him this many sheep do now? "yo, yo. We also wanted to hit me how ah ah Secretary but here! Little girl touches temper is not small. "Stand away a few steps, Hu nine pounds Mozhuoxiaba very color yield of laughs." Keke, Tangxin. You in the end is how offended Hu leader with an apology! "Wang Daoxing two men walked to him, shoved at her wink. Tang Xingang speak out Hu Wang Daoxing nine pounds to look molested her, biting the lower lip. Whispered something very sorry." Hehe wrong respect. Wearing only underwear, come with me. "A bit tight behind his bathrobe with a few people said Hu nine pounds into the back hall. Tang Xingang would like to make, one of the two companions, as well as Wang Daoxing, did not speak." This, Hu Leader Having said that certainly has his reasons, men and women are different, Deng Jia You go, we go outside guarding. Something to cry! "Then the phrase, come along on the edge of a few people, winking, Wang Daoxing out of the room. Tangxin few people looked at each other for a H, Yang went to the side and saw YANG look. Deng Jia lip biting his teeth, took off their clothes, upper black bra, with lace, lace, pants are also small black pants, but there is lace. "and so will you do if the guy, then he exclaimed, Mr Wong also said earlier. Something to shout! "Tangxin against Deng Jia nodded, encouraging, said the first time in front of a man exposed: he held the body of Deng Jia, with a trace of fear into the heart of that door." Hurry up, ah, wear exposed than the base than you, so what's shy. Ah, do not take your pants into gynecological! "Intolerant traders say the sentence, Hu Jia Tang nine pounds to lay a futon, facing the front of the Buddha bow bowed a few times, the hands of incense inserted in the top." Are you in a dead virus, that is, zombie poison the body. Because they do not know where is the source, there may have infected the whole body, so let take off their clothes, do not think I want to take advantage of you. I look can look good gossips! "Picked up the table Fu Zhi, the head of the Tang Jia posted a. Mouth silently Nianlejiju spell, Hu Jia Tang nine pounds went behind her back and shoved in a press Deng Jia surprised, just want to feel the warmth called indecent contingent from just a place close to spell passed down, and then the hand of nine pounds HU began in the Tang Jia's body casually touched up, HU nine pounds The hand touched it, the sense of warmth to go there too. feeling came delicate hands to rub the chest when Deng Hu Jia nine pounds of stay as much as a minute, knowing that Deng Jia blushed asked Well, no one was transferred nine pounds Hu orientation. Knead for almost two minutes later nine pounds and stood up. sigh of relief, "Well, I just infuriating with their own within the family to help you get through the body * * Road, put poison in your body have been pushed to the fingertips corpse, I am now using a needle to help you put out, hold back do not call it hurt. "Hu took out nine pounds in the hands of a three centimeter right needle, above the shining coldness. Watched Hu nine pounds in the hands of gleaming needle, Deng Jia swallowed. Then take a look at his white Hidenaga little hand, a hole in the top bar? definitely hurt. frowning look to see Deng Jia Hu write the next nine pounds of mouth from her hand, index finger fiercely against the bar down. "ah! "I feel a pain in the fingertips, Deng Jia look scream out." Out! "Hu shouted nine pounds, two fingers on the shoulders of a Tang Jia push down directly across to a surge of blood look pale green fingers from Deng Jia Biao at the wound out." What happened! "What knocked the door open, YANG Tangxin other group of people rushed to see what your eyes will suddenly shoot up, and quickly out of the way." Seek out hair ah son came to her to poison you doing? "Seeing a two's aim to aim to go, Hu nine pounds was very unhappy, said." Ah ha ha, sorry Hu leader, Deng Jia shouting just heard that there is anything you need help, tired of this poison But the whole body itch. "Seeing Wang Daoxing has quietly stepped back, and quickly jumped out YANG said." Forget it Forget it, just her somehow. You to stay out of the water to soak glutinous rice in the living room, squatting three hours or so. Almost everything, do not come out ah. "The head of the Fu Zhi Tang Jia tear down nine pounds in a bleeding wound on Tang Jia casually touched. Then let her out. Saw a few people have walked out, wearing a small trigeminal YANG, somewhat Shy dodge Hu nine pounds in the eyes "sit futon above. "Seeing YANG sitting at Hu nine pounds to stand behind him. Touched his chin," Well, the direct use of Mahamudra meridians inside his corpse poison forced out. "For men, nine pounds, but little by little to no interest touched. Luck on your palm, forehead YANG posted in a good spell he turned away, lest the blood sprayed on to something else." Snapped! "" Ah! "Sound is Hu nine pounds of body shot in the Long Yang loud, I heard that scream out from his mouth." Poof! "One Xue Jian Biao far out, the same again pushed open the door of Tangxin which shares were barely dodged pale green blood." Stop! "Hu nine pounds Hanzhu the Tangxin to go out and see her face dodge look, removed the body YANG Fu Zhi." Soak out the same, but you are a man, estimated to have that name will not let you into the girl. You go get some rice water bubble, must be hot. "Long Yang quickly stood up and touched the body, tingling feeling has gone." And sit down! "Shut the door after seeing Yang Long, HU nine pounds to wear bikini's Tangxin sat futon, who are all now Tangxin the touch of green, two hands and arm are also green in a little black spots. Only eyebrows still intact, his face is pale green, just like the movie Hulk in general. except that this is a woman. Tangxin uneasy sat down on the futon, for fear she would be nine pounds HU so kind that he just pinch him again before it becomes like this. Actually Tangxin is no need to worry, just before Deng Jia on the arm so that toxicity is not strong. Hu nine pounds only eat tofu in her body Now Tangxin just green men in general, who are all dead virus. living botheration dare touch her! "Hu leader, before I was wrong. But you let me into this, let's clear it two! "A little stand behind Hu nine pounds stood silently watching his eyes, Tangxin said loudly. Had molested his own, his only counterattack. Should have considered his fault, but now is ask for help in the next, or a low-key point better. "Well, know your heart unhappy. I am not a narrow-minded people, just like you before a joke. Did not think you react so intense, had wanted to pull you to help you detoxify, do not know if you understand what has become. Instead, I jumped up and join in the meal. Do not say, give you detoxify bear. Then after a while you become zombie slightly. "Similarly, in the Tangxin posted a character's back, this time Hu pulled out a box of nine pounds of needles, rather than just a bamboo flower pin." Endured it hurt! "Having shoved the bar down. <
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