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29.05.2013 11:16
Mengnan also dawned nodded antworten
> In this way, Hu nine pounds in front of the girls to portray itself into a brave, morally, abandoned children affair for the country to fight the revolutionary hero. Www, quanBEn, cOM early in the year, when many had heard such a thing, and now this chick is not used to flicker Shoudaoqinlai. In particular I heard Hu nine pounds to the village a few comrades orphans living when migrant workers, this is called Li Mengnan mm is moved to the mess in these chick eyes. Several star little piece of ass blind anxious to death, let alone nine pounds such as Hu professionals yet. "Uncle Ho, working hard to find the city and now you have nothing residence, do you want to look our school doors, even though they earn less points, but whatever the outcome, there is a place to stay, after a good thing to work and back . "Our Comrade Hu would have is in this car and this baby girl gab few words, Doudou this woman. This is Hu nine pounds spent three years in prison, he saw such a beautiful young mm, just like walking on the street saw a beautiful woman, who is not looking to have the opportunity to talk to her. Unexpectedly, on their own makes up these words also believe this chick? Also found himself a job? Not afraid of a woman a liar? Regardless, talk to him to see. Anyway, this piece on his own head,Oakley Flak Jacket Online, who can take it maintained. "Thank you too, little comrade, I really do not know what to say ah." Hu Li Mengnan nine pounds seize the hand rubbing together. "Huda Shu, you're welcome. This is what I should do, you are the revolutionary hero. Moreover, they saved my life." Limeng Nan Hu nine pounds to be holding hand pumped out. Although people at least have a thirty or forty years, and can be such an old man hands rubbing together to seize the heart still feel a little uncomfortable, this guy it was an old pervert? Should not it. Look at his appearance quite mighty ah. Hu nine pounds in the dungeon three decades, the care of because there Chen Tianxiang food was good, especially the small bubble wine bones than others on the big lot. And perennial see the light skin looked very white. This sub-meter eighty plus long beard is indeed very manly. No wonder Li Mengnan would think that Hu has only nine pounds 3o years old. "Dth!" Bang, car arrived and. Daqing City, when Hu also came nine pounds, but this change is too big now? HU just nine pounds has been busy in the car and talk to his own story Limeng Nan did not pay attention to see outside, which shoved off a look. "My God, a god, this building has at least one hundred meters it seems these years has achieved the four modernizations, ah, do not know to catch up with Britain did not." Hu strong burst of emotion, to see these also do not count Hu nine pounds can say what truths, to put it bluntly, HU nine pounds, although it will point Xuanmen magic, but in the end still a country farmer city looks like. "Alan ah. Uncle first visit to the provincial capital to meet you such a good woman, but also to help find a job uncle. Uncle also no thank you, go! Uncle to go with you to eat good food." This is Mike Or at the strong request of Hu Li Mengnan nine pounds was changed to. Originally Limeng Nan said Hu nine pounds suspicious call her Nannan. HU nine pounds may feel that this call should be the lover to do it. So called Li slightly. Comrade Li better than it? "Ah? Huh. Huda Shu, place of work You have not invited me to see it on a hurry to eat." Li Mengnan Wuzui smiles tenderly. HU nine pounds look so funny in his hand, pieces of cloth hanging above the root stick. Was carrying a snakeskin bag. In particular also wearing a big sunglasses,Cheap Oakley Hijinx, very powerful. "Nothing, your uncle though town looking for work, but this rich uncle. Walk, went to this house." Hu nine pounds pat pockets. Saw a pot shop, did you get this stuff before Chen Tianxiang eaten, but his Chan Chong to tune out. "Welcome, ask your group?" Doorway a hostess, wearing a dress, stockings feet set. See Hu ignorant beating nine pounds. This girl is still very qualities, no one despise Hu nine pounds of migrant workers look. Especially a nice edge mm standing Hu nine pounds,Purses Coach, it should be her daughter's right to town? Some general rural women migrant workers, parents, relatives and the like Laiqiao people when it looks like. "Two." Li Mengnan replied. "Okay, please follow me here." The waiter brought a duo sat down. "This is the menu, what would you like?" Waiter handing me a list. "Alan, or do you point it." Hu looked at nine pounds or handed Li Mengnan. They have never been in this place before, but just wanted to smell the smell of pot ever eaten before coming. This was her to get it. "Well, what it gave us a mandarin duck pot. Mutton, beef, each to half a catty, as well as side dishes you figure it out." Li Mengnan very skilled said some feeding. "Okay, please wait. Need to drink it?" The waiter said the list included the name of the dish Li Mengnan remember. "Uncle Do you drink?" Li Mengnan looked Hu nine pounds. "Give me jin Erguotou it." Dungeon is very gloomy, very humid, the same special treatment in Chen Tianxiang nine pounds under Hu has also become very strong liquor. "Okay, please wait." "Uncle, what your eyes are not trained hurt ah?" Li Mengnan see Hu nine pounds always wearing big sunglasses help curious asked. "No ah? Your miscellaneous this question?" "Which it always with you how big sunglasses ah?" "You say this, ah?" Hu pointed to nine pounds of glasses on his head. "Well." Limeng Nan nodded. "Oh, what do I will come off." Suddenly felt a sharp pain in the eyes, but fortunately is in the house. Eyes slowly adapted to the light. "Oh, this next fixating." Suddenly looked blankly Hu Li Mengnan nine pounds. "Wow, uncle. Hello Shuaio." Hu Li Mengnan hand touched the face of nine pounds. Hu nine pounds a shot to open her hand. "Fuss what." Li Mengnan nine pounds in pull Hu beard. "Hey, Uncle you stay so long beard miscellaneous ah? Battlefield should keep a beard, right?" Limeng Nan Hu nine pounds of this beard is very curious. "You do not know it. Soviets know it?" "I know ah." Limeng Nan nodded, "Stalin know it?" "I know, ah, he was general secretary of the Soviet Union is not it?" It seems that Li Mengnan history is good. "Which is what you knew in the Soviet army there are a lot of people are left bearded right?" Hu nine pounds touched his beard. "There are these things? Did this to my attention, but in the movie is indeed a lot of people have beard, but what is the relationship that you ah?" The Soviet Union's long beard and mustache HU nine pounds what's the relationship? This makes Li Mengnan was very puzzled. "This thing has a long story to say, when I went to Russia to study it." Hu nine pounds beginning to gab. "Ah? Uncle you have been to Russia to study ah? Fast heterozygous going?" Li Mengnan more surprised. "This has to be from the Vietnam War Speaking ......." Hu nine pounds of Fudge is a very powerful ability. This time he has added a study for himself the name of the first officer. When the Chinese military officers attached to the Soviet Union is a lot to learn, but Hu knew such a nine pounds. That guy in the Soviet Union for four years. Came back with some very strange stuff, especially the oven, this stuff can do cake bread. Hu nine pounds for some time often run his house. There are magical spell of this master Hu is still very respectable people. But this guy did not know that was later transferred to the military when the staff went. So talking about some of Russia's cultural customs, eating habits. Hu nine pounds is handy. "Wow, the original Uncle so powerful ah." Little mm is a good lie. She did not think, if Hu nine pounds really have this great ability also need migrant workers? "Old stories, but for the Cultural Revolution, at least now I'm your uncle is also a teacher." Hu nine pounds also know Do cowhide punctured. "Oh, such a thing ah." Li Mengnan also dawned nodded. "Dish to slightly this is what you want wine with your meal." Pot lift up. A large wok, in the middle there is a small tin, put the soup into two, one side is spicy. Generally clean water. Others are some of the side dishes. There are four bottles of wine, a bottle of Erguotou are catty. Hu nine pounds twist cap, pass on the mouth is a big pot. "Happy ah. This is so tasty." In dungeons Hu nine pounds although it can have wine but Chen Tianxiang did not dare get too much in. "Uncle you slowly drink this wine very high degree." Li Mengnan see Hu nine pounds so "booze" was very scared to. This wine degree, but not low ah, before the Alumni Association when this wine is some male students. Might be like in front of the girls to show what results a few dizzy. This time to see Hu nine pounds this drink is definitely cattle. "Out of the way, this little wine beat me bite bite." Hu nine pounds of the lamb hot pot into a few folders to feed into the mouth. "Not bad, done a good job." "Oh, good to eat." Li Mengnan very delicate blew chopsticks on lamb. So Hu jin nine pounds of lamb again later. Eat more than an hour before eating. Patted round bulging belly, took out a toothpick. Biting mouth, or free good. Hu nine pounds of screaming! : "Boss! Checkout." Waiter trot over. Come up with bills, "Hello, a total of six hundred eighty-five 0.70 Count your six hundred and eighty." Hu nine pounds have reached into his pocket, but to hear such a time. "Peng!" "You live *** bored ah! Knock your grandfather who got my head come! Inquire about you I do not inquire about who I am! Six hundred eighty-five? I think you wanted to be six hundred eighty !. "snapped! Hu pumping nine pounds a slap in the face of the waiter, this guy whipped the look turn to the edge. People around them a look, wow! The look. The whole run. <
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