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29.05.2013 11:15
subconsciously looking forward to the next antworten
People have a habit of inertial x ì ng thinking. Count to nine, to tens, count to nineteen, to the great, count to ninety-nine, you want to count to one hundred. When a person with a look deeply into the exchange of people, after some intimate contact, will subconsciously looking forward to the next step to further exchanges. But the southern Chu is in no way...... As he read the note in Xia Yuechan. This is a proud woman, her pride and Li Mengru's shrewd and different, she more x ì ng, more mature, she knew what is right, what is negative, what is decreed by fate, what just coincidence. Chu Nan is very clear, the summer Yuechan last night to his the doings, I'm afraid it will never again second times. Well...... As a dream. Positive so-called: Ch ū n, dream without a trace, hanging wire y ù lethal. Chu Nan can not let his soul to hook walk, calm down, think about their own things. You have been called, he was gone, the doctor is the main southern Chu, he can't waste this. Chu Nan is very clear, the second people's Hospital of city place, who can not. And after a week of South Chu was going to attend the Kyoto Medical Academic Conference, this week to post practice, even the leftovers, or familiar with today's medical profession, not when the seminar into a deny all knowledge of an event. After getting up, washing of South Chu went to the living room, see the table that a bunch of expensive supplements, or from a warm heart, but...... He does not need, although it can accelerate the recovery of its own supplements, but adequate intake is good, that is to say, the front of this pile of supplements, only 1/3 you can use it, and more, waste. But...... Chu Nan also can't just throw, he thought of the flower of a need these things more than him. "Hey, Zhao childe." "Said many times, call me Zi Hong on the line!" OK. Zi Hong, I think of your body needs to consolidate the tonic, will give you buy many senior tonic, how to send it to you?" "This...... So good to me, I will feel shy......" Zhao Zi Kai flavor of the road. "...... Forget it, I go to the project hope." "Hey, what a joke, project hope who need this assistance? Have a joke with you, you're home now? I let my driver took over the southern Chu,Oakley Oil Rig, sorry,Air Jordan SC 1, I here temporarily away." A good relationship with Zhao Zihong, is the southern Chu from the heart, not too many utilitarian heart, but he is very appreciate Zhao Zihong x ì ng lattice, perhaps his x ì ng lattice placed in ordinary people,Oakley Sunglasses Store, it is nothing, but...... If placed in his level of the society is, the X ì ng lattice and character, it is too difficult. With friends like this often associated with the southern Chu, actually belongs to the lucky. At the door waiting for about ten minutes, Zhao Zihong's driver had to drive up to the front of South chu. Although these supplements are very expensive, but Zhao Zihong wanted to buy, or casual, only need a command line.
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