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29.05.2013 11:13
Li Mengnan in the dorm Hu antworten
> "Ha, ha. WWw,Coach Bags Sale, quaNBen, COm ha ha ha" giggle! Hu nine pounds out from the principal's office after been giggle. I did not expect ah, when the old man did not eat so much skill to flatter public grain but also people denounced it. This will eat himself, or a chief. This is the life ah, it seems I really non-ordinary people HU Masters. "Uncle you how the? We in this, and so it." Li Mengnan frowning, nine pounds giggle Hu did not understand. "Well, it is so." Find a level sitting on top. Li Mengnan looked at, was sitting beside him. "Well, do not know where the old soil cap in what way this block." Do not know where came a student, wearing a very "trendy" head head high, seems to have painted eye shadow. Let Hu nine pounds look very unhappy. "That dog came egg sub? Want to die embarrassed to say? Want uncle give you a ride?" Hu nine pounds stand up a slap. "Pop!" "You you! How do you beat." Trendy men surprised? This guy actually dare people! And is in the principal's office door hit! Although he does not look like the staff of the school, and that is what his children or relatives of the study here. He want to live ah? "Little chop suey. Refuses to shoot a year I know how many little tramp like you Do to challenge my patience, I am very violent!" Said squeezed fist. Hu nine pounds just sitting there he did not see, and it is carrying a. Especially to see the edge of a beautiful woman, wanted to show that he is a gentleman in. I did not expect this guy is so strong, looks very sturdy. Most let him think of is actually also beat it. "Well, the old guy waiting for you to give me." From the ground up to run the trip. "Oh, uncle, you're so violent." Li Mengnan could not understand this guy, Wuzui straight smile. "Huh? Zhao teacher coming" Li Mengnan sharp-eyed, saw just give them tea Zhao teacher came. "Hello,Air Jordan Shoes, Huke Zhang. I'll take you to the formalities of these to do." Zhao is also a 25-year-old young women and Hu nine pounds shake of the hand. Take them go through the formalities. "Well, this is Huke Zhang yours. Minutes later there may be other teachers come in, you first select a bar." This is a Sanshiyiting house. Zhao nine pounds to Hu pointed his finger width between Western foreign universities for some new teacher did not have residence built of teachers in the school building. One person, one bedroom, living room and kitchen shared. For some young people just out of the small very good, do not spend money on renting an apartment. "Yes, the environment is good." Hu looked around nine pounds. This decor is a commune in the previous presidents took no inhabitant. "Oh, OK fine, which is the key,jordan online cheap, and your salary advance." To Hu Zhao nine pounds of an envelope. "Oh, the trouble you Xiaozhao comrades." Hu nine pounds took the envelope. Looked at all the red 1oo block. But this money was not seen, but fortunately, when listening in the car before the said country has 1oo Li Mengnan large denomination notes, or else he will think that this is false. "OK, so will you go to the security section of December 2019, begin today to rectify it. Schools recently some children jumping on." Zhao said opened the door. "Well, I'll go look at other." Hu nine pounds nod. "Uncle, I am powerful it give you the position of Chief broke oh." Li Mengnan very happy. "Oh, good. Huda Shu will remember afterward came Huda Shu play this game, a person living here Huda Shu." Hu nine pounds on this lovely Lee mm liked. "Well, where do I go back up. One will see you again." Li Mengnan winked said. "Well." This house is about 12o square meters, home appliances and what's actually complete. But Hu does not make nine pounds, also as a decoration. "Good friends. Has just come out, there is room work this day is very good too, the chief? Haha I have several of his men it can be Zhenshuang." Hu nine pounds lying in bed, the bed is very soft. Here seems to be a spring, this stuff is like asking Simmons, previously heard. I did not expect yourself also. Mei Mei's sleep first. Hu nine pounds of clothes off, they wear a pant asleep. "Nannan, that uncle is how?" In Li Mengnan dorm. HU Li-na are asking Limeng Nan Hu nine pounds Devil streamers are also placed here. "No matter how ah, the uncle saved me and I gave him to thank him find a job that way." Li Mengnan friends very strange question. "This ah, which Mody how he seemed very cold to me like" Hu nine pounds look to his face she was very unhappy. "Giggle, I guess it ... At least you wearing today too sexy." Li Mengnan Wuzui laugh. "Ah? On this?" HU Li-na stared. Today, HU Li-na wearing a sleeveless lace shirt, pants he is a skirt, black stockings. This gesture is in Daqing City, simply nothing, the weather hot thing. mm were all dressed very few, and very sexy. But Li Mengnan know Hu nine pounds this man is very old-fashioned, it is she just wearing a hot pants beginning Hu nine pounds are muttering immoral, not to mention the HU Li-na with it? "I am speechless." HU Li-na defeated. Think it is because of this. "Fun bar, Huda Shu very powerful in the car when his feet to kick turned criminals, even the hand did not move." "Ah? True. Give me talk." In this way, Li Mengnan in the dorm Hu said she and nine pounds is how knowledge is how to eat meals Overlord Hu nine pounds is how to beat people. "Sleep Zhenshuang, go get something to eat." Hu nine pounds to sleep together and see the clock on the wall. 18:00, the dinner. Looked at the table is brought Zhao uniforms, there are large blocks. Hu put on nine pounds picked up, looked in this mirror. "Well, yes. Was this beard quite unsightly, but not shaved." Hu nine pounds of beard is a luxurious, he practiced the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu's famous martial art "Spring knife" is used in the battlefield, In other words. The emphasis is on a momentum toward the opponent put in scare others. Let others think they are in any case can not be beat. Hu nine pounds in the dungeon perennial face Yuanhun, practice this martial art. Seen as a rival to Yuanhun big kill kill, themselves infected with a hint of evil spirits. This is why in restaurants and school Hu nine pounds pumping up someone a slap others dare not reason. Because he looks very ferocious, very powerful. Others did not dare to beat him up, momentum is compelling is the truth. Officialdom, a high official, you civilians suddenly confronted him, he felt a kind of unattainable feeling. When this officer would think he was good. This is the official authority. In what places have this momentum, but some weak and some strong. Hu is to practice killing nine pounds of their own ghost knife, also pay attention to the momentum. Pick up the sword in the time the film Kanxiang ghosts scare him directly, let it out very force only seven. But these are used in the dungeons of the stick as a knife Mastermind streamers to use, less sentiment on a knife and intended to kill evil spirits. This is very regrettable. "So be it. Earn some money first, then go to put things back collar." Hu nine pounds of the envelope before Chen Tianxiang kick to his pocket. Just find a place to put away money collar, locked the door and went out. <
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