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29.05.2013 11:11
Liu Sanfeng's mind to fry pan antworten
"Oh I rub!" Liu Sanfeng head suddenly smashed Meng, the subconscious is a curse. But on the basketball court trash talk, a lot of, so no one felt him because of this sentence is of low quality. Just...... Other people on the basketball have covered circle. "This...... What the fuck???" Liu Sanfeng as captain of the basketball team, so he is the core,Coach New Arrivals Bags, around make tactical system. If it weren't for Liu Sanfeng, the game's off. So, just his teammates due to excessive trust him, think he is deliberately do some action,Oakley Oil Rig Sale, confuse the enemy audition, then directly to the ball came to him. The ball was quickly broken down, then Liu three subconsciously want to catch the past, but to see his there is too itchy. "Substitution! Substitution!!" Liu Sanfeng saw no, hurriedly towards the court to fight a gesture. Others Shayan son -- the game today, no rotation players, could he have forgotten? He gritted his teeth, Liu Sanfeng feel really can not stand, aware of a slip of the tongue, changed his tune: "pause! Pause!" Due to his face, temporarily called the game a five minute short pause. "I go to the restroom!" Then, Liu Sanfeng will pose strange went to the restroom. "...... The captain is how??" "Not too clear...... But look at him...... If there is itching? -- don't he like to play a woman, took what disease?" "Hello! Don't be noisy! You don't want to mix in the basketball team?! If the captain knew your words, not overtly or covertly, fuck you?" "Uh...... I'm not trust you!" In fact, the basketball team, they are in contact with Liu Sanfeng's, also know him as a man is what kind, but most people dare not. As Liu Sanfeng likes to play with a woman that, on the basketball team is no secret. Southern Chu watching Liu three wind all the way back, his face raise a smile. "This Liu Sanfeng is trying to find a place where no one can kick to scratch?" Southern Chu helpless shakes his head, "have ah, flinch more urticant more, for a while back, have him." In the restroom, Liu Sanfeng took off his trousers, in the stalls, a little scratch, scratch, a temporary relief to his cool fluttering y ù Xian, slobber flow out faster. "He is the son of the...... Don't be which s ā o women infected with disease.??" Liu Sanfeng's mind to fry pan, almost scratch swollen, how also not better???...... ...... Five minutes later,Coach Bags Sale, Liu three step by step posture weird walked back to the basketball court. He is ready to request departure. But...... When he had just come to the basketball court, will hear his side and the other teammates are arguing. Ha-ha. What a good counter? Your captain is a useless! -- I'm sure, he dared not again returned to the basketball court and we fight! Say it is not a substitute for, no pause the game, you get a special captain! -- the semifinals badly? College Basketball League this year, we see you again, you have a child!" "Fuck! What. -- >
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