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29.05.2013 11:09
Several Ai Qing Stop fighting antworten
> Enke exam is finally over, three rì a consecutive three fields will try examinations so many people happy, so many people to tears. wWw, quaNBen, COm Young reform riding these rì, and a new army met some rì child. Estimated that after rì child, have to return to the previous old way to go, the new army there, not like now, every day, soak in there. Chongzhen reign. March 16. Zaozhao. Gate of Supreme Harmony. Worshiping, singing, began proceedings. Young minds are not Zaozhao on reform. Audience was still going on last Zaozhao style. "Thousands rì war" has three, one is led by Ting Liu Jishan "hard" faction, one is "continued the ancient" faction, as well as one that is soy sauce pie, there do not help, looking both to help people fighting. Young reforms am very helpless, though absent-minded, but always this debate this thing, nor is it a way, seeing the sun Lao Gao,Oakley Flak Jacket Sale, quick lunch, and not accomplishing a thing. "...... Of you Ai Qing, or pause it! So not worth arguing over the results! Matter, this rì aside, the next issue." Sitting on the Throne - Emperor finally spoken. Controversy was thirsty ministers finally indisputable, since the emperor said the next topic, then the next subject. ...... Suddenly, Wang Chengen anxious sè hurriedly walked the edge of the Throne of God sè panic, anxious tone for Young reforms and said: "Your Majesty, the telegraph ......" Then, Cheng-Chung Wang handed Chongzhen a bankbook. Young reforms differences rarely Wang Chengen such panic, what's big? Does the Zentraedi attack Earth? It is a tragedy, the earth can only be holding a machete against Zentraedi ah! Open Zhezi a look inside many traditional Yang reform seen headache, barely read on, and finally understand one thing. That is wild boar skin engage in the customs thing. Young reforms mind mess. Surrounded Jinzhou? Not to fight? Looks like fun troops in there? I did not mention the historical mountain boar skin on the offensive Chongzhen reign Ming ah! Ming this year should be no major war ah! In particular, and wild boar skin. Jinzhou not play around, do where soy sauce? Jinzhou no ordinary city, where evil is also heavily gathered numerous forts, and proximity to the sea, around a year or two all right, not to mention, it's only around twenty thousand people, Jinzhou, Jinzhou around a lot more than this man. Never had more than several times before going to the enemy's troops around other people, and now to a good, wild boar skin to twenty thousand people around Jinzhou forty-five million, not counting the peripheral fortress troops. This is also called Wai? All of them are wild boar skin when his Superman? Young reforms puzzling, and very low self-esteem, their army was fighting wild boar skin despised. "Great companions, put this Zhezi to all the Ai Qing obsessed." Young reforms like a long time, but also thought that an excuse to, too weird. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Wang Chengen reform than Yang also understand that some otaku fact, know this Zhezi which contains meaning. See the emperor let yourself read this Zhezi immediately read aloud: "Chen XXX ......, East Krupp after payments to two Wan Qi, Tunyu Jinzhou, the shape of the siege, but Jinzhou, there are nearly 50,000 soldiers jīng , strong force of certain auxiliary soldiers, tens of thousands of reinforcements outside, ...... minister that one of fraud, should be done early beware ...... "Wang Chengen soon had finished this Zhezi, write a very straightforward and simple. Young puzzled reform, two people doing here? Jinzhou city have 45 million people, two million people around forty or fifty thousand? May have not heard of. This is something which certainly fraud. But do not know where fraud, is it by yourself through the power of this too, too many historical factors change, so the bark of wild boar attacked before? Alternatively, there are also wild boar skin to a person through the stirring history? Wang Chengen had finished, Young reforms are still thinking about this thing strange in there. Sun Chengzong have to listen to understand them badly, it immediately wrinkled brow, anxious to play the class: "Qibing Majesty, the matter was finally fulfilled, East Krupp after the gold, and she came." Young reforms confused, what fulfillment come? "Master Sun can understand that right?" Young reforms still do not understand. In this hall, and not just the Young Emperor never understood this reform, the hall where the ministers did not understand a few are watching helplessly Sun Chengzong, looked at the emperor's teacher what Takami. "Qibing Majesty, can still remember some former rì, His Majesty in the sandbox speculate on the East Bypass Mongolia prisoner after the gold into the customs issue? ......" Sun Chengzong anxious explained. His words, Chodo someone come to understand. Exclaimed, "really." "Good insurance." "Really coming" "really coming" "...... This is God Bless My Ming dynasty ......" [[[CP | W: 615 | H: 480 | A: L]]] (Pictured Ming Liaodong form chart) watching a lot ...... I understand the way a minister, Yang reform feel stupid, half also thought to understand what it meant, wonder, wild boar skin into the customs Bypass Mongolia is the second half of next year things ah! How this year? ...... Ah! Yes, next year into the customs, this Pathfinder ah! That I was stupid, and that the Mongolian tribes and wild boar skin is not the deal, if it does not advance side of the road to get through Mongol tribes, next year how entry? So, this year, this action is clearly a prelude to entry ah! Good insurance! Young hearts reform Anjiao soon, thanks to the experienced and prudent Sun Chengzong a see through one of the puzzle. Suiyou cry in my heart: thank God, finally fulfilled, wild boar skin strategic action steps fall entirely into his eyes, saw a very clear by their own, seems to be able to calmly deal with it. ...... Chodo, understand the words of Sun Chengzong more and more people have exclaimed, "is really the case," "really come." Even some uninformed people along with them exclaimed, crap, others are shouting, you do not call, you're not that low IQ? Idiot? Young reforms still secretly pleased, and finally came to a realization boar skin chess game, their predictive success. Here's a minister stood up and said: "Qibing Majesty, this is after the payment Bypass Mongolia East Krupp entry prelude to the troops in Jinzhou, Italy is inserted Han Mongolian Ministry, the aim is to open up the bypass road in Mongolia, congratulations Majesty, Hershey Majesty, Her Majesty's prediction came to pass, His Majesty's just an exercise in Terry, the Lord also, my big Ming should make early preparations, East Krupp places do not come, the one, then give slap in the face, a blow ...... "in front of military action is to explain the purpose of wild boar skin, behind the Kuangpai emperor's ass. But do not say it did not shoot the wrong flattering, this thing really is the emperor predicted, when we still did not agree with it, it now appears, the emperor really is a "day of longitudinal only" a little skill, the boy emperor Yang reform status in the eyes of the ministers and abilities, and be overstating a length. Fudge and prevarication that the emperor's words and things, the future or less dry, the Ming emperor jīng this yet. Other ministers also stands out, along with flattering, have praised the emperor wise, ingenious, my big Ming Dynasty, under the leadership of His Majesty the Emperor will definitely getting better. We must firmly unite around His Majesty the Emperor. ...... Busy for a while, Yang reform finally could not stand the power of ass, and said: "People Ai Qing,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet, or be quiet." Young Reform pressure of the pressure hand. Ministers finally quiet down. "Gentlemen, Ai Qing, the matter really is fulfilled, when I still just speculation, it seems, almost certainly, after the gold will pass through customs, gentlemen Ai Qing, may have countermeasures?" Someone would immediately come out, said: "Qibing Majesty, the minister believes that adults should be allowed to immediately attack Mao Mao Wenlong, pinned East prisoner." Young reforms silent, and now finally remembered Mao Wenlong's good to know so that he sent troops to contain wild boar skin, before and Mao Wenlong mouth battle, no drift when his forage, how did not think he had the ability to contain wild boar skin. Also a minister come out and said: "Your Majesty Qi Bing, Chen thought, should send troops to help plug the Han department. Together to resist the East prisoner after gold." Young Chinese Ministry of reform still thinking plugged in there, some people come out to oppose the : "Qibing Majesty, the matter can not, nor is inserted Ministry Han good crop, I repeat offenders Ming frontier, killing me Daming people, it is hateful, how to help them?" Another one jumped out and said: "XX, you how can I say? ...... XXX is wrong. "you are against me, I refute you, a few people in this hall where Gate of Supreme Harmony, fights exhilaration, as if his IQ higher than others, like first-class , he is the world's first intelligent person. Yang ...... had little prospect of reform, by this noisy, fights dizziness, something these people have not been resolved, try talking nonsense, it seems that this military thing,Coach Bags Outlet, or do not get the audience was up about better , there is, too many laymen, to say nothing tricky, white majority. "Several Ai Qing Stop fighting, can you say something useful and practical? If you can not tell, these things worked properly manage a reason or, let everyone out of ideas ......" Yang reforms are afraid of these bickering master. Several ministers back down a little bit embarrassed. Ministers you see me, I see you, are not meant to succeed, it comes through your mouth fighting, bickering, spit, they cleared the door, to say the actual work, to make things clear, they have no ability as big, and especially these military things, especially military strategy, and almost could not get any decent things to come. Young reforms am also very confused, just know that the Ming Dynasty to the north of Mongolia, northeast side is wild boar skin, As for the Chinese Ministry inserted there, touch the door unclear. But after gold detour to go through there, reckon, but also close to Kam Ning defense, otherwise do not call the detour. Sun Chengzong out, playing to: "Qibing Majesty, the King of the East after Krupp strategic intent, has been fully exposed, they can already predict, currently being cleaned Krupp East Bypass road, need to go through the insertion Han Mongolian Ministry, as well as flower color department, once cleanup completed, it will bypass the Kam Ning defense, the gap through the Great Wall, Ming Guan Zhitou my big defense, ...... open the way to take about a year or two, that time, the East Krupp surprise, reaching as far as my big Ming Dynasty capital powerhouse that time, shaking the capital, and the world all scared! "Sun Chengzong strategic thinking really good, a few words to put the boar skin says a clear trend. [Thanks criticism of books, you're right, humbly accept your criticism. Recent thinking a little clearer, thanks to you timely reminder! Here thanks! ] [In addition, we rely on the support of new books also! ] <
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