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29.05.2013 10:57
Which of your eye to see people Liu antworten
"Ah?! -- he is Liu Sanfeng! -- before the TV basketball match will be seen, but the reality seems on TV and not the same...... Took off his clothes, as if more handsome!!" "You this anthomaniac! Which of your eye to see people Liu Sanfeng senior did not wear the dress??" "Oh, wrong is wrong, is to remove the basketball clothes." "But really, Liu Sanfeng comes true very handsome oh......" Several sister there is suffused with anthomaniac, but Liu Sanfeng is also a natural view of the six way very alert, look around the worship sister enjoy praise, make a leisurely look, walked to the front of Liu Zheng. "Your name is Liu Zheng, right. I know you, this year a large sports basketball team I saw, saw you before high school league, is a very talented swingman." Liu Sanfeng at this time his hands in the pocket,Oakley Juliet Online, although he is a little better than Liu Zhengai by half a head, but the momentum, but less than Liu Zhengqiang. After all, Liu Sanfeng as JINGWAH university basketball team captain, and took the team to the National University Student Basketball League semi-final, his experience and shrewd, far more than Liu Zhengshen. "Are you Liu Sanfeng?......" Liu Zheng now face s è very ugly. The eyes of the...... But his future at the captain the team! It's bad luck! The first day of school, unexpectedly good Qiao unfortunately gets to his most needed good relations in the senior school! But now the contradiction has come out! Liu Zheng is of course not compromise! Cannot turn! He is the top in the front, can't let these three quarters behind brothers followed by bad! "It is in, did not expect to meet you in this case." Liu Sanfeng was very gracious, but the side of the southern Chu see Liu Sanfeng face cheekbone powerful, cunning villain wake up behind the surface appearance, which belongs to a set. "So, the situation today, you are wrong, you should not really like that", mouth closed to fight, it is not rational behavior." Liu Sanfeng said, "as your future in the team's captain,cheap jordan shoes, today I for you to play a joke." Then, Liu Sanfeng will be behind a bottle of fifty-two degrees Zhanggong wine in front of Liu Zheng: "this is a bottle of white wine,Air Jordan Take Flight Sale, you blow, so today it is so well, and our table dining tables do not need you to pay a friend, is to give you some x ì ng, don't be so rash, not so don't respect the seniors." "Magnanimous!!" "Liu brother adults do not mind a villain, is tolerance!!" Liu Sanfeng's words said, behind a bunch of little brother followed applaud. In fact, in which schools are the same, said the university is a small community, in the JINGWAH University have small circle, also follow the trend and the villain, this truth as the Wall Street is also a mixed eat like wait for death. Liu Zheng jumped at the brow. But Liu Sanfeng said today it well, but also not coke ch ū n to advance wine dinner, today this matter so much trouble, he also has some responsibility, so, he certainly would end up this bottle of liquor, said to Liu Sanfeng: "good! This bottle of wine, I blew!!" By now, >
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