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29.05.2013 10:35
although Xu also reluctant to antworten
> "The harm, I know what Master Xu said that this change, I have to prepare, but also have a more mature theory and systems, not to say think of where to do it there, since I let Master Xu to guide, to help Kong Yin Zhi, will naturally be accountable to, and must not let Master Xu confused to go do things, this is not the style I ...... "Yang Xu Guangqi reform one, then you know what Xu Guangqi worry. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm Xu Guangqi program needed no change, no change in the required theory, himself and he said, just change some of the problems you'll encounter, even if there is a solution to the problem, they are just some of the fragments, on the whole, is not coherent, not an organic whole. While only a complete, continuous, feasible, and can withstand the test of practice program theory guiding ideology, this transformation can better continue, otherwise, must Renwangzhengxi, but also no need to talk about what changes, and quiet mixed with food to die, his death which he Hongshuitaotian tube. "Also, please His Majesty next show ......" Xu Guangqi playing jīng God, being sè asked the emperor seems finally comes to the most critical areas. Young reforms but did not say anything, but come up with something. These things, it seems, but some atlas. "I dare Majesty, this is?" Xu Guangqi asked, puzzled, these are just some of the atlas, above all portraits, what looked like a clerical. "Yes, these are portraits that exact point, these are saints image, say it more precisely, these are selected, it is possible Exalted altar sages portrait." Young reforms took these pictures , laughing. These things are considered by Yang reform killer, holding these things, Young reforms feel winner. "Huibing Majesty, this is indeed sages portraits, but this and this change has to do with it?" Xu Guangqi asked, puzzled. Emperor jumping thinking too much, he really can not keep up section of Minato, last minute changes are still needed, said the theory, but now has come up with a bunch of saints map. "Master Xu But do not underestimate these sages figure and he has big, but useful, needed change theory, and Confucian reform leather basis, and even that tradition, both in the inside of the can." Young reforms laughing. This sage diagram, is the altar with the repair person, because the person is to be dedicated to the ancient altar of the saints. Sages, so people have these sages altar portrait sculpture ......, but also because of the fact that people in large altar, statues position and less, so the sage who is very competitive, to the present. But also not completely sure in the end what sages up, now the court and the world people are debating, Young reforms would be happy to ferment. This thing, the longer the fermentation, the people involved the better. "Also, please express His Majesty." Xu Guangqi to the interest, and do not know what to play huā kind emperor. Young reforms put these sages map, laid out one by one, this room desk on the ground, and immediately filled sages portrait. "Master Xu first look at these sages map, see if I can find some of these strange portraits, or to find the key points ......" Yang reform laughing. Xu said as he let himself go. "Chen Lingzhi!" Xu immediately promised down. And then immediately try to figure out from these sages diagrams. Quite a while later, Xu was also no clue that these sages map, not even the Emperor drawn,Madison Coach UK, but court painter painting, and some are even copied in accordance with ancient paintings on down. Have great antiquity, but a few gorgeous than the ancient books, to say the emperor in the inside tricks, Xu Guangqi it hard to believe that these things can almost never go through the emperor's hand, is entirely courtiers, who acclaimed people out. "Qibing Majesty, Shu Chen Yanzhuo really did not find anything strange ......" Xu had said so. "Oh, is not it? This simple fact, Xu master but is not found nothing." Young reforms laughing. Xu Guangqi listening, but staring at a room full of sage figure, or did not see any excuse to. "Huibing Majesty, the minister really dull, what is strange to see, but also fail to find the required changes and theoretical." Xu Guangqi was a little discouraged. Young reforms laughing, I thought, if it was their own historical perspective, they would not see. Then come up with a brush and began depicting saints together. Young reforms first in a picture with a brush smeared one, and then said: "Look at this piece of sage Master Xu figure, what can inspire?" Xu looked at the Emperor that the site Suiren erase a figure of a saint, And erase this part, it is that part of Suiren fire. This moment, Xu seems to have inspired. "...... Huibing Majesty, Her Majesty erase part of these Suiren fire, meaning that Suiren reason for the saints, because he created it with fire?" Xu seems to have realized, once said. "Oh Oh, right, the reason why it was established as Suiren San Juan in the first person, if without some merit, could it? Suiren this achievement is to create a fire, since then, I can only be descendants use of fire to warm before they can eat cooked food, before they can use the fire to boil water. "Young reforms laughing. "Huibing Majesty, yes, precisely because there is so much Suiren achievements, was the first person called the Three Kings." Xu Guangqi the look a gift horse, nodded road, the Suiren, but it is one of the few courtiers We agreed that the Master altar of the saints. "Ha ha ha, well, this would Leaving aside, look at the next one." Young reforms did not do too much on this diagram evaluation, but the beginning of the next one figure painting together. "Master Xu Look at this picture, what can you think?" Young reforms blotted out another one sage figure after he asked. Xu Guangqi's mind seems to have Emmanuel, unfortunately, it flashes by, but it is always not catch. "Huibing Majesty, His Majesty will erase Shennong plow and herbs, it is hinted that the merits of the saint is farming, with herbs?" Xu said so. "Yes, and the reason why the saint revered as a saint, but also has great merit, and his merit is that farming and herbs, with farming, I have food to eat Hua Xia Zimin, with herbs, can cure all diseases . "Young reforms commented. "Your Majesty has said is very ......" Xu Xing〗 〖both excited, and confused. The Shennong is also recognized as the Exalted altar of the saints, the emperor in the end to say something? Why is this sage figure is the theoretical basis of this revolution? "Well, that aside, look at this ......" Yang reform did not say much. Sages began on more discredit on the map. ...... "...... Majesty smeared Fuxi, which means that the saint has created fishing nets ......" ...... "...... discredit Youchaoshi Majesty, it is meant that the saint created a housing ...... "......" ...... Majesty discredit Emperors Yan and Huang's guide to car ...... "......" ...... Majesty discredit Leizu silk ...... "......" ...... Majesty discredit Changjei text ...... "... ... "...... Majesty discredit large torsion Lunar ......" ...... "...... Majesty discredit Ling Lun instruments ......" ...... "...... Majesty Cai Hou discredit the paper ......" ...... "...... Your Majesty discredit the gunpowder ...... "......" ...... Majesty discredit ...... "...... Xu looked emperor eleven discredit sages. See is thoughtfully, these sages were discredited, some acclaimed to be the Master altar. Others because competition is still debate, but they are regarded as a saint correct. "Oh, I see so many things to discredit, Master Xu no little sentiment?" Young reforms asked, laughing. "Your Majesty mean ......?" Indeed if the Wu Xu Guangqi, but not always seize that moment and bright. "Or I to uncover this mystery it, if there is no fire Suiren inventive method, the future of these sages, including we all now have to eat raw meat, drink unboiled water, no fire to keep warm. Was not?" Young said, laughing reform . "Your Majesty is justified ......" Xu immediately nodded. "...... No Shennong farming and herbs, sage, including those behind what we eat now? What treatment?" Young reforms asked. "Your Majesty say is ......" Xu Guangqi very simply recognition. "...... Behind such as clothes, houses, cars, paper, and so things are the same, no saints who created these things, what we eat today? Wear what? What? What can write? Take what expense? What can heritage culture, civilization? "Yang reform after another asked. Xu Guangqi stunned speechless, I did not expect, this is about the sages graph Exalted altar hidden these things. Is this the emperor said theory? This is the emperor's killer? To know that this man will be under the altar the world who hope to assume China's culture, civilization heritage, on which the above things let alone destroy, even slander is a kind of sin ...... "...... I discredit these things, there is a common feature. Xu master can know what? "Young reforms asked. "...... This ......" Xu Guangqi some heart cháo surging up, I feel that something is scratching his heart. "These things in common is that they are tools that are used to improve people created their own living environment tools Master Xu say how I feel?" Young reforms asked again. "...... This ......" Xu Guangqi not know how to answer. Emperor discredit these things are indeed tools,Coach Handbags Sale, not as a saint itself ...... "people's own strength compare tiger, smaller than a lot of wild beasts, but were made to dominate the world on this side, and why?" Yang asked reforms Road. "...... Majesty mean that this is the tool causes?" Xu replied somewhat uncertain, physical and psychological exhaustion, in this amazing idea gone before, some just vitality, some only vitality, a brand new world gradually presented in front of Xu Guangqi, that Emmanuel to now, it seems that again. "Yes, man is through the tools to change and dominate the world through its own tools to achieve the impossible, it is impossible to bring down giant trees such as people, but the tree felled by an ax, saw the tree can be divided into Many segments, you can not afford the car will carry up trees shipped to where it is needed, you can build houses, can be cultivated to meet their own needs feeding, you can identify Herbs to treat disease, can be tools people into space, you can people across the seas through the tool, you can tool shells hit a few miles away, you can use gunpowder mountains Shardling ...... these are the people themselves can not be done, but through tools, but it can be done ...... "Yang Reform thin said. "Your Majesty have a point ......" Xu replied full of joy, a new world appears to be in the front. "So, are people through the tools to dominate the world, this view do not know whether to accept Xu master?" Young reforms asked. "Huibing Majesty, the minister can accept ......" Xu Guangqi's like a little lower, replied the emperor black out the fire. Clothes, house, car, food, herbs, paper and so things did these. Also how people live? Do so now people do not wear clothes? Eat raw food, like savage life it? "...... Well, these tools, and the use of tools among people constitutes a relationship, you can come out of a productive concept, do not know Xu master can understand it?" Yang reform with some caution asked. "...... Huibing Majesty, the minister can understand, but it is not clear ......." Xu said very simply. "The so-called productivity is to transform people through the tools and the ability to dominate the world, this ability, because different users and tools leading to the productivity of various sizes, and the size of the productive forces, but also determines the different relations of production, which between the three, interrelated with the. do not know that Master Xu could understand? "Yang said the reform. "...... Please also explain ...... Your Majesty," Xu said with some excitement, Xu Guangqi know that this world is estimated in this context in a few words, the kind of fog, to see the past, present. Future sense of permeability, constantly hit. Young reforms smiled, said this step yourself that says basically finished, if Xu Guangqi can understand this point, then. It may be added that his following, if Xu Guangqi not understand to this step, then the following is not necessary to say anything more, indispensable to have to let go properly reflect Xu Guangqi. Young reforms took out from a magazine of a secret thing, and handed Xu said: "Xu master, this is some of the ideas I, Master Xu look, read again and I said, presumably Master Xu will be enlightenment. "Xu did not hesitate, and immediately took the little book, civil action soon, and then began to read it. Yang Xu reform started reading the pamphlet see also peace of mind to sit down, the brochure is Young reforms on productivity transcribing some things, such as production tools, producers, the definition of the relations of production, such as residual value, such as exploitation , the definition of the exploiting classes, such as the productive phase of the division, such as the interpretation of the relations of production division, as well as their logo ** pieces, as well as future production tools, productivity, determine the relationship between the relations of production and so on. Young reforms slowly tea break, just in order to guide and inspire Xu Guangqi, has spent much saliva do not know, now, that is the rest of the time. ...... Time is long, and time is slow. Xu Guangqi going over a sheet of paper, often have to turn back a few pages, the booklet did not actually complete a few pages ...... Young reforms are patiently waiting. ...... Finally, Xu seems to be watching. Long sigh, and looked in, with a clear and bright, with surprise, with some emotion, with some of the excitement, but also with some tired. "...... This is pure instrument of His Majesty, who in turn placed wherever it?" Xu Guangqi first proposed a problem. "Oh, Oh, I can not ignore the role of people, instead of using the tool and the tool before the formation of a productive relationship between what? I can never neglect the importance of human xìng. Instrument important, people are more important, are one of the elements of productivity ...... "Yang smiled and replied reform. "...... Well ......, said Wen Chao, Life and Death, the minister is now experienced, and His Majesty the book, although Robinson did not fully understand, there are still many unknown, many could not agree more place ...... but, can feel, this is the essence of history tells, people have a fog, clear seeing historic feel of the millions of years of time, in this book, but turned it into a few lines, terrible, terrible ah! do not know this book is that some people into the offer, or His Majesty written by himself? "Xu Ming Wu seems to have, the excitement with, emotion, said, obviously, this book is a great touch on his . "About this book is actually very simple, I just was not so much to discredit what the sages chart? Considered I slightly from this figure inspired sages it ......" Yang reform without a blush of these achievements for himself, These have benefited from the actual compulsory education, have benefited from Marx. "No wonder, wonder, wonder,Oakley Active Outlet, wonder ......" Xu said with no little excitement. This book can be regarded as completely subverts the accumulation of decades of his life, values, worldviews, so that Xu Guangqi feel like a freshman in general, people have a transparent feeling, although Xu also reluctant to admit there's a lot saying ...... "Master Xu also wanted to understand how I want to change this, right?" Yang said the reform. "Huibing Majesty, His Majesty looked at discrediting those sages chart, and read this booklet His Majesty, His Majesty said earlier then recall those words, the minister of His Majesty the changes already have a general understanding of ...... have to say His Majesty Holy Spirit, there are so sharp, thoughtful, people think, can not refuse and resistance strategies, the minister believes that this change has had five to grasp ...... but some do not understand, not transparent place, please His Majesty Solutions confusion ...... "Xu said excited, read the emperor to discredit those sages map, and then read this booklet, and then think of the emperor, and he had to say today, Xu Guangqi regarded as essential to understand the emperor so much today, and his intention of , can be considered a basic understand of the emperor change strategy. This is in accordance with the emperor handle change theory, based on the altar in the human heritage nail practice, Xu felt that political reform has become at least half. Altar together people of the world who look, bear heritage of Chinese culture and civilization; bear worship saints sages, ancestors; maintain now, after expanding all the burden on China agree, and itself is extremely ambitious, called a miracle, once built, how will people who slander slander altar? How would people destroy the wounding altar? How will people against people suspected altar? This above things can remain constant is the truth, and this against that and the whole China's past, present and future against, from this height, the Confucian have nothing, and at this height, the transformation Confucianism is nothing too hard to do it, ...... think of those who now argue for the altar of the saints of the Exalted minister who people think of the altar for people who are still fighting to break the head of the wealthy people to donate stone places, local people , Xu has a heartfelt laugh ...... emperor too bad ...... (To be continued. <
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