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> Young reform some casual listening Hyobu Shang Shen Yong-mao explanation. Www, QUAnben, CoM && Yuanchonghuan rì the shelling in the Seto Inland Sea to recover compensation work is in full swing, in accordance with the notification message back, playing rì this is war, and not in spending great, as expected is so, is entirely a war with investment prospects. Zhong Chen have their breath, carefully listening to the Ministry of War still Shen Yong-mao explain, defend what no one out, and no one wants to say anything, and now all this is so, as the emperor said, spend some money, and even money to make, followed by Yuanchonghuan to go to war Woguo not too many people are not soldier's pay, but also to fight to get something to pay the license fee as a large part of such a thing, we will definitely ago scoff when this is definitely dreaming, but now the truth is completely subvert their worldview ...... his court, it is true, with many people fart Britain Britain followed behind Yuanchonghuan listen Yuanchonghuan beck and call, the court only gave a nominal, but the core of the support ships and troops, you can play the Woguo playing a mess effect. "Since unwilling to compensate, then I will pick them up towards ......" Yang said absently reform, according to the results of human contact and Woguo, Woguo apparently unwilling to compensate astronomical general war reparations, and that the rest, it goes without saying, there is only one word, playing. Zhong Chen continue their breath, no one came out answer. Number 10002000 silver make Woguo lose out, this possible? This is the white rì dreaming. Woguo life and death, and we have not a penny of the relationship. Why should stand out as Woguo speak? Since Huang HS army so so. Emperor Woguo way to deal with very useful, it is not necessary to stand out more to say, if the Emperor let yourself lose so much money are we supposed to? ...... Young reforms are scattered small absently toward the proposal. Absent-minded reasons, but it is up to the capital Xu. Young reform has maps and latitude and longitude whom planning this thing, but also that is born of the time. Young reform believe that with this stuff latitude and longitude, safety of navigation in the sea will be greatly improved, for expansion, absolutely ineffable benefits. Today, there is the theory and practice of people also. Chronograph watches for barely available human and financial terms is unlimited support, latitude and longitude of this stuff has actually been calling yù out, of course. Perhaps jīng accuracy can not be too high, but even rough version, it is definitely a big kill, Pacific Neihu realization may completely rely on him. "Call ......" Yang reform long breath, though when the emperor has many limitations, and even the capital of all the difficulties, although in that time just when the emperor is almost hopeless situation, but have to say, once you grasp the real power. Once you have the prestige, once able to use the power of the empire, many things become easy, simple, becomes easy, which is the other crossing, other people can not match. ...... "Chendeng see Your Majesty ......" "free gift ......" Yang said with a smile reform, this time, but it is met in a small building outside of the crowd, to the people of many. There are Sun Yuan, Tian classics, Sung, Schall, some officials calendar Bureau. And most important Xu. After all salute, Young reforms saw a crowd of a "stranger." "Xu?" Young reforms smile shouted. Yang Xu reform did not give arrange a separate meeting process. But already familiar to him as an old friend, or generally as a one of us old courtiers. With everyone's eyes looked emperor's voice, but it is to see one wearing a gown shirt Xu. "Students." Xu stiff with some panic and immediately replied. "I like to see what you write travelogues, well written ah!" Young reforms laughing. "Thank His Majesty praised!" Xu replied very stiff, come here, he was dressed in a gown shirt, and no robes, and in this palace, a bit harsh. "I also give to this palace surrounded, otherwise, is also scheduled to walk everywhere, ha ha ha ......" Yang reform laughing. Side of the few people listened, when this is all a joke, the emperor of the palace, it is not a good thing, indispensable to any sudden incident, although the emperor verbally said she wanted to go out, you can now, the emperor did not go through, it touches do not worry too much. "......" Xu was another formality. "...... Xia Ke Jiang yīn people ......" Yang reforms asked with a smile, beginning in the history of their own people met in front of the famous geographer, traveler and explorer, both be met, again, is to introduce him to his team, so you can make the shortest possible time Xu into their team, clearly marked one of us to Xu label. "Huibing Majesty, yes ......" Xu is still constrained answered, my heart is turned up monstrous waves, he lifts a small, one-piece Guanpao are not, but it is available as emperor and an old friend General chat and talk to him, this feeling, it is hard to imagine. Yang Xu reform smiled and chatted for a while homemade, be considered to have done the homework, and this although boring, but also must take the process, not because of tedious and omitted. ...... "Well, I XIAKE can be considered an old acquaintance, and also not to say students were then brought together this rì to everyone, there is indeed events,Madison Coach Bags, I will say it out loud ......" Yang reform to yourself, give one of us here know Xu, you just say get down to business, and for this position, though not seen, but it is "old acquaintance" of the people, Yang reform but that is not hypocritical. Everyone is very surprised, Xu emperor certainly never seen this man from the attitude of the emperor, the emperor seems to already familiar with the Xu, and my heart have speculated, it appears that rumors of the emperor like to see Xu travel writing is Really, it appears that there is communication between the emperor and Xu liaison is true, otherwise, the first time I saw absolutely impossible so Zilai Shu, Xu is also on high to see one. "Also, please His Majesty next show ......" Tian be here by the highest officer. Said. "Some rì former child. I said, to re-mapping the map, you can have any progress?" Young reforms asked. "Huibing Majesty ......" Tian after I heard this thing, replied immediately stand out, this thing a while ago, but also in the court of the uproar, regarded as a sort of a small thing, Tian after they've already started this aspects of the matter immediately to the emperor from his job to explain. Young heard a burst of reform. Could not nod, be in a serious listen. Be finished by Tian and Yang reform began to prepare himself. "...... Although these are good, but. Still I can not meet the requirements of ......" Yang reform first gave such a review, according to the traditional approach by Tian cartography, although there are Young demanding reform, crafted figure can be considered jīng result, the reform in the Young hearts, still can not meet the requirements, and even that, and far from their own requirements. Young ready to get the latitude and longitude reform the big kill, instead of the normal map, by determining the latitude and longitude. Through a certain formula, you can calculate your location, which for vessels navigating in the ocean is undoubtedly centering lifesaving a magic weapon, with him, the ocean will become small. Tian looked at by a look of innocent emperor, he can be really in earnest, carefully at things ah, unfortunately, even a pertinent comment emperor did not give him. Directly negate it. "...... Ha ha ha, Qingjia Do not look I, I mean really, not to say Qingjia work is not serious, nor that Qingjia painted figure is not good. ...... But I really can not meet the Requirements ...... "Yang Tian reform see the appearance after a grievance immediately explained with a smile. "...... Also invited His Majesty expressed ......" Tian indeed wronged by the very. He can be really hard enough, painted maps are indeed in accordance with the requirements of the emperor to do it, why not get a little bit can certainly do? This is really ohh it. "...... Zhenyao of this thing, is to use the sea, through this thing in the vast depths of the ocean to determine the position, so as to solve the deep ocean unable to position themselves the question ...... it is quite correct that jīng ......, I Qingjia things not to say no, but I is not the same requirements ...... "Yang reform laughing. Young reforms outburst, the crowd burst of surprise. "...... Majesty means, to overseas geomancy geography? For overseas construction map?" Sun Yuan first wake up. Emperor has always been to do things "ridiculous", like before making any decisions, such as to the east Krupp has built the "Account" bizarre behavior, now also emigration to overseas construction that the "Account", do the map, but also like to understand. Sun Yuan have to say, everyone it touches all wake up. "Can be considered, and now the sea has more important things, I was ready to aggressively toward emigration Naturally, this had to first get out of the map, say what you want, at least should have a chart, do not you?" Young reforms laughing. Young reforms mood is very good, do latitude and longitude, survey map of the world that live only in support of an empire can be a good finish, individual, an organization, a small country is bound to be unable to complete these things, the use of Empire of the energy to do this kind of "basic" and in fact, it is an empire to do, but also a sign of maturity empire. Tian said that not long after, it can be said that the previous emperor Ming geographic mapping mountains, can not say even overseas should be mapping, geographic mapping Daming mountains which are already a huge, heavy things, and now the emperor also thinking of mapping the entire world map, which the workload, Tian had been frightened by the thought of the great Ming Dynasty globes location, proportion, Tian eyes began after two straight hair, the body began to become weak, my mind began to ignorant. "...... In addition to mapping the map, there is one thing that determines their position, this thing, I thought, and maps is equally important, think we all know that in the vast sea, there is no reference, is difficult to determine their location, route slightly off point, there may be drowned, if it can accurately determine their location, presumably no longer what these sea Ju Yi, want to go where ......, say soldiers horses, forage first, it's important xìng, presumably Needless to say of you can understand ...... "Yang said the reform. Everyone looked amazing emperor, which really goes without saying, obviously, which is to provide rì emperor after the expansion of the sea to prepare, and now this thing, probably in ten or twenty years, or even decades before results will be out by then, but it happens to be Ming dynasty to Southeast Asia. He's voyages critical time. To the time, everything is a matter of course ...... "I dare Majesty, that how to achieve it? This is almost impossible ah! If land has mountains and rivers make reference inquiries with the local people can be this vast sea of , in addition to sea water or sea water, and how to determine it? "Tian been asked, this subject was the first time they appear. Tian through the whole people are ignorant of. "This thing, I also thought about some rì son, and also some immature thoughts, gentlemen, now I come ......" Yang reform looked days sè. Laughing. The so-called latitude and longitude positioning method, practical nor how profound things, the basic principles of the actual very early. Reform ...... Young led the crowd, came to an open area. Here there is no shade shelter, burning sun drying in the immediate personal. Open ground paved with cement all around the ground, looked very clean and smooth. The middle of open ground, erected a stick, sun drying on a stick, the stick's shadow dragged to the ground. "Gentlemen Qingjia look at this thing, ever has recognized?" Young reforms asked with a smile. "Huibing Majesty has recognized, which is used to determine the season of things, Astronomical where there ......" Tian said through immediately. This relies on the sun's shadow to determine the season of things, not just how profound things, Tian by a recognized them. "Yes, about astronomy, calendar side of things, I also read some, if I did something wrong, if this noon with the shortest stick and the stick's shadow is the same length. Then this stick vertex and this stick shadow forming a right angle between the vertices of an equilateral triangle, can? '"Huibing Majesty, yes ......" Tian said through immediately. "If one basis point to here, within the same hour, in the south two hundred years again the same length of a stick. Of you say, the stick's shadow and it will not be as long as the shadow of a stick? "Young reforms asked. A little silence for a moment. "...... Two hundred years is too short. If two thousand miles it? Shadow stick this happen?" Young reforms see a time nobody accosted, asked again. "...... Huibing Majesty, at the same hour in which two stick's shadow would not last as long ......" Tian by immediately replied. "That this same hour, the only north-south distance changes, which also will change shadows, that this distance between the stick and the gap between this shadow, is not there a definite link? has some proportion? "Young reforms asked. Young did not intend to completely reform how to get the latitude and longitude to the confused plainly, just going to give a direction, and the rest went on to study these people themselves. According to Yang reform know, this scientific foundation in basic things, researchers often need to take some hard work year after year results, this kind of thing needs to loneliness, anti endure hardship, not suitable for Yang reform done now, Yang reform is also very self-knowledge, does not intend "to seize" invented latitude and longitude of this invention. Or left to whom cāo labor man. "...... Huibing Majesty, there should be a link, the same hour, in a north-south line, then the two sticks of the distance between the shadow and the stick, it must be a certain proportion of His Majesty mean, know this ratio, we can infer the rest of the distance to this stick? In other words, the map can be done very jīng sure? "Tian astronomy through does have deep knowledge, and soon came to understand. "...... Yes, I was so understandable ......" Yang said the reform. And then he went to another place. Here, on which stood a globe that is quite large. Face, according to "Universal Geographic map" standard is very clear, has largely been a world map looks like, though not very jīng correct. Globe basked in the sun, look somewhat branching. Young reform struck a little globes, globes immediately along the axis of rotation up and made a sound. "...... Of you again, now that the sun shines the sun on this globe, like the sun basked in the world in general,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, always be according to the sun to one side, is not it?" Young reforms asked. "...... Huibing Majesty, yes ......" Tian took the lead after replied frowned Lao Gao. "Just now, I say that the determination of the distance north and south, the same, and now in the same moments, such as now, this globe a few stick's shadow, certainly is not the same, not the same length, orientation is not the same, right right? "Yang Reform said, while this huge globe rotation. This huge globe. Inlaid with a few small stick protruding. This is a few small stick, the location is not very uniform. Young reforms will go to the middle of a small stick to face the sun. This small stick's shadow and stick itself overlap, did not see the shadow, while others around projecting a small stick, then with different lengths, varying the direction of the shadow. "...... Of you again, if this same hour in the present, the same stick, because the location is not the same as the length of the stick's shadow is not the same. Orientation are not the same, is not it?" Young reforms asked. "Huibing Majesty, yes ......" quite a while, Tian Jing-Cai replied. "...... It look if I turn this globe which all the shadow, is not it also will be changed?" Young reforms asked again. "Huibing Majesty, yes ......" The answer is Tian Road. "...... So, I think, with the hour of change, which changes between the shadow of the stick is fixed, there is a pattern, and should be able to explain one thing, and that is at the same hour in, you can stick length of the shadow. orientation to determine their position ...... "Yang reform under a judge. "Your Majesty mean ......" to all the people, led by Tian very puzzled. Emperor are you doing ah? "...... So to speak, may facilitate understanding of you, gentlemen, look, this is what we live in is ......" Yang reform toggle globe, said. And they were all silent, this stuff, and now Ming dynasty official who almost everyone one, do not put one on their own office space, it is absolutely outdated performance is not the situation with the performance. So I was not surprised by people on this. "...... Of you see, this sun is not always there? Basking in year after year,Coach Kristin Clearance, according to the ball?" Young reforms asked? "...... Huibing Majesty, yes ......" Tian after replied this question. Seemingly without much consideration of the facts put where. If not the sun, the earth will be dark. "...... Of you again, the ball is not rì complex one rì, year after year rotation? Every year is not have a fixed three hundred sixty-five days? Can have what changes?" Yang asked Reform . "Huibing Majesty, this year round, year after year, indeed, from time immemorial, there is little change, although the weather is not the same every year, but this seasons of the weather, yet never becomes too ......" Tian by firm answer Road, as astronomy, calendar deep attainments, he, of course, understand this, a lot of things everlasting calendar is an important condition for generating, if the sun is not the same every year turn, the earth is not repeated year after year , calendar, it simply does not arise. "...... Well, that since rì complex one rì, year after year, that the sun and the earth are repeated turning, that this Earth's shadow, ...... such as this stick's shadow length and orientation , 365 days a year, one day twelve hour, an hour is divided into eight engraved, if this every minute, every minute, every hour, every day, every month changes are recorded, ... ... of you guessed, to the next year, and this year they will shadow coincidence? "Young reforms asked. "...... This ......" includes Tian by including you that are wondering up. Young people are wondering reform see hand vigorously struck globes, globes turn up immediately, Yang reform laughing and pointing this globe. With the rotation of this globe, that side of the small stick's shadow, constantly variable-length, shorter, then longer, it is like a rì rì complex moments in general. "Your Majesty ...... ...... Huibing should, it seems ......, ...... does not change, even if there is, it should be me and so difficult to detect, if there is, then the world is changing ...... rì month" Tian through tough said. "...... Huibing Majesty, should not change ......" Comparative firm is Sun Yuan. "...... My Majesty, should not change ......" Schall also promised. After some thought, all the answers are not consistent with changes in the people here, mathematics, astronomy, calendar have a certain understanding, the sun has not changed, the earth has not changed, this stick has not changed, this shadow will naturally rì complex one rì repeat last year's shadow, there will be no change, if there is a change, it indicates a change in the sun, the Earth's rotation has changed, and if so, this is definitely the calendar is a big blow, calendar there will be no basis for the existence. "...... Well said, not only is this stick's shadow yearly repeating the same year, on this earth, no one's shadow, it should all be repeated year after year. Would not have any change because it did not change the sun, the earth has not changed, the shadow will not change the natural ...... "Yang Reform asked. "...... Since the constant shadow, the shadow of that nature can be inferred when, if a certain hour, and then through the shadow of the stick and the changes between the ratio should be able to draw distances and orientation, is not it?" Young reforms asked. Silence the crowd up. "...... Exhaustive Majesty mean to shadow this change throughout the year, by comparing the change in seasons shadow to infer when, and if a certain hour by percentage, and then calculate the ratio of the distance between the child and the orientation? ... ... Your Majesty, this seems to be possible, however. recorded throughout the year, all the time length of the shadow, it seems a bit too cumbersome ...... "Sun Yuan seems to want to understand what, said. Sun Yuan emperor touches on a special understanding of the mind, that is exhaustive, the shadow changes throughout the year record every moment, seemingly silly, difficult to understand, can be used for Sun Yuan exhaustive, but it is not unacceptable. Of course, even the Sun Yuan, or feel too complicated for that. "...... Ah, to put that record changes in the shadow of a year every moment, indeed tedious, you can simplify it, such as changes in solar term record each and then translated by a certain percentage, we believe, can be simplified a lot ...... "Yang said the reform. "His Majesty is justified ...... ......" Sun Yuan Road. "...... Your Majesty, this seems to require some 000 shadow measured as a reference ah! And, also need to refer to the distance between the shadow azimuth considered good, and then calculate the fixed ratio, it seems difficult to justify, it seems that something worse ...... "Tian been said. Although the emperor said a lot of things, seemingly right. What else can he always felt inadequate, the emperor's argument can not be justified. "...... Yes, this question, I think a bit, which still have to work hard from the ball ......" Young said reform. Then, Young globes that reform will stop, pulled up a switch that will open a globe, suddenly the globe was cut like a watermelon, exposing the inside of the flesh. "...... Zhenkan Master Xu's" Geometry ", suddenly found an interesting thing, and that is the one-eighth of removing the ball, as I now, from the center of the earth to the surface, which appeared in a ninety degrees north and south direction at right angles to the direction of this thing, seems a ninety degrees angle, of you see is not? "Young said with a smile reforms, indeed, remove this one, if not the spherical surface, it is a right-angle triangle body. While the rest of the sphere, then there is a hollow, from earth to the surface, the next is ninety, ninety degrees left and right seems. "...... Of you see, if anchored in this line from here to here, is not exactly a ninety degree angle?" Young reforms asked. Young reforms are removed one-eighth of the remaining sections of the sphere, it is intuitive to see the next ninety, ninety degrees left and right for the angular dimension. Said geometry, said angle, these people have read Xu Guangqi translated "geometry", we know what it means at right angle, it touches understood it. "...... Of you again, if with this line anchored to this in here, is not it also a ninety?" Young reforms asked again. "...... Huibing Majesty, seems to be the ......" Sun Yuan touches first come to understand, is indeed Xu Guangqi students, but also personally involved is indeed translated "geometry" of the people, react quickly, and looked immediately different. "...... Ha ha ha, but see what the early sun come?" Young Sun Yuan reform see the appearance of a suddenly realized immediately asked. "...... Your Majesty, the minister understand, understand ah! Way, in this hemisphere, at any point, all will be a unique one point, and at this point, and regulations between these two lines anyway, The angle must have two unique ah! Majesty, if not wrong Chen, then by calculating a number of angles between the actual clip distance of this point that the two degrees, the point can deduce the orientation of the distance, this way, this system out of the map, is simply perfect ah! especially the ocean, it is no longer without trace ......, Your Majesty, this is simply no way out ...... "Sun Yuan is the first to react how it was. For he was very familiar with the geometry for the angle, circles, dots, these things, it is despicably cooked cooked, once reminded, immediately understood that if they had two requirements delineated lines, and this will be any point two line produces a certain angle, the values ​​of these two angles, but it is unique. For example, right angle is ninety degrees, that is, put this hemisphere is divided into four equal, it must be at right angles, just to figure out which was the actual distance, then, according to the proportion of the two conversion degrees, three degrees, four degrees of the actual distance, this way, it is clear that as long as the two clips at any point sphere number of angles, his position can be calculated, giving the ball Mongolia map, apply in this globe, you can clearly know themselves in what direction this globe, according to the map, you can easily determine their location. But to find out the degree of their own which is also very simple, at the same time, and this is the object of all the earth, the shadow will not change, there is a fixed proportion by the ratio between the shadow and the degree of conversion can be obtained corresponding degree. [On latitude and longitude, written confused, I hope not wrong, if wrong, I hope there can be pointed out that certain corrections. 】 【We would also say sorry, has recently been Calvin, did not update dynamic, very lazy person, stopped even for a long time, really sorry. ] To be continued. . <
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