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29.05.2013 10:28
to repair the altar rail an antworten
> Eight hundredth again see Chapter hydro and railway Sun Yuan, Yang reform was very surprised, Sun Yuan appearance, they have almost unrecognizable, according to Young's words, the reform has been off of shape. WWw. qUanBen. COm black, thin, tired, haggard, tired, mixed with excitement eyes flashing light, it is people do not know how to describe the man in front. "Qingjia how this piece look like?" Young reforms asked, surprised. Young surprised not just reform, even at the side of Wang Chengen also very surprised. "Huibing Majesty, minister without incident, but nothing is less of sleep, out of the way ......" Sun Yuan said with that haggard appearance, discourse, but it is tired with excitement. "That's a few rì seen? Qingjia on the site look like, and said nothing, and if this continues, with less than one altar built Qingjia am afraid we must become skinny, do not know who thought I Ching abuse home then, how is this line? "Young said reform. Young reforms really did not expect, Sun Yuan will actually look into this, badly off-type, high pressure, but that does not to this extent it. "...... Your Majesty, is really out of the way, but a minister recently slept less, so it looks like this piece, just slightly raising a few rì, like ......" Sun Yuan continue to be haggard, tired but with excitement Word says, dark circles, red blood sè explanation, I'm afraid that number rì not properly slept. Young reforms considered while silent, recalling the recent sub-paragraph rì constantly since Sun Yuan pay up to their jobs, Young reforms have to understand a little more, this is probably the pressure of pressure, with a big concrete repair a dam in today, is definitely a big project, to face the unknown, to face the consequences that may arise, and how ordinary people can understand the difficulties and pressures moderator? Repair the dam, both started as an industrial hydraulic power, but also in human altar to make technical verification, the pressures, not just a dam so simple, if not repaired the altar of people down, the consequences of this reform unthinkable even Young, I'm afraid only prepare for the worst crimes under the edict, which is undoubtedly for the process of industrialization a fatal blow, Young hopes to reform the world in jīng nail a stake of God's plan, will be a complete failure, the Ming Dynasty industrialization will have a huge variable, Yang reform their own faces pressure is huge, natural to these pressures by conduction to the specific implementation, did not expect, but it is the Sun Yuan pressed into such a pattern. "...... Well, Qingjia or not so hard, I can not afford to lose ......" Yang said the word reform sigh. "...... Your Majesty, the minister really does not matter, raising a few rì like ......" Sun Yuan nonchalantly said. Silence. Engage in scientific research, to do technical, really is not so simple, Yang reform has once again deeply feeling. "...... I heard that the dam repair almost too ......" Yang reform important things aside, asked. Sun Yuan moment, then replied: "...... Huibing Majesty, yes, almost too ...... repair, including the dam itself, the cement aqueducts, drains, including the corresponding ironworks, coal yard, ash plant, were built almost all of it ......, Majesty, Xishan this place, iron, coal, lime, water gathered all these things together, away from the capital so close, there is indeed more suitable than the Tianjin ...... "" ...... ah, yes This I know, Xishan fit here, on the first side to do it in the Western Hills, Tianjin over there and do not stop, Wudinghe river is only so much, and unstable, Nishiyama here, I'm afraid is limited, only After fear rì have to find other places, think of other ways of ...... "Yang Sun Yuan reform know what to say, Xishan side of raw material concentration, hydro, distribution all together in one place, be regarded as a rare heavy base, may also have certain limitations xìng, in the era of limited water, to stir up the burden of heavy industry base, I'm afraid some difficulty, of course, in the absence of a stable power source before there better here than in Tianjin, as heavy industry base of enlightenment, but also sufficient, but if it is to the steam engine era, to the need for more, bigger, more stable power when, where it may not be suitable for heavy industrial base, and say that pollution, city officials afraid běijīng We can not stand. Of course, in the eyes of Young reforms, Sun Yuan sent those "portrait drawing", those tall chimneys, smoke smoke, are Young reforms favorite. "...... Huibing Majesty, the minister understand ......" Sun Yuan said, hydro instead of human, animal, does have a huge advantage, it is beyond doubt, manufacturing cement, requires a lot of motivation to grinding, crushing raw, cooked expected, none of stable and sustainable and inexpensive power, which is certainly not increase cement production, the price certainly does not drop down, and do not fall down, on the promotion of it negative. A little silence for a moment, Young reforms to dig the dam drawings. Young reforms in the Forbidden City, you can not go out, in order to intuitive needs, and will have these intuitive "photo" drawings. According to Yang reform requirements, which portrait drawings only requirement is the "portrait", is actually what he looks like, they painted what he looks like, for the emperor can be utilized national resource, this requirement but points better than the Emperor himself went to Xishan see more reasonable, but also set off a wave of capital "portrait style." "...... This Nishiyama, and indeed there is an advantage over Tianjin ......" Yang reform read half of the "photo" drawings and said, have to say, now almost completed dam, built in cement, power sources is relatively stable after , Xishan advantage emerged, while Tianjin, after all, still too far away, three hundred years away, for today's Ming Dynasty, it is still not a small figure, productivity out of reach. "...... Huibing Majesty, yes, dams built, which crushed raw material, clinker how much it cost almost no power, animal power cost-effective than previously used, this cement production suddenly got up, which prices are down, With the production of cement Xishan, Chen said repair people have to grasp the altar, otherwise, by human and animal grind out the repair person altar cement, Chen is really not much to grasp ...... "Sun Yuan said, his eyes tired and haggard is , is excited. Young reform was another silence, the topic they wander people altar up, people altar for today's Ming Dynasty, it called the super super engineering works, the problems encountered ordinary people can not imagine, Sun Yuan suffering into this way, the pressure is caused by Yang pressure for reform is not small. "...... But, Your Majesty ......" Sun Yuan and haltingly said. "What?" Young reforms would like to own things, see Sun Yuan asked, it asked. "Huibing Majesty, now not only is the use of hydraulic cement plants, steel plants which also require water, if water come to hammering, drilling and grinding and forging objects, you can not do something so human, many objects, which must be kinds of continuous and massive force to do the job ...... therefore ......, Your Majesty, I am afraid that this water is not enough ...... Robinson "Sun Yuan, said haltingly. Young reforms while silent. Nishiyama also said that just as the heavy industry base, the dam is going to fix this, but this is not enough water immediately encountered something ......, demand for power, and immediately encountered a bottleneck. "...... Qingjia the meaning of this dam repair small?" Young reforms while silent for the first time to do such a thing, it really is no experience, out of this thing, Young reforms can quite understand. "...... Huibing Majesty, the minister did not mean that the minister mean, if by such a trend continues, I'm afraid this Wudinghe water is not enough, Your Majesty, this man needed altar cement and steel, I do not know a few who , if Xishan cement steel only required to meet these people and create the altar, is barely enough, can sire, now sell large cement required not know how many, I'm afraid Xishan cement concrete is immune ...... just to meet foreign demand "Sun Yuan, said haltingly. This thing is really unexpected, something he had so much afraid repair a dam, cast into the money being paid, waste too much, being blamed, who repaired the altar, after which cement is no place to go, no material to which the cement through wave after wave of selling emperor, has now been thoroughly prosperous, he that cement production capacity, now is not enough, not that of the cement produced not so much, but this water is not enough, He would also like to steel water power to forge, to refining larger objects to manufacture cannons, guns to drill holes, these need a lot of water,Oakleys Monster Dog Sunglasses, so one must register, Sun Yuan found that their budget Hydraulic fear is not enough, and that the water Wudinghe not so stable, spike. Young reform is also a burst of irritability, no way, bad water power on this point, without a stable and adequate source of power, only to meet the necessary natural conditions and industry, and can not escape the natural conditions, by natural conditions too restrictive. "...... Is there any way that Qingjia be?" Young reforms asked. While a little silence. Sun Yuan courage and said: "Your Majesty ...... Qi Bing, Chen thought, may raise the dam ...... to build more water to the dry, low water season, the evening can be filled with water, white rì where to start, so , we can get more water ...... "Sun Yuan is hesitant to say, increasing the height of the dam in the original plan, if out of the question, which is a downstream flooding can be, and may even spread to the capital, which is near the capital, full of dignitaries at home industry, this loss, and pressure, is not generally a big ...... Young reforms now being considered as Sun Yuan understand Why such a look, feeling this guy for this thing ah! Temporary heightening the dam height, which if in the Hereafter, I'm afraid the child is to eat the gun, of course, and now everything is still embryonic, and nothing into the system architecture tools and standards, can not row, the risks borne, to see decision makers it. Young reforms can be really in shock at Sun Yuan. "...... Qingjia this idea ...... can do it? Qingjia want to add how much?" Now turn to Yang reform a mess, that was the dam is not in accordance with the design and construction program to do, with a sense of understanding xìng There heightening, Yang reform how feeling, it's like urban fringe land should be levied, and put each household died as heightening their own floor, think of an ordinary two-story brick building on the heightening into five six-story buildings, Yang called reform while gripped, Wan floor collapsed, no, if this dam collapsed, the consequences ...... which, due to expropriation, but much of the time in 2012, but this dam, but the number of years ah! "...... Huibing Majesty,Nike Jordan After Game, the minister would like to heightening feet ......" Sun Yuan is hesitant to say. "...... Three feet? ......" Yang dazzling burst of reform, which was less than a total of dam base twenty feet high above, are now directly add three feet, this project can really sense xìng works properly properly, like how dry on how dry, do not meet the requirements of Building Construction. "Huibing Majesty, yes, three feet, the minister believes that if heightening three feet, then the storage of water, can significantly increase might be possible to meet the water needs, otherwise, to the dry season, I'm afraid to cement and ironworks The month lay-off ...... "Here, Sun Yuan touches on serious and persistent feet, eyes, full of confidence light, the immense fatigue, his face haggard squeeze down. "...... This is okay ah? It may have laid the foundation, now heightening? No problem? If dam, Qingjia can think of the risks?" Yang reform some meat jump asked, Young reform on the engineering and construction aspects of a stranger, but also know that random heightening the risks building is so serious. "...... Huibing Majesty, should be feasible, this base dug twenty feet, which is already strong enough, and in the above plus a three feet high, it should be nothing, that is, when the slope of a little repair change it ... ... "Sun Yuan said. Young reforms mind a mess, had this to say, want to say something, Sun Yuan was disrupted. Who knows, this water would not use it? For the construction of knowledge between generations cognitive, Yang reform was very hesitant, everything is embryonic in this era, in this era of no engineer, Yang reform really could not idea. "...... Majesty, heightening it three feet, in fact, it does not matter, there are bones made of reinforced cement pavement, strong yet, again, there are spillways it, as long as the spillway widening, increase the number on it, if This is higher than the dam it is not, open the spillway gates, allowing increase spillway spillway on it, do not like how the dam, sire, with reinforced steel frame makes it out of the dam is not so bad ...... " Sun Yuan efforts to persuade, recently he has been suffering with this thing also, in the end not to heightening? Heightening it is not the most secure, his most confident, but not enough water, ironworks Ye Hao, Ye Hao cement, fundamental points, however, as the emperor said, Wudinghe only so big, the water is only so more, there are limitations too, and now is such a booming cement, buy cement under orders not know how many, every family puzzle ready to take this back ground, it suddenly is not enough water, just enough hydraulic cement with, let alone ironworks, and Sun Yuan also tried the approach, the only relatively simple and feasible is this way, heightening the dam height, storing more water, get more water, as the dangers and consequences of suffering a rì number of Sun Yuan, eventually determined to heightening his Sun Yuan also this one hundred kilos, those who eat all you want, be ready to sacrifice him. "...... Qingjia be sure?" Young reforms mind mess, these things do ...... and no engineer to get an idea yourself, Yang reform heart can be really not the end of it. "Huibing Majesty, the minister willing to minister but all the consequences ......" Sun Yuan touches did not fear said. Obviously rì suffering so much so that he almost made up his mind. "...... Good! Would depend Qingjia, and heightening on heightening ......" Yang also bite the promised reforms, since the choice of Sun Yuan to do this, then I believe him, since water is not enough, it had to add high, it is not, destroy that extra three feet. "Chen Lingzhi! Majesty assured that this is absolutely feasible ......" Sun Yuan said with positive attitude. Sun Yuan a little sigh of relief, heightening this feet, this water and hydraulic surge, assigned to ironworks and cement water enough points, otherwise, only the cement production of cement needed water, enough to choke, Of course, this can only maintain a certain level of production, but also increase production capacity if, I'm afraid this is not enough water. "Well, do not say these things, since Qingjia so certainly feasible, and that I believed Qingjia, but added there is another thing, Zhen Yao and Qingjia talk ......" Yang reforms to clean up those irritability mood, said. "Also,UK Nike Air Jordan, please His Majesty next show ......" Sun Yuan eyes, fatigue evident and occupied more space, much less that the original light, I can see, Sun Yuan extremely tired. "Zhenkan this Nishiyama, steel mills, coal yards, cement, ash plant are gathered in a raw material, coal, what can be thought of carrying Qingjia any way? Human animal to save more, save more cost ? reduce the cost? "Young reforms Lile thinking, the other aside specifically say their own thing. Young prepare reforms in this new enlightenment base built hydraulic heavy "rail road", and to lay the foundation for the railway after rì. This new industrial base, set coal, iron ore, limestone, marble, water resources, etc. in one, is indeed a very good base for heavy industry enlightenment. Sun Yuan confused quite a while. "Huibing Majesty, the minister did not understand, please His Majesty next show ......" Sun Yuan said. "You dug pit iron ore shipped to the ironworks from this limestone hill transported to the cement plant from then grind it shipped out the coal from the coal mine to the ironworks and cement, which of transporting , if not too light and some carrying large number, some simple ways to reduce this cost to get down? "Yang said the reform. "Your Majesty is justified ......" Sun Yuan said confused. "...... So, I envisioned a more convenient, carrying capacity of larger, more lightweight carriage way is to use one of these raw materials and factory connected to so, a variety of materials from pit mines came out, you can directly to the factory, so the cost can be substantial decline ...... "Yang said the reform. "...... Your Majesty, railway ...... this ......" Sun Yuan stumbled, and simply do not understand it, that the brain is really not enough, lately has been in the tangle of heightening the dam thing, which makes the whole people are haggard enough, where there jīng force to think about these? "...... So to speak, is in the ground covered railroad tracks, and then the wheels of the car driving safety on the tracks, so there can be many advantages, such as carrying capacity, such as more compact, such as a simpler, more durable ......" Young reform explained. "...... Majesty, Robinson ......" Sun Yuan is still a confused, do not know too tired or simply can not understand this. "...... Ah, so to speak, Qingjia can be thought of, repair people altar, steel and cement needed, how much? These can be had shipped out from the Western Hills, Western Hills to the side, probably nearly forty Road, such a long way, if not a cheap transport another way, with the long transport carriage rì older, it can be transported much? was shipped to when to go? high repeat itself this cost? a coach one day also be able to almost play a round trip, which is much more high transport costs? Also, this man built the altar, and certainly also need a lot of marble, white marble, and only Nishiyama, Fangshan over there, this marble, white marble bound to big chunks, if with the carriage, inconvenient not that also easy to damage, if use this carrying capacity, can rì night transport, and relatively stable way to transport, is it better ...... not to mention, that the capital of the coal, but also there does not have to rely on Nishiyama shipped over? If they could have such a railway, which is the price of coal can be lower and lower number? affordable coal will be some more people are not? fewer people can not endure the winter freeze some of ? ...... "Yang reform crackling immediately put their own ideas that out. Sun Yuan plus a confused shock at the emperor, the railway? The blacksmith shop on the ground of the road? A railway to the capital from the Western Hills? "...... Uh, you Nishiyama railway between several plants there, be a pilot, first used to accumulate some experience, and so have the experience, to repair to the capital of the Western Hills railway Qingjia ......, time waits for no man altar The construction around the corner, the early human Qingjia also planning the construction of the altar clear ah! Do not go to another temporary heightening the dam ...... "Yang reform finished, and added. People really be called a Ming altar Apollo program, to repair the altar rail and people linked to these railways necessary xìng, immediately presented. Of course, this can not be called railway tracks can only say that road. Sun Yuan emperor listened to such an interpretation, covered with a Jiling, impatience sè Worse, repair people altar ah! ......, The emperor was right around the corner who built the altar, but he still did not do the right preparation, thinking this rì heightening the dam, it would mean that rì altar after thinking about lowering the height of person? Indeed, he had to put everything in the construction of the altar of people plan better job, to do everything is ready, only a strong wind the job, rather than expect this to do this today, tomorrow, do not think that, um, really to repair people altar, he may not give him a chance again. Although he does not know what the railway can also be longing for these things are. "...... Please also shown under His Majesty ......" Sun Yuan said immediately touched by this tired face immediately disappeared, replaced by the look dignified. "...... Qingjia view, this is a sketch ...... I painted railway, which is I do track and run the car on the tracks of the sample ......" Yang reform while the drawings, Sun Yuan, watch out for pure silver casting the tracks and see the car ...... Sun Yuan was stunned. "...... Qingjia see, this track is triangular, just covered with the car's wheels, this car's four wheels on this track, you can easily scroll, Que Shibi on the ground much easier, I think, a horses on the ground to pull an ordinary carriage, in which the tracks, for fear that you can easily pull the two carriages, horses can run something more lasting, so, will save horsepower, human? carrying capacity of not more Big? With the carriage, nor limit in the daytime to run, perhaps at night run, this track is fixed, is not afraid of the deviation of the direction of the ...... "Yang said the reform. Sun Yuan emperor never heard to speak, holding carriages and rails to take silver in a daze. ! D @ T <
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