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29.05.2013 10:25
Your Majesty always antworten
> Chapter 7 conclave Yuanchonghuan not Hyobu yet, go to the sea level fell on the news, moving in classroom, caused no small waves. WwW, QunabEN, coM Chodo is talking about this matter. There,Air Jordan 3, the most helpless, afraid to belong Han Kuang it. Hardships, do not know how many jīng spent force, and only then get Hyobu Yuanchonghuan position yet, you can blink of an eye, this is still a fool Hyobu quit on their own, and to go flat Japanese. "The teacher, the student's wrong, and teachers should not talk, they say such things ......" Han Kuang Yuanchonghuan sincere to admit their mistakes. The relationship between them, but it is the seat of the relationship between teacher and student, be a prosperity, a loss for both sides of the relationship, no matter Yuanchonghuan do what is right or wrong, on the Han Kuang are influential. Han Kuang annoyed Yuanchonghuan such a big thing, and he does not discuss, is inevitable. "Comfortable ah! You too reckless, and such a big thing, how do you, ...... Well, now that everything is too late ......" Han Kuang is still very annoyed. Plead illness at home, saw Yuanchonghuan, vocal to rebuke them, showing great anger. "The teacher lesson learned is that the teacher lesson learned is ......" Yuanchonghuan seriously admit the mistake, these things may not be clear Yuanchonghuan can xìng grid so, is not easily can be changed. "Comfortable ah! Thou temper, when they could modify it to read ah! So go on, will one day run into great troubles ah!" Han Kuang said so. To tell the truth, Han Kuang gave Yuanchonghuan made some fear, which is really too can toss. "The teacher lesson learned is that students really irritable temper some, students must change ......" Yuanchonghuan continue to recognize their own mistakes. Scold Yuanchonghuan, Han Kuang's jīng God somewhat apathetic, and lying down to continue "rest" to go. Silent for a while. "...... Comfortable ah! As a teacher but also some impatience, and thought you also Hyobu yet, so say you should not want to have their own ideas freely, as a teacher would like to hear how you think?" Han Kuang lay a time around, and erect body, so ask Yuanchonghuan. "Huibing teachers, students, the idea is very simple, first, in order to display their personal ambitions; secondly, there has always been flat Japanese Majesty's meaning, students are also along Majesty meant to say; Third, Woguo to me indeed is a confidant of North Korea scourge, if not now riding me toward the best players together, travel many go flat, rì after the end be sudden calamity, caused by the Woguo great calamity, Chapter 7, act much talking, how can there is no reason? "Han Kuang open solution with their students. "The teacher mean, Your Majesty deliberately let go flat Japanese minister is to ......" Yuanchonghuan although you sometimes silly, is still possible to do the Ministry of War, and was certainly not really silly. "...... Yes, nowadays Western Yongle emperor, using a eunuch, why not Fumiomi it? Preparedness Fumiomi overseas is not self-sustaining? Today's situation is almost exactly the same, in order to prevent swordsman self Majesty naturally to send more trustworthy Fumiomi go ... ... "Han Kuang said with positive tone. "This ......" Yuanchonghuan Dai Li for a moment, that claim to punish evil, then, listen, indeed, some make him jumpy. "...... The matter, do not go around preaching freely, knowing that you can, to understand these things is good for ease ......" Han Kuang Chun Chun teaches with, for this some silly, some shocked protégé, Han Kuang is no alternative He and Yuanchonghuan, a prosperity, a loss for both sides, a lot of things, he was forced to multi cāo heart, saying, actually it is wrong to say it, absolutely have to rot in the heart. "Yes, the students wrote down, thank the teacher teaches ......" Yuanchonghuan said seriously. "...... Well, this is for the teacher see through His Majesty has been the reason, presumably, with His Majesty the eunuch instead Fumiomi sea, preparedness swordsman self, do not need to prepare for civilian self? ...... Majesty has chosen to no longer be recruit eunuchs, which should be broken castrato root, ...... yesterday rì still strive to complete freedom to go flat Japanese, it seems, but also understand a lot of things,Coach Online Outlet, ...... That is, rì troops after all writers overseas, or stationed overseas ......, Majesty think, Your Majesty think, really great, really I did not wait can match ...... "Han Kuang exclaimed. Thought yesterday rì Bi Yan unexpectedly from behind Yuanchonghuan, Han Kuang understand a lot of things, right from Yan Bi envy them, it seems that the real God and his party that the party is still some difference Timor. "This ......" Yuanchonghuan do not know what to say well, these things really be said to punish evil, discuss research Majesty's psychological, but disrespectful. "...... The matter, the actual standing Fumiomi point of view, but it is a good thing, ease the Japanese troops to sea level, although some risk, it is also open to a generation of its kind, rì literati after troops overseas. stationed overseas, but also be comfortable here from the beginning, which is good ...... freely, alas, that it, or some impatience as a teacher, should not hastily put freely pushed to the Ministry of War is still on the job, too freely young and not too convincing achievements, young people Hyobu still went out, it is people jealous, now go flat Japanese, go workout, go earn some merit, is indeed a feasible way ......, alas ... ... "Han Kuang sighs, said a lot of words in front, behind the words, but it is unable to speak, the Ministry is still soldiering Yuanchonghuan so easy, now it seems, I'm afraid is the emperor long to be good so that when the Yuanchonghuan go to the Japanese Lengtou Qing Ping, Ping Japanese Lengtou Qing these things in addition to his students who could have done this out? "The teacher lesson learned is that students write down, thank you teacher teachings ......" Yuanchonghuan quite sincerely said. "...... This thing since His Majesty well prepared, freely go flat Japanese, fear is sure to go, ...... hum, just do not know, Chen Yu-ting that fox can not see through the key, will not come out to stop Majesty, if He came out to stop Majesty, I'm afraid it was a joke ...... "Han Kuang thought of that, it touches himself laughing. "The teacher put it ......" Yuanchonghuan once said. "Yes, comfortable pair of flat Japanese how confident?" Han Kuang asked again, just ask them, they feel that they asked the wrong. His students intolerable and the emperor than up, it can not really worse one iota, ask yourself how sure students, not as emperor asked how sure yet. Since the emperor fight Woguo, that nature is there to grasp, since the emperor certainty, and that is enough,Air Jordan 13, literati to lead the troops, practical, but also shows that the emperor's gesture, really fight, but did not need a scholar to go indiscreet, that is, the actual go Yuanchonghuan good, go to Zhang Chonghuan worth mentioning, the results are similar. "Huibing teacher, to be honest, the students level Japanese things, not much to grasp, made plans, I'm afraid is not as good as His Majesty willeth, ...... touches Majesty there, I'm afraid there is already a comprehensive plan ...... "Yuanchonghuan awkward said, his plan did not let the emperor fancy. "...... Well, to put it is how flat Japanese, I'm afraid Majesty's long been ready, Your Majesty always do things uncertain, since it has been decided to let Fumiomi troops to the sea, nature is ready for everything, just listen to His Majesty freely commanded that, it touches to see more, ask, learn more, do not actually live up to His Majesty's remarks cultivation, freedom to stand out from a Kimori will do one yet, in addition to their efforts, more of His Majesty's value , Your Majesty must not be disappointed ...... "Han Kuang then said that he and the Emperor can be considered a community of interests, and the emperor to his promise, he and the Emperor agreement, and he sent horses that get benefits from His Majesty, etc. are described He and the emperor is a person on board. "Students understand, will not let His Majesty disappointed ......" Yuanchonghuan said. "Well, as a teacher, it was only able to say these, and ease back after these sayings buried in the heart, not everywhere say ......, if the proceeds from there, it is better ......" Han Kuang said. "Students understand ......" Yuanchonghuan promised. "...... Well, as a teacher also will not keep you, yet freely as the Ministry of War in the division to stay here for a long time, I'm afraid will cause criticism ......" Han Kuang said again. "That student will retire, the teachers take care ......" Yuanchonghuan student with Han Kuang farewell gesture. ...... Yuanchong Hua gone. Han Kuang fell into deep thought, the emperor over there today, even though still in control of large-scale money with eunuchs, eunuchs still use to control things, you can also no longer recruit eunuchs of the emperor, that is, the actual root is broken castrato The, rì eunuch possession after those things, I'm afraid had to return to civilian control. And Fumiomi control of all of this, the emperor really worry? Really do not have to balance the literati of the eunuchs? The emperor really have so much confidence in control of good writers? Emperor source of confidence, then where? Han Kuang want to get some trance, rì after this great Ming Dynasty, in the end what was a great Ming Dynasty? Han Kuang'm looking forward to. ! # <
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