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29.05.2013 10:22
even then the dull people antworten
> Seven hundred and seventieth eight chapters showcase district Yang Reform think an interesting thing, the decision immediately implemented. wWW. QUanbeN. Com brick with cement to build a residential placement, this placement cell engineering technology required is not very high, the cement does not require particularly large, but it can be a whole, to demonstrate concrete building a full-function model works . Young beauty thought reform, own one Toutou Xiao up. "Great partners, Sun Yuan in Beijing, where?" Young reforms immediately thought of doing this on the quasi. "Huibing Majesty, as if not, like to the Western Hills to the other side, I heard, there's works have already started ......, but to His Majesty summoned him? Whether or not slaves immediately sent Jizhao?" Wang Chengen immediately replied. Young reform thought, felt or forget, Sun Yuan ran back and forth this is not a thing, to build the district's technology is not very complicated, general construction team can do it, so I was not necessary for him. "Well, do not call him, big with the Shi Grand Secretary, Hange Lao, Zhangge Lao, Bi Ministry, Zhang Industry summoned, I see them here, in addition, give I find some large with relatively thick paper, Zhen Yao draw something ...... "Yang said the reform of great interest, Yang Ming ready to give the design a reform in the 1990s with a small pond of architectural styles and design a fully functional cell, be given own a consolation, but also be a little memorial, can be considered a little bit of something else ...... In short, Young is now very trying to reform the district build up. "Slaves Zunzhi!" Wang Chengen replied somewhat surprised, ministers met in this place? This ......, seemingly ready to go ...... Wang Chengen just turned edicts, as if suddenly thought of something, they turned around and said: "Your Majesty, there is one thing, slaves do not know what to say not to say ......" "Oh, there is what is going on? "Yang said the reform. "Huibing Majesty, but ectopic ...... imagine you are! Say that suffered so much calamity, very worried Majesty, His Majesty does not know how to, it is miss Majesty, wanted to see His Majesty ......" Wang Chengen softly softly in front of the emperor said, voice almost inaudible. "Ectopic ......" Yang Reform mind, finally surfaced in the women's image, the image of this woman, Young reforms in mind, and even has somewhat blurred. "She okay?" Young reforms heavy sigh and said, that woman is dressed in red ...... "Your Majesty, but fortunately, this did not hurt, seems to have been that they want Majesty the ......" Wang Chengen head down, said softly. Wang Chengen her mouth this is the Red Lady, Sun Li is not your mother, your mother's important to Sun Li xìng, nature is the first time to deal with, there is no conceivable emperor side is immune thing. Young thought reform, but also a heavy sigh, her own negligence does have some recently he has been busy big calamity in this matter, we can say busy without touching the ground, in this time of great tribulation, as a woman, really need someone to be there to protect and care, there are many things that he did not give her, and even see the side are quite difficult. "This thing I know, this rì afraid to die, see Ming rì or after rì it ......" Yang said the reform, the reform can not flick Young things under his hand to her,air jordan store, and see her, only could be pushed back. "Slaves understand ......" Wang Chengen replied. Wang Chengen also feel pity, perhaps their timing was not right to speak, but the emperor always so busy recently, when he said that this matter will not necessarily kung fu emperor eviction trip. Young Antan few times after the reform can only put this thing in the back, he still has more important things to do. Put aside the matter, Young reforms began just concentrate used in the resettlement area all the planning and design. Young reforms, although not design background, whatever the outcome may be heard to engage in development requires attention to some things, such as what the leveling of what, how much reform is also some impressions Yang know if it wants to highlight the construction of the cement in the construction of a new function, that Naturally, the show was full advantage of cement, it is naturally, got to put this residential construction was "good", of course, as a resettlement area, it is impossible to build it how magnificent, practical and economical is still very important factor. Young reforms write or draw on paper, but added immersed in them. "Your Majesty, several adults have to ......" Wang Chengen only interrupted by the emperor's idea sounds very light. Young reform shook some limp arm, pick up a bit on the case of a few paintings, and said: "Tell them to come on." Young said reform. Talk Shi phoenix, Korea and several other people but it is baffling to here, the emperor may not always see people here, and now is not the summer rì, without Xieliang, partial provision of the emperor how to place so to see them? Leaving their surprise, the emperor actually still in this strange building summoned them, if it is surrounded by a large number of guards guards, if there is a large number of people wait on, they probably thought edicts head swam a little eunuch. Very few people are skeptical, you look at me, I look at you, one by one are somehow simply no avail, if say a special place, that is, the presence of more than Jui figure, but nothing, most unusual, to genus Zhang Fengxiang,Air Jordan Son Of Mars, he doing here? Although now ignited gunpowder Zhang Xian Yong stun things uproar, but he is still the minister of works will bear total responsibility. Several people had a chance to say anything, went into this strange house. After some salute. Yang Reform, said: "Several Qingjia, but I did not understand why the church of you to put right here? '" Huibing Majesty, Robinson dull, please also shown under His Majesty. "Shi Feng to immediately Buddist, he was convinced that the emperor never given There are things about this house, so he does not play double reed. "Is that, previously, Zhangge Lao and I talked about, this big calamity, there are a hundred people are able to rebuild household premises, I chatted and Zhangge Lao, feel Zhangge Lao right makes sense, therefore, decided to rebuild the house over a hundred people, households, I consider for a moment, if it wants to build, we must build, we must consider carefully, although this is only a hundred families of people, can I think, but it also can not be sloppy ...... "Yang said the reform. Several ministers face to face glimpse, a hundred families rebuild houses ......, although the big calamity victims rebuild, although more important, could not have dealt with in a case of Cabinet Ministers and then so many people called right? There are several Cabinet Ministers? Several chancery? Just for which more than 100 households in the house? Understand immediately understand, not just to the emperor's house over a hundred households, and certainly there are other means. "I dare Majesty mean?" Han asked. "I mean, if it wants to build,Nike Jordan Take Flight UK, then build a good, not so-so deal with trouble, which more than 100 victims in the case of households, but also how much I know about the situation, I think, just for them to build a house problems, their families, relatives in this great calamity in or casualties, or have a disability, many of them are able to work up to it, just give them to build a house, they still live, the house was construction, but also for their future livelihood Anyway ...... "Yang said the reform, thanks to advanced information later, Yang reform things in mind, absolutely not these ministers can understand. Several ministers again face to face glimpse, this is how to say? Not only to build a house, but also must manage their livelihood, which is much more to do livelihoods tube? It depends how tube? Does the emperor also intends to keep them forever? "Your Majesty, the minister had to remind Your Majesty, Her Majesty's heart may be good, your Majesty may indeed merciful, be merciful, but also that there is a limit, not the unlimited GF compassion, His Majesty, the one hundred families informed His Majesty can barely be lower, but once formed the tradition and custom, rì people gradually raised after the increase, but I could not a small burden, Your Majesty, said bucket Charmian, l m hatred, His Majesty gave too much , who is not necessarily a blessing ...... "Han Yun touches in holding the attitude. But points flatter, nor an emperor's will. "...... Yes ah! Majesty, Her Majesty's heart is really good, but this thing really totally unacceptable, if the people of the world know that such a thing, His Majesty are required to do so, to the time, but it is inside and outside of His Majesty people, not as now just built a house trouble ...... "Shi Feng to also urged. They are also a few old people, and for such a thing, definitely regarded as experienced, so do good things too far to see the emperor, the emperor touches kindly advise them. Several people heard the emperor said, has an opening plans. Young hand pressure the pressure of reform, said: "Several Qingjia or wait I finish, look at this another way I can solve this problem to say it ......" Yang said the reform does have confidence. Several ministers are looking at the emperor, to see how the emperor said. "I think so, you can put together the more than 300 households, built in one place, so that it works to facilitate construction, do not build a house for them everywhere, and will soon build a house, they can also be early rì ; stay, then, give them repair the house, but also concerned about their livelihood, can put their house, and to make a mixed-use type, in front of doing business, followed by live people, so, not only can solve the housing problem, but also can solve the livelihood problems ...... "Yang explained his idea of ​​reform, such a thing, perhaps in this day and age is a very troublesome thing, the thing is a bad solution, but from the twenty-first century Young reforms speaking, is not a problem, have dressing rooms, rental Son over rì child but a lot of people dream of living. "Ah! ......" "Uh ......" A few people regarded it face to face glimpse, this ...... "Your Majesty, I do not know how to do His Majesty going? This mixed-use type and how to talk about?" Han also puzzling, anyway, the emperor too many tricks, he really do not understand, the emperor how there are so many strange ideas. "Said simply, is to find a street, then house Jie Liangbian onwards, every household has a dressing room facing the street, can be used to do trading business, the latter can they live, is this ......" Yang Reform explained. "Find a street? Majesty, and is now to find a street where it?" Han asked again. "That there is not inverted Min plant a lot of houses do? Can be damaged very serious place Teng one out ...... or, built outside the city can also be ......" Yang said the reform. "Your Majesty, Min factory there, or will rebuild powder keg, and rebuilt over there, I'm afraid a lot of people do not want it ......" Han said. "Outside the city can actually, if I remember correctly, there are a lot of open space outside the city ......" Yang said the reform. "That Majesty, what assurance do business since it was dressing rooms? If no sound, who would not have gone livelihood?" Han asked, some did not give up. "Nothing, like in the capital, as long as there is a facade, not afraid not be rented, as long as Zuzi low point, the total is still someone willing to rent, Zuzi low does not matter, I believe, to feed the livelihoods of those who did not materialize, rustic enough, I just give them to find a livelihood, and will not let them starve to death, but do not guarantee that they all flies rich, which is a difference ...... "Yang said the reform. Young objectives of the reform is to build a mixed-use "individual city", together with the relevant supporting facilities built up, made a show xìng, the function over the entire area, in order to demonstrate the new features of cement xìng. Several ministers fail to beat the emperor, the emperor built a look of excitement for this thing vigorously, not a good splash of cold water the emperor, the emperor like to do, you do it, anyway, this is always a good thing, perhaps, that allow Emperor hit a wall, the emperor did not know good head. "Gentlemen Qingjia, these are envisaged for these resettlement housing, gentlemen, take a look, I give some suggestions ......" Yang said the reform pleased, said, while painting their own drawings to ministers look. Ministers and face to face glimpse, even drawings have a? Several ministers began to look at the emperor's drawings, these drawings, painted not very neat, painted something very "complicated", but there is one thing that several ministers is to understand, and that is the "cement" words. Several ministers began scared up the original, the emperor built this thing, is not entirely for the victims, or to cement ah! Look at this drawing, all of a sudden, the drawings are showing intent clear. "I dare Majesty, the victims of settlements, but intends to have His Majesty with cement to repair?" Han asked. "Yes, I intend to cement to repair the resettlement area, in addition to the house, also includes three flat two-pass ......" Yang reforms began to introduce their design intent. "...... Three level two pass ......" Several ministers almost weighs, the emperor's ideas can be really much thought one was an ah! "...... I dare Majesty, what three flat two-pass?" Han rubbed his forehead sweat, asked. "Two flat, is the whole terrain to leveling, not potholes, uneven; then that is the door to the street level, you can not blame outside wiping angle that lay inside the house, to smooth; two-pass, it is said, to traffic, water, which water, well water and sewer also includes pass ...... "Yang said the reform. This is the Yang Ming reforms to prepare cell development plans. Now no running water, well water is also very important to pass a condition. Several ministers are ashamed, the emperor thought it was weird very ah! Emperor how they think so much? "Your Majesty, this is not ......" Han would like to say that this is not just a waste? Is not a bit too? But he understood that the emperor is to take this thing to achieve another purpose, which is to sell cement. Emperor to do things, there is indeed a clear goal, and will not casually for fun, not random chaos good people, Han understand what this place with victims, I'm afraid will be cultivation and now is not exceptionally large Ming Dynasty same. "The placement cell, I intend to use cement repair, summoned you for Qingjia it here, but also want to give you for Qingjia a more intuitive impression, this resettlement area of ​​the house, in addition to build a house to use cement, inside the house, but also to smooth with cement, but also whitewashing skirt ...... "Yang reform began to explain their construction plans. Several ministers to continue to shame, this this thing, it is very obvious, the emperor was not talking about residential placement, but the emperor ready to show the world the special cement in construction function, up to now, even then the dull people, but also understand the meaning of the emperor. "...... The wells, but also can be used in cement, with cement cut well where it touches the stone of cultivation than much simpler ......, there is the matter through the water, although the size of the last overhaul of the capital within the ditches, may also not cover all the places, some places still lack sewers, the water, is to every household through the sewer, establish a relatively perfect sewer system, the sewer, but also can repair with cement, cement repair the advantages of underground canals, like I do not say it ...... "Yang reform continued. "Huibing Majesty, cement ditches built shading benefits does a lot ......" Han stand admitted. Young reforms already seen, his summoned these people are to understand their meaning, Yang also do not intend to conceal the reform, anyway, are one of us, anyway, we should start it. Say it is not afraid. "To be honest, this time the construction of residential placement, in addition to being able to rebuild houses for victims of home security, I also would like to take this opportunity to create a special function to reflect the cement buildings, to show all aspects of cement to create the advantage for the promotion of cement plus a fresh ...... and now Sun Yuan has already begun in the Western Hills there is a burning cement, but also to build a massive dam to burn cement, so I have to find a good market for the cement ... ... "Young very straightforward reforms that out. Since the emperor so straightforward that out, then this problem will need to discuss what has to Dili party is not afraid to challenge people with the emperor, things from the discussion resettlement housing repair, to sell cement directly go up . People who want to build a cement plant is not a two, with regard to the future of the cement plant, has been that many officials in the hot stuff, if the cement can surly practical, effective sales and demand, it may really only just good, is to participate so simple. ! # <
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