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29.05.2013 10:18
Not just ministers somewhat antworten
> Seven hundred and seventy second chapter of the great changes in the face of medical and health Emperor "unreasonable" requirement, in addition to Zhang Xian Yong stunned, is stunned. wwW, QUanbEN, coM stayed for quite a while, finally recovered, the emperor They make him almost doped this disaster thing. "Your Majesty ...... that really what you want electricity to ignite the gunpowder?" Zhang Xian Yong looked blankly emperor, weak weak asked, he did not know he was almost doped matter is good or bad. Of course, no matter good or bad, he did not have a choice, in addition to bite the bullet on the outside, then there is no other way. "Yes, this thing, Qingjia as soon as possible to test, for the results to come up as soon as possible, I may have to show such a thing in the world ......" Yang reform road. Scientifically proven, electricity can ignite a lot of things, there are electric detonating explosive devices have EFI send oil system, as well as electric steelmaking, etc., Young reforms always believe in science. "...... May, Your Majesty ...... it really can do it?" Zhang Xian Yong disturbed asked. "I is not said yet? Electricity can melt gold, why can not ignite gunpowder? Qingjia previously not for I have seen the kind of thing it can play spark? Try to use that thing, in addition to gunpowder, as well as other items, a variety of goods, should try to tap, ...... such as kerosene, such as wine jīng, Qingjia Do not you think that this is a solution to my Ming dynasty two centuries lost opportunity do? If summed from some useful experience, after avoiding rì similar things happen, which is an infinite good ah! ...... "Yang said again reform, Yang reform know that in his view, these are a matter of course , are very scientific thing, in the eyes of Zhang Xian Yong, but not necessarily how science, but not necessarily how believable. "Chen Lingzhi!" Zhang Xian Yong sweat fly from his forehead,Oakley Scalpel Outlet, and he had to do in this world of big things condemnation. "This thing, Qingjia to pay close attention, out of exhaustion as soon as possible, and remember confidentiality, I do not want things not landed on the hubbub, and can understand?" Yang reform road. Yang reform it, this thing is a ten get ten stable, very scientific thing, but may not understand the kind of heart for Zhang Xian Yong awe of ignorance and fear. "Chen Lingzhi!" Zhang Xian Yong has promised, to this point, do not do it he can say? Zhang Xian Yong both fear and some hope, fear of this thing a big blunder, also expect this matter in accordance with the development said the emperor, he exposed the two in one fell swoop Zhang Xian Yong Lai Ming arsenal centuries constantly cause of the explosion. Yang Zhang Xian Yong reform bid farewell, my heart is still very happy, anyway, he stood a historical perspective to deal with things that are born with this advantage. Zhang Xian Yong saying back home, some driven to distraction, to be honest, he really did not want peace doped struggle between emperors and courtiers, do not want to go there almost doped large field of calamity to go, but things did not help him, he must stand up for the emperor hard work. ...... Next rì. Wenhua. "How the treatment of the victims?" Young reforms asked. Which can be considered a routine inquiry. Min plant explosion regarded as a top priority for the court today, although there is a Cabinet Ministers in treatment, practical, Yang reform is to say in every day. "Huibing Majesty, asked the blessing of His Majesty, thanks to a new army Military participation in treatment, although more than hurt people, but now, also Juyi where appropriate ......" said Zhang Rui Figure happy, such a big thing, can do this kind of results have been unimaginable thing, he can come across these things, be Jide. "Ah, the affected people may have placed it ready? Can have a place to live?" Young reforms asked again. "Huibing Majesty, also Juyi arrangements in place, both inside and outside the capital of Buddhist and Taoist temples, heard Min plant explosion, the people affected, urgently needed sanctuary, is pleased to accept all people stay,Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses, to now, people have been living on the streets ...... no doubt, both with cover windshield rain where ...... "Zhang Rui figure continued. "Eating problem then?" Young reforms asked again, this is the question every rì will intervene, although repetitive and boring, you can also necessary procedures. "Huibing Majesty, everything in order, the affected person, are tallied, to take refuge in relatives, the minister had to persuade them to seek refuge with relatives, can they want a solution, the minister has also been sent to persuade them to find a solution themselves, it is not way, difficult, then opened must have porridge factory ...... "Zhang Rui plans to continue replied. "Well ......" Yang asked these reforms, say a good word, the other, will not want to say more. These are not the real battle, there is no need to spend too much jīng force. "In other words, to this rì far, due to big calamity injured, the affected people, in order to have a guaranteed?" Yang said Zhang Ruitu reform listened a long time, asked. "Huibing Majesty, the injured have to get treatment, but also have to get the affected resettlement, homeless shelter there are also places ...... aftermath of the deceased, are also well ...... "Zhang Rui figure quickly happily promised to tell the truth, this money supply adequate errand, it is quite easy to do, easy to make, the credit will be easy to take, easy to get credit, he naturally happy. Young reforms could not nod, this calamity occurred in běijīng town indeed caused great harm, but also conducive to relief can, if disaster occurs in remote areas, may not have such a great ability to send in an hour in such a many doctors, for this, Yang reform is still very contented, inputs and investment paid off. "...... Your Majesty, this rescue them, the minister had to mention the new army medic, which is now the capital in a hot white people, they are skilled and superb treatment means, in this great calamity, played a very big role to save the people that do not know how many xìng life, ...... Your Majesty, the minister took the liberty, in order to please the New Army Military Power ...... "said Zhang Rui Figure bend pleased that this big calamity, resolved so easily , Zhang Rui figure also very happy, riding well imagine how, for the work of the New Army Military please. Speaking of the new army medic, weird group of white people, the ministers talking about it immediately. "Gentlemen, it proposed a meeting Qingjia it ......" Yang said the reform. When it comes to medic, courtiers on hot, and indeed, these strange white people's origin, it is strange, quietly between large Ming cropped up so much of the "doctor", called the volume production, which is really an unthinkable thing. "Huibing Majesty, the minister believes that the new army medic, indeed medicine jīng Cham, timely treatment, in this great calamity has saved many people xìng life, Robinson thought that, if necessary, the awards, is necessary ......" immediately and government officials are in favor of it. This rhetoric was not really in favor of officials, to say the least, the shock wave generated by the Big Bang, who is definitely not sub-officers, who are the people, the shock wave came, certainly non-discriminatory, the injured person in what many officials or their families are also many wounded, beaten what is surely the whole city doctor nervous, there is a good skill of the doctor is nervous, not everyone can enjoy the geniuses therapy treatment. "Qibing Majesty, the minister in favor of ...... these medic, indeed medicine jīng Cham, medical ethics, treatment methods wonders, can be regarded as geniuses word ......" Another exciting favor of an official who simply do not care if he living in the camp. Young reform a look at this guy actually is in favor, some jīng God touches to head it. These rì,Coach Satchels Clearance, Young reforms actually quite dull. "Oh, Qingjia why be so sure?" Young reforms asked. "Huibing Majesty ......, but minister to experience, so I discovered that in great detail, otherwise, how dare such a boast ......" That oh officials said excited. "Oh, to experience? Could Qingjia also injured when rì? Can I remember Qingjia when rì not injured ah ......" Yang reforms asked this guy, can be considered antique, old fogy, and on these new things but disgust as anything, did not expect this rì is so positive in favor of new things. "Huibing Majesty, is the minister not injured, but the minister pediatric injury, a multi-Fang Dafu, are afraid to treat, say die ......, thanks to get a doctor recommendation, the minister he realized that those white people, but it is treatment of such injuries 'geniuses', thanks to those medic, Robinson was able to preserve xìng pediatric life ......, Your Majesty, it is almost fifty years old minister, at home there were only a single seedling ...... "That minister touches more said the more excited, talking, actually crying. Young looked at the old fogy cry reform, but also quite moving, so there did not expect this old fogy side. Many ministers also could not nod. The big calamity, home to receive medical treatment white people, absolutely no longer a minority, can not recognize people blast, sensibilities can not speak for white people's minds, does have greatly changed since the acceptance of the healing of others, bearing someone else's situation, and said the words of others, which if spread, for fame, but a great deal of harm, indispensable to be said a harsh Guaen. Of course, some ministers in the heart rave, curse this guy "regardless of decency," the wrong place, the wrong thing ...... "Qi Bing Majesty, these white medic medicine of jīng Cham, indeed unimaginable, according to the minister known, many had previously been ordinary doctor treat the wounded, because the wound mishandling again find those white Medical treatment, this situation is no longer a minority, it suffices to show that these white medic medicine jīng Cham, in The calamity of treatment, it is indeed played an important role, Your Majesty, the minister believes that the awards ...... "Another official also said immediately followed, will they know the situation said it. "Oh, is that right? There such a thing?" Young reforms asked. Improve the health standards of the Ming Dynasty, the technical aspects of medical reform, which is to promote social change Young reform is an important part of the reform has been on the Young invested heavily, may have been no way to reverse the decision xìng, have been only sneaky, secretly doing. This time the big bang, though a calamity, but also an opportunity. Without such a large-scale disaster, there can be massive injuries, not as the massive injuries, will not be scarce medical resources, medical resources are not scarce, to get the world to accept this new medical technology, That difficulty is not generally high, nobody will xìng life handed a group of "barefoot doctors' hands, especially those officials, asking them to use new medical technologies difficulty is not high. Only in such officials are short of medical resources, new medical technologies in order to not be rejected, the state can not shirk the vision into the world, to get world recognition, get these officials acknowledged. Has been recognized by the world, especially these officials acknowledged that health care technology is undoubtedly a significant advance in the reform can be said that modern medical technology fully into the big Ming Dynasty official. It will certainly Ming social change and play a strong supporting role in safeguarding. "Huibing Majesty, such a thing is indeed very much, this is not nonsense minister, His Majesty is I do not know, those white medic outfit and medication, and treatment means that stress, can be really much, Hill also viewed the site Medical treatment, dare say remark ...... "That officer immediately replied. Young reforms hear some want to laugh, and those medic first line treatment equipment, tools, he can not know? They do not know has invested so much money, do it yourself silly it? "...... Yes ah! Majesty, His words will never leave ......" This topic obviously been a number of officials unanimously affirmed, this officer, who was not a relative a friend, really friendly and like family plus friends are spared for difficult organic months? Medical therapy white receiving said maximum range. Since receiving someone else's treatment, had the grace of others, do not say thank it, at least not in turn say that someone is not right, and if so, it may be that a man's character problem. This time such a large explosion occurred in the inner city, occurred in the gathering of officials, officials injured more high proportion, say experience, they have a lot. "Ah, it seems, I was not expecting wrong, those medic, the trauma side, indeed unique ......" Yang said the word reform. My heart is a little proud, this this thing, I did not realize, but in promoting the health aspects of change, played such a big role, would henceforth, this new medical technology that flourished. 'd Like to come out against many officials, do not say it was right or wrong, even if the opposition is to oppose, but also come out against, and can often talk to his lips, and is unable to speak, can not shout in order to oppose deviant those who do not comply with the rules it. This běijīng city shall they treated people who can get them a few favors, which is a lot of colleagues in their treatment also, if called them, the consequences of this, and catch in this great calamity juncture, I'm afraid nothing Results ...... "who Qingjia there saying?" Young reforms see ministers very sensible, good atmosphere, also ready to settle this thing once to those who set the white Military xìng, that this world can be on more than one important change to promote and protect the force it. Young ministers of reform gaze swept overhead, but no one stood up against it. Not for anything else, to the most intense rì li emperor who oppose this rì an appearance on the naysayers, actually in favor of the emperor awards white medic, which have come to such a thing, is not aware of it? This is how to oppose? Dang Bazi gives you stand out? Now this is a big calamity storm yù to the emperor and the courtiers are missing targets to fight it ...... "Since Qingjia of you feel good, then so it, decreed awards Xinjun Military ......" Yang said quite proud of reform . This matter is finally settled down. This is extremely surprising, unusual smooth sailing ahead. "...... Who Qingjia have things to discuss it?" Young reforms quite pleased, so a set of far-reaching things, how unhappy. "Qibing Majesty, the minister believes that in addition to winning new army medic, should also be ordered Xinjun Military Medical Hall opened in the capital ......, Majesty, new army medic medicine jīng Cham, is a good doctor can be saved countless lives, all of them called geniuses, if only just for the government troops in the military, where it be a waste, would not let the world where people have lost the opportunity to accept geniuses? Majesty, this world is inevitable injustice, please bless Your Majesty, let decreed New Army Military Medical Hall opened, where people ...... "an officer suddenly offered. Not just ministers somewhat unexpected, even Yang reform is also unexpected, to be honest, Yang reform is also temporary remembered so Xinjun catastrophe Military intervention to rescue those who would appear in front of the world, may have no thought a step ceiling, Medical Hall opened in the capital, if the new army Military Medical Hall can be opened, that is to say, as long as adequate training of new doctors at this new medical technologies and system establishment, can be a means rì ...... ministers touches sāo move, awards, and began medical Church may make a big difference. There also involves a dispute of interest. Beijing, in all walks of life, all dominate the party, all have their own interests circles, but now, medical, pharmaceutical others in this area have to cross into a thick stick of ...... "Gentlemen Qingjia have proposed a meeting, which should not how to do? "Young reforms asked. Ministers began noisy up mutual exchange their views. Previous previous awards are a good word to say Military, to now, but it is not bad to say medics, which destroyed itself things to do, nor do forefoot connected rear, too obvious. "...... All in all, I would think, the new army medic healing means, mostly in order to meet the battlefield was born, and in trauma aspect, there may be unique side, but if it is said that the usual treatment of patients, nor more than usual Doctor powerful ...... "Yang reform see no one to speak, I myself have been the first to say it. Young reforms intended to retreat, first medic shortcomings and inadequacies say it, lest someone come out to attack it, first Military frozen, to keep him straight out, according to Ming bureaucrats spleen xìng, I'm afraid the more inaccurate the more I wonder what they are, the more we should fight for. But easier to achieve their goals. Ministers are looking at unexpected emperor, the emperor is actually against white Military Medical Museum opened in the capital, which touches contrary to many people's expectations. ! # <
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