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29.05.2013 10:15
Yang said the reform antworten
> Seven hundred and fiftieth chapters not calm Chen Yu-ting a lot to say, you can not even speak. wWW! Quanben! CoM only shut up trouble. He really can not figure out, the emperor in the end is how to think. Chen Yu-ting speechless, other people who want to talk not much better, there is a problem not quite sure, and that is how to say this thing in the end. Confused nature of the problem, random firing, the problem may become significant, Zhang Xian Yong is not a little guy can easily pinch. Exposure in this matter on Dibao emperor more than one person can easily pinch. The emperor is the emperor, on behalf day management of the world, this is the emperor's legal system and undermine the authority of xìng days and mystery xìng, is actually the foundation of the bad emperor. Chen Yu-ting inner anxiety, but also very anxious, Zhang Xian Yong of that, he knows, is certainly the emperor called dry, otherwise, Zhang Xian Yong lived for several decades sit safely, how the past few years to suddenly change so much? So many things to make? Obviously knew the emperor's majesty and mystery undermine days what the consequences may be still so did the emperor, the emperor in the end for what? Chen Yu-ting do not understand why this is the heart of anxiety and worry. Chen Yu-ting is not actually does not want to understand, but because I understand the anxiety and worry. Since the foundation of the emperor bad, he can only watch ...... his court who could not help whispering together. Young reforms also allow ministers to whisper. Han Kuang see in the eyes, and my heart is very aware, and others have a different view, although he does not know how to take over Trick in the end, we did not know this thing is not true, but he knows that this is definitely the emperor hand cāo get. Like what everyone's talking about then tenrai, the lineup, Zhang Xian Yong Dazhanshenwei, the court how to treat, treatment, attitude, and so these things, in fact, are some of the appearance, he did not share too pure, do not need points too clear, he knows, the real issue is brought to the Ming emperors put great there, brought to the where, this is the real core of the problem throughout the event, do not understand this, just pointing said those things, certainly touched the door . And the emperor in contact for a long time, there have been deep-level exchanges, for large Ming Dynasty emperor with where to put this question, Han Kuang also thinking too long, but also have their own views, and perhaps the emperor put that sentence right, hell never not far from the great Ming Dynasty. Ming emperor just constantly with a big escape hell engulf Bale. One moves, perhaps this is the emperor in the effort to move it. Think of the matter in the various Han Kuang many thoughts, only you can understand perhaps the emperor's heart, this is probably the feeling confidant, no, it should be "known" that he lived this age, just in case to such an emperor, before experiencing these things, they might really be born early for many years, perhaps no chance to see the emperor in mind that big and clear. It was a kind of Ming dynasty? Han Kuang hearts are yearning ...... more looked around behind him talking about his colleagues that Han Kuang think, or say a few words that themselves. Looked to the side of Shi Feng, staring at the ground, it seems deep in thought. Han Kuang shook his head. "Qibing Majesty, the minister has something to say ......" Han Kuang speak out, stand up and see Han Kuang questioning ministers are also quiet, ready to see Han Kuang what to say. "Oh, what Qingjia words?" Yang reform road. "...... Shu Chen ignorance, Your Majesty, the minister also had never heard of such a thing, His Majesty, the minister thought, then tenrai Shimoji things, too fantasy, the impact is too great, so that the common people talk boiling, the court should as soon as possible The give an argument, so that the common people feel at ease, but now the court can not easily draw a conclusion, it is also perhaps the real Cheung Road Act profound, understanding the world do not know about heaven Avenue ...... Your Majesty, the minister thought, or should be called up towards Zhang Zhen, carefully ask ...... "Han Kuang said carefully, he did not make the tangled on how to draw a conclusion on this matter, nor how to deal with this thing tangled, much less how to deal with Zhang Xian Yong tangle. Han Kuang know, since the emperor to do so, it is certainly the intention of the emperor himself, apparently also a flip of the emperor may have no time for fun and to make people pick tenrai Shimoji, that being so, it would "go with the flow" look what it FLAC emperor. "Ah, right in saying that it is indeed the first time since the creation of the world, since currently not conclusive, then Zhao Zhang Xian Yong Hui Zhao, let him explain it, who Qingjia may have something to say ... ... "Young said reform. Zhong Chen is gathered from,Coach Bags Online, or even a scaled up to condemn, and can really something to talk about this, is unspeakable, blocking all words in the mouth can not tell. Reading books has always been a saint, always listen to sage words, but now this thing, but it is beyond the scope of the saints understand the sage did not say how to deal with the matter. Say that learning from history, but now, the history simply do not matter. "Huibing Majesty, the minister believes that it should convene as soon as possible Zhang Zhen Hui Zhao, asking how the matter clear in the end, maybe I looked out of the one true god really can not say." Shi Feng is finally willing to speak up, it is beyond his comprehension, things too much, he worried pocket live, would not dare to stand up, and now things fast a paragraph, and he stood up. "Ah ......" Yang reform nodded. Did not do any evaluation. Shi Feng came to this sentence is actually still quite a market among the ministers, although these people are great Ming's top figures, are big Ming jīng England, no one can say that the letter "superstition", no one would believe "fairy" , that's not always the case, usually hold near and far attitude that is the norm, but now people will then come down to earth lightning heaven, but it is true gods and get some stick side, if there really are so sort of "Xian Qi" go stick a stick is not necessarily a bad thing. Yang Wenhua reform in the eyes in a circle, see no one will speak out, they said: "...... Since no say, and it so right, Zhang Xian Yong Jizhao entry into ......" This towards meeting, not open for too long, and soon dispersed. Things settle down, but Zhao Zhang Xian Yong Hui Zhao. ...... Scattered small towards meeting. Chen Yu-ting is with anxiety and sorrow come out, one out, he was surrounded by many of these officials, asking things result. "General constitution, and how the? Majesty how to say?" Some officials see Chen Yu-ting out, and immediately asked. "...... Total constitution, His Majesty what can say? Matter really outrageous things ah!" Many officials also look to anxiety and sadness said. Chen Yu-ting whole body does not eliminate anxiety and sorrow, see many officials around him, can only bitterly and said: "Your Majesty, said Zhao Zhang Zhen Hui Zhao, asked to say ......" Chen Yu-ting is also very helpless, so the emperor to digging their own roots, he can say anything? "Ah! Only true? No other yet?" Disappointed many officials said, voice even more anxious. These people, looks looks like old fogy, looks like a legalistic antique. Be practical, but it is they maintain imperial power itself, speaking, that was a very interesting thing. "So deviant thing, how not stop ......, this is simply absurd, how people can take tenrai Shimoji ......, this can not ......" break a little towards meeting after officials waiting outside heard the results of deliberations Zhang Xian Yong Hui Zhao Zhao is just that many officials are not willing to yell up. "...... Is so bizarre things can really ...... Majesty, this is simply nonsense, goes on ......" Another very angry, said officials also followed, although he would like to say how Zhang Xian Yong How can really say if Zhang Xian Yong curse, he had to weigh. Chen Yu-ting and looking at the side where the hair that prison officials sāo, noisy, Han Kuang is put on a no hear, own their own path. However, it did not go far, there are many official position immediately surrounded up. In earlier Han Kuang's performance in the hall, I'm afraid that Han Kuang also know something, do not ask him ask. "Ge lao, ge lao, this ......" Several officials and Han Kuang nearer asked. "...... But ask now rì this thing?" Han Kuang asked. "...... Really concealed ge lao ah! Ge lao, the matter is indeed strange, if not excessive tell outrageous ah! ...... Zhang Xian Yong in the end this is why do they do this?" An official Mei asked with a smile . Han Kuang looked up surrounded by these officials are his acquaintances, relationships are more recent. Laughed: "outrageous? You do not really think that they ought to do this thing Zhang Xian Yong, right?" "This is, ge lao say is that the matter should also be the Majesty ......" This officer once said, speaking also looked around, there seems to be afraid of next ear. "Yes ah! Ge lao, His Majesty is not too frustrating, actually engage in such things out, this is simply ......" Another official also said the puzzled and worried, the emperor is the emperor, on behalf day management of the world, This is the legal system, if God's majesty and mystery have been destroyed, which is actually a bad emperor and the foundation of its own legal system, the consequences of this problem, we all know that those who minister there yelling loud in there, except it was too bizarre there is no small reason for this. Han Kuang also looked around, a group of officials around the Chen Yu-ting in there getting more and more excited, it seems to discuss what happened. Thought for a while, said: "...... this thing, too bizarre, now Chodo, no one can say where it then come down to earth in the end is what Trick thing,Oakley Active Online, in the end is how to do, since we do not understand, hasty conclusion on the matter, extremely easy passive, if the wrong thing, I'm afraid will be a laughing stock, say so, and now say that these are still early, or wait, wait Zhang Xian Yong Korea to talk about it ...... " Han Kuang thought it said. "But, ge lao, the matter on the Majesty of damage, it is not small ah! Majesty Is it really do not consider this a?" Han Kuang officials are anxious up here also. "...... Rest assured that the matter of His Majesty the hearts own plan, we can think of something, His Majesty has thought of, we think of things, His Majesty also thought, if the theory forethought, you and I can only hope that His Majesty the item back ......" Han Kuang said these words, regarded his attitude, his attitude, represented his basic attitude of this school. "Ge lao say is that ......" Another officer still some difficult. "Do you want to make a fuss, these two years, it is also less bizarre thing? Daming how I have not seen it, and the contrary is my Ming dynasty is getting stronger?" Han Kuang said. "Ge lao say is ......" The officials admitted that two years of unimaginable things a pick one, they also have no small anti xìng it. But if it is said Ming dynasty getting stronger on this issue, the officials there are some small whisper, large Ming is getting generous, is getting stronger, but these money is where it came from? If that is scraped from them ...... Just then, Chen Yu-ting noise over there, it seems to be more intense. "Well, so it will matter, all wait and see ......" Han Kuang looked back a little way away from the crowds ordered, he represented his basic attitude of the attitude of this school. ...... Back to the Palace of Heavenly Purity, Young deal with their own reform and opening recall what happened. Think of beauty, own one laughed, but also saddened. Development of society, from the feudal era of industrialization leap into this turning point,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK, a representative figure of this era the pressure can really is not small, is not the average person can afford, so-called merit and achievements supporter, can be really not lie, this rì towards meeting on why so weird atmosphere, a lot of people say scold, but not easily open, but not easily given to this matter xìng, because it was in this . If for other people, I'm afraid not enjoy such treatment Zhang Xian Yong, once I heard this thing, this matter will immediately be xìng, abuse, etc., simply can not tolerate such a thing happen, this kind of thing, certainly in the traditional forces was crushed under the pressure to crush. Young reform was going to get complacent, but heard Wang Chengen intrinsic reports: "Your Majesty, slaves had just heard that some officials in the Wenhua outside, surrounded by Chen Zongxian, seemingly excited, as if to discuss something, Your Majesty to see ......" "Oh, there is this thing? ah, I know, ...... Chen Yu-ting lead it?" Young reforms frowning thought for a while, asked. "Back to the sire, Yes, we Chen Zongxian collar head." Wang Chengen replied. Young reforms and pondered, this thing seems, than he imagined much more serious tear playing Meditate head enveloped in shady, nor is it to talk about so simple, courtiers gathered BaoTuan thing, but for a long time have not occurred Now Chen Yu-ting signs to actually come up with this, this thing was possession. "Great companion, so that Chen Yu-ting to see I immediately ......" Yang reform thought, said. "Slaves Zunzhi!" Wang Chengen immediately promised. ...... Soon, Chen Yu-ting went to the Palace of Heavenly Purity. "Chen See Your Majesty!" Chen Yu-ting into the Snappers, you feel so comfortable that this house is cool, very comfortable. "Free gift, take it ......" Yang Chen Yu-ting sit schematically reform. "...... This, thank His Majesty!" Chen Yu-ting surprisingly unexpected, the emperor Cizuo treatment but rare. "I see Qingjia previous meeting on moving, seemingly meant to say some words but did not say, presumably also Chodo inconvenient to say, there are no outsiders, Qingjia may wish to talk about, but I'm Ming dynasty Qingjia total constitution, does have a responsibility as I Shiyibuque ...... "Yang asked, before the beginning of the reform. "Your Majesty ......" Chen Yu-ting it touches my heart very bitter, mixed anxiety and sadness that really do not know how to say. "Qingjia but said nothing wrong, I would not blame Qingjia of ......" Young reforms would go on. "Your Majesty ...... that minister can say, and some of the outrageous the words, please Majesty indulgences ......" Chen Yu Ting decided to ask these things. "But to say it anyway, I am afraid you are not guilty is ......" Yang reform road. "...... Majesty, ...... alas, that the minister can say ...... and want to His Majesty the Holy Spirit, it will not understand, then tenrai Shimoji things, is actually the foundation of their own at the expense of His Majesty what? Actual harm is Orthodoxy is the emperor, but His Majesty the emperor, but the people on behalf of days commanding trillion, the day eminence damage, that is, His Majesty's dignity impaired ah! "Chen Yu-ting still say these things out. "This? ......" Yang reform certainly have considered this issue and concluded that he was definitely to advance the Ming Dynasty into industrialization, nothing could stop himself, thought, and said: "...... this I know ......" Yang reform frankly road. No cover, no anger. "Your Majesty ......, alas, the minister will know His Majesty always clear, ...... can Majesty, since His Majesty understand the way, why do we need to do this? ...... Your Majesty, this is not bad what is their foundation?" Chen Yu-ting moving in classroom also mixed so long as an officer jīng, also learned the geography of the emperor some learning xìng, for those that say that those should not say, actually made very clear. "Ha ha ha ......" Yang reform laugh for a while, laughing loud. "...... Could Qingjia thought, now I rely on is God's majesty to manage the world?" Young reforms asked. "...... Majesty, His Majesty's reputation is as though rì transit can ......" Chen Yu-ting said here, do not say it. "But to say it anyway ......" Yang reform and said something. "...... But not the world of Majesty Lord, the natural splendor of heaven to rule without the aid of the world, His Majesty the Ming dynasty should be handed down ......" Chen Yu-ting said here, would not say, though not finished, but the basic meaning is understand, large Ming can not shake out your generations this emperor. "I also know this, but I would think that, relying day, or too ethereal, not a 'world not to all things as straw dogs' of that do? Days, not necessarily reliable ...... not have' water boat, also capsize 'of that? relying days might as well rely on people ...... "Yang said a simple reform. Young reforms also acknowledged that people with this argument flicker is indeed a good choice, imperial dynasties dìdū follows this argument is clearly justified. But now put yourself Ming scored industrialized societies, the flicker effect, is bound to become increasingly weak. The Ming scored industrialization, something is bound to break through the block, and the flicker, I'm afraid one of them. "Your Majesty ...... that it absolutely can not ah! Majesty eternal inheritance which is to take a joke, Your Majesty ......" Chen Yu-ting up Ku Quan, Chen Yu-ting really do not know how to persuade the emperor. "Ha ha ha, well, Qingjia loyalty, I know, but also with Qingjia tell the truth now, the matter is I can not stop, presumably Qingjia telescopes have seen it, presumably Qingjia also know that "Universal Geographic map" now ...... "Yang said the reform. "Huibing Majesty, the minister know ......" Chen Yu-ting heard of this, and looked down immediately Weidun. "...... I think Qingjia also understand what it means to say, day or that day, but that day is not the original, and if blindly self-deception, and finally only boomerang ......" Yang said the reform. Young reform say such things is not the first time. As technology advances, the day will certainly change the concept, there is no need to put their own sets of death in it, broke open a little earlier this flicker, but more calm. Chen Yu-ting do not know what to say. A lot of the people are apathetic. "...... Huibing Majesty, the minister understand ......" Chen Yu-ting to see the emperor put words to this extent, no longer go on, and it is not necessary, since the days of the change, change is inevitable that people follow it. "Understand like to see Qingjia appearance, will be Zhang Xian Yong want to know that in the end is how is it, eh?" Yang Chen Yu-ting reform see some sluggish, said a topic. "Huibing Majesty, the minister really want to know in the end is how is it ......" Chen Yu-ting and slightly to come some jīng God, this is Zhang Xian Yong blasphemy days have opinions, and wanted to persuade the emperor, wanted to maintain the imperial power of the sacred xì ; ng, to the end, the emperor itself take to heart, but it is the emperor himself breaking his own roots. "This thing, I will talk to Qingjia talk, Qingjia do remember confidentiality, must not talk nonsense to the outside, this matter can only wait for Zhang Xian Yong to the capital, and so he said to open, otherwise, fear there will be big trouble ...... "Yang said the reform. "Huibing Majesty, the minister will not leak out ......" Chen Yu-ting immediately guaranteed. "Actual, Zhang Xian Yong do that thing, just want to confirm that heaven and earth electric lightning is one thing, if it can prove that these two is the same thing in common, then you can come by studying the electrical ground explore the sky, lightning, thunder and lightning too ethereal, can not fathom, but earthly power can indeed have a way to grasp ...... "Young confided reform put this out, ready to appease Chen Yu-ting. This thing, anyway, will be in Beijing after Zhang Xian Yong white world, not as good as the first confided it to appease Chen Yu-ting, to Chen Yu Ting do not give yourself the trouble. ! # <
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