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29.05.2013 10:09
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> Emperor build the "Tower of Babel" message, like boiling water into the pan and immediately "Passion scattered." wWw, qUAnBEn, CoM ...... for that matter, the most surprising than the Fan Weicheng, and now rì him that Dibao sales, easy to over fifty thousand, and now is continually printed, printing is fast Busy earthshaking, Dibao just printed, the ink is not dry, it was immediately sold out. Fan Weicheng a previously heard the news, I know this news is bound to cause a great sensation, so also do the imprint preparations, and can still look down upon the news of the sensational extent, the first batch of fifty thousand Dibao a looted, being forced to immediately printed. This is just běijīng sales in and around the city, not counted elsewhere, because the road is the reason for such a little distance Shanxi, Shaanxi see Dibao will see later than běijīng city, so if elsewhere also need to be printed, this quantity, but also on the rise again. If coupled with other sales throughout, Fan Weicheng think that this this Dibao sales, probably will exceed two hundred thousand mark. There are two hundred thousand a Dibao sales, this is definitely a scary number. ...... "Your Majesty yù Babel made a ......" "Your Majesty yù Babel made a ......" the streets are excited newsboy figure, which sold more Dibao that the more income, rì this day to sell this number to rì worth several rì sales, so is exceptionally hard. Streets, restaurants liquor control, but also everywhere talk about this matter. "My Mother blanket ....... Three feet high tower, tower so high, standing below, for fear that it could not lift with his head straight bar, which was how to fix it up ah ......" This teahouse, business is exceptionally hot , early gathered so many people come to tea. A meeting is to talk about Babel. This architecture. For the Ming Dynasty, is indeed a super project, just as rì talk twentieth century after repair of the Three Gorges general. "...... Repair so high, standing above, is also not scared ......" Someone Interface said. "Yes ah! I said such a high tower, was how to fix it up ah? ......" Someone "insert", then road. "What tower ah! This is the monument, and the tower that is different, the tower is a tower, the monument is a monument ......" Some people yell at once, to say the difference between these two things. "...... What monument ah tower which what's the difference ah? Can build so high, you tube he is a tower or monument?" Immediately someone cried. This tea is so lively. "...... This is no difference between a loud noise? Say on this Dibao, it was made the monument, not building towers ...... the tower from the house just like a simple enough, this monument is different, that is a pillar up This can be much more difficult, ...... it says on Dibao what ...... of that, what the mountains ...... yang. monument, what materials ....... chiseled good movement will not come out ...... "This man immediately and others argue that it is too low cultural level. Encounter a little something a little esoteric, stumbling up immediately. "I said ......, Liu dispensers, which in the end is not Dibao on to say, you can not mask we ......" Someone found a strange, deliberately take if asked just talking man. "This is how not Dibao on the right? It's not black and white what? Clearly written ......" This is called Liu dispensers immediately said seriously, so much, but also picked up Dibao, open, serious "read" together. The shopkeeper Liu a "newspaper", and immediately attracted a burst of laughter, and why? This Liu dispensers because they do not read, it touches the Dibao to get reversed. "Coax ......" everyone immediately laughed. "I said Liu dispensers, which in the end is the word read from the bottom up ah! Still read from the top down? Your this report, can not take a fall, ah!" That man said just cancel. The man immediately flushed, illiterate, uneducated Mozhe. "...... Ha ha ha ......, Liu treasurer, you are not literate, you get a message Zuosa ah? Others thought you are pretending to be knowledgeable, able to read the newspaper it ......" More people make fun of them. "What are you laughing laugh, although we can not read, but this is in black and white on Dibao deceive people, and we is to buy a copy, do in the future heirlooms, old let children and grandchildren look, vintage year also experienced Guo Zhedeng wonders, did not live in vain ...... "This man touches do not give immediately to argue with, although illiterate let him out of the ugly, but he is more proud to be able to live in this era. The shopkeeper Liu say this, it touches everyone's got the same recognition, many people are smiling and nodding yes, they had really encountered a rare era. Can experience this day and age, it is a lucky and Dibao written down in black and white as the court, has a record of historical moment functions. "...... The old lady to say a few words now ......" the old man to the people reading the newspaper, drinking tea will rest up and let these people chat bragging, killing time, heard the shopkeeper Liu talk about this, felt the need to "plug" mouth. People are also quiet, ready to see what the old man said. "...... Liu dispensers really quite right, can not read it does not matter, but this black and white thing, but it is not fool people,Air Jordan 1 Sale, rì if after His Majesty, the court really want to build such a tower of Babel, it must be my big Ming Dynasty The event, life is rare to encounter this flourishing, gentlemen, to cherish ah! ...... if you can buy a souvenir Dibao this is a good thing, think this Dibao but a few pence, gentlemen also can afford ......, missed today, it can be is a pity ah! ...... "There's a sense of the old man suddenly said, to persuade people to do Dibao hurry to buy a souvenir. "Or the old man right in saying that this Dibao but a few pence, but this Dibao on the news, but it is a rare prosperity, if spend a few pence can leave a Spirit, can leave a certificate, but also a good thing ......, rì read like after doing either,Nike Air Jordan 5, or to show off, which may be the angle is enough of this ...... "A man once echoed loudly. This person an initiative supported by many people at once. Have to go back and do Dibao said to buy a souvenir, rì after bragging to their children and grandchildren or, as his witness testimony Saatchi large Ming Ye Hao, Ye Hao, or buried into the grave. These are the things can not lose. ...... Chen Yu-ting your family. "Luoyangzhigui ......, Luoyangzhigui ah! ...... Now finally understand what is Luoyangzhigui the ......" an official holding a Dibao, walked into the living room of Chen Yu-ting. Chen Yu-ting in the living room, early in the morning to gather a lot of officials who are to come to discuss this matter. "...... This is outside, grab this Dibao are Kuaiqiang crazy. Never seen such a powerful rush to grab Dibao, His Majesty the this thing can be made really big trouble ......" This official said. "Your Majesty, this thing, is more than big hair? Simply difficult to end, this three feet of the monument is built it so good?" Buddist officials again immediately. "...... Oh, so high monument, do not know what month to Xiude Hao ah! Majesty indeed unthinkable. But this time, really ambitious, and have poor human after all when ah!" "Well ......, Hunkui, Hunkui ......, Majesty this really is carried away, which is simply headed the saying goes, this is simply a waste of resources ... "Some government officials anguished cry. Several officials have looked at the anguished cry of the officials. "Oh, my majesty which is to learn the Ming emperor, to the monument to the table function is said that this this monument, not a single piece of stone built twenty built with cement and reinforced steel frame ......" other officials, although I think this thing is outrageous,Oakley Sport Cheap, there are also some opposition's mind, but not as good as it can be so straightforward officials, the anger written on his face. "Your Majesty still think far Maihan Tang things happen, if it is true. Bother to repair this 'Tower of Babel'? This is to display" open "merit ah! ......" "This monument is said. But with China's nominal construction, to build China Monument ....... thoughts of you have discussed this monument was not built into the building, might as well talk about the nomenclature of this monument, built this monument, oh mind, after the completion of what use can have. "an official said. . Today, everyone has focused on the building was not built to last, rather than to build this monument in mind. Originally, it is also worthwhile to mind, said said, and debatable, but this thing and the erection of the monument this thing than it turned into little things, nothing to say first, and everyone's thoughts are on this monument was built in the end was not built into the . This monument, it is too big. "Now that there is what to say? If they could build such a tall monument, called the gathering people of the world say if desired such a thing, and there is no reason, and now the challenge is, it was not built into the building, built fail, Han also mention. "topic soon return" to the question, "everyone's eyes are so high can Xiu monument, as the original intention and purpose, this touches secondary. "Well ......, Majesty which is costly, so the ambitious project, which requires porters utilized their resources, I do not know a few who just do not know where to build several successful sire which is a waste, in flesh and blood ...... luxury consumption" everyone a listen to the argument is this old-fashioned, have despised, and now this matter, we are still a major concern can build on, when you said how much repair, apparently did not find the center, who are willing to discuss this with you? Once built this thing is definitely a miracle big Ming Dynasty. Your family ...... Shi Feng come. Shi Feng come here, but also to a lot of people. "I think the word that China, although conception is high, but also has no small flaws, but accommodating think I Ming dynasty imperial state, the center of the world, the word that China, although able to represent my descendants, able to represent my Daming people, meaning in this respect, but also lack some, His Majesty is going to continue after the monument as rì China ties ...... Xiaguan thought, this Chinese word that the use of inappropriate , you also need a little bit of change to be more in line conception ...... more in line with His Majesty's mind ...... "an old officer said. Shi phoenix listened, nodded, his position, which is quite embarrassing, to say the party it is God, can a lot of secrets, he was unable to participate, the party said it was not God, but this position sit firmly Grand Secretary, who will say Grand Secretary is a party ...... Emperor, his position is also quite embarrassing, really think of themselves and the gap between the party Emperor, Shi phoenix is ​​very depressed, he was here, there are some to "return to work" officials to give him ideas. As Grand Secretary, no matter what, there are always a few use the service. Shi Feng to think this does put a bit mean, this monument to the emperor's name change of name, if it is really built a monument, rì monument after it indispensable to say his name mentioned, this monument to the emperor that he still was the name of it. "...... That the Department does not know how to change it?" Shi phoenix asked tower "xìng" grid decided. To him here, "return to work" several officials, only the old pedants. "Yuan Fu adults, this change can only change one word, so that you can put zhōngyāng of the country, accommodating large towards generalization in. Let me China can be summarized into mean, ...... if only the word that China . then toss in life and life of the court again, the Ming dynasty cast again, but also to His Majesty cast aside ...... "This old pedant no other skill, if said study text, called a jīng out. Eloquence. "That in the end we wanted to change what word it?" Shi phoenix asked. "Yuan Fu adults, which we wanted to change 'China' word, so, this conception of what the word on the up, both in general and of the court, the Majesty installed in. more did not change the original meaning of His Majesty ......" That old pedant proud to show off to the ocean yesterday to build rì to spread the "Babel" message, the tower was up all night, pondering this matter. Pondering the matter, wondering to go, really figured out a little something to. "China ......, China Monument? ...... China memorial altar ...... ah ......" Shi phoenix after listening to a little comparison for a moment, immediately feel good, the Chinese conception, indeed surpasses China high level. Just go to China generalization, which takes zhōngyāng of North Korea. Installed inside the court, which court installed inside. This is not to put His Majesty the What? This really is winning, thought of this, Shi Feng to also feel good. If they could speak their own move to change the word of His Majesty, His Majesty will presumably new light on their own, rì built the altar after the man, who is also indispensable to the altar of the things themselves and recorded. "...... Quite right, this Chinese word, indeed higher than China's conception, yes, yes ......" Shi phoenix very happy. ...... Han Kuang your family. Also gathered a few people. "Ge lao, the construction of 'Babel', I do not know really built or a pretense? Ge lao, the following officials to cement understanding, if you want to build such a high monument tower, which requires cement, to the sea gauge, This really is not a simple project ah! built if true, I'm afraid Majesty had to create a new cement plant ...... "This official said, for the repair of Babel original intention, I was not so concerned about, it touches to look at the the cement. The officials say this, several people immediately around the eyes shine. Han Kuang sigh breath, which in the hands of this man, how will surely want to talk about opening a business go? Why eyes always fall on top of it money? Han Kuang would like to have the kind of high standing in the world look at this thing, rather than smell the smell of cats. "The matter, but it is really built, Your Majesty is not joking, do you for that, by the worship of living things is fun?" Han Kuang wanted to change the subject back to "normal" and not obsessed with keeping an eye on the "sale . " "Ge lao, that so to say, is bound to build up ......" Someone road. Han Kuang again nodded yes. "...... Ge lao, this time, is definitely a rare opportunity ah! Ge lao think, if it really be able to repair the cement monument three feet high, and that this cement is not legendary? Ge lao, rì after This cement, fear is in short supply ah! world so much build a house, from the tomb, that some do not want the house to repair firm, that do not want to build it the tomb of some real prison, knowing the reputation of this cement, not spend a lot of money buy cement? ge lao, there's a business opportunity, it is big ah! ...... "This officer is still eyeing the cement, which smell a business opportunity. "Yes ah! Ge lao, this thing looks Majesty misbehave, a waste of money, can actually definitely Majesty played a cover, this is definitely a foreshadowing of His Majesty, ge lao think this burning cement house is held in the hands of His Majesty, if this world are building a house with cement, which was produced each year how much cement? much this kind of money? ge lao, His Majesty has always jīng things that never do the trading loss, this time , it should be no exception, this time, is still in the layout of the time His Majesty the start, rushed to occupy the entire building cement plant to go ...... some places, which once accounted for first, rì absolute benefit after endless ...... "other officials also followed coaxed, this matter from another point of view to analyze it. Han Kuang as a party, as a witness to the whole thing, listening to the words of these people own sects, only secretly shook his head, really good for nothing. Han Kuang can only complain so in secret, and he had to rely on these people insisted on moving in classroom foothold. "...... These words speak not bad, if the cement is really able to build such a high monument, after which it rì cement must have been known in the world, rì after the construction of the house, I'm afraid he is using much This really is a not a small business ......, if who are interested, you can now ride the situation is not clear in advance to bet, if wait until get to the bottom, it may be too late, that time also broke the scalp grab ...... " Han Kuang had to follow his men who view these disciples say a few words. ...... Běijīng town. A tavern. A white man, a man sitting in the window, on the left, arrayed copy of this rì Dibao, Dibao content on, is the "Tower of Babel." The white man look, you can say that it is Luo Ji, or said, with no small anger, unwilling and scared. This time the "paper money", that it was his secretly driven, it is precisely because he saw the people of Beijing are so endless, endless kowtow to go far in the prairie masters and constantly urging He will try its best, it is best to undermine the prestige of the Ming emperor, it is best to discredit the reputation of the Ming emperor, so, the Ming emperor's prestige after the crash, and perhaps there will be moving the Ming Dynasty "swing" appears automatically once the Ming Dynasty " swing ", is bound to affect the war on the desert, perhaps in one fell swoop the Ming Dynasty in the customs of jīng sharp wiped out, thus reversing the situation of the war, precisely because of this, he came up with such an ideas, the thought that their plan perfect, can in one fell swoop destroyed the prestige of the Ming emperor, allowing thorough Ming emperor became the laughing stock of the world laugh, you can never thought this thing would actually finally come to this step, three feet high tower of Babel ah! If this is really a Ming emperor built, and that the prestige of the Ming emperor, must once again soaring, that for grassland masters, can be absolutely drowned. . <
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