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29.05.2013 10:07
look at you is the only big s è antworten
Forest not followed Bai Ruoyun to the office of the chairman. Bai Ruoyun gently put the door closed, sitting on the sofa. She looked at a pair of standard s è * wolves like Lin non, burst into a laugh, "a bad husband, standing to do, sit down." "Wife, you won't wait?" Lin non sat beside her, his arm around Bai Ruoyun's shoulders. Bai Ruoyun is not evasive, but her face slightly red, light tone way: "husband, I was almost in the meeting room called you husband." "How is that?" Forest not staring eyes, "call the husband is not wrong." "No, I think the timing is not. The time is ripe, will put our relationship is disclosed in the company, husband, I want you to make some achievements." Lin non Bai Ruoyun's meaning is clear, this meeting is very clear she is deliberately to put their position lifting, "wife, I will, I assure you." "Well, husband, remember you said, I am a woman, can not always be so fight,Oakley Sunglasses Fast Jacket, hope you can as early as R ì over static Feng Group, while I help you do your job, do a good mother to take our children." Bai Ruoyun spoke in a low voice. "Wife, you want children?" Lin Fei excited. "Well, really want to......" Bai Ruoyun sat up straight, while staring at the forest without eyes, cheeks have been red, delicate and charming y ù drops. "Wife, you too good." Lin Feile was almost didn't jump up,cheap jordan shoes, put her tightly in his arms, "wife, we'll make it on time." "Are you not hate, is unable to hold oneself back now?" White ruo-yun anger whine, "and finally to what you, big s è * wolves." "Wife, why do you suddenly want children?" Lin non said softly, "make me nervous, you know I earlier in the day to quit smoking." Bai Ruoyun complained: "you know that smoking is not good ah? For our children, you see to that yourself!" Then, she bit her lip titter stood up. Lin is not a pull her to sit in his arms, "wife, I would give up smoking, today?" "Husband, I want you to really listen to bad habits, quit all." Bai Ruoyun smile, "to me, to our home." Lin Fei nodded, fully understand her intention, hugged her, "wife, you are a wonderful wife......" Two people embraced for a long time, white ruo-yun gently pushed Lin non, "husband, I suddenly think of one thing, want to tell us your opinion." Lin Fei could see that she is serious in appearance, "wife, you say." What do you think about Song Wenjuan. Bai Ruoyun turned his head on the sofa. "Song Wenjuan," Lin not wanted to think, "is the model? Pretty!" White ruo-yun face, complained: "look at you is the only big s è * wolf, don't remember her position, only to remember is a beautiful model." "No, wife, she again beautiful also not you." Forest not bad smiled and said: "I know you are working or character." "Hate, you know still intentionally says so, is it right? Want to kill me?" White ruo-yun pretend Nu way, "aren't you afraid I'll throw you out of the bedroom?" "Wife,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, I'm still not in >
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