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> Platform. wWW. QUanbeN. Com Young reform is holding a ruler carefully infer. Released the edge into the Army and the Royal Society of Liaodong military indeed has made no progress in Shenyang as the center of the vast region, began to be marked with the sign of the Ming Dynasty. "Shenyang" Young reforms take a ruler over a bit. Then there take the ruler than the next city in the distance. "Tieling" Young reforms out of another city's name. This city, from Shenyang is one hundred years. "Statehood" Young reforms and took a ruler than a moment, then said. Transported some marked locations, than a far. "..............., These two cities, and now all my Ming dynasty won the ......" Yang reform road. Surrounded by minister of state are listening carefully, then emperor. "This is more north, the greater the pressure!" Young reforms had to be so road. Frontline army won Tieling, statehood these places, almost effortless, trouble or trouble in food and supplies, for the Ming Dynasty, the journey a bit too far away, the army of eating and drinking Lazarus, further north, the more consumption , the more difficult to protect. "Huibing Majesty, yes, in my army's combat power, won these places are not a problem, the problem lies in the traffic inconvenience, transportation difficulties, logistical supplies ...... difficult, which still rely on the military side of the war by imperial troops Association results of the war, if all rely on the rear supply, it is even more difficult ... "Yuanchonghuan replied. Young reforms while silent, the ideal is beautiful, the reality is always cruel, always be a variety of accidents. Army flatten Liaodong, although cool, but back pressure is also exceptionally large one could even add some troops to eat and drink, Young reforms bite the bullet, it can hold, after all, of the military and the military is war by Royal Society war, the need to recharge less, it touches can support, the problem lies in, to Liaodong go, not just the military, as well as immigrants, as well as victims, and hundreds of thousands of migrants to eat and drink Lazarus compared to the number of troops that point , it's not a big problem. "Your Majesty, Immigrant, and then count the East Town, Kam Ning Liao also original Liaodong military and civilian, the total number of people that, for fear that there are dozens, and millions, and ...... Majesty, this food gap is quite large, and now the 700 Harvest summer months there is a couple of months, I'm afraid the Ministry prepared food is not last so long, to sustain, I'm afraid too limited supply, and ... His Majesty, the minister dereliction of duty, please Majesty punishment "ministers Bi Yan was very self-blame Road. He'd put himself out of the current problems, the Ministry had also made a plan, but also early transfer food from the south, you can plan changes. Southern food, in addition to part of the delivery through the Yellow River to Shanxi, but also there are some go by sea transported to Tianjin for immigration purposes, have to prepare frontline rations, this year is a major famine, food steep declines in the North, the South several provinces to the north had lost grain, steep pressure. Even early preparation can be made to the present, have some whole grain Ming stretched. Originally used Liaodong food is well prepared, but nonetheless still Liaoning immigrants and too many people, all of a sudden so many more mouths to eat, which originally stretched on some food reserves, and immediately jump to the red line below in dangerous state. Young reforms while headache, and now he is regarded as the great Ming Dynasty stroked up and down smoothly, and that the South would not exist hoard food, Tuen not sell things, although the price is somewhat high, but definitely will have to mobilize the whole grain Ming it can be made to the now, or food shortages, Yang reform Mozhe, in ancient times, population migration, army combat, it is a very difficult thing, just eat, the vast majority of the court and officials will absolutely scared to death, No wonder the ancient Chinese outward expansion of the power shortage, it does not kill the enemy, and that they put its own toss dead. Young reforms know, this is the country's food deficit xìng not open several positions, get a few large landowners can be solved, not afford the cost of food, not just immigrants blocked, even the military will be blocked, and even re- ignited peasant revolt. Although it is possible to solve the limited supply of food, but this is never a good thing, once this thing, will cause huge social impact, on their own will certainly result in a huge impact, many ongoing initiatives, are bound to be affected The. "I know this, Qingjia without remorse, this is not the responsibility of Qing Jia,nike air jordan, natural disasters, large-scale production, plus support troops, coupled with massive migration to prop up any of them, like, is not easy, and now the Ministry of able to do this afternoon appearance, can be considered extremely rare, and Qingjia should not blame, I thank Qingjia fishes because of the "Young reforms was the truth. Xìng the deficit in this country, a situation in need of food everywhere, the country's food transfers to such a degree that in ancient society, has reached the limit. These three, just as out, no one is enough to drink a pot of ancient dynasty, Yang reform now three things exist, this pressure is not an insider, did not imagine it now to get a flood of silver poplar support reforms that will country's food operations to the limit, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable. "... Robinson thank His Majesty does not pursue grace, may still food shortages, this do?" Bi Yan Tao since. Emperor did not answer graduated from strict words. "...... Majesty, up, so this year due to the disaster, but also the victims of so much movement, but also to support army operations, but in reality, still rely on the promotion of sweet potato Majesty effective, otherwise, would have the support does not go" Bi since Yan to see their words to the dead end gone, erection of his topic, the topic brought out his pressure, presumably a greater pressure on the emperor, and he did not want to worry about these things the emperor. Young reforms inadvertently glanced graduated from the strict one, this head, actually has a lot of white hair, Young reforms actually see hesitated, Yang graduated from the strict reform can not remember what time have white hair out. To outsiders, large Ming vibrant, spirited, Lien Jie, Who would have thought, is treading on thin ice, presided functioning of the state officials, also anxious white hair. Han Xi has bow come to their senses, I think that some former rì son, the emperor with their words, but is in constant large Ming Tiao from hell swallowed it, not to mention what Saatchi brilliant, let alone what is far Mai Han Don and the like, large Ming is sailing against the current, not into it will retreat. Now Korea baking, it touches better understand this sentence. "... Yes! That sweet potato, but I the great savior, miraculous play this year, I also live under a big effort to promote it ......" Here, Young reforms while Fortunately, while scared, a burst of pride. Xu Guangqi early if it is ready to adapt to their north and south sweet potato planting seeds, if it is Xu Guangqi have to remind ourselves that demands on themselves, and even requested that the promotion of sweet potato raised to the height of national policy, perhaps sweet potato cultivation this year, there will never be such a scale. In this disaster, the also engage in large-scale immigration, but also for the army combat, it is hard to imagine, even scheduling effective, focused response to the country's food famine, I'm afraid is an unimaginable thing, even if there is a silver , there is no place to buy food, only to look at this three Bengduan, and even make the whole situation reversed. "Shi Grand Secretary, sweet potatoes this year to promote how? Now arid and replant sweet potato thing going?" Now to the problem, Yang Shi Feng reform asked to come. "Huibing Majesty, the matter has been supervising minister, now come from all over the reported situation, replant potatoes in good condition, where the vast majority of calamity, are willing to replant potatoes, local rulers also have due diligence, and actively supervision, and this year's potato acreage and production, there must be a considerable increase ......, which thanks to His Majesty for the world's people means a Ming Road, also thanks to His Majesty to do a demonstration of the common people, if not to rely on planting sweet potato Majesty profitable thing, and the world want to promote sweet potato, I'm afraid even more difficult, "Shi Feng to immediately report their situation here. This year to promote sweet potato, he touches confident, full of confidence, more than last year, just start promoting it can be so different sweet potato, sweet potato promotion last year, almost unable to move, local officials are mostly perfunctory, sweet potato yield pitiful, it is I'm sorry that million sweet potato promotion fee. But this year is different, there is the example of last emperor to do, relying on seed potatoes to earn a lot of money, a lot of places on their own did not replant calamity from sweet potatoes, and indeed forms gratifying. Spent so much money last year, the only effect is to promote the potato almost every county has a sweet potato seeds, we know how to grow sweet potatoes for this year's large-scale cultivation provided experience, it would be an additional gain. "Well, the matter, Grand Secretary also intentions, but also constantly urging replant around the sweet potato, side walls and outside, Liaodong those places, Qingjia should more carefully, owned by the local government tube, Qingjia have much urging, not owned by the local tube, I would order the ...... "Yang reform road. Young reforms This is the wall, the abundance of Liaodong planting sweet potato, now Liaodong so many people eat horse bit, largely due to Young reforms last year planted sweet potato, Liaodong last year began a large-scale cultivation of sweet potato, etc. crop, this year's larger, for ease tensions food, played a significant role. Although the food situation is tight this year, grain reserves have reached below the red line, can this year's harvest season is coming up, as long as a month or two and then get support, to the July and August, you can connect this year's summer harvest of grain, and then hold a two months to nine in October, the country's potato crop will mature, it is not afraid of no food. Hands of food, hearts do not panic, Young reforms have been put food production as their most important concern for food holding, has as their top priority. Today, grain reserves fell to the red line, Young reforms nose then some headaches, but that does not panic. "Chen Lingzhi!" Shi phoenix replied, his promotion of potato this year, is finally out of the color, but added a little turn the tide looks like, and who is also exceptionally jīng god. "Yes, Master Xu, big Okinawa, where the first phase of this year, rice has been harvested, yield impressive, I have let Xu master as much as possible to get food to the north, the first solution to the food shortages in northern bitter, like a large Master Xu Ryukyu food arrived, the pain of this deficit, will ease the ......, I estimate mo with, about half again, food is coming to Tianjin ...... "Yang the reform of the road, an important food xì ng, Yang reform has never been forgotten. For yourself spending heavily to build a granary, Yang reform is also very proud, but also very rewarding. "Big Ryukyu?" "" Has been harvested child? "" "Has been FOB son?" '"Is coming to Tianjin? "" Platform where a burst of surprise and unexpected. Although we do not grow their own rice, you can also eat rice for so many years, whatever the outcome, to know what time the summer tax income, now only in late May, so soon harvest? But also from the big fast food Ryukyu shipped to Tianjin, this is simply unbelievable. "..............., Your Majesty, this May, this will not be ......" Shi Feng to when the accident asked, five in June has always been that lean rì child, but now the first batch of new rice upcoming "how, I will not lie? such a big thing, I can lie it? Ryukyu that big grain a year, two to three times, the earliest rice, early planting, can be harvested in mid-April and May can be warehousing, now transported to the north, then why not? "Young laughed reform, for their achievements, quite proud, in this lean time rì suddenly transported to a new grain" to stabilize food prices and people with an extremely important role, its shocking imagined. to heavily immigrant Taiwan, the development of Taiwan, Yang reform the original intention, in addition to placement of the victims, but also has other considerations, for example, after the calamity in rì, extreme lack of food when used and the South hoarding food grain merchants who hit opposing use, the hands of food, hearts do not panic, have their own food origin, have their own source of food, but also dare to have a free hand to do things reforms Young Yang Reform the beginning of the plan, in the mainland's most lean when suddenly popped up a number of new grain to, in order to force the food makers as a means of compromise, which is Yang reform one step back FLAC, forced after means Of course, now the South has been smoothed along their own, and I was not to take a long eye dare not challenge yourself, general business landlords have food,Coach Poppy Collection USA, reminding price to sell, Young reforms nor what, after all, food tense up points price they have in the past, if hoarding does not sell, want to create food shortages for grabs, it may blunt the reform Yang Yang reform some means to deal with these grain merchants, of course, are now thrown away, the southern grain merchants, landowners very discerning, which did not have eyes in addition to large Ryukyu, the beginning of the immigration Dongting Lake also has this consideration, Yang reform needs of the grain in bags in their own body, have a sense of security, but also has not Dongting Lake weakness, and that is food to the north, the road is too far away, in his hand, only better than nothing, Young abandon immigration reform Dongting Lake, this consideration also has large Ryukyu although far away, the ship may have then, a great amount of traffic that can offset the distance factor, coupled with Young reforms intended to encourage maritime expansion, immigration will become a big lake Ryukyu it. Dongting Lake and Ryukyu are so large, the actual, Liaodong too , any society and the times, eating is always the most important issue, can not guarantee to eat, and what is false, Liaodong actual food bags also Yang reform one of several people are surprised and surprised at the emperor did not expect, the emperor does not move between sound sè, from large to engage in a grain Ryukyu, or in this most lean times, it is really did not expect. Though few people have heard of large Ryukyu three crops a year, but can be did not really feel too cooked food three times a year on behalf of what is now the best time to see the lean food, but added to the shocked. "Ha ha ha, gentlemen, but I do not believe? Since they do not believe, then again and so on, at most, two weeks, food in relation to the capital, and to the time, I do not explain, gentlemen naturally believe ... "Young reforms with a smile, this flip play performance, although do not expect large, can not large Ryukyu food for the entire Ming has no supplementary food system, with this source of food, Ming Jiangnan food for the level of dependency, reduced again, the court relied on the southern lower For the balance toward the bureau also has a very important role. Several people face to face glimpse, was not surprised. "Your Majesty, not Chendeng not believe it, but this is really so unexpected ......" Han Xi Road. "His Majesty was Chendeng good hiding bitter, since there is grain shipped, why did not you inform the minister? Let minister anxious white white hair, Your Majesty, I wonder, how many of this food, how much food can have shipped ... "Bi Yan touches joy from them, and quickly asked, this moment, has the burden of pressure on the body, it seems is to reduce a lot. mind is feeling, or emperor, there are measures in such a lean rì yard procured grain umbrella. "Ha ha ha, grain Well, this group, a large part of this year's new grain, the first batch of about three hundred thousand stone, with large grain Ryukyu there continues to mature, but also the transport of food over another, as to how many of you do the math right, that big, but migration of millions of Ryukyu "Young laughing reform Road. has surprised a few people, they recovered, and that claims to the Ryukyu immigrants million last year, and this year is still immigration, which must be more than one million persons, which was kind of how many fields? these fields are the least two crops a year, many of which are three crops a year, and that was harvested this year, how much food? That is not, as this trend continues, the annual support capital Hyakumangoku food is not a problem? even more? graduated from Yan in the heart is a live feeling, so many immigrants in the past, although spent a large amount of capital, may also have, in the long run, is definitely quite a bargain, and now there is no grain to the capital lost yet? also thought that edge immigrants in the past,Nike Jordan Spizike, almost all farming, food very much, he is not finished, and it does not pay to the landlord Zuzi remove tax, must also left a large part of life in exchange for other goods, must be to sell, sell it? emperor gave way out to those victims, those victims of the emperor as a bodhisattva in general, not to sell the emperor also sell to? outsiders even think cheap dipped half points, Bi Yan heart suddenly take from the sentence: the hands of food, hearts do not panic. toward the bureau is now the emperor response capability, like blossoms yu, but in reality is not accidental. "hiding His Majesty was Chendeng hard, alas, that Zi must I wait before hiding too good bitter, ......... "Shi Feng come out of such a sentence, be complaining, and he thought he was promoting the sweet potato, can turn the tide of this year, always in the limelight, you can just cropped up a shadow on a such a thing, he Promotion sweet potato role, greatly reduced, to turn the tide is not his, he is at most a supporting role, Shi Feng to this heart, cool part of it. "Ha ha ha, I is not a deliberate attempt to hide the truth of you, but food did not arrived, Mang However, among this lying, I'm afraid of you will laugh Qingjia, originally, I intend to re-grain, etc., but hurry, and also had to put this message out, rushing hi, to all of you eat a reassurance ... "Young reforms with a smile, his heart did not think so, Young reform is going to take this thing had when the killer, Ming certainly stretches of natural disasters, food must be scarce, Young reforms must want to know what to worry about food, is likely to be and Jiangnan businessman battle of wits, the same thing this killer hid Young reforms are too late, talks about how'll be fine, it is never mentioned, a lot of people mistakenly think that there is still a large Ryukyu wild land, but also in large-scale immigration, is not easy to feed themselves, to send out there food? Now this killer although not used to Fu Jiangnan of grain merchants, landlords may also have miraculous, in the heady, relieve pressure on food has miraculous <
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