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29.05.2013 10:02
their love of the man's sister's husband antworten
Wife. Summer mother looked at Lin non and white if cloud. Locked brow, "if the clouds you two?" At this time, xialan trotted out in the courtyard, she had heard several people dialogue, suddenly understand. The j ng takes its iron maiden time be torn with grief pain, it is fate, their love of the man's sister's husband, she tried not to let the tears fall down, bite a lip to think about, loudly say: "Mom, don't talk nonsense! I and not just ordinary friends!" Xialan Bai Ruoyun went to the side, pulling her arms, and looked at the forest not, face s è looks unnatural. She said softly: "if the cloud, you don't get me wrong, my mother did not understand the situation, we go back to the room." Bai Ruoyun was a summer Lanlian drawstring ye out into the courtyard. Lin non back in if cloud, a pull her arm, "wife, you listen to me." Bai Ruoyun stopped, did not speak, coolly glances at Lin Fei, looking like two swords cold dense forest not directly to stab. Xialan frowning stare Lin non, reproachfully: "Ruo Yun and I say, you don't interrupt!" Lin Fei had to stand in situ, summer mother Huanguo God, she had seen the world woman,air jordan sale, at this time, also feel just talked rashly, helplessly wry smile for a while, to Lin Fei said: "we entered the room, I am old, how stupid." Lin Feiyao shook his head, and said in a low voice: "Auntie, you don't, don't blame you." "Go away, you are if cloud husband, is the new master, our home all right, Xia LAN will explain, what if the clouds are also sensible child." Summer mother took Lin Fei by the arm, and went to the living room. Xialan get a lemonade to white if cloud, light tone way: "if the clouds, is the way things are,Oakley Monster Dog Online, more than a year ago, Lin not to help us to catch a few criminals. He is a man of great sense of justice, he and I was from that incident into a common friend." Xia Lan deliberately friend said very heavy, she added: "a few days ago I was wounded, was sent to the hospital." Bai Ruoyun heard the xialan injured in hospital, quickly put down the cup, eyes are full of tears, pull a summer haze's hand and said: "what do you say? Are you hurt? Heavy or not?" Summer Lanyao shook his head, pat white ruo-yun soft shoulder, smiled and said: "look at you now, I totally OK, but be at one's last gasp, almost died." "Ah!" Bai Ruoyun stared at the summer haze, "what you say is true?" "When I cheated you," Xia LAN and Bai Ruoyun sat on her bed, "not just Lin came to the hospital, I lost too much blood need a blood transfusion, the hospital without plasma, Lin non blood just like me, he had lost a lot of blood for me, the blood can almost to a person life, so he was a lot of people present mistaken for my boyfriend, including my mom is misunderstood. In fact, he and I are just ordinary friends." Xia Lan speaks of here, the heart can not help a pain, shed two lines of clear tears, "I am very grateful to him, he is a good man." Bai Ruoyun nodded, wipe the tears on the face, then took a piece of paper towels to Xia LAN,UK Nike Air Jordan, whispered: "Xia LAN, this is the original, previously >
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