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29.05.2013 09:55
the salt stimulation to two of his broken leg antworten
"You don't want to......" Liu Jinjie jumped back several paces, at this time Lin Fei has eyes flashing,Oakley Sunglasses Store, pupil flashing a red light, clearly is a cold-blooded devil. Lin non lightning Liu Jinjie came to the front, hands locked out of his neck, he lifted directly out of the room. A new moon hanging in the dark sky, scattered a few stars naughty wink. The sea billowing, layers of giant Lang beat the cruise ship, the luxury cruise ship but keep cool to stop * * *. Cruise ship deck, Natalia and Su Feiya sat at the table with red wine, a cordial conversation with some things work. The two western beauty skirt blowing, lightweight fabric dress clung to their beautiful and graceful body, showing a convex beautiful attractive x ì ng curve. The two men not to care about the wind breeze long hair, let the messy hair random block in front of the forehead cheeks, red mouth slightly Shangqiao, with a relaxed smile, looks very enjoy this quiet and comfortable sea night...... Lucas Harper, standing on the bow, such as sculpture, there is no trace of s è Cai knifed ax long face. Beside him stood a bucket, a bucket filled with after evaporation into the high salinity water. Lin Fei Liu Jinjie came to bow, made an effort a to throw, Liu Jinjie fell on the cold deck, he slowly from the deck up,Classic Coach Sale, legs slightly weak, at the moment, but God s è his astonished face, a fear of death is deeply shrouded in the heart. Lucas went to Lin Fei's side and whispered: "Sir, that number has disappeared, our platform that can't be found, according to my analysis of this number should come from......" Lin Fei nodded, "don't tube he, in short, I must let the boy go to hell today." He frowned, quick step, jump to the front of Liu Jinjie, a note of lightning kick, hit the Liu Jinjie's right knee bone, then came the "click!" The sound of a broken bones. "Uh...... Ah......" Liu Jinjie cried horribly,oakley sunglasses online, he fell to the deck, the leg bones with dark red blood bubbled out, flowing in has been removed on the carpet, cold deck...... "You are not a man...... Devil. Liu Jinjie endure pain growled, "my daughter......" Lin Fei did not wait for him to say, will bite a tooth toward his left femur is a heavy tread, "ka!" , "oh...... Uh......" Liu Jinjie hurt his left leg fracture syncope in the past, at the same moment gush blood flow, on the floor. The air was filled with the strong bloody flavor, then be wind blown...... Lucas. Forest not shouted: "he poured wake!" "!" Lucas carrying a bucket, a few steps away to Liu Jinjie's side, directly to the water fell on Liu Jinjie's body. "You...... No, not at all. "Liu Jinjie slowly open your eyes, the pain made his face twisted convulsions, the salt stimulation to two of his broken leg, Liu Jinjie." well...... The pain is killing me......" His trembling hands to crawl to the fence, trying to reach out.
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