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29.05.2013 09:53
to the anti Arrow clothes antworten
> Duoergun after all, is a teenager, or has not a small boy heart "xìng" impulse was reached the battlefield, into the battlefield, it immediately regret it. wWw, quaNBen, COm battlefield, like quagmire in general, overwhelming overwhelmed him, vision clinics of the land, full of the Ming Dynasty person. "Masters, we are surrounded by ......" Duoergun around I said. Dole did not answer, the Ming too many people, the hope Duoergun yellow Daikichi able to rescue him, the other, on what is also Zhiwangbushang. Daikichi ...... yellow heart has been in the blood, and inlaid blue flag of the battle he had to understand it far, the strength of it is down a lot and did not rival the Ming Dynasty, is the Ming Dynasty as cut melon cut vegetables in general. Yellow Daikichi hate, hate Ming start sinister, does not leave any room, but do not give him any chance. Past and Ming fight, they have accounted for the preparation of the cheap, you can use the preparation of cheaper consumption on the opponent's strength, with a smaller loss to defeat the Ming Dynasty, you can try to save veterans jīng sharp, and now, this kind of thing want to even think about. Today, Ming had chastened, had not previously kind of play, in order to fight against the Ming Dynasty and the establishment of the Eight Banners system, has now achieve any effect, and in the preparation of the next war Banners, but is cumbersome. Previous Ming Dynasty, though it seemed ranks very large, easily tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of troops, in fact,Oakley Squared Online, more than make up the numbers that can really fight, but generals retainers only, but even the highest levels of the Ming generals Bing, men able to fight the retainers, but generally only one to two thousand people, this is it can play a warrior. So, Banners establishment is in fact against the Ming Dynasty and the establishment of this situation, the war, when a certain level of preparation, is always stronger than the Ming establishment of a level, always in the battle of numbers locally advantage. Previous Ming armies inside various rules, he Daikin has long been "touched" thoroughly, thoroughly understand the internal conditions of the Ming dynasty, Daikin, you can calmly deal with the Ming Dynasty, always in the local real overwhelming combat power on the Ming Dynasty So, after causing an illusion of gold it can play, he Banners also jīng real sharp inclusions auxiliary soldiers fight the number one jīng not completely sharp. The Ming Dynasty, because the system is already rigid face special way to deal with war and the establishment of the Ming Dynasty Banners, often only disadvantage is often suppressed and helpless. [This is also relevant within the Ming military repression against peasant rebellions and customs gold two victories after the great contrast between the one of the reasons. Lack of improvement in the military capability, even military cattle waves, can only continue to flap. The military improvement and change, real, and must be carried out by a political strongman, must involve political change, Ming is the lack of political change in people. Since the Ming and no such people, we can only let go rigid rigid system continues until death. 】 Huang Daikichi mouthful of bitter, do not know whom to talk. Ming Dynasty dispatched at least five thousand people on a wave, and five thousand people, just now a flag can fight all forces, this will be the outcome of the war came a wave of law, "force" them to get him Banners made no room for maneuver, Only full-wave also, so that the establishment of the role will be no Banners, Banners system has become a burden, Banners, it is impossible to fight all the soldiers, there must be auxiliary soldiers, there is less fighting force Bing. Past and Ming fight, because a commander of the Ming Dynasty there may be general, but a two thousand combat troops, so a flag Banners in the face of the Ming commander, could easily pair it,Coach Handbags Sale, the weak against the weak, with a strong pair of strong, local, and will always beat the Ming Dynasty, you can always maneuvers. But now, all on a wave of the Ming Dynasty, the local advantages of combat forces can fight reversed, Banners combat power among the poor and auxiliary soldiers immediately is the prototype, is not the Ming jīng sharp opponent. So, fighting is simply one-sided situation. Yellow Daikichi very miss the actual wave mobilized hundreds of people, a thousand people a good fight rì son, and now hundreds of thousands of hatred, war on the people of the situation. Ming looked crowded government troops on the battlefield, yellow Daikichi know that this is good rì son, gone, no longer possible to have, Ming Dynasty there, I guess we had "touched" through him Banners characteristics, deliberately using this swarmed tactics. ...... Zuda Shou and inlaid blue flag of the battlefield, the battlefield has become the center of the two warring sides, almost all around this point in the move. Duoergun yù save inlaid blue flag. Chengchou pressure on the army immediately, without any opportunity to Dole, Dole will also eat great posture. Yellow Daikichi had to save, but also out in force. The Qin Liangyu, it is rapidly closer towards Left Column while driving full preparedness Huang Gui Daikichi impact car camp. "Mao" Wenlong then continued to move closer to the Qin Liangyu. The whole situation, the Ming Dynasty accounted a great advantage. ...... The entire battlefield center. Inlaid blue flag has actually been left not by much, even if there is Duoergun rescue, in the overall combat strength, still weak Ming lot. Duoergun join the battlefield, the actual, did not play a role in how much, just delaying the demise of inlaid blue flag. Duoergun find themselves it is not washed move, Ming Dynasty are all hard bar. He also forced into a circle surrounded, had to help themselves. Ming troops, it is too much. "Master, how to do? Ming Dynasty ...... too many people, masters, we ......" amount of truth around Dole, continued asking Duoergun. Duoergun after all, is a teenager, experiencing so much pressure, but also by surprise, but to save the original, and now, only waiting to be rescued. Duoergun panic up, but, today's wars conceal his panic expression. "Masters, masters ...... seems to come ...... sweat, sweat rescue we the ......" if I found a treasure in general, fanatical shouting. Duoergun looked back, distant, indeed seems to be yellow Daikichi banner. Duoergun This little peace of mind, yellow Daikichi really did not abandon him, or to rescue him. "Woo ...... Woo ......" see yellow Daikichi personally rescue, the men cheered are yellow, seems to have some hope. ............ "Commander in chief, the Tartars it really is out in force, and caused so much out of this camp, Mo is not a ......" car to move forward with the camp, commanders on the battlefield at any time concerned about the situation, a large number of Tartars see a steady stream of rescue left the battlefield, despite a great camp posture, immediately, generals said it. "Yellow Daikichi This is also not want to, say, the Tartars that big business can have anything? Bursting apart from a few yurts, what else?" Side has generals verbally said. "Is that the commander in chief, the Tartars that big camp can have what? Apart from a few pieces of junk ......" There are more people echoed, now accustomed to lavish these generals, but added that what despised the Tartars, of course, this is joking about, and everyone knows that to take the enemy camp is how the credit. Qin Liangyu slight smile, said: "Yellow Daikichi it is impossible to be big business, it will not be, and should not ......" "commander in chief, the Tartars do not, we want to, although only a few pieces of broken yurt, but Anyhow, is also a big business, we do not hold anything against the Tartars poor ...... "immediately, generals agreed. "Come, heralds right column" hair "handsome, big business since the Tartars do not, then please" hair "Pettitte a partial division, pick Tartars big business, not as eager to take between, but also burning the Tartars big business, to shake the Tartars morale ...... "Qin Liangyu immediately told Road. "May order!" Someone out immediately replied. ...... Duoergun already caught the Ming siege, only surrounded by circles, hard struggle, waiting for rescue yellow Daikichi past Banners come to rely on the advantage of fighting, and now the "swing" then no deposit. Like Ming rely retainers to fight face Banners will suffer the same. Banners fight this wave of pressure on the face of the Ming Dynasty decisive play, more suffer, veterans, the old soldier knows how to make themselves live longer on the battlefield, recruits, the new soldier who is weak a lot, this comprehensive head- battle, not the old novice soldier also led repression, simply survive for very long. "...... Sweat came, gave me hold on ......" Duoergun brandishing swords that make the greatest efforts to inspire Hujun around them. ...... Yellow Daikichi finally into battle, finally, a little to restore some decline. ...... "Hurry, hurry ......" Man Gui led Ma, also rushed to Left Column rapid battlefield, his task is to defense the Tartars to the red car camp, camp in the car did not set a good battle, when giving fleet operators to protect. Looked close proximity left the battlefield, full GUI system kill inside. "Calls ......" Man Gui wanted into battle, can not dare go against Qin Liangyu command, not casual range from the fleet operators, fleet operators is the core of the entire Ming army, if there is any mishap car camp, that may cause the overall situation reversed. Although the National People's Congress of Guangxi full, can be for war, it is still quite jīng Ming, know what to do, what not to do. Tighten the reins, let the horse run again so that they are always within the scope of protection of fleet operators. ...... Yellow Daikichi into battle, so Chengchou pressure doubled. "Protect adults ......" What can outline the face of this pressure doubled, from time to time shouted. "Follow the Fu Chong ......" Chengchou not Lu Sheng, no uncanny talent in itself but is a Fumiomi, even a few months learning martial, be physically still keep up, rush for a long time on the battlefield, is already gas blow, but the war is now being critical juncture, he must hold on, bite the bullet and continue Scream with him rushed in order to fierce morale. ...... "Commander in chief,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, I'm afraid there loud people had a bad, yellow Daikichi has reached the battlefield ......" Qin Liangyu generals beside a road. Fleet operators always keep up with the speed of the horse's speed, yellow Daikichi ahead of them rushed into the battlefield, if they dare not enter the battlefield near the Left Column, Left Column pressure may become significant. "Ah, this command know, ...... come, orders, re-acceleration, very close to Left Column ...... as soon as possible," Qin Liangyu ordered the road again. Qin Liangyu know, at this time the battle into a critical moment, she must quickly reach the predetermined position, the lineup as soon as possible, as long as she completed the lineup, even if this war is over, and now she's away from the Left Column battlefield dramas, the distance, and now seems to have become day touches far away. "Commander in chief, is not to make full captaincy dampen?" Someone suggested Road, Kwai full battalion to protect the car, in the car business is no standing before the array can not be freely deployed only on the battlefield looked on, people anxious, Some people think that you can send to help Left Column a full GUI. "No! Must wait until I finish the army to attack ...... vertical array" Qin Liangyu immediately categorically said it, not the slightest room for negotiation, fleet operators in the marching protection force is weak, if not the cavalry defense, once encountered the enemy cavalry charge, it can be said that the consequences could be disastrous. Qin Liangyu Ministry rejected the proposal. ...... "Hair" Wenlong department. Right column. "Newspaper, Marshal, ......" heralds of the cavalry, rapid rushed over. "What?" "Hair" Qin Liangyu Wenlong see that side of the messenger, you know there must be important commands, and immediately asked seriously. "Qi Bing Marshal, Marshal Qin commander ordered to take one-sided straight division Tartars big business, when necessary, be able to burn the camp to cheer for the army to seize the Tartars morale ......" It heralds the cavalry road. "Well!" "Hair" Wenlong immediately promised, this is a good credit, "hair" Wenlong also worried about being left all the credit for this take, it seems, he can still get a lot of credit The. Before long, a cavalry brigade, straight Tartars already empty camp. ...... "Your honor, sir, the Tartars to a lot of people, we ......" yellow Daikichi join the battlefield, in numbers, accounted for a lot of advantages, immediately gave Chengchou great pressure. Chengchou side of the generals, have felt could not stand up fast. "Kill ......" Chengchou also understand that, at the moment, that is, when the competition will, at this time must not be discouraged, once discouraged, army momentum immediately "swing" Then no deposit, this battle will not hit, Chengchou face Ministry of rhetoric, only if not to hear, in order to constantly shouting to intense morale. Chengchou the Left Column, now, become hard to support them. Fortunately, previously with the backing of a number of advantages, inlaid blue flag has almost solved, but also solve a lot of men are yellow, the pressure was not so great, but, after all, also consumes a lot of stamina, and then be yellow Daikichi shock, also it is too much. Chengchou As governor, safety is of top priority, there are a large number of government troops around the natural protected, although personally rushing, but in fact, it is difficult and Tartars come into contact with. However, too many Tartars, a few down, protective circle gave break up, gathered around the Chengchou government troops, increasingly thin. "Sou ......" bang, Chengchou subconsciously arched, bent to cover your head, face and hands. Chengchou feel the ribs of a pain in the arm through the gap, to see is an arrow "plug" in his body. Immediately understand that he the arrows, the moment, with Xinrusihui the feeling that this would not be a lower middle arrows be dead? "Your honor, my lord ......" government troops immediately around anxiously cried, did not dare to shout loudly for fear of arrows in the news Chengchou morale. "Adults ......" Chengchou died just feel like a return to normal, after a long, long time before coming back off the gas, back off the gas, carefully feeling your own body, everything seems intact and nothing is too much pain. Look at the bird arrows, now some hanging in his body, the arrow deep into their own "body." Moment, Chengchou understand, "anti Arrow clothing" saved his life. Today customs operations troops, almost everyone has anti Arrow clothing, clothes officers generals even more advanced anti-arrows. Arrow anti-wear clothing as he is the "anti Arrow clothing" inventor Yuanchonghuan personally gave him, belongs to the top of the top, is a battle-tested before, at the moment, finally, to play its due role. "Nothing, but an arrow" shè "a bit, all right, then war ......" Chengchou liked the "back to life" feeling, is really wonderful, urgency and not pro on the battlefield, it is difficult to understand this feeling. Chengchou feel alive again for a while, the hand does not ache, back It does not hurt anymore, the body full of energy. "Kill ......" government troops had identified Chengchou right, immediately shouted shouted. Chengchou At the moment, it really is an understanding of what it's like to visit the battlefield. Experienced this kind of taste, Chengchou gradually in love with. For the anti-anti Arrow Arrow clothes effect Chengchou also have experience, this anti-arrow clothing, at a certain distance away, is able to live in the Arrow defense, anti-arrow clothing Leverage effect is, of course, can not let the Tartars came close the "shè" themselves, that can not be insured. Chengchou also understand that he has a large number of people around the protection of the Tartars thought came close to the "shè" arrows, it is very difficult, only far "shè", so that he is not afraid. Chengchou summed up the experience, just saw someone towards his "shè" arrows just bend, bow, cover your face with hand to the other, to the anti Arrow clothes can be. "Your honor, be careful ......" Chengchou constant reminder Chengchou guards around. Chengchou thought that Yuanchonghuan "taught" to his anti-arrow tips, cover your face hand is automatic, automatic waist is bent. Chengchou the army left, the pressure is growing, much too much for the posture, but, Chengchou is pleased Vietnam War, which the body of the arrow, and finally can be used "as hedgehog" to describe it, before he also questioned the literati fraud, when not true, but at the moment, he knows that this is true. From time to time ...... yellow Daikichi toward the other side of the battlefield looked there, there's another one cavalry troop Ming, only to see the edge of the battlefield cavalry only, and no rescue battlefield meaning. Yellow Daikichi does not want only cavalry rushing, if so, the difficulty of the rescue, bound to be more big, there will be more troops into battle not pull it out. Huang also hope Daikichi only cavalry rushing, so perhaps there is an opportunity to try punch Ming Dynasty army, once the Ming Dynasty army broke, this war, he can turn the tide. Unfortunately, it would only cavalry, always did not move. Duoergun already ...... hair loose skin, covered in blood, the body count wounds, physical has long been why he did not see the yellow Daikichi from immediately grievances and fear: "The sweat ......" yellow face was covered Daikichi blood of battle to the brink of collapse Dole, I do not know Gaima him or hit him, in short, is speechless. Daikichi yellow heart is very painful, inlaid blue flag be finished, are yellow also decimated, Daikin loss is too heavy, that although a little tricky to voids, can this gap is not large, with the Qin Liangyu continues to close this gap will be closed, once closed, he was no longer any way. <
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