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> Chapter seven hundred and eighth century Ming dynasty scattered small towards meeting. wWW. QUanbeN. Com ministers come together in twos and threes, while discussing today Chodo on the matter, while "Delivery" flow experience. "Luoxiong, you pull me very dry? How would not let me say? Majesty's heart, too biased, which gave one hundred and two thousand, is it not important water transport? This is related to my big Ming Dynasty water transport lifeline big ah? Majesty so why favoritism? ...... "just loud opposition in Wenhua minister a hall, immediately yell up and asked that he just pulled officials, why pull him. His voice attracted the attention of his colleagues next. That officer immediately asked him wander aside, and immediately gave him a solution together. "My Da man, you do not understand this, ah, the matter is not a road thing, which is to develop Liaodong Majesty, reducing dependence on the South, such a thing, Luo Han adults still inside almost doped ah? Zhang who this is you can stop it? "that was once known as Luo adults officials said an order Hello looks like. "This is what can not be said? Majesty's heart is biased ah!" That officials still stick to their view that the emperor's heart is too biased. "Aigo Hey, my queen who, you think so too, so obvious emotional meaning your Majesty did not look out ah! Developed Liaodong, this north-south trend considered slightly more balanced, otherwise, thanks to the North South transportation of grain, lost silver, how hard to get up this spine? Majesty put Liaodong a development, rì rely on the South after it a lot less money and grain, which speak only hard gas, Zhang Xiong did not see through His Majesty's mind? This Mind the emperor ah! GEOLOGY how so confused ...... "official surnamed Luo explained. "That ...... that ......" Zhang officials seem to understand some of it. "...... This matter also involves the Donglin party, related to the party struggle, you can not GEOLOGY almost got mixed, and if annoyed Majesty, His Majesty does not know how angry it ......" That officer surnamed Luo explained. "Involved party struggles? Donglin party? This Donglin ......" Zhang officials somewhat stunned, looked silly official surnamed Luo, which Donglin Party is not yet demolished by the emperor? Today has been divided into several good, how about also, and Donglin party? "GEOLOGY, you have not understood what this thing ah! Say extermination, before it was just cut grass, this time, this eradicate ......, Zhang Xiong still do not understand this inside knowledge ah! ...... Why East Lin? Why would the party struggles? nothing more than moving in classroom a place some artificial cutting different interests accomplice fills, therefore, Her Majesty This "Flower" a big effort to sell the land Liaodong only engage in this Liaodong development, as is to quell the party struggles, Donglin ...... completely subsided, so that Zhang Xiong to stop this, thankless not that also offended many people ...... "official surnamed Luo explained. "Ah! This is how ......, which in the end is how ah? Offended?" This just yell at the officials on Wenhua touches to the frightened, thought up quite a while that in the end is how, in the end and against whom the? "Offend anyone? Nowadays so many people put money into Liaodong, to Liaodong buy land were not a two, Zhang Xiong prevent such blatant Majesty roads, those who do not hold a grudge strange, is working on behalf of His Majesty Ming relief, actually, but also for those who bought the Liaodong road to it,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet, ...... So, GEOLOGY this outburst, do not know how many people are offended ...... "official surnamed Luo shook his head, one you miserable look said. "This ......, Liaodong land of things, is it really so popular? Really have so many people to buy?" Zhang officials have gone earlier so strong "momentum",Jordan 12 Shoes, and has been hunkered down, reducing The voice "door", with the official surnamed Luo carefully inquire. "Zhang Xiong ah! You only Beijing, but also do not understand these things ...... development Liaodong, a court for the reduced dependence on the South land tax, reduce the South, especially Donglin party Chodo impact, which is His Majesty Chodo balance, this is the emperor minds; two as "rubbing" over the interests of the co Ming dynasty, the respective interests of the various factions for their own "rub" in one, common external, Zhang Xiong think about it, to my great Ming dynasty, once up and down one, an effort to make, this is how the great power, if His Majesty completed this, you can say that the world is large, any time I ride the Ming dynasty, Ming dynasty the world who overwhelmingly I hit? "generous official surnamed Luo The official surnamed Zhang to the explaining. "Ah! How could this be? ...... This first point, the next well understood, but this is the second point, the next will understand, do Luoxiong say is that in order to deal with the East Krupp? Also invited Luoxiong solution for the next" confusion "." official surnamed Zhang, ask them seriously, it seems to be more and more clear, it seems from far to near, more and more clear, but he always catch that crucial point, is not always the grasp the whole picture of the whole thing. "East Krupp? Merely an East Krupp, how can abide in His Majesty so high to see? Majesty spend so much" jīng "force if only to deal with the East Krupp, goes brother also is too high to see the East Krupp, and His Majesty eyes, but Ming dynasty vast land beyond that funky point height when standing on the Earth's entire world ...... "official surnamed Luo explained with a smile. "Standing height Earth to see the world? This ......" Zhang officials are stunned, faint remember what. Now this Dibao be a universal knowledge of important books, which was described above, it has a variety of new knowledge, a variety of new stuff, a variety of new knowledge, the concept of the earth, and now not uncommon. "Yes, Your Majesty the counsel, but the whole world, not for a small East Krupp, otherwise, it is so large as to His Majesty's" jīng "force to sell Liaodong ground? Liaodong if only in order to sell the land , a governor of Liaodong enough, where as long as such pro Majesty? Liaodong this land, actually, is the integration of the entire Great Ming Dynasty Majesty interests and power down a touchstone, if done, then there will be a template, rì after developing world, when as a template, Zhang Xiong Imagine Majesty to reconcile the interests of the Ming dynasty and down, up and down the Ming forces to make one, and the world who could stop me Ming dynasty? So, this is for His Majesty, is the top priority, the East Krupp contrast, it is not enough to see, Zhang Xiong uninformed to block Majesty, would it not be wishful thinking? also Majesty's good-natured, otherwise, it is not today rì GEOLOGY so relaxed ...... "official surnamed Luo explained, probably know more insider, so the material coming from the explosion, is also particularly scary. "Ah! ...... This, there is such a statement? ...... This next indeed difficult to believe this ......" The official surnamed Zhang stunned, it is difficult to accept this flood of information, but the lower figure of view, is believe these rhetoric. "...... Majesty work, always before making any decisions, to do, at first as people must be" touched "vain minds, more backward, the more clear, and so I waited to see what to do when Your Majesty, there is no way to stop the actual than the emperor, then ...... Well, actually, this thing, His Majesty has already prepared a long time, then say it, but in reality is to get to the bottom has been reached a point where, with Zhang Xiong, impossible to stop, think about how many people bought GEOLOGY Liaodong ground, and now are eagerly counting Liaodong more affluent, Zhang Xiong, but out of His Majesty blocked roads, it is not getting money off them what? saying goes, getting money off people, such as murder parents may want GEOLOGY Over the consequences? GEOLOGY think Majesty how much the power behind this? Even some people in order to support the interests of water transport GEOLOGY, then how? On Her Majesty so much power under GEOLOGY that point on the strength of water transport , was not in the eyes of His Majesty, water transport energy that point, it is not worth mentioning ...... "broke the officials continued surnamed Luo, said rhetoric, has this just yell at the prayer hall officials scared silly. What on earth, what is the height of the world, what template, what benefits, strength. "...... This, this ...... why can not stop it?" Zhang officials have silly, weak weak to ask the sentence. The official surnamed Zhang, had felt a strong force on the water transport, he succeed, you can get the support of many people, you can hear the analysis of official surnamed Luo, before we know the past, seemingly powerful water transport force, actually, the emperor before, not worth mentioning, the emperor even bother to combat water transport pie. "Zhang Xiong, you are a silly silly or false? Your Majesty is not seen when the means to clean up merchants, His Majesty to do, how to stop? Majesty said that this matter at this time, the actual Bureau had good cloth, and related persons had a good discussion, waiting opened, there is no objection had ...... "official surnamed Luo Road. "That must stop it?" Zhang officials to now, but a strong simmering breath hardtop. "...... Well, be a harsh word, even His Majesty good-natured, ignore GEOLOGY, I'm afraid other people involved in the matter, may not be so good temper Majesty, Her Majesty not to GEOLOGY kicked, I'm afraid other people GEOLOGY should also kicked, Zhang Xiong away from Chodo, how to stop Majesty? now Hange Lao previous assault, after Emperor Party hold the line, His Majesty looked on, as well as countless hoon expensive, colleagues dancing , Zhang Xiong thought much larger effort in order to comeback? "official surnamed Luo sun road. That officer surnamed Zhang on the "gentle" Harmony of the emperor a new understanding, which is what Harmony where the emperor, this is simply an invisible bottom of the "abyss." Think of themselves and the emperor on the Wenhua fierce arguments, but the actual own strength is so insignificant, and the emperor is so "good", the only official surnamed Zhang felt rather foolish, ridiculous, wishful thinking, really his best portrayal. "Well ......, wishful thinking, presumptuous also ......" The official surnamed Zhang, exhaled a long, road, and looked completely apathetic down, this rì official surnamed Luo, then this blow to him it is too big. "Oh, do so Guahuai Zhang Xiong, Zhang Xiong is also new to His Majesty, His Majesty is not yet ripe, and Her Majesty to be rì live a long time after, they used to, Her Majesty is actually very good to get along ......" official surnamed Luo laughing. Zhang officials at this time of the emperor's feeling that an "abyss", even look past the eyes will be attracted into it, but fortunately get along? "Oh, do not know His Majesty's actions are right or wrong, if in accordance with Luo Xiong said, is doing the epoch when His Majesty has never had to do ah!" For the emperor of all the rumors, for now on the official dynamics, the new official surnamed Zhang has also heard, but do not believe, now have official surnamed Luo open solution for these insider already have enough knowledge, we can say mastery, issued such feelings. "GEOLOGY want more, to His Majesty the intelligent, up to now, have not made any mistakes of judgment, since His Majesty To do this, apparently also the truth of His Majesty, I waited but mortal, not as His Majesty Holy Spirit, since when is to follow His Majesty did ...... "official surnamed Luo said, laughing. Actually more of a laugh along with the emperor good money, making money in this regard, the emperor seems to have never missed before, followed by His Majesty good money, it is acknowledged, surnamed Luo officials naturally want to laugh, not really how high inverted consciousness . "Luoxiong say is, thanks to the Luoxiong reminder, otherwise, the next but committed the Majesty taboo ......" Zhang officials have little scared, as official surnamed Luo said the emperor good-natured, ignore yourself, can other may not necessarily have the same good temper emperor, he had just Beijing official soon, I'm afraid that soon, and gave kicked out. "Oh, GEOLOGY too serious, but you and I the same year, but it should be reminded." Official surnamed Luo Road. "Please Luoxiong subject in the next worship ......" Zhang officials or serious bow to official surnamed Luo, was a formal thanks. "Do not say when, ...... if GEOLOGY determined, it is better to buy a" Universal Geographic map ", or to buy a globe to Zhang Xiong grade, these two things, that you can buy now these two things, but an official must, if nothing GEOLOGY can see more of these two items, would like to become more pronounced after rì Baizhao Tang on trends, work efficiency, is more like a duck ...... " surnamed Luo officials continued to instill the official surnamed Zhang, certain ideas. "" Universal Geographic map "? Globes? Next know, thank Luoxiong reminder ......" official surnamed goes again lowered his identity, bow gratitude. ...... Palace of Heavenly Purity. At this point, Yang reforms are also being comforted Korea. "Qingjia but for the things money worries? Anyway, the matter I zìyóu plan, although given a fixed number, but if it wants to repair, it is naturally to repair pass ......" Yang smiled and comforted Korea reform to Korea Yajing! "Thank His Majesty! ...... Can Majesty, three million really greaves repair through such a long way?" Han Shane quickly, seemingly affected by a number of grievances. Rì this little towards meeting today, but he referred to the air "wave" tip to talk, even though the final right, can this feeling is really bad, Korea do not want to encounter such things. "Ha ha ha, Qingjia assured that matter, I had an idea, diesel thing, I'll tell from Li Yan-wing, let him lower prices ......" Yang reform laughing. This monopoly of all oil companies in their own hands, the whole on how they want to how the whole, how would you want to how much the cost is entirely what they say, when the price will naturally reduce the price. "Huibing Majesty, the minister understand ......" Han although anticipated this outcome may turn out a real thing, only exceptionally discouraged, 10002000 silver road a good job, seemingly still fail to get him the emperor does scratch heart, his heart, gave the emperor was scratching the itch,oakley for cheap, the emperor had to follow the path to follow. "Ha ha ha, to understand like, thanks Qingjia on the matter, and Qingjia start as soon as possible, as soon as possible to act now ......" Yang reform laughing. My heart is actually very proud of this development Liaodong things by their own a 'wave' a 'wave' pushed, and gradually move towards their desired outcome, the world's interests, but also by their own strong gradually screwed together , just waiting for the fruit harvest this Liaodong, their layout is finished, an interest integration into one of the Ming dynasty, it will be impossible to resist the presence of the importance of this matter, is really far more than anything, do a good job this matter, the trend of the Ming Dynasty, the car be in shape, and then back to the way things are not afraid of history, this mode once started, relying on inertia "xìng" Ming will definitely burst into capitalism, industrialization era. "Chen Lingzhi! Minister understand." Korea immediately agreed Road, think that he worked so hard for a long time, whatever the outcome, come to such an errand, finally did not futile, but also think about these things secretly in control of actual or emperor, they do not may look like something else is so unashamed "insert" hand, Korea and felt uncomfortable that he may really be in futile. It controlled at the source of the hands of the emperor, he wants to play tricks, had to ask for are willing to sell diesel, have to ask the group of eunuchs "accounting" like it or not. Think of their own expectations on the matter and the final result, Korea felt that the emperor is "jīng" that abacus "jīng" own "fat" "meat" is to eat less, and can be considered good soup Hekou . Off the Han, Yang and his reform plan together. Liaodong land things that he has been in operation for a long time, has always been to do when a major event, the emphasis has been more than a lot of things, like, this thing is a whole big integrate their own interests first attempt Ming is absolutely do not make him a failure, the saying goes, people scattered, the team took on the bad. Nowadays, people naturally do not want to ride powder, with a better team when the matter into "iron case" does not allow him a cent may be repeated. Although not yet thoroughly think will benefit the entire Ming dynasty integrated into one, but, on the current situation of integration, which is already a very powerful force it. Water transport problems in the Ming Dynasty can be considered Laotaibuxiao ills, be regarded as not moving one of the things that it can not move in the "water transport" in the face of this force, simply can not afford what the pan residue is enough to explain the problem, Young reforms very satisfied with this result. If you own the interests integrate it to run, then it can be said that a large Ming, did not own anything, and they can sit back and relax, this matter once an ordinance, the formation of inertia "xìng", which forces Who can stop. How half of the seventeenth century, who can resist the integration is complete large Ming Dynasty? The seventeenth century, the century of the Ming doomed. * <
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