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29.05.2013 09:45
let the light for me to give you antworten
Xia LAN to Du Guangming was speechless, if not now being seriously wounded,Sunglasses Coach UK, lying in bed, unable to move it, will run to the wood general boy behind him, gave his butt kicked several feet. "You, is an idiot!" Xia Lanchen strange way, she turned to Yan Ruyu with a smile said: "jade, you this world very hard, I don't know how to thank you, you see, I am now action inconvenience, let the light for me to give you peel an apple, is my sister's mind, must eat." Yan Ruyu was laughing, this Du Guangming is really silly lovely, she saw a lot of summer sincerity, smiled, "summer Lanjie, take care of you is what I should do, you don't always say thank you, I really do not want to eat, you du and captain to talk for a while, I went to have a look my aunt." With these words, Yan Ruyu out of the room. Du Guangming grabbed a big apple, a face of stiff at summer haze, be at a loss what to do to say: "summer Bureau, i......" "You are what you!" Xia LAN a rebuke: "idiotic guy, don't understand, how you such person as punishment J its captain ng?" "Summer Bureau, I don't understand......" Du Guangming complained: "I think she really do not want to eat, so people will feel shy." "You are an idiot! It ticks me off. Xialan furiously at Du Guangming, "women have many words to reverse listened." She chuckled, "bright, is it right? You love her?" Du Guangming scratched his head, open mouth hey hey smile. "Love is not a person, usually the case is clever,Nike Jordan Flight The Power, how to now become a fool. People who like you such a simpleton man." Xialan gas long vomited an one breath, "I know! If you have a forest......" She y ù talks again, heart some not the taste. "Summer Bureau, what should I do?" Du Guangming looked at the hands of the apple, "I'll take it off now, Miss Yan sent over to." "Put that right, I see you are a bachelor's life!" Summer Lantan sigh, "while send jade home to show it, this is fate, reluctantly......" The Yan is like jade arm into the ward with summer mother, she is a door will force a smile, to hear from the Miao Institute strengths the words of all the pharynx to the stomach. "Mom, you come back." Xia LAN see mother depressed mood, hurriedly transfer a topic, pointing to the bedside of Du Guangming said: "you know the light?" Summer mother took one look at the tall, healthy look man, with a nod of his head, "you know, last time in hospital, see." Here, summer mother heart acid, how his baby daughter really is, were injured in hospital, and more serious. "Aunt hello!" Du Guangming took a step forward, stand upright in the summer before mother, and greetings. "Hello, listen to Lan Lan said that you are now punishment its captain ng J, is a promising young." Summer mother looked at Du Guangming. "You speak, my summer office far worse." Du Guangming looked at the bed of the summer haze, some moist eyes, "if no summer Bureau, certainly not the Du Guangming today!" Yan Ruyu didn't want to disturb them,Purses Coach, do not want to trouble others, she quietly >
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