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29.05.2013 09:41
then the most hesitant antworten
> Big Year. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm a massive recruitment cháo was instantly set off,oakley eyeglasses sale, immediately open year yīn dark wash clean. Wenhua. Young reforms have brought together ministers of procedure. Only, ........., save the Queen Long live Long live ...... "a well Shan Hu Long live the Young reforms I feel very good." Free gift ...... "his court this up." Qingjia of you, this is a bumper year rì the first two days, I should not bother you for the New Year, but urgency of the matter, it refused to take yesterday rì heaven vision thing, surely we all experienced the "Young reforms with a smile, slowly said forward. rì his court to hear the vision of the emperor mentioned yesterday, one mind is whispered that bad luck thing,Outlet Oakley Lifestyle, the emperor also referred him to do? look to the emperor's eyes, even more bizarre, the emperor is not won do? also mention how this thing doing? emperor in the end like doing? watched his court one straight shrunken neck, Young Smile reform remains the same, he is a changed life Guards who, some vision of what you lower and lower it can not change his determination, but can not stop himself another day for life. "rì planetarium yesterday so unusual, must be somewhat jǐng God shows" Young said of a reform with a smile. Zhong Chen is shrunken neck, a one wants, will not it, we are not in accordance with the emperor's way to go yet? emperor also mention how this thing? Could it be done well enough for me, etc.? will not  ... "... who Qingjia know that this is God then jǐng shows what? "Young reforms asked with a smile. Zhong Chen's neck are straight, the problem, it is really difficult to answer God said pre jǐng complete failure of the war this year Liaodong not? His court are consistent silent, even the megaphone Shi Feng, it does not dare words, the words may well pick pick well, will make big taboo. see his court a timid appearance, Yang reform touches with full confidence, still smiling. only, ........., in fact, that God pre jǐng, old already been made, the matter yesterday rì is nothing but a continuation of the previous Bale, the reason why there are so abnormal vision, indicating that the problem is more serious this year, I'll wait monarch should be prepared as soon as possible before is shown and must not ignore God's jǐng, otherwise, the certainty of curse ...... "Yang said the reform. Zhong Chen a wise emperor immediately understand this rhetoric, feeling the vision does not mean to say the emperor was defeated Liaodong thing, nor that land Liaodong things right or something else, that there is nothing "match" proof was on it was on? "Huibing Majesty, the minister understand that this is God in showing jǐng, this year I Daming will suffer greater drought ah!" Shi phoenix indeed imperil the mouthpiece, then incumbent on the effort they got class, the emperor was reminded immediately understood the emperor said get what it is. Out immediately then incumbent, incidentally, also the emperor's words will be described. Zhong Chen is an dawned appearance, Wenhua atmosphere instantly loose, do not duplicate previous stiff. "... His Majesty Huibing minister have understood, Grand Secretary is justified, already a man of God to His Majesty the tomb, that I have a continuing Daming drought in more than a decade, these two years indeed confirms His Majesty said, drought has continued , visions of heaven think this year, early jǐng show the world, presumably, this must be very severe drought, Your Majesty, that the minister should be more prudent to treat this year's drought, ready for anything, do everything possible to prepare for natural disasters, "Minister who also "wake up" over, since the Emperor yesterday rì visions and droughts linked to this, knowing that the Emperor intends to yesterday rì unlucky omen of untied, with yesterday rì unlucky omen that the emperor had predicted response over acts of God, which seems more able to convince the people, seems to be more "appropriate" is more proof of the emperor's brilliant, more proof of the emperor's "sacred xìng". "... Your Majesty, since heaven visions show jǐng, that the court should make early preparations to deal with, do not neglect slack, it should immediately tell the world, life world counties, people also prepared to deal with quasi  ..." words Here, ministers are also active, since the Emperor's dark head yesterday rì commentary became arid, rather than what the rumor secretly losing war Liaodong Liaodong buy land will lose, and so much the better, so that interpretation, so everyone embarrassment. Accurate prediction of drought on the emperor xìng, mysterious xìng, accustomed to his court, has always been bizarre, arm's length. A man of God is good, God, no matter who, anyway, this thing is there ...... As for this year's forecast whether the Right, all his touches do not care to highlight the drought this year, at least it is in May, and then, outside the customs war may be over, then this rumor to say things, but also impossible to care who else did not come Drought? Would not it be better not come? Who else did nothing to investigate why the droughts come? Would not it be looking uncomfortable? "Huibing Majesty, the minister also agree, the minister believes that measures should be arranged as soon as possible, as quickly as possible to tell the world subjects ......" Since the emperor's explanation yesterday rì thing to the emperor that the mysterious "man of God predicted" capability, the public Robinson touches quickly agreed to prepare such a force tǐng emperor rhetoric, to avoid things yesterday rì Liaodong far-fetched to losing the war, bought the land will lose Liaodong up, lest touch emperor mold head. "Well!" Young reforms can not help but say a good word, hand pressure of the pressure, ready to speak. Young reform is also very quick-witted, like the kind of weather yesterday rì indeed scary enough, really bad omen, enough to make people depressed, are noon, the house still lighting up to see it, see, this matter will inevitably be conscientious use , reading people would not believe what bizarre, but people will believe this one. If you do not have a reasonable explanation, I'm afraid this thing will be added insult to injury, the last thing I do not know what will be issued. All his quiet, waiting for the emperor to speak. "I want it yesterday rì vision is indeed a bad sign, this year's drought, certainly very far last year, I Ming dynasty, it must be prepared to deal with extreme drought preparation, at all costs to settle the people, otherwise, is reckless Heaven jǐng show "Young said softly reform, these pieces of something a little out of control very likely a fiddle, reboot back to normal. "... The people on the placement side, I thought, in addition to Master Xu continued beyond the side of the immigrants want more channels have additional placement may require a large number of immigrants or people, the world is bound to chaos, much deliberation I think , it was only now Liaodong piece of land suitable for placement of a large number of victims of the "Young reforms will gently rì drought and visions SPIDERS up yesterday. Visions of heaven, could become someone else to deal with their own weapons, they would be brought to use, you can also take this vision of heaven potential ...... "Fortunately Liaodong Golden State there has been under control in my Ming dynasty, want to emigrate is not a problem, beating the North and the East Krupp year I will have a decisive battle, regained lost ground, just can be used to put me Daming people, "Young said, laughing reform. Yesterday rì visions of heaven and drought immigrants a SPIDERS, immediately showing up unstoppable power and influence, Young reforms know, they have to do something no one can stop it. Face to face glimpse of his court, such an interpretation of the emperor, really is the case, do not speak, waiting for the emperor to continue utterance. The hearts of many people lamented the emperor planetarium effort by the hand, it is trained to consummate, the emperors experience this misfortune, that is not fat stuffiness, helpless, and only now this so bad vision can be reached by their goals. More ministers dark celebration, fortunately not random bounce ether, or now do not know how to end it. Look to the emperor's eyes, even awe. "... But immigration is money, money come from? Resettlement may cost up to several million ounces of silver, the Ministry may get drawn?" Young reforms asked. "Huibing Majesty, the Ministry could not take so much money" Bi immediately stand out from Yan said. "Ah" Young reforms nodded, then continued: "Liaodong immigrants and large Ryukyu migrants, immigrants southern big difference, big Okinawa, southern migrants, there is no need to worry alien bullying, more peaceful, and not the same Liaodong Liaodong that Locally, many alien, tighter next méng ancients, so Liaodong immigrants can not and ordinary immigrants, but also need to ensure there is strong government troops against the people got bullied, not again raise a East prisoner to harm me Ming dynasty ... to raise a strong enough government troops to protect the people tranquility, this soldier fee "Yang graduated from the reform and look to serious. "Huibing Majesty, and now the world of millions of soldiers fees, such as re-surge, I'm afraid more Mi soldiers fees, no silver to the Ministry of the" self-Bi Yan said very simply. Today war is a patronize his Ministry, the bulk or emperor to take. "Visions of heaven, had to immigrants, and immigrants, and there must be government troops to protect, no money how can? If people let themselves go to the Liaodong, would be sent to the population of East Krupp? Do we need to re-raise an East Krupp out? "Yang reform road. "This" Bi Yan very fitting since said it very embarrassing to say. "I thought, this Liaodong, the theory still have to sell, get the money from land sales for soldiers fees for immigration purposes, so-called" in order to raise Liao Liao soil to protect Liao Liao soil. It is perfectly true, and only then will it be solved soldiers fees Liaodong problems, but also can solve the problem of resettlement costs Liaodong ...... "Yang threw out such a reform topic see this topic, his court that his mouth, it is not taste this Liaodong land issue, do not be honest to sell? glimpse of his court is face to face, I did not expect this year, starting the year is Haoxiliantai "Qibing Majesty, the minister has something to say. "Chen Yu-ting immediately stand out and express dissent." Oh, Qingjia what to say? "Young reforms asked." Your Majesty keeps saying sell, and said no money immigration, said money idea that can be known, according to Robinson, Her Majesty may deposit with the bank tens of millions of ounces of silver, which is to say there is no money do Majesty ? Why not put this money used Majesty immigration, maintaining an army do? "Chen Yu-ting feel caught a chance to express their views out immediately, which means that their existence. Zhong Chen a, I feel good Lou come, which is then fired to the emperor, but also a consistent look to the emperor Yang reform is not angry, do not hurry to speak, slow strip Reese smiled before: "That is dead money, although there are tens of millions, can not by huā, if not into the money backing, a few on huā the light ...... ......... "" Qingjia only know that I have money in the bank, but do not know I huā fees in the customs how much money on the war, but do not know I huā money on immigration and how much, "Yang reform path." ... Ministry of War, to explain what CHEN Qing Jia, I at last huā charges fees on the number of border, and this year the number had huā fee. "Young reform path." Chen Lingzhi, Huibing Majesty, according to Robinson know, Your Majesty last huā fee charges in the silver border soldiers in more than ten million more this year, I am afraid that at least tens of millions more are ...... "Hyobu Book Yuanchonghuan out replied. "Ministry to explain what Chen Qing Jia, I huā fees on immigration is the cost. "Young reforms and said." Chen Lingzhi, Huibing Majesty Majesty on immigration charges last huā the cost of ten million, this year's disaster worse than last year, the cost will more, no less "ministers graduated from Yan said . "Yes ah! Here one of millions, where a ten million this year, a ten million, next year a ten million Qingjia math, a few tens of millions? Qingjia also feel I do plenty of money? "Young looked at Chen Yu Ting Road reform." ..............., This ...... "Chen Yu-ting a look of embarrassment, I do not know what to say." Liaodong land thing, gentlemen Qingjia may feel I stingy, gentlemen Qingjia may think I made profits, no imperial degree, should actually do, I also can not tell the damned! No money, the court nothing can be done, the victims can only starve to death at home,Nike Jordan 11 Shoes, shut the world outside can only watch erosion will be chaos, Zhenbu made profits, they can only wait for my Daming country boat crash ah ... " Young reforms helplessly. "Your Majesty, no, no, I certainly loyal patriotic, etc. will not sit down arrows erosion ..............." Shi Feng to quickly pick out the incumbent, to smooth things over. Young thorough reform is put opened, the Liaodong land Chodo speaking things get a ready to give something to the land of Liaodong a formal statement, honest land to sell not only the Liaodong, rì place after the fight down, but also so treated, on the sale, it is necessary to instill into the Ming dynasty made profits of the core. "Qibing Majesty, the minister thought, indeed, as His Majesty said, Liaodong land, unlike other places, the need for strong government troops whom escort, Otherwise, I Daming where people difficult to gain a foothold as when rì longer, the alien must be moved to look, is bound to re-raise a new East Krupp, the minister at the time of the Liaodong governor of the Liaodong be a better understanding of things , such as maintaining a strong army, you must be a huge waste of the court can not afford, if no strong government troops pressed on this〗 〖town, I'm afraid not long stable ........., Your Majesty, immigration good move, the challenge is difficult for a long time, if there is no one way to deal with customs Harum, which is always a hassle, with regard to land, the minister felt that His Majesty said, "in order to raise Liao Liao soil to protect Liao Liao soil. was very reasonable, I looked also based on previous Land recruit soldiers against the East prisoner, now recruiting but is to be replaced with land land for cash, and then recruiting, in fact, the truth is still the same, are to save money for the court, but also to guard well I Daming territory, Your Majesty, "Liao Yang Liao soil, soil Liao Liao personal care. , The minister in favor of ...... "Bingbushangshu Yuanchonghuan stand out, said, involves the Liaodong thing, he felt that he might have more say, after all, he was previously the governor of Liaodong That" in order to raise Liao Liao soil to protect Liao Liao soil "In fact, it was his strategy before the Emperor Ping Liao in the words, I did not expect to get another feast rì Emperor said here today, it touches on so Yuanchonghuan touched not small, Yuanchonghuan would think, used to be directly recruited soldiers to take the land, now is to take land to sell into money, and then for the soldiers fees, although a more hands, the actual truth, and the effect is the same, but added the first one to stand out Yuanchonghuan support Liaodong ground as there is no one to buy, do not worry about this Yuanchonghuan touches, no one buys the emperor would not buy it yourself? Daoteng money but left to the right hand only. As for the benefits of Daoteng Why, yes? Liaodong is cultivated land, as long as the food, to money, afraid of no one buys? emperor since dare to boast Liaodong money to buy land, presumably also have a full grasp, do not deceive people, to be notified can lie sometimes impossible to lie I, the emperor is still very valued reputation. "Yes, Yuan Qing Jia is right, it is the truth ...... "Yang reform also prepared a lot of rhetoric, I did not realize that this Yuanchonghuan'd stand out in a good word to say for themselves, which may be contrary to the reform of the Young foresaw. Zhong Chen and whisper together up , I did not realize, suddenly out of a Yuanchonghuan force tǐng kill the emperor, is quite contrary to many people's expectations, Royal Party are still considering how to defend the emperor, then also consider the rhetoric: Korean roasted horse that sent more hesitant, which Yuanchonghuan but their own side, Hange Lao student door people ...... As for Chen Yu-ting those people, then the most hesitant, they are less human, Chen Yu-ting this rì which looks like it should not have kicked kicked place ...... "I dare Your Majesty, since the town of Liaodong and the need for soldiers 〖〗 pressure, the court is unable to support much waste, then how to do it? According to the minister aware that even by selling land to support the soldiers charge, I am afraid it is not a permanent thing, land can sell for many years? "Chen Yu-ting what seems to think, they said. Zhong Chen once again look to the emperor." Matter, I have considered, both to control the Ming dynasty regained my territory, but also to prevent the emergence of new East prisoner, but also huā fees less, and only one way ...... "Yang reform would have thought that today there will be a great debate, did not expect Yuanchonghuan suddenly popped the debate seems to need." ..............., this is the new governor of Liaodong Chengchou on the memorial to the throne, said the military is to strengthen the management of the affairs of Liaodong, memorial to the throne mentioned that people should be forced into the Liaodong learn the use of firearms, and thus linked with the household to ensure that I have enough people Daming self-defense capability, in the customs when faced alien, to maintain a strong position, foreign family practice repression, fear and sāo peep alien interference, so, can I looked in the customs of the people are not alien bullying, but it saves me toward the soldiers in the customs fee expenses, as long as the customs soldiers fee expenses in the affordable range, I think, long sustain, it should be no problem, I Daming people in the customs have enough strong position to resist the alien spy, alien wants to rob me Ming dynasty of wealth and growth, is impossible, so to prevent another East Krupp appeared Jian Yi I think this is very good, worthy ...... "Yang reform homeopathy will additionally one of the most important things thrown out, in this small towards meeting on Young throwing two reforms even influence significant event.! <
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