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29.05.2013 09:37
occurred a few days ago. antworten
Forest not hurriedly stepped forward, put his arm around Song Wenjuan slender waist, the woman helped back to the couch, asked: "Wenjuan, where are you uncomfortable?" "Nothing,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, just some dizziness, just take a break." Song Wenjuan's forehead oozy a fine layer of sweat, no blood s è face, very pale. Lin is not a pull her cold soft hand, Song Wenjuan Liu Mei with a frown, raised his head and asked softly: "what do you want?" "Don't talk, let me have a look." Lin Fei took Song Wenjuan's arm and placed at the heart of a height, so that the palm upward, will be my three fingers at the same time cut to her wrist. Lin Fei, hold your breath, fingers balance force, strength gradually from light to heavy, in accordance with the float, take, sink three finger pressure, carefully distinguish Song Wenjuan's pulse. About three minutes later, Lin non gently let go, a long sigh of relief, tip of brow light pick up, bent down and looked at Song Wenjuan with wondering eyes, whispered: "open your mouth." When Song Wenjuan heard these words, my heart easily jump stop, panting, chest full of towering rapid ups and downs, her sheepishly looking at Lin non, "what do you want?" "You don't ask, quickly opened his mouth." Forest not hold her chin, Song Wenjuan had to say in the forest not, gently open tan. "Put your tongue out......" Lin Fei looked at Song Wenjuan's tongue, the tongue s è dark red, tongue white, nodded, stood up and said softly: "well, you is it right? Come menstruation?" Song Wenjuan could not restrain his nerve,Outlet Oakley Polarized, slightly a touch of crimson originally pale face, "how do you know......" "You is it right? Recently did not rest well,Coach Online Sale, often stay up late?" Lin is not on the desk. "Well, a little." Song Wenjuan lowered his head, chin, neck almost touching. "Said a little, you ah, more rest. You this is a virtual portal, each of the three pulse is very weak. So I think you are two blood deficiency caused, especially during menstruation, this symptom is more apparent. I'll tell you Gen Ruoyun, put a few days off, at home to rest." "No, you mustn't and chairman said!" Song Wenjuan face a bit anxious God s è, "I just came into the headquarters, not some ailment just leave, otherwise the future how to manage other people." Lin Fei took a small step forward, "Wen Juan, Jing Feng group can have you such employee is really a blessing, hard work is a good thing, but your health is more important, I don't want to see you like this, but if the cloud did not agree with her staff to sacrifice their health to work for the company." Song Wenjuan eyes moist, she quietly staring into the forest not, this once was defined as super big * * men seem so familiar and unfamiliar, I never expected that he would feel the doctor, more important is the bad man's heart is full of kindness and sincerity. And in contact with him, will not consciously is his body that a strange aura is attracted, this attraction makes a woman cannot resist, also y ù, not. "Lin non, I Song Wenjuan is a conscientious woman, occurred a few days ago.
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